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Thursday, August 08, 2013


Can't stand these split-squad games with their wacky lineups.

Fearsome lineup plus high probability of seeing the bullpen early - should be a fun one.

This is the game where Ethan Martin makes me look like a genius for snatching him up in a deep, deep prospects keeper league.

Make it happen, Ethan!

"magelb: A concussion has ended Tommy Joseph's season, and it may force a position switch."

They'll probably switch him to SS.

***A concussion has ended Tommy Joseph's season, and it may force a position switch.***

Maybe we should stop letting Rube make trades.

Only 3 guys in that lineup started opening day, right (Utley, Mayberry, & Brown)? Only 1 other guy was even on the team at the start of the year (Frandsen).

aksmith: "First of all, Hernandez is a good enough defensive second baseman. The question is his offense."

Scouts say just the opposite.

You decide: aksmith or professional baseball scouts.

Are we going to blame Amaro for Joseph getting a concussion?

Ruf looks comfy in RF

That's the 2nd time Wheeler said DeFratus needed to throw a strike "because the based were loaded"

I didn't know you could hit a 3-run homer with the bases loaded

Jake are you in a time loop?

Cyclic - Its possible I've lost my grip on reality listening to Tmac and Wheeler

Ruf has a really good eye

Tough play for the LF

Nice job Ruf and Asche.

No faith in Mayberry/Martinez to get them in though

MiniMart and his gaudy. 091 average looming on deck

Wow. What an odd hit


I love that Martinez does the Thome/Howard point at the pitcher thing

Casper Wells claimed from White Sox. Spells the end of Mini or trade of Delmon? Also indicates Revere won't return if you ask me.

Been way too busy but what is the general consensus on here about the Utley signing?

Positive or negative?

Oh god a mini mart hit

Joe D - mixed, although the majority of people (including me) seem happy with the length and dollars overall.

Casper Wells=Season Saved!

CS-- 26 of Wells' career 233 games have been in CF. What makes you think it has anything to do with Revere?

Mini Mart gets a hit and drives in a run? Chest pains. I'm having the big one!

Gotcha Chris. I'm not happy he's back but I'm surprised how team-friendly the deal is considering the box of rocks that was drawing it up.

Revere will definitely be back. It would be beyond stupid to not retain him.

Wait, so yeah he might be gone?

He just meant he thinks the Wells acquisition indicates Revere won't return from injury this year.

Ah, I thought he meant return period. My mistake.

Oh come on, Frandsen

How can you make a good play and a terrible play at the same time?

Could it be that the Indians move of Reynolds is not unrelated to M Young???

I implied Revere won't return this year from his injury, and the team needed a real OF over Mini. Next question is Mini gone or Delmon traded?

Casper Wells grew up in NY state and attended college in Maryland. He's an east coast guy. Maybe being closer to his roots will boost his performance. I hope so.

Cyclic - He pulled a Ryan Zimmerman.

I discounted Ethan Martin's first start a bit because it was vs the BRaves who have beaten the crap out of everyone for the last 2-3 weeks - so I really hope he finishes this start strong.

Cut Delmon or Minimart? RAJ must be losing sleep over this one.

I'm leery of a Clout vs. AKSmith argument, but I thought scouts were ok with Cesar's glove at 2b, just not at SS or 3b (not that his bat would play at 3b anyway). He was moved/experimented as a CFer b/c Utley is blocking him, and they want to see what else he could offer since he might be out of options after this season. You know, "versatility" with more hitting skill than Mini Mart/MacDonald.

bbeard: agreed on both parts.

Oh great. A Joe D. appearance. This thread should be full of insight and clever anecdotes.

Ruf-Asche putting on a show

Mule Strong.

Jake, what's your beef? I don't even know who you are. But I'm glad I left a lasting impression with you. Either that or your life is that sad.

Ruf! Asche!

CS-- I don't understand why you think it reflects on Revere at all. Wells isn't a CF

I think you're right. He was acquired to replace DYoung or Mini Mart probably.

Joe - No one is more insufferable than the name-changing troll. Just ignore it.

Ruf did NOT help his BAbip with that HR. Therefore, Baer will turn out to be...?

Any chance Ruf plays in RF next year and on days they face a lefty starts at 1st? Slim to none right?

Of course, Schierholtz

Understood, Jake. Whoever the name changing troll is really does have a hard-on for me.

Nate the Great.

Darin Ruf's BABIP and K% are unsustainable, and he'll be back to being a bench-riding platoon bat in no time at all.

Cody Asche won't hit enough to overcome his glove's deficiencies and thus won't be a starter.

There's your daily dose of tongue-in-cheek curmudgeonry. ...Except that Mayberry's looking at strike three was way more deflating than anything I could come up with.

I just want to be loved, is that so wrong?

Heard Zolecki on the radio this morning. He said that nobody is sold on Ruf because he hasn't yet showed any power. In fact, he said aside from the 20 homeruns he hit last August he's never shown much power. I know it's early but he's hitting homeruns at a 30 per year clip so far in the major leagues. I like Zo, but wtf is he talking about. He looks like a classic power hitter to me.

Casper Wells is a Mayberry-type CF. Can fake for a bit.

Also hasn't faked nearly as much as Mayberry in his career so far

Power is essentially his only asset. He's getting on base well so far this year but that won't keep up. Zolecki has been dumbed down since joining

BedBeard: Utley and Cesar's lack of arm for SS and 3B are certainly reasons for the move to OF, but so is his poor footwork and 20 errors at 2B.

Two straight walks! What gives with the new guy? I think he's getting nervous.

@donc: And Wheels says he's mule strong, so I don't know what Zo is thinking either.

Walking Starlin Castro is pretty difficult.

Ruf has 5 homeruns in 87 at bats. Over a 550 at bat season that's 32 homeruns.

I love how the organization could be down on his power. Am I missing the multitude of guys that are dropping bombs on this roster right now?

Forget what you see with your eyes, RUF is a banjo hitting Davey Concepcion clone.


Mini Mart fighting for his roster spot

jbird:That's what I'm talking about. I have no idea how he'll do going forward, but to say he hasn't shown power at this level is just not true. Throw in last year too if you want a somewhat larger sample size, and the only thing you can conclude is that he DOES have power. He may be one dimensional as Joe D says, but I disagree with that too. He has a very good idea of the strike zone. A poor man's Pat Burrell? I don't want to get ahead of myself but I think that could be his ceiling. He looks to be a bit faster than PtB but that's not saying much. I'm fairly certain his arm won't ever be mistaken for Burrell's however.

The Casper Wells pickup lit a fire under Minius Martimus today, apparently.

It pains me to say it, but Mini-Mart is a better fit for this roster than Mini-Mac.

Small ball!!

Chooch has really struggled this year, but he's a smart player.

"Carlos Ruiz reached on a bunt single"

Words I never thought I'd ever read in the same sentence...

whoa whoa whoa - did Charlie just squeeze?

Then again, I have a huge man-crush on Minimart, so I am in a daze right now...


Ruf hit for good average his entire career, but with little power until last year. He's not a "power only" guy.

I heard the front office is impressed with Ruiz's pop right now.

Maybe all the things changing has also signaled the silent baton passing to Sandberg, hence the squeeze call.

Feast or famine <--- this team

Who saw this lineup and thought "rout"?

Wow! we're actually scoring unexpected runs.
Mini Mart getting a hit....unexpected!
Chooch getting a bunt single ...unexpected.
Utley getting a hit to drive in runs...expected!

Utley DOM Ruf Asche causing havoc again.

So glad I dropped Samjarzdizjzja from my fantasy team last week.

Anyone know if the squeeze was on or not for Chooch's bunt?


Guys this game keeps getting funner

"Ruf hit for good average his entire career, but with little power until last year. He's not a "power only" guy."

Jake, he started to show power in 2011, when he hit 17 dingers in 554 PA, which is the equivalent of 21 HR in +/- 650 PA.

Why is anyone surprised that during what should be his peak years, 25 - 29, he's actually hitting with more power than he did before?

No cold shoulder act for Asche?

Great job by the kids today! And even by MiniMart.

Utley DOM Ruf Asche causing havoc again.

Posted by: lorecore | Thursday, August 08, 2013 at 02:39 PM

The scouts are still down on both Ruf and Asche...

Ruf, Asche and Brown are doing some damage. That's the future. For now it doesn't look that bad.

Chase is having a good series, too. Good for him.

Chris in VT mentioned something about Chase giving Dom pointers or mentoring him in some way? I missed that story. Anyone have a reference for it? I'd like to read that.

Don't get excited yet. We're only headed into the top of the 5th. Plenty of time for the bullpen to blow a nine run lead.

No reason to get overexcited over one game against the Cubs but in the least these are fresh faces and new blood. Something this team desperately needs. I am thankful for that. With Sandberg trying to get these guys playing the right way they could have a punchers chance next year. Regardless, I'm fine with failing with youth and a new manager.

and Martin.

Is that 4 knockouts that Charlie owes Eskin?

"No cold shoulder act for Asche?"

r00b doesn't tolerate antics like that

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