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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


sitting just a few rows off the RF line tonight - I can only think of 37 things to heckle Elmn for. I feel like i'm missing another 100, anyone care to help fill the gaps?

At least the Young Bros. are starting tonight. Come on Chollie. For real. Give us some reason to watch. Please.

DHPhils" Last October, I suggested platooning Ruf with Howard at first base because Ruf has always struggled with right-handed pitching."

DH, please define "struggle" (i.e do you mean like Howard against LHP) and explain this statement.

that is, please provide evidence that Ruf "struggles" or has struggled against RHP.

Please feel free to use his minor league splits if you please.

awh-- He was quoting Baer. And I already took care of it...

"Last October, I suggested platooning Ruf with Howard at first base because Ruf has always struggled with right-handed pitching."

Ruf against RHP...

2009 (Rk/A-)

2010 (A/A+)

2011 (A+)

2012 (AA)

2013 (AAA)

Career MLB

A real struggle...


Baer actually need to do some reading. He's been horrible lately.

DH, I apologize.

MG - Did you write in your last post that Amaro is tone deaf to what is said about him on here (meaning Beerleaguer)? Did I read that correctly?

awh - I stopped reading Baer's articles after he went on a tirade on twitter about pigs (meaning police officers).

Oh and since I'm late to the party. Production™

Watching Harold Reynolds on makes me wonder if watching baseball is a prerequisite for working there.

Oh, good thing Asche is getting the night off after his plate... wouldn't want him to strain himself.

*decent night at the plate

TPOT, I have been a defender of Charlie's in the past. AAMOF, I believe he actually knows baseball better than most people in the organization.

I'm not sure how much that's saying, though.

And remember:

It's better to be a TPOT than a TBag™!

Baer is a member of the Moronocracy for sure.

He writes an entire article about Ruf's BAbip and how, because of it, "...Darin Ruf isn't really this good", and then he starts his last paragraph with this line:

"We don't have nearly enough data to know what Ruf's true-talent BABIP really is."

Bill Baer, the WTF was your entire article about? You just contradicted everything else you wrote.

And ESPN publishes this drivel. Sheesh.

I hope Ruf's August rivals Dom's May. (plus walks, of course)

I look forward to the day our lineup does not include a Young.

ramsey-- I'm excited for Howard to come back, too.

So, Halladay would like to come back, but the pitching coach seems like it could be a dealbreaker for him. It mystifies me how someone as good as Doc could be so enamored of Dubee.

So Cholly is trying to win this key game at the expense of Asche's development? Nuts.

A win at this point in this season is counterproductive, even assuming DYoung gives you a better chance to win than Asche. Which I don't.

Right, crazy that a HOF pitcher likes a pitching coach, despite Beerleaguer concerns.

Bed Beard: Name one pitcher who Rich Dubee has successfully developed.

Until the Youngs are gone Charlie is going to play them, respected Vets like they are.

"Right, crazy that a HOF pitcher likes a pitching coach, despite Beerleaguer concerns."

Could it be that Dubee isn't nearly the boob that most BLers make him out to be?

No, that's just ridiculous. The arguments have been quite compelling.

Halladay: "I see a lot here. I really do. It would obviously be my first choice if everything goes the way I feel it's going to go"

Baer has been getting really bizarre lately. At one time, like 2 years ago, his articles were thoughtful and worth a read. Now they're like bleacher report articles with some saber window dressing.

Manuel explaining why Asche isn't playing:

"I just want to go slow with him for a while, let him get a good feel for what he's doing," Manuel said. "I've seen times when you turn guys loose and they don’t respond good. I think it’s better to kind of take it easy with him, let him see if he can't have some success before you turn him loose. That’s what my experience has told me. Iv'e seen some players be turned loose in the big leagues and they have trouble right from the start and it really sets them back."


I'd direct the problems at the minor league pitching instructors.

Well, first off, let me say that I don't think any of us has any idea what a pitching coach at the major-league level does and what makes them good or not. So it's sort of a ridiculous thing to debate. None of us have a clue what Dubee does or is supposed to do or if he's good at it, or if there is even such a thing as being "good at it."

But, given that, it's impossible to use Halladay liking Dubee as irrefutable evidence that Dubee is good at his job. The only way that could be true is if his sole job was to have Roy Halladay like him (this is possible, of course). But since people seem to think the pitching coach's job extends beyond making Roy Halladay happy, then of course it's not mutually exclusive for Rich Dubee to make Roy Halladay happy while also being very bad at his job.

Right, but there's a Beerleaguer consensus that Dubee sucks, which deserves a pushback from time to time.

Jack- ok, I'll play along. Who do you think has more credibility when it comes to judging what kind of a job Rich Dubee does as pitching coach: Roy Halladay, a likely hall-of-fame pitcher who has worked with him closely for 3 years, or an anonymous guy named MG who posts on Beerleaguer?

No one is saying Halladay's word supersede's all. But it sure as hell supersedes some random guy on a website that has all sorts of conspiracy theories about Rich Dubee.

MG hasn't even posted on this thread. Your fascination with him borders on the bizarre.

Doubt Doc Halladay makes the hall.

Phillies are gonna homer twice tonight

You're right norb. I need help.

Ice: Well admitting the problem is the first step. You're right though, I would take the word of a potential hall of famer over some anonymous guy who frequently posits his conspiracy theories on a baseball blog.

Glad I'm now being impersonated. I felt left out.

Norbert: I see my name in plenty of threads I don't post in.


Little league defense. And there is no reason to expect much improvement next year.

Salisbury says Phils have a deal with Utley.

Surprised I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but Ruf's 33 game on base streak is the 2nd longest to start a career in MLB history.

1st is Alvin Davis in 1984. He went .329/.435/.635/1.070 during his streak, which lasted 47 games.

Phils have agreed to an extension with Utley.

@ToddZolecki: According to source, Phillies and Utley reach agreement on contract extension.

3 screwups in one inning. Hamels kept his focus, happily.

Dom looks dazed. A tad disconcerting.

Nice 5 out inning by Hamels

That's how to atone.

downtown !!

Brown crushed it. Just a smooth swing on that.

2 yrs 20m with multiple vesting options

Luuuuckily it hasn't affected his batting, heh heh.

Utley for three more years.

Wow. Shocked. He really did look dazed. Hope it was just cause he had stared into the lights on the fly ball.

The Utley deal is 2 years in the high 20 million numbers.

The two sides are close on a two-year deal that would be in the high $20MM range with multiple vesting options, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports


"Seriously, anyone can make one stupid play."
"Exactly. I take more stock when a player makes a bad read and then has to dive for a ball that he should have caught standing up moreso than when he settles under a ball and drops it."

And only a double-threat left fielder can pull off both.

But I ain't gettin' paid for my D.

I'll wait to see the actual specifics, but something like 2/28 with vesting options seems like a really nice deal for Utley. I tentatively like that.

I know it's late in the thread and there's a lot more to talk about. (like lorecore should just try to get everyone out there to call him "Yak.") (And what that contract means for the future.), but:

Does it seem like whenever someone is struggling, when they finally have a night with a couple hits, Charlie benches them the next game. I've noticed it happening before. I just can't remember when.

Home from vacation to finally be able to watch the Phillies regularly again. I hope they got all that losing out of their system while I was away!

Ruf would've caught that

31 pitches to get 11 outs. nice start for cole.

Wtf was that?

At this rate Hamels will need 33 outs to pitch a CG

uts instructions to franny before the game: "go out there and make me look good."

Pitching coaches are vastly overrated. I don't know if Dubee is a good pitching coach or not but that it is kind of nuts if Halladay's input really factors into the decision to keep him or not.

Dubee is linked at the hip to Cholly and he's a goner at the end of the year.

Cholly decision to not start Asche tonight was a poor one and his reasoning made little sense. He's a lousy choice for a rebuilding team especially one with unproven younger players and one that doesn't have a set starting nine.

Heyman says 2/27. That's great, if true, and Utley has again chosen to stay here instead of getting more on the open market.

I'll be interested to see the vesting options, though, and how likely it is they'll be paying him $13 million to suck in 3 years.

That's a disturbing development. I hope Dom doesn't start hurting his RBI/BB.

I (sports) hate Delmon Young so much

Delmon Young is so awful.

Elmn with yet another of his patented RISP at-bats.

Is there another team in baseball that is more of a lock to NOT score with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs?

We are astoundingly good at getting out of innings with runners on and no outs. I just wish we did it more often when we were pitching then when we're batting.

Mike was told that his shoes were untied in the dugout, but he thought they were trolling him...

Ruf with runners on base:

.239 .327 .348 .675

with RISP:

.160 .303 .320 .623

with RISP w/2 Outs

.143 .294 .214 .508

At this point, with the way the team has played the past two seasons, especially this season, I wonder why Utley and Halladay would want to resign. I would think they'd rather go to a team where they would have a better chance at a ring. Or do they truly feel optimistic about the Phillies' chances in 2014?

tmac is relating to ben how loud the bank is during playoff games. as if...

So are we all excited that we get to watch Howard, Utley, Rollins and presumably Ruiz for a few more years?

jr. -
You have tickets to the training room?

Revere and Papelbon, you dont get any more opposite. Even when Revere stuggled, I loved his effort and he truly does play for the fans.

urp: "trainer's"

TMac's ballwashing is way beyond what is required.

I haven't listened to him or the rambling fool (Sarge) since May and don't miss either one bit.

Just saw Ransom is still in the league? Harder to get rid of than athlete's foot.

Ah, Jimmy! I thought he could do something there. As much as I think anyone will hit for us with RISP, that is. I'm conditioned to expect little when we get runners on, as opposed to the recent "good old days" when it would induce frisson of expectant excitement.

I would love it if Ben Revere were in the booth every night.

This team must really hate Cole Hamels

Nothing but hate for Cole.

Hey, Ben Revere was really cool on TV. His positive spirit will play well when the Phillies are able to pick up their game.

I have no prob if the Phils resign Chase Utley for 2 or 3 years. Utley has never been a cause of the Phillies problems and he comes to play every game, every day. I'd keep him on my team.

Utley at 2 years. Fine. Don't want Utley at 3 years.

Not the money with Utley as much the years. Whole problem with the Papelbon deal and even the Howard one. If they had signed Papelbon a say 3/$39M, they would be done with him next year and possibly could move him at the trading deadline.

Guys on Baseball Tonight were questioning whether a guy who doesn't play in 140 games anymore is worth 14 million dollars a year.

Thank goodness its only for 2 years.

Just let Hamels one off that putrid bench has a better chance of coming through then Hamels

With as much as Cholly is using his 2nd catcher to pinch-hit early in games, I wonder if Mini Mart knows how to catch.

Ben Revere would be the best thing to happen to that Phillies booth in a long time. As long as he's injured....

As I forgot Utley was on the bench tonight ha!

denny b - More like 120 games and that is a legit point. Hell Utley is on pace to play 119 G this year and this is his high since '09 (156 G).

Plus defensively this year he has really slipped too at 2B.

If Utley has really found a routine to keep his knee issues in check, he's worth the money if he can average 130 G the next 2 years. I have no idea if he can stay on the field or not.


MG - Id rather have Utley for 120 games than Hernandez or a retread for 150 games

Tough break.

Vintage Utley...hell of a throw from RF and block by Navarro

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