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Tuesday, August 06, 2013


No sound from the booth....awesome!

That dust cloud is coming through any minute.

Guess Finger drew the short straw

Woo! A KK K!

Jr is one of our best.
Middle name is Pull-my

Interested to see what Schierholtz does. Can't believe they have him hitting 4th. Don't they know Kendrick has reverse splits?

If Michael Young is claimed off waivers, are the Rangers off the hook for their portion of his salary?

Mayberry hits the wall and makes the catch... wow

Methinks KK realizes the best way to make sure the "Ruf in RF" ends positively is to ensure that as many bats as humanly possible are missed.

"Hearing same. Million-plus bonus. MT @BenBadler: No. 4 int'l prospect Luis Encarnacion can sign Fri. Shocked if Phillies don't sign him."

Ruf in right can't possibly any worse than D Young

Ugly route, but a really tough play. Looked like it was hit right over his head

Niiice job by Chase to go the other way

I missed you, Dom

Angels released Mad-Dog. Will we try and sign? I miss Mad-Dog.

Damn, BAbip!

Ruf smoked that one

Well, that sucked.

can't hit ball much harder.

Schierholtz is going to have a huge series. It's just pre-ordained.

So far so good, Ruf....

Funny Rube chose today to ax Nix - the guy whose presence required us to ax the current Cub cleanup hitter.

That...well, color me impressed. I retract my earlier complaint that Ruf's range won't play in RF.

Clearly the key to his success is dependent upon my being down on it. So consider my complaint reinstated.

You're a bum, Ruf! You'll never live up to that comp as Matt Holliday v2.0!

Phillies going on contact from 3B... out every time

Opposing team... safe

Focus, Chooch!

Chooch's really disappointing defensive year continues.

Nobody could have predicted Sheirholtz would hit like this. Damnit Chooch.

C'Mon Kendrick, work out of it, Ace

The 2013 clown show continues.

I forgot it was 2013, sorry, guys

Jake, maybe because Dom Brown is ready and they hope some team picks up Nix and pays part of his salary?

Dunno if Ruf makes that play on the ball Jackson just laced to LF...

Donnie Murphy (who?), the #8 hitter, goes down and gets a breaking ball that wouldn't have even been a strike on 1-2 and hits it out. Not even a terrible pitch. C'mon.

Well, the highlight of this game was the audio being out for the first couple minutes. Should have turned it off when T-Mac's gums started flapping.

Fat chance of that Jake.

Shh, Cyclic. Uncle Cholly's not allowed to look like he made a good call on this insane Ruf-in-RF experiment. Even if he did make a good call.

And I want to smack the Chicago broadcast team, as they stated "the inning would be totally different if Asche went to first." It would indeed be totally different: It'd be 3-1 instead of 4-1. World-changing difference, there.

I can't fault Asche for what he did: Hell, given how precious run suppression is for this ball club, it could easily argued it was the right call. And he cleanly fielded the ball while the play was close at the plate. Given our 3B defensive woes this season, that's not nothing.

With a loss tonight, and wins by the Twins, Giants, and Mets, the Phils will be move into sole possession of the #5 pick in 2014.

2006-2011... This would feel like one of those 9-7 kinda games.

2013... 12-3 sounds about right

Be nice if Kendrick could bear down a little and pitch more like beginning of the year KK.


Dickie-- A reason to scoreboard watch!

We were up 1-0 and I left for 10 minutes to pick up my kid. I come back and it's 4-1. We suck something fierce. And Kendrick may be working himself toward a non-tender.

Another sound PA from Asche. It's hard not to love his approach thus far. Given the club's dearth of sound fundamentals in that department, he should hit enough to stick at 3B for the Phils notwithstanding his glove's defects.

This series is going to be some "Resistible Force" vs "Movable Object" stuff.

Anyone still want to sign Kyle Kendrick to a big extension?

4 runs on 2 hits. All KK's fault?

T-Mac: "I can't remember the last time a team like the Phillies spiraled so quick."

I think he's trying to imply that the Phillies are a good team that inexplicably spiraled quickly. Otherwise his statement makes no sense, since there's nothing unusual about a crappy team spiraling quickly.


The team built on "Pitching and Defense" has allowed the second-most runs in the National League.

So long, Kendrick's good year.

ERA now above career average.

This isn't even bad's not thinking baseball. Kendrick is a moron.

That's one of those plays that escapes the error rule because there was neither a bobble nor a bad throw. The official scorer ought to be able to charge a player with an error for bone-headedness.

Another tough-ish play in LF for Brown.

Has Amaro said the "pitching and defense" line in the past year?

Teams facing the Phillies must have like a .400 BABIP. And it's not luck.

Defense matters, and the Phillies defense is simply horrible. They turn balls in play into hits like I've never seen.

Jack --

Yup, we're in the bottom 5 in BABIP against and defensive stats, which are highly correlated across teams.

Ruf 2-2 in RF

crazy like a fox

Wow, so you mean Kendrick hasnt been a good pitcher all along?

Hard to believe Harry.

can someone explain the bonehead play?

Pitchers are doing their best to give up so many HRs that defense doesn't matter as much

lore-- Broken bat flare between 1st and 2nd by Schierholtz, fielded by MYoung, Kendrick didn't cover the bag

HR would be nice here, Jimmy

jimmy has given up on the high socks.

Gotta say, this lineup feels a lot more dangerous with Brown in there over Delmon.

Does that count for his OB streak? I think so...

babe should eschew the triples.

All the kid does is hit.

Speed demon

I'm pretty sure that getting thrown out trying to advance goes positively to your average, but negatively to your OBP.

So no, it will not extend the 'on base' streak, but it would extend a hit streak if he had one.

If it counts for OBP purposes, it counts for the streak, Cyclic. So yes. 33 games!

It may be a train wreck defensively, but the outfield of Brown-Revere-Ruf looking to be set for 2014. How can you take Ruf's bat out of the lineup?

Lorecore: I thought getting gunned out while advancing counted. Mea culpa on that front, then.

It should count I think. It's like if you get picked off. He reached (first) base safely, he just didn't make it to third!

Kendrick has gone at least 6 innings and given up 3 runs or less in 14 of his 22 starts coming into tonight. That does include a 7 start run from April 10th through May 12th where he hit that requirement every time out pitching 49 innings and giving up 10 runs, walking 8 and striking out 36 for a 1.84 ERA.

I guess some people just have odd definitions of being a "very good pitcher."

Fangraphs has his OBP for this game at .500, so it counts.

Yeah, I feel like it should count...

Hopefully he reaches again and we don't have to worry about it

Great reaction by the crowd there. May not be 45,000 anymore but still one of the best crowds in the game. Very in tune

If we field a 2014 OF of Brown-Revere-Ruf, our pitchers are going to refuse to pitch.

Don't look now, but we've scored in every inning so far...

As OBP is:
(Hits + Walks + Hit by Pitch) / (At Bats + Walks + Hit by Pitch + Sacrifice Flies)

And Ruf's hit will be scored as a double, I think it should count. It's certainly more logical to count it then when he got beaned, as the implicit premise of the streak is intentionally getting on.

But regardless. Go Ruf!

They survived Ruf - Mayberry - Young, so I think they'll be okay.

OBP is hits, plus walks, plus HBPs divided by PAs. It's a hit. Hence, it counts.

They actually didn't survive Ruf-Mayberry-Young, even for a few days.

If they didn't refuse to pitch with Susdorf-Mayberry-Nix, I doubt they will refuse with Brown-Revere-Ruf. Pitchers also like when their outfielders can score runs.

this lineup looks like a ballclub.

Yeah, actually Juums has the formula right. The denominator is not PAs; it's ABs plus walks plus HBPs plus sac flies. Sacrifice bunts are PAs but are included in the denominator for OBP.


It's amazing what replacing one of the worst players in baseball with an all star will do for a team's formidability.

I'm curious if Jake is actually the poster's name, or if its the name-changer troll.

Ruiz the human eraser.

ah ok, yea i was mistaken.

"Sacrifice bunts are PAs but are included in the denominator for OBP."

That should have said are NOT included.

I love how Darin Ruf pulls his hands in as he starts his hip turn when he sees an inside pitch he likes - it appears so effortless; all in one motion.

It must be a nightmare trying to get him out. Two strikes didn't mean much in his last AB.

Oh yeah - it appears that Kendrick has had more than a sip or 2 of his own Kool Aid. He's back to his old careless, lazy self.

Ho hum. Another sound PA from Asche. Good job by Chooch, though, of demonstrating why walks are not Production™. They just setup more GIDPs, after all.

So far, Asche has certainly passed the eye test.

Schierholtz getting his 3B or HR here on his way to the cycle?

"It must be a nightmare trying to get him out"

The book remains low/away offspeed pitches for him, but good point on his hands inside. I still remember his first mlb hr where he turned on a pretty tough inside fastball with that same technique and two strikes, and still hit it 400ft.

I know that Asche's glove remains an open question as whether it'll be good enough to justify his offensive upside. But it still gives me the warm fuzzies to have a 3B with the range to actually make that play to get Schierholtz out.

DeJesus not having a good night...

After seeing that play, RAJ has decided to sign DeJesus in the off-season.

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