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Saturday, August 03, 2013


Suck for Carlos Rondon

Lannan on 3 days rest?

At this point, it feels like they're trying to give me reasons not to watch.

The Cliff Lee situation has all the makings of a classic Phillies smear campaign. It's their effort to turn the fan base against him so there won't be a backlash when they move him. My guess is they'll see if someone claims him on waivers or they'll move him in the offseason.

Can they get AAA organization awards for the month playing on a big league yet AAA squad?

When do waiver trades start?

Free Anthony Hewitt! Can't wait to non-tender JMJ!

This season is starting to smell more and more like rotting cabbage.

At least last year, the Phils bottomed out before the break, sold off their pieces, and surprisingly played competitive baseball in the 2nd half.

Things are just a mess with this team right now on several fronts with the only reason to watch really is to see how Ruf & Asche do. No Lee, D. Brown, Pettibone, and a bunch of guys on this roster who just aren't MLB-caliber players.

If you are a Braves' hitter, you have to be pretty giddy today to face a starter on 3-days rest and the possibility of getting to facing Valdes or Miner today because Lannan won't go more than 5 IP (possibly less).

Is he already elevating pitches? Listening on the radio.

dang blackouts

It sickens me seeing D.Young hitting 4th. Give more rbi chances to Ruf or anyone else than that loser.

Mayberry and RFD love knocking a few out of the park just when they're about an 0fer way from hitting the pine.

Nice bomb JMJ.

I would be more than happy to be dead wrong about you.

Mayberry and Elmn i meant.

Scotch Man, you do you mean Carlos Danger, not Carlos Rondon, no?

"Nice bomb JMJ."

... paging CS, paging CS...

OK, here's a BL quiz. Coming into today's game:

Player #1: .290/.410/.507

Player #2: .272/.315/.416

Which player is Charlie hitting 4th and which player did Charlie pencil in the 5-hole?

JMJ's dinger comes after another non-productive walk by Ruf. What good is a 30 game on base streak if it's not productive, eh?

awh --

You left out the most important stat for determining batting order: career starts.

lorecore, coming into today's game, Mayberry's slash line was

.254/.310/.425 with an OPS+ of exactly 100.

IMHO that's just fine for a 4th OF and backup 1B.

AAMOF, that's better than a lot of OF starters in MLB.

Just sayin'.

Nothing that BL didn't already say 10x over, but the numbers make it even more glaring than we ever could have foreseen.

Signing Delmon Young wasn't so stupid and idiotic just because he sucks, it was because the only actual upside was completely redundant with Mayberry already here.

Coming into today's game:

Mayberry 2013: .254/.310/.425 100 OPS+, .799 OPS vs LHP, 7 HR 19/62 BB/K
DYoung 2013: .272/.315/.416 99 OPS+, .800 OPS vs LHP, 8 HR 14/61 BB/K

How moronic can you be to go out and sign a player who is the EXACT offensive player as someone you already have, yet is a worse fielder/runner?

Fox just showed Schmitty's 500th HR with the call by Harry. Couldn't believe the goosebumps I got over that. Truly electrifying.

lore, to further expand my point, if Mayberry had enough PA to qualify, his slash line would be 35th best among ALL MLB OF.

As it is, he's got the 51st highest OPS of all MLB OF with at least 250 PA.

That's basically TOP THIRD of all MLB OF. For a FOURTH OF on a team.

Just sayin'.

lore, excellent post at 4:58. I have been trying to make that point since they signed _elm_n.

What does Ruf have to do to earn a jobin LF for next year? Good OBP, average fielding, occasional power. And with a tigher budget next year it could work.

Already wondering what may happen if by any remote chance we end up ahead by 3 or fewer come the 9th. Will Pap will get a friendly welcome? Will he blow another one?

Another BL quiz:



Name the two CF who have put up those slash lines this season?

awh: iceman has given that quiz about 30 times this year.

Just hoping this isn't a save situation.

gameday is beating my Fox broadcast by a second or two.

Lore, I know, but considering one guy makes $515K and the other guys makes $12.45MM and is the highest paid player on his team, it never gets old.

That contract could quickly move to the top of the list of one of the worst in baseball.

Zito and Howard-ish if he doesn't turn it around.

And the Braves organization is widely considered pretty smart.

Game over. Tied at three and white flag in the game.

"awh: iceman has given that quiz about 30 times this year."

The professor has failed you again lorecore. My quiz usually involves Fangraphs hero Denard Span (.271/.324/.699, 10 SB/5 CS).

If you'd told me in the 2d inning that Beachy would hit for himself in the 6th . . . well, I should have believed you.

What does Ruf have to do to earn a jobin LF for next year? Good OBP, average fielding, occasional power. And with a tigher budget next year it could work.

Posted by: CS | Saturday, August 03, 2013 at 05:05 PM

We'll need Ruf to play first.

Lannan hit wall but a bit earlier today around 60 pitches. He's not a bad pitcher but his inability to work even 6 IP routinely (averaged only 5 2/3 IP/GS) really places a drag on a bullpen over a course of a season.

Slower Rollins out, but called safe.

Young's OBP seems to have dropped significantly since the trade deadline brouhaha. Coincidence?

Give Miner some credit. I thought for sure he would give up a run today and he managed to keep the Braves in check. Didn't expect to see that coming.

M. Young is going to be for a rude shock this offseason when he has trouble finding a starting job anywhere next year.

.270-.280 hitters with mediocre pop and horrible defense aren't exactly in great supply although maybe he lands up as a DH somewhere.

I wish he had that slider the other night

Maybe the Phils can do something here to steal a win.

Lore - but how many 100 RBI seasons does Mayberry have?

Another 0fer for Asche today so far even though he did hit that ball kind of hard in the 9th.

Sh1t! Thought Frandsen had that one!

Feels like a win?

Guess not.

Diekman? We lose.

The word is out: bunt against Diekman!!!!

Ruf walks it off.

I was half right. How unproductive of him.

Why Mini Mart???

You just saw why.

Can't believe they PR him. No power left.


Bench remaining
Braves: McCann
Phillies: McDonald/Nix

This is a good test for the kid.


Takeout slide forced throw slightly offline and because Frandsen is bad defensively he couldn't make the catch and stay on the bag

"Another 0fer for Asche today so far even though he did hit that ball kind of hard in the 9th."

It's almost as if he's struggled to adjust at every level or something.

I don't know if the call was accurate, but how the hell does Frandsen come off the bag. The throw isn't high, or to the left, or to the right - even when you're lunging for a ball, you're never actually "lunging" - you just stretch as far as you can and wait for the ball. Odd.

Bad defensively? He isn't a 1B to begin with lol. He had a entire 32IP ( 4 games, 3 started ) at 1B in his career.

This is why people were complaining when he was playing 1B and Young was playing 3B. Since Young has 665 innings played at 1B since the 2011 season.

Amaro should be shitcanned immediately. This team is going to suck for years with this idiot running the team. His quote about Utley playing "like a 28-year old" just proves he was desperately hoping for a turnaround, even after that great post all star break trip. He is an embarassment who has no clue and is about to run this team into a 1984-2000- like funk.

Well, now we're saved. Nix Power!

Okay, Laynce. Time to earn that princely salary!

Yep, Nix Power.

Isn't Nix hitting worse than Minimart?

Oh boy! The value of our trading chips just keeps going up and up!

Fvck you Nix.

Diekman sucks. I really hope this is the last year we have to see him in the bullpen for a significant portion of the year. I doubt that happens though.

Maybe this is a 65-win team. Geeesh.

@ richard nixon, no it's time for him to justify the second year of that contract no dumb richard on Earth other than Amaro would have given him.

Another PH AB, another K for Nix. I have to look but I bet he has Ked in at least 50% of his PH ABs since AB.


The June Swoon has come late but, it has come with a vengeance.

Wow, crash and burn continues. Didn't think the crash and burning could go this long!

new thread. Weitzel's minions were apparently watching this one

We all knew Nix would K there. What's funny is how absolutely not even close he came to the 2 pitches he swung at.

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