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Friday, August 02, 2013


It'd be nice for next year if Martin could establish some control and meet his upside.


I nominate Kris Medlen for the top punchable face of 2013. McCann, Uggla and Medlen. Serious punchability there.

Not sure if Pettibone has a phantom injury or if he legitimately has a shoulder strain - but if he really is ailing and not just generally fatigued, he should be shut down as long as needed. No sense of activating him with any possible risks, they'll sorely need a pre-arb starter over the next few years with Hamels/Lee soaking up ~$50M themselves.

Anybody else besides me not expect the Phils to score when they got bases loaded with none out in bottom 9th? - limoguy
I expected a Nix strikeout, had slightly more confidence in Chooch, and zero confidence after that.

541 - Uggla wins that contest hands down.

Delmon Young hitting above Asche. Lovely. Yeah that makes sense.

Delmon Young still on the team. Yeah that makes sense too.

It's almost as if RAJ still thinks he is a viable right-fielder. Is he blind?

Amaro's just waiting for Young to 'turn it around'.


Uggla used to be my top guy, but Medlen has taken over for me.

The combo of his punchable face, giant round head, plus the 1 size too small hat with the flat brim is just too much to overlook.

Everything about the guy screams douche.

The Grilli thing is bad but it looks especially bad with the knowledge of how he has pitched since being released. Prior to signing with the Phillies in 2011, he was coming off a 2009 season where he had pitched to an 89 ERA+. Then he spent the entire 2010 season on the DL.

He just as easily could've come up and stank for the Phillies organization. I do realize that on some level this is a scouting issue but people acknowledge that relievers can be up and down so it's hard to get on a team too much for letting a guy go. Had he been putting up season after season of good numbers and then they dropped him that would be far more alarming to me.

A thread or two ago I saw people posting how Hewitt is hitting the ball well and joking around how we better start 'paying attention'.

I just saw his numbers, HA! Thats him playing better? a .287 OBP with 99/17 K/BB ratio in under 300 PA! That's not even jokeworthy.

Hugh - Oh, got it. I thought he was letting him play out his first 1500 at-bats.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of defense if it allows you to get a 92 OPS+ bat into your everyday lineup.

541-Good point, but I still think Uggla's lycra spandex jersey gives him the edge.

"He just as easily could've come up and stank for the Phillies organization"

That's the point. It was just that easy. It would have been so easy for that to be given a chance to happen, so why didn't it? Instead they called up Zagurski, Drew Carpenter, Mathieson, etc. And now they're giving Zach Miner a call up after about the exact same time with the org, only about 20% of the results.

Grilli's performance with the Pirates makes it more relevant to point out, not just look bad. It looked bad on its own from Day 1.

TTI: To me, the issue on Grilli is this: the whole point of signing a veteran re-tread like Grilli is to see if maybe you'll find that late bloomer who can help your major league team. So if he's killing it at AAA, & you refuse to call him up -- even when you've got guys on your roster at the same position who are failing -- then what was the point of signing him in the first place?

the term lottery ticket gets thrown around here, so here's an apt example of what the Grilli situation was:

You buy a powerball ticket for $1(sign grilli on a milb deal). Why the hell not? Its just a $1 (milb deal).

You hit the first number(Grilli is healthy)
You hit the second number(His velocity is great)
You hit the third number(His control is great)
You hit the fourth number(He's racking up Ks)
You hit the fifth number(He's dominating and ready for the bigs)
And here comes the Powerball...(his opt out clause is up and you have a roster spot open)
*turn TV off*, its just a stupid $1 powerball ticket, i'm throwing it away, no big deal, probably wouldn't have hit anyway(You cut Grilli and give to the Pirates for free)

Lannan starts Saturday, Lee Sunday, per Todd Zolecki

The thing I can't quite figure out about Martin is that scouts rave about his stuff, but his strikeout numbers aren't anything special.

Not sure what to make of that. Does he just fall behind so much that he throws hittable stuff to get over? Or is he one of those pitchers with high velocity but little movement/deception?

Either way, I'm very curious to see him tonight.

Grilli was a gift to the Phils, and the proceeded to regift it without even opening it up to see if they liked it. Hell, Brian Gordon was given a shot for a spot start or 2 by the Yankees. It didn't work out, so they moved on.

I should have added:

The homeless degenerate gambler who hasn't had a win since 1992 (The Pirates) picks up your ticket and hits (sign Grilli).
He uses that money to build a mansion next door to your house (Use Grilli to anchor one of the best BP in the league)
Expands into your own property, crushing your belongings (Pirates lead the NL Wildcard)
You can't do anything to stop him because you can no longer pay your own taxes (The Phillies bullpen sucksass)
For the foreseeable future you have to live in the shadow of someone else's mansion that you helped build by giving them a free winning powerball ticket(Phillies sit home while Pirates play in postseason).

TTI that's a silly defense of the decision to let Grilli walk as a FA and, it was a mistake in real time, not merely hindsight. They had two right handed arms get hurt in Lidge and Contreras. The signed Baez whom they released due to poor performance. They had three holes to fill with minor leaguers and they cycled through a succession of guys under team control trying to fill out the staff. Meanwhile, they brought Grilli in on a classic flyer minor league contract with an opt out date, he pitched extremely well, and they let him go. For whatever reason, they doubted him and, the only objective reason to not call him up and see is fear that they would be obligated to pay a major league salary to him for the rest of the year.

I found this blog note on it from the time but, I recall seeing the same thing on or the Reading Eagle.!/2011/07/phillies-have-decision-to-make-on-jason.html

"Pirates lead the NL Wildcard"

Quibble: Pirates currently have best record in NL.

TTI didn't defend the team letting Grilli opt out. Geez guys. Read his whole post before you jump on him.

Redburb - Maybe he didn't defend it. But he certainly excused it. And on pretty flimsy grounds.

The entire reason for signing a guy like Grilli is to see if you catch lightning in a bottle. They did. And they dumped him for nobody in particular.

It apparently would have bothered TTI a lot more if Grilli up those numbers for multiple years. But of course, the only reason the Phillies got to sign him was because he'd been injured.

In the meantime, Jose Contreras has thrown 4.2 scoreless innings for the Pawtucket Red Sox, striking out 8, walking 3, and giving up no H while posting a .343 WHIP.

Good job r00b.

Well they didn't dump him. He opted out.

Redburb: It's easier to just be reactionary.

akmith: No I didn't excuse it. But thanks for continuing to be dopey.

Answer this honestly anyone pining for Grilli: How many of you had Grilli come up and stank would've said "Oh well, lottery ticket, they tried."

Oops, that a .643 WHIP for Contreras.

He now has a 1.29 ERA in 28 IP in the minors this season. But, I'm sure r00b has better pitchers in the system.

The Grilli 'release' was egregious because of one simple factor:

They had crap taking the mound at the MLB level and they never even gave him a shot.

In short, there talent evaluation FAILED MISERABLY.


..."their" talent evaluation...

The Yak's out in front of Asche, you say? Welp, there goes his chance at getting his first career RBI tonight.

Grilli was released/ opted out per the terms of his deal on 7/20/11. 4 days before that,Danys Baez made his last major league appearance. He was released right after Grilli left. Meanwhile, as of that date, Drew Carpenter had made 10 appearances in the previous 3 weeks, pitching to a 7.11 ERA.

pettibone on 15 day DL with "strained shoulder" Is this the same as Halladay's strained shoulder or Howard's sore knee? Can we trust our medical team? Have to wait and see.

Any chance JC Ramirez gets picked up off waivers. My guess is yes and we will regret it. Zach Miner gives us nothing in the future.

@lorecore: 5 matching numbers wins you $1 million.

Oh, and, tickets are $2 now.

I am enjoying all the different jakes posting

So I just saw the Cubs signed Eloy Jimenez, widely regarded as the best international prospect. Why are the Phillies making every effort to sign these kids with their piss poor farm. I know they signed the Cuban, but he is 26. We need a serious youth injection and if we can't draft high, might as well buy our way to a great farm system.

If the Bone doesn't go get a second opinion on his shoulder he's a damn fool.

I have ZERO confidence in the Phillies medical staff at this point. ZERO.

Halladay, Howard... the list is enormous.

Maybe someone in the know can explain: why the DFA of Ramirez? This was his first trip to the bigs, does he not have options?

I have ZERO confidence in the Phillies medical staff at this point. ZERO.

Posted by: awh | Friday, August 02, 2013 at 06:20 PM

I have zero confidence in the Phillies' X, for a good many X.

"Maybe someone in the know can explain: why the DFA of Ramirez? This was his first trip to the bigs, does he not have options?"

I guess they didn't want to risk the Yankees or Red Sox taking Grandpa Valdes if they tried to slip him through waivers. Ramirez's spot on the 40 man is more valuable.

Lots of teams would be bidding for a 35 year old journeyman who can barely break 85 MPH and has a ERA close to 10 on the year. Good thing we kept him as we look towards the future. 31 year old Zack Miner is obviously in line to take Pap's spot as the closer in 2014 and this is a audition.

Well they didn't dump him. He opted out.

Redburb: What is your point here? Would you rather say "they allowed him to leave with no compensation?" Because, in fact, they said "no thanks, you're not good enough for our bullpen."

Dumped him. Opted out. No difference in this case. In fact, if he hadn't had an opt out, he'd likely have gotten the Fields treatment and simply never saw the majors, even though the parent club stinks. My guess at this point is that no worthwhile minor league free agent will sign with the Phillies in the future unless its his only choice.

TTI - Such umberage! In fact, you tried to explain it away. Go back and read your own post as if someone else had written it.

But I'm glad you think the Phillies whiffed on Grilli and their talent evaluation and roster management suck. Welcome aboard.

aksmith --

I move we petition to have all Phillies' WARs raised by 0.5, on the grounds that Amaro wouldn't be able to fill their spot with a replacement level player.

They need to hang on to Valdes so they can "win now".

Pretty rough diagnosis for Dutch...Sure, he was a bit crazy but he was also a great Phillie.

Go Dutch !!!!!

Schilling: HOFer?

I missed the ceremonies. What was the dutch reception like?

80+ career WAR? Yeah, HOF.

Overwhelming applause and cheers for Dutch. It was really heart warming. Also he looks much better than I thought he would--still tanned and smiling. I'm surprised he stood out there so long, but I'm sure it was the best thing for him to be around what he loves best in the world. The crowd energizes him, clearly.

Watching the best from these past decades made me filled with Phillies pride. It felt good again. Let's hope we can give these vets a good game tonight.

Why don't they ever show this stuff when they're ripping the Phillies fanbase? Awesome reception for Dutch.

Martin is really reaching back so far...96-97 mph for a guy that supposedly sits 93-95 mph for the most part.

Great movement on his slider...needs to locate it better though.

Painted the black with a 96 mph fastball. He so far (2 batters in) seems to have pretty good command of his fastball and he's throwing hard...his slider is all over the map though.

Curious to see his curveball.

That was a great curve and then he killed him with that fastball for the K.


That curve to McCann was filthy.

If only you could combine this guy's stuff with Pettibone's command then we, too, could have one of the best young pitching prospects in baseball.

If he can get his command to tick up just a little bit on his curveball and slider, he's a #2/#3 starter. His fastball is plus and that curveball is vicious if he can command it.

If not, he looks like a good reliever.

Could of been 1-2-3 with a good defensive RF that doesn't have to play at the wall.

How do you pronounce his last name? Is it MAR-TIN or MAR-TEEN?

Braves' broadcast panning the upper deck while announcers revel in the "veritable sea of empty seats".

I bet he could be a decent ML reliever right now just dialing up that fastball.

The Braves announcers should be used to that given the average attendance at Turner Field...even during their glory days, they rarely if ever sold out games as their fanbase is an absolute joke. Baseball is a very distant 3rd on their list behind Nascar and college football.


With Pettibone injured, Martin is staying in the rotation at least for a couple weeks, right?

Does Martin throw a changeup?

Refuses to throw a fastball to Uggla. I'd like to see him give him a hack at the belt.

He does but its not MLB caliber by all accounts.

The one scouting report I saw called his changeup "more of a dream than a real pitch right now"

I like that too.

Martin looks good so far

I thought it felt like 1988. More Braves broadcast facts: Phils 2013 average of 3.8 runs per game is lowest since then.


That's Ruftastic!!!



Babe !!


D. Young!!!

The Ruf Young threat!

This is perhaps the most interesting game in weeks. Martin-Asche-Ruf. We start to get a clue to what the near future might look like.

The Delmon Young homerun completely cancels out all the joy of the Darrin Ruf homerun.

Home run notwithstanding, a nice AB by Ruf.

Yak just bought himself another 2 weeks, btw.

Medlen sure stayed away from his fastball that AB.

Does he always throw 88?

I'd love it if D. Young could go on a hot it would at least make these games fun to watch. I've come to the acceptance phase of the grief cycle so I understand he's on the roster for the rest of the season regardless. Might as well play well.


Careful what you wish for. I don't want Young in right the next three years on an Amaro special.

So the camera is on Martin's parents, one of the announcers actually pointed out which one was his dad. We couldn't figure that out.

Just missed on that curveball there.

Watched Cubs - Dodgers today. The announcers for the Cubs get it. It is okay to shut up and let the game happen, it doesn't have to be a constant chatter on TV

I'm still ticked that Rollins swung at the first pitch

NEPP- I could see Del Young being moved before Sept 1. An AL club looking for an extra RH bat for the stretch run might be in the market.

He's not totally useless. He's just useless in the field and for a under .500 team who has him on a 1 year contract. Especially when Dom Brown comes back and he inevitably (despite the hand-wringing from Cholly right now) heads to RF, leaving Del without a position to butcher.

Okay...take a deep breath and calm down, Ethan.

Let's go back to the fastball, shall we?

I'd like to see Young hit a few homers here in the next couple weeks then, when Brown is back and hopefully Revere, move him to teh AL on the waiver wire and see if you can turn him into anything of potential value.

2013 Attendance Per Game:

Braves: 32,409
Phillies: 38,553

Yeah, their announcers might want to shut up about the empty seats tonight.

I have one friend from Atlanta who's a Braves fan.

I have a lot of friends from Atlanta.

Martin's velocity has seemingly settled into his more normal 93-95 mph range. He was definitely pumped up for the first couple innings though. Heck of an adrenaline rush for his first MLB start.

I guess he thought he could sneak a fastball past Uggla 0-2.

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