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Sunday, August 04, 2013


Lee gets torn a new a-hole tonight. Doesn't make it through 5th inning.

Winning streak starts now.

Has anybody kept stats on wins when Wisniewski writes the game post?

- Positives

1. Lee is pitching at home where he is a better pitcher

2. Lee overall since '11 has had a lot of success vs Braves. McCann has hit him well and J Upton but that is it.


1. A LHP rookie starter the Phils haven't seen who has a really good chngeup

2. Wood strikes out a lot of batters and doubt tonight will be much of an exception

3. Lee coming off the injury with no rehab start and not pitching well before that.

I'll take the Braves tonight only because they are at +115 but I expect Lee either comes out tonight in the national spotlight and either drops a hammer on his team or gets hammered giving up 2+ HRs and departing by the 6th.

Betting against Lee burned me a few times earlier this season although I'll take the Braves tonight largely because of how inept the Phils' offense has been of late.

Jake is my only begotten son. There is only one clout and Jake is his prophet.

Looking at the starting 8, the Braves would probably trade their 2B for ours. That's it, unless they've given up on B.J. and want to dump the salary.

I wonder if there will be a good turnout or a fair amount of no-shows and empty seats especially in RF.

Brown's return really has to mean that's it for Delmon Young, right?

RAj. Has got to go....when it stinks this bad it is crap

Wait, Lee still pitches for us?

anyone know what time they'll air the pre-game stuff honoring the 93 team?

e: Since it is on ESPN, I doubt there will be pre-game coverage of the '93 stuff.

Cyclic - On Saturday Tmac said he asked Charlie what will happen with Ruf when Brown returns. Charlie answered that he might try Ruf in RF.

Ruf in right?

Do the pitchers get a bonus?

Nice to see Mike W. feature Ruf's pic in the header, and note that his OB SAFELY streak is STILL intact.

What value would we get for Delmon. Come tomorrow Texas will be down Nelson Cruz and I'm sure the O's could he swayed to send us more hoes for delmon's.

Incidentally, am I being completely irrational in expecting a win tonight?

Han ram broke shoulder (wish) can they take jimmy?

Galvis: Only if they allow his Dodger stats to count in his assault on the Phillies record books.

Phils win tonight, but so what.

The Phillies arent the best team in baseball anymore. Im angry!

Can we trade everyone to make me feel better?

"Darin Ruf has currently reached base safely in 31 straight games — that's every game he's started in his career thus far."

So what? r00b will send him back to AAA because _elm_n produces and getting on base in meaningless because it doesn't provide production.

ESPN just spent about a minute talking about how surprised league GMs are that we didn't move anyone. Specifically, the Yankees called repeatedly about Michael Young, then called an hour before the deadline, then called 20 minutes before the deadline - offering a third-tier prospect and to take on the salary. But we didn't move him "despite the fact that they don't have an every day spot for him at 3B".

Also, word is that the suspensions will be handed out tomorrow? Isn't it a little gangster of MLB to wait until just after the trade deadline to tell teams which players they'll be missing for the rest of the year?

Its almost as if we have a terrible GM.

Why did Amaro not dump M. Young to save $2M? The only reason I can think that Amaro didn't trade M. Young is because he has some interest in resigning him.

awh - Amaro needs PRODUCTION.

Scott - That's my favorite Amaro .gif.

MG, given the dearth of 3B Fa talent, I would not be surprised to see r00b make a run at MYoung.

Sign him as a platoon for 1B and 3B (can sub in an emergency at SS and 2B). That may be what r00b is thinking.

"Incidentally, am I being completely irrational in expecting a win tonight?"


Good to see Uncle Cholly's got a good, firm grasp of what it takes to develop players. They don't need things like regular playing time. Nope! They acclimate quickest to the MLB pitching environment from the bench, by watching professional hitters like Michael Young.

I really don't know why Frandsen continues to start at first, and totally expect RAJ to attempt to resign MY.

I love the high ceiling reliever (Kahnle) for M Young story. Just shows Rube can't handle this whole trade deadline thing.

Utley was benched against LHP for the first year or so of his career...if not for that, he would have been the next Nap Lajoie. Instead, he became the 2nd division bum starter that he is now.

That benching is clearly why Utley's knees betrayed the Phils. They nursed their grudge for a very, very long time.


Ruiz is freaking terrible this year. All year, every aspect.

That was an awesome pitch.

That was the nastiest of curveballs too. Went from McCann's chin to the center of the plate in a split second.

Someone get Chooch some Adderall.

In Ruiz's defense, the k-zone showed that pitch dead center middle of the plate after it hooked so much and the umpire didn't even realize where it was.

And the train keeps rolling...

Now my neck is getting stiff.

Little unlucky there for Lee. That pitch was about shoelace level and still went for a single.

I don't know that there's a player in this league that I hate more than Dan Uggla.

Off to a good start as usual.

Well, if it's any consolation, we currently own the #9 pick.

Lee made a really good pitch to Johnson. Just hit it through a hole on the right side of the infield hard enough so it would get through.

Ton are a fair amount of empty seats at the game tonight. Guess maybe 80-85% actually showed up. Maybe they fill in a bit late but definitely a change from the past few years when CBP was packed to the gills on a Sunday night broadcast.

Completely surprised to see Ruf take a 3-1 pitch.

Nice play for Atlanta

Can't blame people, really. Phillies are putting a pretty terrible product on the field at the moment.

Just think how it would be if they weren't doing that 50 50 raffle on the weekend games.

Face it, I am sure a good chunk of people went down just for that alone.

Knew this would be a tough start for Lee.

This has the feel of a game that will soon be an embarrassment.

My dog can't wait for bark at the park.

RAJ got booed loudly during '93 team intros. Beautiful! Once suspensions go down sones teams might be buying at high price and RAJ might be smarter than all of us. Sounds nice but unlikely

When you face a guy like Alex Wood, sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

The ESPN commentary about the '93 Phils was thoroughly depressing, if only for highlighting that that year, the Phils had a .351 OBP.

How the mighty have fallen and all of that.

Is it me or does Lee just not seem comfortable out there tonight and is going off the mound and not working as quickly as normal?

I've got a pain in the neck...and his name is Ruben Amaro Jr.



Despite the attendance drop, this team still outdraws 90ish percent of baseball on a nightly basis. Even with the nightly 35,000 crowds now.

This guy behind home is a joke.

I haven't seen a game since I was at Busch on the 25th. Just turned it on to see Chooch hit his double. Didn't know if hitting the wall was a HR so got excited, but even a double from Chooch is good to see.


Nice bunt, Cliff! I think I'm excited to see a game again. (Still in CO.)

Bob -- that's why it was so funny listening to, of all groups, the Braves announcers talk about empty seats at CBP. Not only are the Phillies outdrawing the Braves crappy season and all, but it's the same team that had empty seats for a PLAYOFF GAME.

The Braves barely sold out even when they were the dominant team in the NL. They have zero room to talk about attendance.


These guys are getting harder and harder to watch.

Reverse curse still strong after a couple days of making fun of BJ Upton, he homers off our Ace.

Ugh. I can't decide what's worse: That J-Up managed to homer, or that such an event wasn't momentous enough for ESPN to warrant pulling away from Rich Dubee blather about how Lee's taking time to find his rhythm after being scratched with a stiff neck.

(Rich Dubee walks up to ESPN camera for an interview)

Warden: Dead man walkin'

Cliffy hurt his neck when we were tag-teaming Jen Utley...true story.

im always amazed at how long it takes for an umpire to review a call. Look at a few 3 second replays for a couple angles and you're done.

Buckner looks like he just might run Lee for the hell of it.

This is egregious.

Agree Juums. The blathering conversations can't even stop for one second to call the significant plays of the game.
Umps having a coffee break down there?

Hate it when fans interfere!!!

i have yet to hear mentioned my favorite phillie of 1993. pete incaviglia led the team (a tie with daulton at 24) and slugging % at .530. he had a few stretches where he averaged an rbi/game, with 89 in just 116 games.

Incaviglia had one of the more awesome names to listen to HK announce.

Not that I'm unhappy to see a Braves home run called back, but christ on a pony replay sucks. Really adds to the pace of the game...

what happened to that camera angle from the foul pole that goes right down the fence?

* 24 HRs.

also, since the play was ruled a double, I hope that fan is ejected.

what happened to that camera angle from the foul pole that goes right down the fence?

Posted by: lorecore | Sunday, August 04, 2013 at 09:19 PM

Buckner refuses to allow that angle.

Sorry, Kerwin

Cliff Lee is tonight's crapelbon.

yes he did, NEPP. i think he still holds the single season(48)and career (100)NCAA records.

Ok, I've had enough for my Phillies fix already. It's not a fix that gives one a high. More like a depressant.

Glad I can tune out early now. I have to mend some socks.

My favorite on the '93 Phils was probably Eisenreich.

Remember when it was announced the Phils signed him it was 'great another no-name OF in his mid-30s who KC didn't want and signed with the Phils because their wasn't much interest'

Kruk and Dykstra were better overall hitters that year but I loved watching Eisenreich's swing and approach at the plate. Just had such a pretty swing,rarely swung at a bad pitch, and might be the best contact hitter I have seen in a Phils' uniform since I became old enough to understand what was going on.

Working on another 8 game losing streak. It's the late '90s all over again, only with 5 times the payroll.

Just venting some frustration...

Lee looks rusty and uncomfortable out there coming off the injury with no rehab start and the Phils' offense is showing no life.

Crowd is so listless but who can blame them? Been almost nothing to cheer about and the Phils got behind 2-0 in the top of the 1st. If I was at the game tonight (my cousin has my tickets), I would leave in the 7th or 8th since I had to work.

At least in the late 90s, we could depend on Schilling to dominate the opposition every 5th night.

Eisey could just hit. That team was chock full of guys with excellent pitch recognition, plate approaches, and patience. Current crop could learn a thing or two, for certain.

All he does is get on base.

Ruf must hate this guy.

Ruf streak continues.

Well, if we're looking for upsides from tonight, at least Michael Young hasn't committed a fielding mistake that'll cause gnashing of teeth over running him out there instead of Asche.

And Ruf notches another game in his streak. Ho hum. What's the over-under that he starts next season in Allentown?

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