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Sunday, August 18, 2013


You have to admit that Casper Wells, with the game winning run, was an inspired pickup by our GM. And its also a dam good thing Ruben hung on to M.Young to strike the game winning blow. Maybe we're being overly critical.

Would rather Casper play then JMJ for the time being. We know what he is and John will be lucky if he isn't non-tendered.

Couldn't have pulled it out without inspired play by the new SS.

"Ramirez made two errors in the inning. One of them put the go-ahead run on base."

Wouldn't it be more accurate to call it the "winning run"?

CS, Mayberry will be tendered a contract.

Three things about this game:

Hamels appears to be back. His change is good again. Better late than never.

Rosenberg appears to have shaved 4 mph off his fastball, averaging about 93, but he still doesn't quite know where it's going. He did, however, show a much improved slider, at least that's what it looked like. It was nasty. If he develops any semblance of control, he may be average.

And Michael Young, a great keep by Rube, tried to hit into a double play to kill the rally, but Hanely saved him. I know Martinez gets most of the scorn, but Michael Young has brought such an awful brand of fielding and double play artistry to Philadelphia, he may actually be the most awful Philly this season. The competition is stiff, but he is stiffer.

Michael Young the most awful Phillie? You cannot be serious.

Is Jeff Manship the best name in baseball?

In the world?

So ak are you saying Young is worse than Nix? or -elm-n? or Durbin?

Jeff Manship Reminds me of Blake Fistcrunch.

I am sure the Phils will very easily be able to sign a similar free agent for the money it will cost to tender Mayberry.

Mayberry doesn't cost much...which is why he's an easy choice to come back. He's a bargain for the production (OPS) and versatility he gives the team.

Versatility? I'm cheaper than Mayberry and a lot more versatile.

Mayberry's versatility is much like the "versatility" so often joked about here: he's average at some positions and below average at others. Somehow that makes his defense an asset in the eyes of some. He has one real skill (a skill that has declined the past two seasons) and the team wouldn't miss a best if they dumped him to go in another direction.

Also, whoever thinks Michael Young has been the worst player on the team this year is as clueless as Ruben when it comes to evaluating talent.

Miss a beat*

Nobody is more versatile then you, Mini Mart.

Today when you were introduced in the 7th inning, I swear nobody in the house made a sound. Literally dead silence.

You are so terrible at this point, you aren't even worth booing. That's the kind of ineptitude and hopelssness that very few in Philly have ever reached.

Whether we bring back Mayberry or a similar cheap 4/5 OF is irrelevant. The real problem with next year is still the lack of a ML caliber bullpen, the slowly decaying corpse of Jimmy Rollins at SS, the rotting and putrid corpse of the recently exhumed Ryan Howard at 1B, the possibly stillborn 3B of Cody Asche, the who knows what behind Hamels and Lee in the rotation, the league average-at-best CF who still will have no power and a non-doped up 35 year old catcher behind the plate.

Bring back Mayberry, or replace Mayberry. Doesn't change the calculus one bit.

Is the Jake who has been posting for the last few days the same Jake who was claiming that we were right in the thick of the race when we were 8 games out, and who was questioning the fanhood of anyone who said differently? Because this one seems a lot more cynical than the other Jake.

Just saying Iceman, that for the very little money that it will take to keep Mayberry, he really is a good bargain. And when you already have so many bloated contracts...that's a good thing to actually have a veteran with major league pedigree.

You can do worse. And the Phils did this year with Nix and Del Young.

.262/.302/.397, 93 wRC+, -1.0 fWAR
.241/.296/.405, 93 wRC+, -0.3 fWAR

DYoung is the first line, Mayberry the second.

When we said DYoung doesn't give you anything that Mayberry doesn't, I'm not sure how right we knew we were!

Who exactly do you want for less than a million a year as a 4th OF who can play 4 positions? And why bother finding one when one is already here and is a weapon against LHP?

Mayberry has a career .860 OPS against LHP in 418 PA. I don't think in 418 PA you can really judge "declining" as anything more than small sample sizes per year (120pa a year)

If they keep him out of CF he's a positive war player in part time ABs. It's not his fault almost 50% of his innings played have been in a position he shouldn't be playing outside of emergencies/rest for starters.

After going 0-4 with 2 K's, mini mart is now sitting at .167 .167 .167 for the season.

In other news, MLB announced today an official name change:

The "Mendoza Line", or the .200 point in a batting average, named to honor the futility of former Major League Baseball player Mario Medoza, who from 1975 to 1979 put up a slash line of .197 .224 .246, only once breaking "The Mendoza Line" of .200, will officially be renamed "The Martinez Line".

If we didn't have Delmon Young on the team as a starter, Michael Young could of competed for worst player on the team. Luckily for him, Delmon Young set a standard so low, it's hard to beat.

Mayberry will probably be back simply because he will be cheap & a known commodity.

If the Phils could use him properly (part-time OF who got 250-300 PAs, get 40% of ABS vs LHP and didn't play in CF regularly), he would be an okay bench player who would be a 0.5-1.0 WAR player.For less than $1M, that's fine.

Unfortunately because of injuries and lack of organizational depth, Mayberry has been forced to play everyday in CF the past 2 seasons.

j'sanz, good posts.

And by worst player there, I'm not counting all the bums we have that aren't starters. I mean obviously Mini Mart is the worst if that counts.

If Mini Mart ever hits safely, it's a pretty good bet the pitcher made a mistake.

"Who exactly do you want for less than a million a year as a 4th OF who can play 4 positions?"

Please. The ability to play LF, RF, and 1st base does not count as an ability to play 3 positions. Anyone who can play one corner OF position can play the other, and 99% of them can also play a bad 1st base the way Mayberry does.

Mayberry's "versatility" begins & ends with the fact that he can play CF. Unfortunately, he also plays it badly, which largely wipes out any advantage in that versatility.

Again, bringing back or releasing Mayberry doesn't really change anything. Hell, the 2009 Phils gave over 100 PA to the following players:

Greg Dobbs: 77 OPS+
Paul Bako: 70
Matt Stairs: 94
Chris Coste: 91
Eric Bruntlett: 22

They even gave 60 PA to, you guessed it, John Mayberry. And he stunk (85 OPS+).

But that team actually had good starters.

Pretty big deal in baseball.

What Fatalotti said. Mayberry Jr has his faults, but even with his "declining" (418pa total remember) against LHP, he still hits them well enough to keep around and be backup for cheap.

Starters are why we suck. Not our 4th OF.

Delmon Young, in nearly 300 PA, has been worth -1.0 WAR (as stated above). In only 26 PA (coming into today), Mini-Mart has compiled -0.5 WAR. I mean, Delmon might have set the standard for players who were pegged as starters coming into the season, let's not overstate his incompetence.

Mini-Mart can suck circles around anybody in baseball, even the execrable Delmon Young.

I've been to 2 games this season. The Galvis walk-off HR and today. Should I go to more games or quit while I'm ahead?

j'sanz3, mini mart is probably the worst position player in MLB.

The fact that he is on the Phillies' roster speaks volumes (and is an indictment of the competence of Montgomery, r00b, and the rest of the FO(ools), the fact that he would gets starts speaks even louder (and is an indictment of the field manager), and the fact that they walked a 78 OPS+ player who has hit .214 .252 .316 since the All Star break to get to him screams bloody murder that he doesn't belong on a MLB roster.

I'm trying to look up UZR/150 stuff, how many innings till its legit usually?

"Mini-Mart can suck circles around anybody in baseball, even the execrable Delmon Young."

That has to be one of the most eloquent sentences in the history of Beerleaguer.

Ok, my last prediction was that Cliff Lee would not be traded. My next one is that Sandberg will hire his very good buddy Larry Bowa as a coach.

"After going 0-4 with 2 K's, mini mart is now sitting at .167 .167 .167 for the season."

Versatility AND consistency.

I would walk anyone other than a pitcher if I was an opposing manager to get to Mini-Mart.

He is easily over-powered, chases a ton of pitches out of the zone whether fastballs up or anything down and away, doesn't take BBs, and even if a pitcher makes a mistake he is likely to be really hurt by him.

The best is Mini-Mart's hot zone the past 2 years:

Blue almost everywhere.

Martinez is just there to make Galvis look really, really good to us.

""Mini-Mart can suck circles around anybody in baseball, even the execrable Delmon Young."

That has to be one of the most eloquent sentences in the history of Beerleaguer."

I second!

Leave my Michael alone. He is a good boy.

I hope this links correctly:

This is of ALL MLB OF. Check out who's #7.

The FO(ols) kept him in the minors and we had to watch a hobbled Howard and a _elm_n.

I still would love to see a reality TV show "Mini-Mac vs Mini-Mart" which they could have filmed during the ASB or off-days in which both guys compete for their jobs.

You could even throw in random events like the 'Sarge Rib Showdown' where each guy has to cook ribs that Sarge will judge while on air.

Ruf has played in 35 games and hit 8 homers. That projects to 37 in the course of a 162 game season. Not saying it will ever happen, just that it could. As opposed to, say, Ben Revere, for whom it would not. Ruf also projects to only 69 RBI's but 97 runs scored.

A larger sample size is Ruf's 47 total games between last year and this. His 11 career homers still projects to 37 in a 162 game season, assuming he plays every day. Using his 47 career games, his season RBI total projects to 80. He just needs to keep doing what he's been doing for the rest of this year and he shows no signs of faltering. I think your starting outfield and infield is set for next year.

The big question marks for this team are who is your starting catcher and what does Ryan Howard give you next year? Also, who is in the starting rotation after Hamels, Lee, and KK? And what do they do to put together a credible bullpen next year?

"Whether we bring back Mayberry or a similar cheap 4/5 OF is irrelevant. The real problem with next year is still the lack of a ML caliber bullpen, the slowly decaying corpse of Jimmy Rollins at SS, the rotting and putrid corpse of the recently exhumed Ryan Howard at 1B, the possibly stillborn 3B of Cody Asche, the who knows what behind Hamels and Lee in the rotation, the league average-at-best CF who still will have no power and a non-doped up 35 year old catcher behind the plate."

I agree with all of this. Which is why I said that they could drop Mayberry and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.

This idea that he's some 'huge bargain' is a joke. He's a bargain like getting a scotch-brite sponge at half price is a bargain. It's useful in the most base and unpleasant of ways, and you'll probably just use the money you saved on another sponge (by the way, Casper Wells is a slightly better quality sponge than John Mayberry, and he is just as much of a 'bargain').

Yes, I'm saying that Michael Young stays in the running for worst player on the Phillies this season.

Everyone and their mother knew Delmon Young was going to stink. Except for Rube, apparently. And let's face it, he was playing on one leg and still keeping up offensively with MYoung. And ahead of Mayberry.

But, early in the season, there were posters here talking up how well Michael Young was playing. There was actually hope that he would be better than we thought. But watching him stand helplessly at third base as slowly hit baseballs wizzed by him to both sides became excruciating. And watching him pull off of pitches over the outer half of the plate on a regular basis, and all those grounders to the shortstop is just as excruciating. He is truly the perfecter, if not the inventor, of the tailor made double play.

He is worse than any other Phillie because they keep playing him. If he hadn't had a couple of tendon and muscle tweaks, he'd probably have played every inning of every game.

The Phillies figured out that Delmon was a PR nightmare and a baseball bust. Michael Martinez has started about a half dozen games, mainly in the manner of rubbing a dog's nose in his poorly placed doo doo. Every time MM starts, Mayberry is getting his nose rubbed. And today, I suppose McDonald got his nose rubbed for begin the only shortstop on the roster worse at the plate than MM, while a fatigued Rollins got a breather.

But Michael Young has managed to start almost every game at either third or first for an entire season, while arguably being the worst third baseman, and until Mayberry unfurled his flag yesterday, the worst first baseman in the league defensively. All this while hitting for no power and mediocre average.

On a preponderance of the evidence and counting stats, yes, I would give the worst player award to MYoung. There are worse players, but they are either playing on one leg, or rarely playing. Really, only Mayberry is anything close to competition for him.

I misspoke- I agree with everything there except Revere being league average.

He's slightly above league average and I will defend that fact until my fingers bleed!

"Martinez proved tireless in his efforts to improve the team. Often he worked sacrificially with others to gain better skills. Many in the front office were constantly expressing awe at the way he gave of himself to make the Phillies better.

"Probably the greatest of his self-less acts were his efforts during the 2013 season to improve the play of young Freddy Galvis. Critics across the baseball world concede that he made Galvis look much better. Of his labors, Galvis himself was quoted as saying, 'I want to be like Mike...only a little better.'"

- from "Life of a Baseball God" by R. A. Marrow II

Andy, does R.A. Marrow II know what a "picture book" is?

I'm sure mini mart has shown him.

Hamels has been "back" for awhile now.

I don't think it matters one way or another if JMJ is back next year.

I'm just hoping that Cliff Lee throws a gem next time out and someone will claim him from waivers and give up top prospects while taking on the lion's share of his salary.

Roob (rhymes with boob) could retool at a couple of positions if he can trade Lee. And as much as I like Lee, watching his decline years alongside Howard and Rollins could be one of the ugliest sagas in baseball going forward.

At least Sandberg won his first game as manager...and was able to inspire the offense for a veritable explosion of runs in the process.

BAP - Nice to have you back. No, the cretin name-changer (as clout calls it) is still posting as me. Just to clarify, I never once said they were "in the thick of it" (the troll may have said that). They were "in the hunt" at one point. Not anymore.

Jake: I don't want to rekindle this fire, but I want you to know your little phrases will remain incomprehensible to the rest of us until you actually make the attempt to define them.

Shoot, I've gone and engaged you.

I love Finger's title for this post-game thread: You Can't Lose 'Em All.

Mayberry sucks.

Dodgers Beerleaguer must be in an uproar after today's game.

He's slightly above league average and I will defend that fact until my fingers bleed!

Posted by: Iceman | Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 07:42 PM

I wouldn't have you act in any other manner.


Unikruk - It's simple, the Phillies were 6-7 out with 60+ to play. I considered that "in the hunt". They would have to be in 1st or 1-3 out to be "in the thick of it".

.243/.299/.399 (.698 OPS) with 22 HRs and just 6 SBs in 776 PA the last 2 years for JMJ.

Those are pretty crappy numbers and defensively is has been average at best in corner OF spots, well below average in CF, and below average at 1B.

I used to think more of JMJ but his play since Revere went down and he has been in the everyday has been nothing but disappointing.

FWIW, I agreed with Jake that we were still at least in it when we were 48-47 and something like 6.5 out (5.5 in the WC). I wasn't quite as optimistic about it but I thought we could make a couple smaller moves and maybe have a shot. Then Revere went down and Howard was DLed and the wheels came off completely.

If Mayberry is the answer you're asking the wrong question.

Ok, so who is the starting pitcher going to be on Tuesday?

Ben Francisco (w/Phils): .259/.332/.420, .752 OPS, 102 OPS+

John Mayberry, Jr.: .250/.308/.437, .745 OPS, 100 OPS+

'Nuff said.

I should have been watching, but I wasn't.

B.J. Novak ‏@bjnovak 13m
A-Rod welcomed to Boston

I never thought that Hanley Ramirez would provide a gift wrapped Phillies win for my birthday.

Thanks, Hanley. Appreciate it.

Hamels had two poor starts at the start of the season and a 3.13 ERA since. He'll do.

Said on Baseball Tonight that the Phils are just 8-18 in Hamels' starts this year but that he has the worst run support in MLB among any qualified starter.

Will Hamels (5) finish the season with more wins than Papelbon (3)?

John Sickles did a mini-blurb about JP Crawford that's pretty encouraging:

The Philadelphia Phillies promoted 2013 first-round pick J.P. Crawford from the Gulf Coast League to Low-A Lakewood in the South Atlantic League yesterday. His pro debut has been excellent thus far: .345/.443/.465 in rookie ball, with 25 walks and 25 strikeouts in 142 at-bats, 12 steals, and strong positive reviews for his defense at shortstop.

A promotion was rumored for days. . .the GCL was not challenging him . . .but it was generally assumed he'd move up to Williamsport in the New York-Penn League. The jump to full-season ball will prove most illuminating. The Lakewood team is mired in last place with a 46-75 record so he's not going to get any post-season exposure here, but the fact that they are moving him that high at all speaks well of the early impression Crawford has made.

Gradewise, I'd rate him a B+ based on his early pro performance, scouting reports, and draft status. The obvious recent comparison would be Addison Russell in the Oakland Athletics system, another high school shortstop jumped aggressively to full-season ball two months after being drafted, although the two are dissimilar as physical specimens.

I had Russell as a B+ entering '13. It is too early to consider where Crawford would slot on a Top 50 list, given that will also depend on how other guys are rated, but he'd definitely be on it, very likely in the Top 30 and probably in the Top 20. (CLARIFICATION: I am referring to a Top 50 hitters-only list, not Top 50 prospects including hitters and pitchers. In my book every year I separate the hitters and pitchers on different lists.)

Severino Gonzalez made Baseball America's "Hot Sheet":

"Gonzalez’s minor league numbers are absurd: a 1.84 ERA in 220 1/3 innings, 216 strikeouts and just 27 walks. OK, so that includes two years in the Venezuelan Summer League, where the Phillies kept Gonzalez after signing him for $14,000 out of Panama in 2011. At the time Gonzalez was a skinny kid with a mid-80s fastball and excellent feel for pitching. Now Gonzalez’s excellent control is still there, but his fastball has jumped up to the low 90s and peaks at 94 mph, making him one of the more intriguing arms in the organization as a 20-year-old on the cusp of reaching Double-A. Not bad for a pitcher making his U.S. debut."

Werth+Ibanez+Victorino+Pence >> D Young+Mayberry+Nix+Martinez

Rich, let me fix that for you:

Werth >> D Young+Mayberry+Nix+Martinez

Ibanez >> D Young+Mayberry+Nix+Martinez

Victorino >> D Young+Mayberry+Nix+Martinez

Pence >> D Young+Mayberry+Nix+Martinez

Not that there is really a "right" decision to make on Tuesday, but I can't wait to see what the Phillies do for a starting pitcher tomorrow. I'm trying to imagine the stupidest possible outcome, but I'm just not as creative as the FO. I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks.

A win's a win...

kind of.

Can we pack up mini mart, old mcdonald and casper the friendly ghost and trade the trio for a stick of bazooka ?? Need we say more about the state of this team then the fact that these 3 incompetents are actually on our major league roster !

lorecore, I have been using a new spellinf for the Phillies' front office:


They are f00ls because they employ r00b, they are f00ls because of the way they judge talent, and most of all, they are utterly tone-deaf f00ls when it come to handling PR issues and timing.

I have never seen a group of people step in their own crap more than this bunch, from Giles' comments in the '90s about Philly being a small market, to the recent sacking of Charlie, this franchise has been run by a bunch of people who seem incapable of learning from their own mistakes, much less anyone else's.


Wells and Mayberry have about the same value.

If you want to pack Wells up and send him out of town, Mayberry should be stuffed in the same suitcase.

Ruf is now sitting at .269 .374 .529, with 8 HR in 139 PA.

Assuming a 650 PA season, he'd be on pace to hit 37 HR.

BTW, Baer has more on Ruf over at his site. It seems in order to support his thesis that Ruf isn't as good as he started out, he's now down to analyzing 39 PA sample sizes to try to identify "trends".

From the Rotoworld feed above:
Braun claimed urine collector was anti-Semite - Ryan Braun

Didn't know Yak had another job on the side.

Sil, funny!

Yeah, I read that too. He also claimed he was a Cubs fans. So, he smears him by implying he's an "anti-Semite, Cubs fan"

Pretty scummy, if you ask me.

I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't some sort of quiet settlement to save Braun the embarrassment of a defamation lawsuit, especially if the Yahoo story is true and Braun did make those calls.

How bad would it be for Braun if guys like Kemp and Votto could be called as witnesses?

The urine collector should sue Braun for slander.

They should make a movie about it called "The Urine Collector" starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.

Braun: You don't just under cook a burger, Jerry.

First they came for the urine collectors...and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a urine collector.

NEPP - Brilliant.

Braun is the worst kind of scum.

I think it's time for someone to coin a new word, or actually, come up with a new meaning for an old one.

My suggestion: "lancing;" defined as denigrating another person in order to deflect blame for your own actions from yourself. The usage comes from Lance Armstrong, but was a method embraced fully and effectively (for a little while) by Ryan Braun as well.

example: "Braun certainly lanced the urine collector."

Lance literally destroyed people's lives/careers to deflect blame. He is just a massive a$$ much so that it completely negated all the good stuff he did with cancer fundraising/Livestrong. I just laugh when I see people still wearing their livestrong bracelets. Yeah, they fired him and all but that was his charity from the start.

Braun definitely attempted the same thing though...and bringing up the race/religion card is just pathetic.

According to Jewish law, Braun isn't even Jewish, and he's not a practicing Jew either. It's pretty lame that he's invoking his Jewishness only when its convenient.

I think he converted just for the jokes.

What is he suggesting? That the anti-semite took his urine home and spiked it?

Father Curtis: [in a confessional booth] Tell me your sins, my son.

Jerry: Well, I should tell you that I'm Jewish.

Father Curtis: That's no sin.

Jerry: Oh, good. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about Dr. Whatley. I have a suspicion that he's converted to Judaism just for the jokes.

Father Curtis: And this offends you as a Jewish person?

Jerry: No, it offends me as a comedian!

That an anti-semite Cubs fan took his urine home and spiked it...despite the package never being opened/tampered. Those packages have tamper seals on them, they're basically impossible to mess with without someone seeing it...unless, of course, he is suggesting a huge worldwide anti-semite conspiracy against him.

Jake, I was not aware that he isn't practicing.

If you are correct it's beyond lame, it's despicable. Too many have been persecuted and murdered to cavalierly level a charge like that to deflect deserved blame.

Well, you've heard the one about the Pope and Racquel Welch in a lifeboat, right?

Those aren't Matzo Balls!!!

You don't have to be practicing to be a real Jew. But, yeah, Ryan Braun is reprehensible.

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