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Sunday, July 14, 2013


Revere is out.

Look, the writing is on the wall. Sell Chooch and Young for as high as you can and start planning for 2014.

It's not going to happen this year.

Make that 712 pitches for the radar guy's arm.

What Mayberry can't provide avg-wise, he makes up for with defense and power. Losing Revere sucks but its by no means a back breaker for this team. Phillies are 5.5 out of the WC. They still need a right fielder and a RH setup man to compete for the division.

That's bad asset management by the front office, shoulda pulled radar gun guy shortly after 500 pitches...

He's the Phils stat guy, so he's expendable.

It not only hurts losing Revere, our best hitter by far the last six weeks, but by moving Mayberry to CF you are ensuring Yak being a fixture in RF.

It's over.

This team is going nowhere.

The Revere injury is a blessing in disguise. He's been their best hitter since May. With him out, they are screwed.

Instead of sitting around and not knowing what to do, the handwriting is on the wall now. This is a very average team that will finish, at best, around .500 Its where they've been all year and that is not likely to change. Its what they are in 2013. Just like they were in 2012.

You lose your #1 or #2 starter, your 8th inning guy, your 1B and your CF and leadoff man. You aren't making the playoffs with all of that going against you.

Putting off inevitable will only make the retooling harder. Just get on with it and get ready for 2014 with a slightly different cast and a new manager. Its time.

I don't want to be the one who points out the obvious, but guess who has been playing a lot of centerfield for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs? Yes, it's Minimart.

I would much rather see Tyson Gillies promoted. But you just know what Rube is going to do. Leandro Castro sort of sucks. Josh Fields can maybe handle left, but Rube has been avoiding him all season. And Sussdorf can hit for average, but he can only play left as well.

I don't see any way around it. Say hello to our little friend. Again.

"You lose your #1 or #2 starter, your 8th inning guy, your 1B and your CF and leadoff man. You aren't making the playoffs with all of that going against you."

Its just a flesh wound!

Just Say No to MiniMart.

Did they still do the fireworks last nite. Even that doesn't go as planned for the phils

I think as much as I enjoy trying to play GM and would love the job, I do not envy Amaro's position right now.

This important homestand has us with a chance of going 7-3 and being 4.5 out of the Wild Card going into the ASB. On some level that indicates not blowing things up. But with no Revere, a still shaky bullpen, and assets like MYoung, Ruiz, Utley, Lee, Papelbon that can bring back pieces you could position a very quick turnaround.

I honestly don't know what I would do at this point based off the knowledge of today. A week from now the picture could be clearer but anyone trying to definitively make a pronouncement today is just setting themselves up to play hindsight GM.

I am extremely down on gillies as a prospect, but this is a lost season so might as well give him an audition.

If JC Ramirez hasn't got demoted yet than I'm sure even gillies has a chance at sticking around.

MG: watch out bud, lannan is going looowww loooww loooeww loooww looooooooo

Miguel Sano gets the start at 3b over Franco in the futures game, but Franco is still starting the game at DH.

The mets have both starting pitchers - sndyergaard and montero

I must say, the clamoring for Gillies by dozens of posters is pure Beerleaguer.

I agree with Will that Revere's injury means the Phils are dead. It's ironic that the player most attacked as a bum by the Moronocracy this season was actually having the best year of anyone and his loss essentially makes their gloom and doom predictions come true.

What was the real reaso behind releasing Jermaine Mitchell? Thought he was playing well, no?

Tim Lincecum threw 148 pitches last night. Like going back to the 1970s in a time machine. In Game 5 of the 1975 World Series, Luis Tiant threw 178 pitches as I recall.

Pblunts: Jermaine was hitting .256 in Triple A at age 28.

He has nice speed, gap power and can field, but does not project as much of a major league player.

I love Revere, as documented. But he wasn't going to hit .415 for the rest of the year. It's a big loss, but not crippling. And I'm sure he'll be back by Sep 1.

And watch: just as the bullpen is improving(some), watch what Jimmy does post-ASG now that Revere is lost. He'll be back to leading off, and he'll start a nice upswing. It shouldn't TAKE this in order for him to respond, but he will.

Revere DL, kratz recalled. Oh no, we might lose quintero to waivers!!(even tho no one ever claims him).

Strongly disagree with Will and clout. Ben Revere was a circus act in CF, and did 1 thing - hit for average. By my reckoning, he's a 3 tool player at best. Regardless, I suppose no player should lose his position to injury.

If r00b boob lets JMJ play in CF - for as long as Revere is out - this team should not miss a beat. Yes I know Revere was "hitting" .388 in July and had a 10-game hitting streak. However, guess who hit it out in the second game to tie, and has won another game this year with a walk-off salami?

I admire Ben Revere's skill set, but it is limited. Revere cannot hit for power. How many PA's does he have with -0- HRs? Let see if Mayberry can realize his last, best chance to make a difference. I'll take Mayberry's .250/.306/.443 with 7 HR over Revere's .305/.338/ .352 with 0 HR. The team's power starved; every bit helps.

Ironically, the team got younger with Darin Ruf's call-up; it gets a little less "older" if r00b has the guts to play Mayberry in CF instead of Michael Martinez.

Martinez can't handle ML pitching. If he's dumped into CF, it's clear to me r00b has done all he can to set Charlie up to fail - repeated Martinez call-ups; the Adams signing; ignoring dire arm/shoulder issues with Doc; ignoring Howard's knee woes for 1/2 a season. The list could go on.

cut - Agreed in retrospect. Revere's been hitting for a really high average but Mayberry put a line of .261/.335/.404 (.739) with 6 HRs there in 227 PAs. Not great but not the end of the world either.

Plus, Mayberry's been a guy who has hit well in the 2nd half of the season in '11 and '12.

Bigger issue is that now that if Amaro wants to really try to contend for a playoff spot he needs to pick up another bat who can play the OF. Also need JRoll to respond too because he is the default leadoff guy in the interim.

Mayberry is definitely a step down or two defensively from Revere. He's not a good CF and a defensive combo of D. Brown/Mayberry/D. Young has to be among the league's worst.

Besides JRoll, the Phils really need a better 2nd half from Chooch. Offensively, he has only put up a line of .266/.316/.290 (.606 OPS) and the last time he had an offensive stretch this bad he got benched for Coste during the summer of '08.

Cholly isn't going to bench Chooch nor should he but they really need him to give them a boost offensively in the 2nd half especially RISP. He's has really struggled (5-35) with 6 RBIs and no XBHs.

If I had to go keys to the 2nd half it would be in order:

1. Amaro (If he is going to be a buyer but only tinker around the edges, he needs to come up with a RH reliever and an OF bat without giving away the farm)

2. JRoll (he'll either be in the leadoff spot or 2-3 and they need a real boost in his numbers)

3. Mayberry (Revere is probably out until Labor Day and they need a performance more on par with '11 than '12)

4. Hamels (Actually has started pitching better since early June; need him to continue that into the 2nd half including today)

5. Middle relief (Someone has to step forward and give them a decent 2nd half internally from the internal options; I just have no idea who that is)

6. Chooch (Need him to stay healthy and really boost his numbers)

7. Better luck on the injury front (Phils haven't had it health wise in the 1st half and they need their regulars to stay on the field)

I don't think the Phils can make the playoffs but I wouldn't mind if Amaro just tinkered around the edges either kind of like this did this offseason.

Even if you prefer the firesale route, Lee has a no-trade clause to 21 teams and is due $25M the next 2 years and has a $12.5M buyout the 3rd year. Papelbon also had a limited no trade to a think a 12 teams and is making ridiculous money ($13M) the next 2 years.

Only way the Phils move those guys and get a good return is to eat salary in the process and I would be pretty surprised if they do given the failing attendance numbers this years and I am certain next season if they don't make the playoffs.

Chooch not the same without the juice. Makes you wonder how long it took him to get caught.
JRoll needs some of those fireworks stuck up his butt and lite.

MG - Strongly disagree with you on the defensive downgrade when replacing Revere with JMJ. How many times has JMJ looked bad in the outfield?

If Mayberry wants big league money, he's got to learn how to play the wall. Those gaffs should be overcome with a few sessions with our [ahem] coaching staff and Mayberry's hard work.

More importantly, how many runners will think twice now that JMJ is in center while formerly running at will on Revere's pathetic arm?

Revere to 15-Day Dl.
Catcher Erik Kratz reinstated to MLB from DL.

No backup CF'er, sans Nix, I suppose?

I suspect we will see another move before the ASB ends.

If RAJ is still thinking of the Phils as a buyer - which I suspect he is - Alex Rios has to be at the top of the shopping list. He can play CF better than JMJ and he would fit well in RF next season. Rios's trade value is probably above Pence's from last year, though, due to his better defense and the team option for 2015. He won't come cheaply.

I don't think I would consider a medication millions of Americans are prescribed for, mostly children, to be "the juice".

I'm guessing Dom is probably the backup CF until they make another move.

You cannot tear up a team that must draw close to 40,000 per game without a severe blow to the franchise. I agree with MG.

Rebuilding can take years and often gets you nowhere.

Tinker at the edges, try to find a good fielding CF on the market and a bull pen piece, bring up Ashe, Fields, Galvis and Hernandez in September, and hope that Halliday and Howard become available then.
During the off-season decisions can be made about contract extensions for Utley and Ruiz.


Good lineup today. I like Brown-Ruf batting 4-5.

Quinero has held his own as a back up. Even won yall 2 games...Down the list is Lerud...Lerud or Quintero...Ive seen them both play rather take Q-Man..

I'd like to see the Phillies go after Lindstrom.

Ruf already leapfrogged DYoung... Hmm

Chooch was suspended for taking Adderall. 116 Major Leaguers received a therapeutic exemption to take ADHD drugs last year. That's about 9% of MLB players based on the 40 man roster.

If Amaro got a 'too good to refuse offer' on Lee/Papelbon (especially Papelbon) he should make that deal.

Even as solid as Papelbon has been, he isn't quite as good as his elite years in Boston and spending $13M on a closer next year and the following year is a pretty poor allocation of resources even for a club with a payroll north of $150M.

Phils also have another 2 weeks to go after the ASB. I imagine they will waffle along around .500 but if they have a strong stretch/rough skid it should make Amaro's decision easier.

Given Amaro's contract and where this team is headed, I just hope he doesn't get desperate, overpay at the deadline for impending FA, and screw the pooch because he is desperate to say 'we made the playoffs in '13.'

Additional of the 2nd WC still makes it viable for Amaro to say this team is in the playoff race. Don't think they are good enough to play the kind of sustained ball to win 90+ games and take the NL East or the 1st WC. Even 87-88 wins is a stretch

Jake - It wouldn't surprise me if Lindstrom does end up here. Say 50% chance.

Lindstrom's salary over the last 2 months is minimal, RHP veteran who is an impending FA, the White Sox are selling as many pieces as they, and Amaro just got a chance to see him pitch fairly well this series firsthand.

I'm choosing to be optimistic about the Revere injury, I think Mayberry has a red hot 2011 type second half in him. So when he's still lighting it up as Revere gets back, it'll be the Yak who sits.

Cyclic - Yes he has.. I still have a few hours to go before I can tell you how I really feel about DYoung.

Cyclic - That would be the dream scenario. Mayberry catches fire, and takes over RF when Revere comes back.

Nobody is clamoring for Gillies. However, if the choice is seeing Minimart again or Gillies, then there is really no choice.

So, are they going with three catchers for one game? Seems pretty stupid right now. With Nix being unable to escape his watery grave and his inability to, you know, hit, I don't get the three catchers thing? Can Chooch play centerfield too?

MG - I hope you're right. I think Lindstrom would be a hell of a pickup for this team.

Martinez has been hot down here. I think he has figured it out.

MG - I was the doomsayer of all doomsayers at the outset - "68 wins" might haunt me for a while. However, what's bedrock here is a team with strong starting pitching; some stirrings from a moribund bullpen, and really solid contributions from Brown, yes, D. Young, M. Young and (yes, it's early) Darin Ruf.

Oh yeah, we have 13 games in hand with the division leader. If Charlie can keep this rag-tag bunch together and playing hard, that alone renders the # games to win the division moot.

The Phils must win the NL East. Every other option is garbage.

Gillies isn't a prospect and isn't a guy I want on this team in any capacity. The only way I would prefer him would be over Mini-Mart.

I would prefer a trade over either though even for a scrub you can be a solid defensive/no-hit CF.

Mini-Mart's offensive ineptitude finally has sunk in with Amaro & Cholly. Even when he has been up this year, he has played very sparingly. Occasional PH/PR late in a game when the bench is a bit thin.

Gillies or Mini Mart is a toss up. Gillies hasnt done to good and Martinez is actually hitting. Maybe he is the Coste of utility fielders.

MG- I believe Lindstrom has a team option for next year also. I bet he could be had for very little.

Kudos to cut_fastball for sticking to his guns on trashing Revere because he can't hit a HR. I mean, I think it's nonsense, but at least he's got the decency to stick to what he's saying. I can admire that.

Lannan is making MG and BAP look like fools so far this season.

Alex Rios and Matt Thorton, and PTBNL for
Cody Asche, Freddy Galvis, Kelly Dugan, and Tyler Cloyd

Correction Lindstrom

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