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Thursday, July 25, 2013


All Rube has to do is find 2-3 OFs (including one who plays a good CF), a few relievers, a good defensive 3B and maybe another bench piece or two and this is a playoff squad. Its time to buy and buy some more.

Still buyers Rube?

Lance Lynn throws hard. That's all you needed to know coming into this game.

Hard to believe where both these two teams were less than 24 months ago. Complete opposite directions.

Well, KK & Bastardo did well. Our offense is woeful.

i think prospects biddle and franco are a little safer.

Susdorf. Nix. Martinez. McDonald. Can you, in your wildest freaking nightmare, imagine a less formidable bench?

I wonder when the last time the Phils played a 3 game series and had 0 HR's and 0 SB's?

Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over, they're done.

The Philadelphia Police Department should not let Ruben Amaro inside the city limits.

Didn't Jimmy have a SB tonight, Denny?

Jimmy stole 2nd tonight.

Did something happen to Frandsen?

i'm looking forward to a cardinals and orioles world series.

"Still buyers Rube?"

Man... And I was so looking forward to watching Rube trade away prospects for a middling reliever or a has-been OF.

Lynn doesn't even throw that hard. He throws 92-93.

If that's the standard for a pitcher the Phillies can't hit, then let's be honest: the Phillies just can't hit.

Montgomery: This season is over, Ruben. Do you understand me? This season is over!

Look at them (players and coaching staff) out there! Look at them! If you won't end this buying obsession now, they will fire you. Is that what you want?

It's over, Ruben. It's over!

RAJ: Nothing! Nothing is over! You just don't turn it off!

It wasn't my team! You asked me I didn't ask you, and I did what I had to do to win, but somebody (mysteriously looking around the room) wouldn't let us win!

Then I come back to Philly, and I see all those maggots at the ball park, booin' me, mockin', callin' me an idiot and all kinds of vile crap!

Who are they to boo me?! Huh?! Who are they?! Unless they been me and been there and know what the hell they yellin' about!

Montomgery: It's a bad time for everyone Ruben. It's just too bad it is right now.

Ruben: For you! For me being a GM is nothing! In the field we had a code of honor. You watch my minimal PRODUCTION I watch yours. In the front office, there's nothing!

Montgomery: You're the last of an elite group. A good ol' boy's hire. Unqualified but hand groomed. Don't end it like this.

Ruben: Back in my playing days I could catch a fly ball, I could drive a run every now and then, I was in charge even PH every now and then with the running or tying run or base.

Back here I can't even make a coherent roster move!! [throws clip board at wall before breaking down] Uhhh!! Wha...I can't...oh, I just, oh my God. Where is everybody? Oh God...I...I had a friend, who was Bell. What, I had all these guys man. Back then I had all these fucking guys. Who were my friends. Cause now there's nothing.

Remember Juan Bell? He wore this jheri curl do and I took one of those magic markers and I said to Bell, "Hey mail us to Santo Domingo" cause we were always talking on the bench about Santo Domingo, and this fucking car. This uh powder '74 Mustang II, he was talking about this car, he said we were gonna cruise till the tires fall off.

The whole problem with buying is that top guys in AA andAAA that could be very good will have to be used to acquire anything worth while. When you do that and don't win it all you set yourself up for long term failure. Anything other than a fire sale is unacceptable.

I am of the Beerleaguer school of thought that this is not all bad. I think Charlie's fate is now sealed, if it wasn't before, and that's a good thing. Had to happen anyway imo, but harder to justify if the team finishes strong. I think it also helps them clarify what they want to do about certain players. I think you do move M. Young and bring Asche up and play him. Take a long look at him and see if there's a glimmer of hope there. I would at least do that. Ruf doing ok with the bat and the glove, but needs to pop a few. He's one of the few reasons I watch. Kendrick gets a big tip of the cap from me tonight. Pitched his heart out. The guy is about as proud and as competitive as you could ever want in a ballplayer.

You are right, NEPP.

Tonight's game was so memorable that I forgot about J-Roll's swipe.

So at least we have that going for us. Haven't homered in almost a week though.

Anybody still hoping that the Phillies turn this thing around before the deadline? Anyone think that it would be the best thing that could happen for Phillies fans?

Lynn's fastball is fairly hard. But I don't think many would consider him a "power pitcher". I don't even think he had great stuff tonight. He threw a lot of fastballs in the middle of the plate and just dared them to do something. Just very smart pitching and game calling from the Cards.

denny b - Lynn just throws a bunch of 4-seamers and as you said his fastball control wasn't that great.

It was a great game plan as much the Phils just chased too many high strikes again and couldn't do much with the fastballs they did make contact on.

Lynn is exactly the kind of pitcher in '09 or '10 that this lineup would have definitely gotten to at some point over 7 IP and almost certainly taken him yard at least once.

The Cards have 9 different ways to beat you. I'm hard put to find one or two with this current team. Time to retool so we can say that about the Phillies some day. I'd start with replacing Amaro and company with some St. Louis people.

Has any of our toolsy outfielders panned out yet? I'm watching this Reds-Dodgers game and its infuriating to me that we don't have anyone remotely close to the talent level of Yasiel Puig. That's fun baseball to watch. These past 5 games have been excruciating.

If we win at a .600 pace from here out, we finish with 85 wins. Win at a .667 pace and we finish with 89 wins. At this point it looks like about 88 wins needed to make the playoffs.

B-Ref's definition of 'power pitcher' is guys in the top third of K's + BBs. Lynn is 9th in K's + walks and has a K/9 as a starter of 9.

I wonder if Charlie is thinking longingly about retirement yet?

The way the Phillies have looked lately, it appears several of the players are.

blah: All we had to do is pay for Puig, the dodgers didn't have to develop him at all, just write a check and he was all yours.

And while I admit the deal the Dodgers gave Puig was pretty steep, I don't pretend that the Phillies would have even made a competitive offer anyway.

I have heard their name listed as one of the suitors for Gonzalez tho...he should be signing pretty soon I would think. Its fun to hope against hope that the Phillies will be the team to bring him into the majors. I read some scouting reports on him that seem to suggest he'll be a mid rotation starter immediately, but likely won't improve much than that in the long run.

Austin Wright outdueled Trevor May in his return to Reading tonight. Wright, who I really thought was going to excel but has had a rough year, flashed some of the promise that I was looking for: 7IP 1 ER 4H 10K 3BB

May was winning the pitching duel until the 7th when Kelly Dugan tripled in two runs for the W.

Dugan had a .900 OPS in his last 10 games at AA coming into tonight.

Ruben Amaro's ego and arrogance has placed him with one foot over the ledge of mount Ed Wade. He has 5 days to save himself from a similar fate. Some suggestions for RA.
Get the tape of the last 3 games against the Cardinals. Lock yourself in a dark room for 24 hours and watch how a good team plays this game. Learn.
Now realize this wonderful run with this personnel is over. Your loyalty is to the Phillies, not any player.
Trade our favorite player before you sign Chase to a foolish contract you will soon regret. Utley is like Johnny Callison. Johnny finished the last few years with other clubs. Doesn't matter a damn. I have his autographed photo on my wall and he will always be my favorite Phillie. It will be the same with Utley.
Now realize Lee will never have this much value again-get the very best players and eat some salary to do it. Quality, not quantity. If Bastardo brings a blue chip everyday player from a desperate front runner, its a no brainer.
Even you must know both Youngs and Cooch must also go. Bring up the young guns and give them a taste. Let them fail but you might be surprised.
Its on you Rube--go have coffee with Monty and the boys. Do it now or you may soon be serving the coffee at Duncan Donuts.

PJY: Its Dunkin man, not Duncan. And come on, Cooch? Its Chooch, haha. Other than that great post.

I understand the people who want to sell but what 'young guns' are there to bring up?

Asche and who else?

MG: I don't think there are any 'young guns' MLB ready. Joseph and Morgan have taken steps back due to injury. Martin is still working on his command. I don't think I'd count Galvis or Hernandez in this category. They're borderline utility players. Asche would definitely benefit from a MYoung trade, but other than that, most of their elite talent is lower in the minors. I'm sure most people are assuming they would be able to get some MLB ready prospects if they do sell.

"I have heard their name listed as one of the suitors for Gonzalez."

Yeah, if there's a young, foreign-born major-league ready player available, you can always be sure you'll see the Phillies listed in the same sentence as the words "other teams in the mix." You can be equally sure that he'll sign elsewhere.

Negadelphia - If they trade everyone listed above including Lee, yeah they probably would get one or two players back they could insert right now for the remainder of the season.

I don't understand why people want to move Chooch right now. He's trade value is probably less than what the Phils got for Vic last year. Phils don't have anybody remotely ready at C either. Maybe Chooch is done this year.

Tend to think he has several nagging injuries and has never gotten on track. I wouldn't mind seeing him back at all next year on a 1-yr deal at a similiar salary this year ($5-$6M) with an option that has say a $1M buyout for '15.

Any illusions that this team is a buyer at the deadline should be put to bed right now. The Mets and the Phillies are tied in the loss column. LOL! This team sucks!

"but daddy. you said there would always be another tomorrow to ruin. you promised." --rube jr on the day his father is finally canned.

grrrrr i meant rube III, ofc.

What are the odds Ruben gets canned this offseason? Is there any hope we have a competent new GM to rebuild the franchise? Cholly is obviusly gone, why not clean house and kick Rube to the curb as well?

"Asche and who else?"

Biddle maybe? But what does it really matter? The goal shouldn't be to compete next year or even the year after that. We need to come to grips with the fact that the Phils probably won't be very good for a while. Just gotta hope Rube doesn't try to fight against reality cause if he does, they won't be fielding a good team anytime soon.

Calling up Biddle would be a terrible idea. He's not ready. Let him finish the year with Reading. He's had a good year (better then his record would indicate) but has had a few clunkers in there as well (which is to be expected).

He can start 2014 at Lehigh and then possibly be set for a callup sometime next season. He's actually on a proper track.

MG is right though...besides Asche there really isn't a "young guy" the Phils have that is due for any sort of promotion to the big leagues. Hernandez and Galvis will be back in September no matter what happens in the next week. Ruf is already here. We've seen every pitcher you can think of from the AAA ranks. I think Cloyd should be on the big club roster over Valdes or Ramirez, but that's really not a big deal.

The other few prospects at the AA and AAA level are either not ready yet for a promotion past AA (Dugan and Franco) or are coming off a fairly major injury (Morgan).

You'd think a Michael Young could net at least one player from the high minors that might be useful to the Phils major league team this year. Ruiz might as well. But that's up to Ruben at this point.

Edit to last post...

Ethan Martin is one young kid who you can make an argument for, to come up to Philly soon. He's had a very good first year in AAA starting. Obviously they want to keep him starting every 5th day at AAA. He's likely better then most of the pitchers who have been given tryouts in Philly this year in the pen. But I guess that day (if it comes) will be down the road for Martin.

So, he'd be one pitcher we haven't seen yet.


I'd make the argument that Tyson Gillies should be thrown to the wolves at some point this year in the majors.

To clarify, that is because I hate Gillies and want to see him fail in HD.

Wait are posters upset because the Phillies have dropped 5 in a row? Isn't that what most of you wanted right after the ASB? You wanted to team to falter because then they would sell.

Amaro is doing exactly what Montgomery wants-- not spending any money this season. All the talk about buyers and still in it is eyewash. Job #2 is to start saving Monty some money by dealing some salary if he can at the trade deadline.
You've always got to resign one guy when you do it to diffuse the negative PR.
Firing Charlie will be this seasons ending distratction but how bad will the team look next year with Ruben and Montgmery making the descisions...

Has anyone else read Chris Wheelers book or am I the only masochist who has tried?
He has a writer but it is still bad.
Half way through it now and it is self serving and as disjointed as one of his bad Wheels wigs.Still seems bitter about Richie Ashburn and Harry's popularity.

That said it is still better time spent than watching the team right now.
Just wanted to see if anyone enjoyed the book.

If only the pen would have come thru last night. If they could have kept it to 3 runs I'm sure the offense could...wait,they did?

I hate to say this but watching that series reminded me of what good baseball looks like, and it makes me both miss and appreciate the 2007-2011 seasons for the Phillies.

What I hate to say even more is that I have no idea how the current team is going to get back to doing that any time soon.

So you're saying a team starting Delmon Young, Darin Ruf, Laynce Nix, John Mayberry Jr., Erik Kratz, and Kyle Kendrick was swept by the best team in baseball?

Least surprising headline ever.

This last week has been the single biggest demonstration of Rube's failures as a general manager the last 6 years. Sure you can say they're injured (Howard, Revere, Brown, Halladay, Adams, etc...) but that is where good teams get by with they're organizational depth. For instance, Matt Holiday gets hurt and the Cardinals line-up improves with the addition of Matt Adams everyday while Allen Craig moves to the outfield. In our case, revere gets hurt and we literally have no other center fielder ready to play in our entire organization, then brown gets hurt and laynce nix is playing everyday? Come on. What sums this week up is when in the possibly the two biggest ABs of the last two games the Phillies trot up John McDonald (hitting .100) and Steve Susdorf who immediately kill the rally by grounding into double plays. Thats without even mentioning that 40% of this teams games are being started by John Lannan and Jonathon Pettibone because no other starter in our entire organization can throw strikes constitently (Biddle included). Speaking of not throwing strikes, are the Phillies the only organization in baseball that haven't been able to develop a power arm that can throw strikes out of the bullpen in the last 5 years? Seriously, ask youself who the last consistent back-end guy was that they developed... Still not sure? It was Ryan Madsen. Another thing that should piss you off if you're a Phillies fan is that not only has the system not produced MLB ready talent since Rube took over, but there is literally no excuse for not being able to field a contending team when you have a payroll of 170+ million, minor leagues be damned. You have the money to get pretty much whoever you want, but instead you pinch pennies by non-tending nate schierholtz but then turn around and acquire two DHs to play in vital defensive positions on a team you've gone out of your way to buid on pitching. Bravo Rube! Bravo! It becomes more evident everyday that Rube has no clue what hes doing and he has been running this team like hes playing MLB The Show. Literally, 80% of the BL posters could have had at least the same level of success that Rube has had since taking over as GM. The fact that we are now looking at a rebuild in this market with what Ruben inherited in completely inexcusable. Please fire this guy in the off-season and hire someone that has a clue. Maybe someone from the Rays or A's organizations? Those guys manage to consistently win without any money, lets see what they can do with some financial backing.

oh man, it felt good to get that all out. have a good day everyone

So Soriano is going to the Yankees for $8-10 million and a Single A pitcher.

Much like Alex Rios, some on BL completely overestimated what it would take to get him. That's a relative pittance, if the player going back to the Cubs is who it's reported to be.

by the way, he gets no credit for hanging on to brown. rube single handedly nearly ruined him then nearly traded him for soriano in the off-season. likely the only reason it didnt happen was management killed the deal over money

Can't really have 5-game losing streaks at this point in the season. I know the Cards are good and the games were on the road, but you need to take one. Just like you needed to win the second game of the Mets' series.

If Wednesday's game wasn't the the death knell, then last night's game might have been.

I laugh when I hear people say 'The Phils should sell, not buy!' Sell implies you have something of worth to sell. They *should* call 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

Just as an aside, the guy I wanted the team to get for 3rd this year, Kelly Johnson has played 11 games there without an error (for what it's worth) manned 4 different positions for the Rays and has a 120 ops+ with 15 home runs. He's making $2.4m. He has a 2.1 WAR compared to Young's -0.3
If anyone from the shadowy ownership group is reading beerleaguer this morning, I am available and would be happy to take over as GM.

The Cubs asked for Brown and the Phillies said no way is now beign interpreted as RAJ almost trading Brown for Soriano. You can't make this stuff up folks.

Chondro: Very nicely done - a purely pist-off rant that kept clarity and sense throughout.

Since they've been talked up as landing spots for Utley and Papelbon, here are John Sickles mid-season review of his pre-season prospect rankings
For the Dodgers:
For the Tigers:

chondro, nice rant. I'll raise one quibble:

Thats without even mentioning that 40% of this teams games are being started by John Lannan and Jonathon Pettibone

There's nothing wrong with having those 2 throw 40% of your starts if one of your staters is on the DL. They are cromulent ML pitchers. Also, they are probably pitching a little better than it looks, because they are being "supported" by a very lousy defense.

chondro: love it.

"they are being "supported" by a very lousy defense."

So very true. I am probably biased towards Pettibone since I've always like him more than most, and towards Lannan since I bet his under 4.50 ERA vs MG - but our staff's ERA is definitely inflate due to the terrible defense behind it.

Well said chondro. Ruben has taken a Ferrari and turned it into a FIAT. Just an awful job all around. I'm getting to the point where I don't even know if I want him selling players because I cringe at the return he will get and the further decimation of the farm system by adding poor pieces to it. I'm almost on board with standing pat so that the ship can continue to capsize, gate revenues can drop and hopefully season ticket sales for 2014 will as well and then maybe after next year ownership will fire Amaro. But I have my doubts because of how long Wade stuck around for. But at least Wade gave us the core that took us through 2007-2011.

I too, like chondro, have never understood why they haven't been able to hone any bullpen arms since Madson. And look how they broke him from what was likely overuse. Can't blame Charlie for using him as much as he did though since he didn't have anything else. Romero was such a fine pickup by Gillick. I haven't seen Amaro strike gold on any smaller move or role player. Frandsen I guess is the only one.

In years past we could count on the Phillies to go on their patented 2nd half run because the team was talented and just didn't play up to their talents in the 1st half of the year. I just don't see it happening with this team. All the posters who clamored for the "young" guys in AAA are now seeing what kind of team that would look like. A not very good one.

The injury excuse really drives me nuts too and I absolutely don't want to hear it. What MLB team doesn't battle injuries throughout the year? The organizational depth of this team is embarrassing. Baseball is a 162 game season. You can't figure out a way to plug a hole over that many games? In football injuries are indeed devastating because you only have 16 games. In baseball you have 162 and 3 levels of minor league depth to pull from, in-season trades, waiver pickups. If you can't field a competitive team in a big market in this league then you are just being incompetent.

" Frandsen I guess is the only one."

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile...

joe d/chondro: there is plenty to criticize Amaro/Phillies for, so probably not worth throwing in things like 'almost traded DOM away for Soriano' and 'overused Madson and ended his career'. It just gives food for the vultures to highlight that part of your post and dismiss the whole thing.

Ha. Vulture. I was just disagreeing with that point. Of course that was a separate post, but then again you knew that.

Besides which, you don't get to use injuries as an excuse for those injuries sustained by the same players who missed most of last year with similar injuries (Halladay and Howard, in part).

If your plan was to rely on those two being healthy and productive without a safety net, that's as much on the plan as it is on bad luck.

The next series doesn't matter. Neither did the previous one. It's been over for a while and anyone can see that.

Jack, exactly. Like getting burned by Utley twice. Amaro has shown no ability to learn from his previous mistakes. In fact he is probably just going to compound it by signing Utley to another handcuff deal.

The treatment of Howard last year and this year was criminal negligence. Poor protecting over an already poor investment.

Hell the same can be said for Halladay. When you write the checks you call the shots. I don't care how much of a competitor the likes of Doc, Utley and Howard are. If the lay person can see with their own eyes that something looks off then there is probably something wrong. But then again if your first call when a guy drops is Michael Martinez then I guess you just ride these stars into the ground.

I wonder if Ruben has auto, home or life insurance?

redburb - my bad, i didn't see your post, wasn't meant for a job at you. Joe D's madson point is actually what prompted me.

"Wait are posters upset because the Phillies have dropped 5 in a row? Isn't that what most of you wanted right after the ASB? You wanted to team to falter because then they would sell."

I never like to see them lose; However the alternative is to give the illusion that the 2013 Phillies are a contender.

For the month of July, I would rather see the Phillies lose and lose so convincingly that Amaro has no choice but to sell off Michael Young (and possibly Chooch). If they get anything of value at all for 2014, at least some good will have come from this season.

It's simply the lesser of two evils, folks. Contending is not a realistic option this season.

The only hope I have is that Amaro has shown a willingness to do big things. He usually screws it up, of course, but to his credit he generally has no fear of making a big move.

So I hope the sell won't be limited just to Michael Young and/or Chooch. I highly doubt Lee will go, but I could see Amaro surprising people with a Papelbon or Rollins move. And for all we know, extension talks with Utley could break down and he could be sent off for a nice return as well.

Iceman - The Cubs have been trying to dump Soriano's contract for a year and half. I don't understand why you keep equating Soriano and Rios.

Apples and oranges.

I am sticking with my original thought. I fully expect Utley to be signed and Lee to be dealt. That's how Ruben rolls. Excitment (even though I don't want Utley signed because I'm sure Ruben won't make it team friendly) followed by confusion and disappointment. For reference see: Doc-Lee debacle of 09.

Ice~ You didn't think they were going to make a run at Soriano did you? If they wanted him, they could have had in during Spring Training, knowing what their OF situation was. You haven't figured out that it all comes down to dollars? Of course you have.

I don't think peeple here "completely overestimated what it would take to get him". I think it's more like RAJ doesn't want to part with what it would take to get him. Or anyone else who could or could've helped. You know you & others bash me for saying what I think, and maybe people don't want to hear it anymore. And that's fine. But I see a pattern that developed 2 off-seasons ago that's continuing. And that is simply that they will not go over the luxury tax threshold.

All you have to do is see what D. Young and Lannan were signed for. There were better options in both cases. And now their talking about Chris Dickerson? If that's someone they are possibly going to get, why did they release Jermaine Mitchell? You see it's not me always bashing RAJ, it's about what I see happening to the team and I don't like it.

Now I can see a few guys being dealt & money being saved. I get that. But for what return? And will they take the savings and use it to better the team in the future? There is the distinct possibility that this team could be bad for quite some time.

The Cubs just ransacked the int'l draft with no worry about the penalties. I wonder if that strategy pays off - spend at will for a year, pay the penalties and sit out next year's draft due to all of the restrictions...then go balls to the wall a year or two after that again.

Any savings they will get from trading guys at the deadline will be facilitated into a guaranteed 4th year for Utley or something stupid like that.

Any word on whether the Phils are still the favorite to sign the 4th-ranked international FA who turns 16 in a couple weeks?

If Chris Dickerson is your big mid-season acquisition. . . you may not be a contender.

Edmundo, I looked up the word "cromulent" and couldn't find it. Is it the correct spelling? If the Phillies can't win, if Cholly can't manage his way out of a paper bag, and if Rube can't do anything right; then, at least I can increase my vocabulary by reading BL. I akso saw some interesting words that won't fly in the home in or in the office in MG's Monty & Rube conversation posting.

The bigger, longer term question is, what is it going to take to get rid of Rube and Cholly? Do we really have to see them post the baseball version of the 2012 Eagles before they find someone who is actually competent to handle the GM and manager roles?

The scary part is, I'm not sure how much faith I have in ownership to think outside of the organization for the next hire.

Charlie is gone after this year. I think it would be wise of this team to get Sandberg some on the job experience now. Might as well get him accustomed to managing drek now.

Charlie will ride off into the sunset after the season, that's pretty much guaranteed now. There's no point to bringing him back, but there's also no point to firing him. He's the most successful manager in franchise history--he goes out on his own terms.

The Cubs just ransacked the int'l draft with no worry about the penalties. I wonder if that strategy pays off - spend at will for a year, pay the penalties and sit out next year's draft due to all of the restrictions...then go balls to the wall a year or two after that again.

Posted by: lorecore | Friday, July 26, 2013 at 10:16 AM

I think this strategy is viable based entirely on the quality of the players available...If you find a crop of players your scouts really love, go for it.

Of course, we're talking about "16" year olds, so who knows what they really are?

I'm sick and tired of the criticism I get for my at-bats this year (both of them). I challenge anyone here to do better. Make contact? Really? Do y'all have any idea how hard it is to make productive contact with a bat that is ectoplasmic? Sheesh...

"Cholly can't manage his way out of a paper bag"

I believe you meant 'wet paper bag', no?

Lake Fred: It originated with the Simpsons
“Lisa the Iconoclast”, The Simpsons season 7 episode 16:

Mrs. Krabappel: Embiggens? I never heard that word before moving to Springfield.
Ms. Hoover: I don't know why, it's a perfectly cromulent word.

The wet paper bag line is usually in reference to a weak hitter, i.e. Michael Martinez.

MG- I'm equating them because you completely overestimated what it would take to get Soriano, both in dollars and prospects. And when you said it would take 'two MLB ready prospects' for Rios, you did the same thing.

There's a reason they're getting rid of these guys, and it's not because they have value.

Edmundo: I doff my cap to you on using "cromulent". I do enjoy how often The Simpsons are referenced on beerleaguer.

DPat: The price on Soriano as was discussed at the beginning of the year was Dom Brown. Obviously that price has since dropped, but would you really be happy today had the team pulled that trade off?

Of course you wouldn't. Look I get your opinion of bring in offense. I think you are misguided sometimes though in that you want to bring in every free agent or person out on the market.

Haha. I love all the new usernames who've come to bury the Phillies. Seems like many "fans" have been waiting (hoping?) for this for a long time.

Sadly, I feel this season is heading the way of the Red Sox 2012 season.

for the record i was still in rant mode when i said amaro almost traded Dom. Depsite Amaros ineptitude, I don't believe he would have traded Dom for Soriano. However, I do believe that he and the entire organization lucked into an All-Star as they gave no indication of believing he'd be a contributor this year. It appeared organizationally they had intended for Ruf to play left this year (since he had so much experience there) and had every intention of starting Delmon everyday in right once he was healthy (which has come to fruition unfortunately). Dom was likely going to be the odd man out. Luckily Dom put it together and now we at least have a sliver of hope for the future.

DPat- who would you suggest bringing in as a temporary CF for 6-7 weeks?

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