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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Repost from end of last thread:

RFD seems to play fly balls like a wide receiver - gliding out to meet the ball in stride instead of running to the spot he thinks it will end up. In his case, that strategy looks like it plays better in center field.

Any chance Rube takes a flier on any scrap-heap relievers like Lyon or Jon Rauch?

We're already buyers. Didn't they just purchase the contract of Luis Garcia?

And with the game Mayberry had last night, I think I might have an idea who their next target will be. I hear there's a versatile OF named Martinez available...

Buy, buy, buy...

Yo, another new thread? Me no unnastand.

Whoa! New threads!

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 14m
The Phillies offense is showing signs of life. A look at some numbers.

* * *
From the above, in addition to the good numbers:

"The Braves are practically begging somebody to challenge them in the NL East the second half of the season."

"Every morning, or two mornings? Just saying, they're not exactly beating Maddux, Smotlz, and Avery!"

Nice guy, are you saying that unless two of the three pitchers they're facing in a series are HOF, and the third is an All Star (and looked like he had a shot at the HOF until injury setbacks), that the pitchers they face are crap?


"One bad night does not a bad player make. Mayberry is still a very good defensive corner OF."

Jack, the Moronocracy disagrees with you.

A playoff push is very possible for a couple reasons:

1. Really weak NL East division
2. Unbalanced Schedule to include the following in the 2nd half:

13 games vs. Atlanta
10 games vs. Mets
9 games vs. Washington

If we take care of business in those games, there's a chance...not a big one, but at least its something.

Once more into the breach, dear friends...

I still think the most likely scenario is that we miss the playoffs and miss our opportunity to get young impact players into the system. - Jack

This mentality is all wrong. The Phillies are already rebuilding with players like Brown, Ruf, and Revere all starting in the field. You don't set back their progress 3-4 years by trading your ace and your face of the franchise for a few hit-or-miss prospects - whether or not you make the playoffs this year is irrelevant, the team has already entered a new phase and blowing it up is no longer an option. The Phillies recent dynasty started with near-misses in '05 and '06, and a brutal 1st round sweep in '07. The players gained from that experience and took it all the way in '08. A team is more than the sum of all its players. It needs chemistry and experience in meaningful games to learn how to win.

Any bets on which will be the highest winning percentage this season: games in which Howard starts vs games in which he does not.

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