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Friday, July 26, 2013


Feels like a BL classic reverse-jinx win!

Frandsen gets plunked today, its a lock.

So if the phillies sweep the Tigers does that put RAJ back into full bipolar mood? I'd be happy to take one win here. Also wondering why Delmon isn't drawing interest as a DH.

Thanks for the optimistic photo, Jake. If only...

as much as we bury Elmn, here are a few contender's DH lines so far this year:

BAL: .201/.260/.376
NYY: .213/.299/.362
OAK: .220/.314/.356
TBR: .225/.319/.406
Elmn: .274/.320/.414

Young a 1b
Frandsen at 3b

If the Phillies buy at the deadline, Doc will return to throw a no-hitter? -KAS

Possibly, but not necessarily. This is what the scene will likely resemble after Doc pitches a CGSO to clinch the division on the last day of the season:

"He's opposed by towering Tigers righty Doug Fister (8-5, 3.90)"

At first glance I thought the towering righty was 8'5", 390 lbs. Long day.


corn - Be careful what you wish for. Frandsen makes a few diving plays now & then, but he screws up routine plays at 3B just as often.

Remember this defensive lineup when Hamels gives up 4 "earned" runs tonight and people blame him for not being an ace.

Only 2 LH hitters in lineup vs. RHP.

Pretty much says it all about lack of depth.

Jermaine Mitchell would probably be the second-best OF on the active roster right now.

Jack: Jermaine Mitchell is hitting .258 in Triple A at age 28.

Will be fun watching Ruf in LF, for sure.

Clout: Ok. Your point is?

Mayberry since taking over for Revere...

8 G, 34 PA
.303/.324/.485/.808, 1 HR, 6 RBI

clout: maybe today's the day Nix has a XBH and you can finally post "Nix with a big hit? Beerleaguer told me that's impossible since he's washed up".

That line has been sitting in your notepad for a month now. I wonder if it's topped the record Polanco set last year when you said the same thing once a month when he managed a flare into the gap.

The six potential outfielders on the active roster right now are Mayberry, Ruf, Nix, Delmon Young, Susdorf, and Mini-Mart.

When you consider offense and defense, I could make an argument for Jermaine Mitchell slotting in ahead of Delmon, Ruf, Nix, Susdorf and Mini-Mart.

I mean, John Mayberry is our top OF right now. Legitimately.

Someone mentioned Corey Black on the earlier thread.

If he were traded for Jonathan Papelbon, the deal would be hailed by the Moronocracy as the greatest in Phillies history.

But the fact is, he's pretty fringey. He throws hard, but has command problems dating back to college. He's also a TJ survivor and is old for his level, where he currently boasts a 1.50 WHIP and 4.25 ERA.

Still, given that the Yankees agreed to eat $7M on Soriano's contract and that Soriano is now a solid defensively liability wherever he plays, that's probably a fair return.

lorecore: Unlike you, I do not consider one game to be an adequate sample size to make grand pronouncements.

Jack - I might choose Mitchell over Susdorf, Nix & Mini-Mart, not DYoung or Ruf.

Jack: That's just stupid. Jermaine wouldn't hit .230 as an everyday player.

Since May 1, Laynce Nix has 9 hits and 4 walks in 70 plate appearances, which comes out to a .186 OBP.

Has has as many GIDPs as he does extra-base hits.

I don't bring this up to claim he's washed up or not washed up. I'm just sort of amazed at how bad that is.

Clout: Neither would Nix or Mini-Mart.

Jack: On that we can agree. Nix, in limited playing time, has been absolutely awful. Even worse than Greg Dobbs in 2010, when lorecore declared his career over.

I'm quite scared for Ruf in LF. Memories of his plays in ST are hard to shake, specifically the one where turned the wrong way repeatedly, stumbled, fell over, and tipped the fly ball over the fence for a HR.

Jack: Not sure about Nix, cause he's done it before. Certain about Mini-Mart and Susdorf, though.

If you're going to call up Susdorf,play him. Or must he sit on the bench n
for 2 weeks first like Ruf did last year?

The Washington Nationals now have more losses this season than the New York Mets.

And if the Phillies lose tonight, the Mets will be (at worst) tied in the loss column with both the Nats and the Phillies (Nats/Mets have 2nd game of DH tonight).

If Mets beat Nats tonight and Phillies lose, Mets will be in 2nd place in loss column in NL East.

clout: i doubt I actually said that, but I applaud myself for such clairvoyance.

Dobbs bWAR:

2010: -1.0
2011: -0.3
2012: -2.1
2013: -0.3

jr: This likely will be his only cup of coffee in The Show. I agree with you. Play him.

Sounds like a fairly routine play in the 2013 Phillie outfield.

Ah, because Dobbs is bad defensively lorecore uses WAR to end the argument. Of course, if he was arguing in FAVOR of Dobbs, he'd use OPS+ 91, 87, 63. Compare that to most MLB bench guys and you'll find it fits right in.

"Nix, in limited playing time, has been absolutely awful."

Hey, I resemble that remark!

jr: Susdorf is a bench filler. There is no reason to play him. It's not like he was brought up to see if he could be a part of the Phillies future.

I'd do him a solid and give him an MLB start. He earned that much with his slogging through the minors for 6 years with no real hope of ever making the Show.

The season's over anyway...might as well hook him up.

clout: So a no-glove bench player with a 79 OPS+ since 2010 "fits right in" the majors?

Dobbs has been terrible since 2010, when I apparently denounced his career. How foolish of me.

I wonder how TTI feels about our bet from before the season that the Phillies would be closer to 4th than to 1st.

He thought it was laughable to even compare the Phillies and Mets.

lorecore: You've shown in the past you know very little about teams outside the Phillies. Take a look at what sits on their benches.

Also, because the Marlins are so awful they are using Dobbs almost as an averyday player, starting him vs. LHP, which should never ever happen.

NEPP - Much to the chagrin of several beerleaguers, Charlie still manages to win.

And stopped clocks are right twice a day. So?

He does? I could list about 5 million mysterious UC decisions over the years that would suggest all the times he put Mini Mart in CF over the years.

Humberto we hardly knew ye.

From a baseball standpoint, Susdorf would at least provide better defense than Ruf so there's that. He's probably comparable to Nix at this point too defensively and he's likely a better hitter so why not give him a start? If one were managing to win... currently has the Phillies as only a 2.7% probability to make the playoffs. Could they possibly know more than Ruben?

They consider the Mets more likely to make the playoffs than the Phillies. Geez, our guys get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

I will be watching tonight's game, if only because the opposing pitcher has an interesting name.

I see JW's extermination effort missed a roach.

NEPP: "Susdorf would at least provide better defense than Ruf so there's that. He's probably comparable to Nix at this point too defensively and he's likely a better hitter so why not give him a start?"

Totally agree.

Mini-Mart is on the roster to keep the Braves out of the playoffs.

If Ruben is planning on betting the farm on 2.7%, he must play the lotto an awful lot.

Still think the Phils are going to be largely a non-entity at the trading deadline only making a few minor moves.

Ryne Duren - We've already established that playoff odds in July are absurd.

NEPP - Although I agree that Susdorf hitting would be more intriguing than an automatic out (aka Laynce Nix) but UC is probably trying to give Nix playing time in the faint hopes of it helping his swing. God knows RAJ is incapable of providing him with a good replacement bench bat, so getting Nix right is important to UC.

Jake: Wanna bet that the Mets finish above the Phillies?

Jake-- On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate RAJ?

Jack - I'll take that bet.

Cyclic - That would be 0. I don't hate him. I just hate that he's GM of the Phillies.

I hate him.

Well how much do you hate that then? There has been anger seething out of every post where you've mentioned RAJ over the last week or so.

NEPP - Likewise. I wouldn't say hate but his public persona from the time he was hired until the Howard injury revelation last summer really turned me off.

A CEO/GM doesn't need to generally standoffish and downright rude & arrogant as he was.

I hate him as GM...if he weren't GM, I would give a damn either way.

Looks like the attempt to block trolls has also banned me (Mick O) from Beerleaguer. Not sure if I was a victim of IP address collateral damage or maybe JW just thought I was a detriment. Either way I'd agree that losing Mick O as a poster is a small price to pay to be read of some nasty trolls. Posting this from my phone at the moment which is a pain just to say sayonarra. I can still read and enjoy the fireworks. Carry on.

-Mick O

For some reason, every time I'm reading comments on my phone or at work, when clout mentions the 'Moronocracy' I can't contain laughter. Of course I can't explain to people what I'm laughing at. Most people on here who are his targets don't even find him funny. For me that line continues to be funny.

I think if clout posted as frequently as Jake, his act might get tired, but since he chimes in so infrequently, the schtick really works. He's the funniest guy on here besides MG.

In which thread did this JW house cleaning take place?

Ice-- Moronocracy never made me laugh until right now when I said it out loud. Hilarious.

It's kinda sad to me that Jake is considered a troll.

Either that, or he's the greatest troll ever and I'm falling for it. (I don't think he's trolling at all.)

Also- I think Jake deserves some points for the pics in the last two threads.

I have a lifelong friend who is just like Jake. Ever the optimist. It's infuriating as I can't believe we grew up watching and rooting for the same teams and I'm always expecting the worst and he will always say "Aaah, we'll get 'em tomorrow." That concept is alien to me. I must say it's much harder to remain an optimist in the face of so much negativity, warranted as it is. To that I give him credit.

With that out of the way, this team f88king sucks.

If it's impossible to banish a few fake name trolls without also taking out reputable long-time posters, then I say: bring back the fake name trolls.

Agreed, the pics are awesome.

And currently, this team sucks.

Well I guess this is a better lineup than Delmoney in the cleanup spot.

Yes, the current version of our favorite team sucks. But it didn't get here overnight. Ruben got control of a World Series winner in October 2008 and it's taken a lot of neglect to get us here.

But I'm more concerned about 2014 and 2015 than the remainder of 2013. If we don't restock now, it'll take us years, much like the Royals, Pirates, Expos/Nats, to rise above .500 by only relying on the draft of new players. We need to acquire some young talent by selling off the older guys that are either unnecessary (Papelbon), easily replaced (M Young), or genuinely valuable (Lee). A smart GM could shorten the turnaround. A dumb or egotistical GM? Well, we'll see.

Cyclic - I never liked Amaro, but recently I started truly disliking him. Here's why:

Last offseason he made a few minor moves when the team needed big moves. He promised he wasn't done, and said there would be moves coming at the deadline. Fair enough. The team played inconsistently for most of the first half, so he held off on making any big moves. Fair enough.

Then he tells the team that they need to prove they are worthy of being buyers by doing well against the Braves, Nats, and White Sox, which they did, but he continues doing nothing, and parroting the same line "we're gonna wait & see". He challenged them, they stepped up, and he did nothing to reward them.

Meanwhile, the team is embarking on probably the toughest road trip of the season with the same incomplete roster, minus Revere, and still no help in sight. Then they lose Dom Brown for 7 days, and he's still waiting, still seeing, still putting his team behind the 8-ball with the deadline looming, and giving them no help whatsoever (unless you consider Mini-Mart, and Susdorf a shot in the arm).

What kind of GM admits that the team needs help, but won't give them any help until after they 'prove their worthiness' against the best teams in baseball?

Is Detroit in the ETZ, or don't they observe DST?

Presented without comment.

Is Detroit in the ETZ, or don't they observe DST?

Posted by: Conway Twitty | Friday, July 26, 2013 at 06:45 PM

I'm not sure that dystopian wastelands ruled by gangs of vigilantes and local warlordsd really put too much stock into petty things like time zones.

Jake: I don't much like Amaro either, but I don't remember this "prove their worthiness against Montreal, Atlanta, and Chicago" statement. Basically, what he said several weeks ago was, "We'll play it by ear & see where we stand when the time comes for that decision to be made." And that's exactly what he has done. You're basically criticizing him for not making a snap judgment to buy immediately when we managed to narrow the divisional margin to a "mere" 7 games for a couple of days.

Nice work cyclic.

Apparently Cesar Hernandez might be hurt?

Humberto Quintero signed by the Mariners...added to their 25 man.

Makes you wonder what is being offered for him...

It's gotta be something like Tavares, Wong, + more.

Jake~ Your 6:35 post: Agreed. Another voice of reason. That's makes 2 of us. I don't hate RAJ or dislike though. I think he knows what he has to do. But for the most part, doesn't do it. My thoughts are well-known, yet, I get killed here because some don't want to hear the "truth".

We have gone from the WFC ('08), to repeat NL WS Series rep, to NL Division winner (getting knocked from playoffs x 3 Including '07), to non-playoff team (2 including this year).

And while it's the players who have to execute & there are limits in payroll, it's the GM and his staff who puts the team together. So based on the moves he's made & what this team has become, how can RAJ not be held accountable? This is where I differ with many here. They see and hear it too. But when I say it....

Now, I read today that he doesn't want to give up on this year (granted) and wants to build for the future (again, granted). How is he going to do that? And I don't trust him to. I can't say he should be fired though. After all, ownership may be holding him back.

Still, I'm hoping we don't get swept this weekend.

That was a pretty impressive defensive play.

The Cardinals offered Taveras and Wong, but RAJ is insisting on Daniel Descalso & Victor Marte.

Jake and Dpat = Voice of Reason Squad

We all talked about what we want from the Dodgers.
Boston would be...Bogerts, Brentz, Middlebrooks, an Baird as a project

@ sad guy

Considering that Jake thinks that Howard's going to have a 40+ HR season next year, I'm not sure I'd label him the voice of reason.

I loved the minimart highlight reel catch.

tigers crew: "we have seen a lot of 1-pitch outs."

Would it be fair to say that the Phillies are getting fisted so far tonight?

Wait, I thought no teams would want Lee because of his salary? What's this about offers being made for him?

Those comments sound an awful lot to me like the groundwork for some guys getting dumped next week. If teams are submitting offers for Lee, after what Garza got, I would think they'd have to be relatively significant for Amaro to be mentioning them.

I cant believe that Rube would trade Lee without having Lee asking for it or being 100% on-board with it...considering their history now.

BAP - Here is what Amaro said before the homestand:

How do you view the importance of this series?

"This homestand is very important. We’ve got to play well to stay in contention, clearly. I think we’ll know a lot more about this team after this homestand.

Could the makeup of the team change if the Phils dont have a good homestand?

“It could. I hope we’re adding to this club rather than subtracting. That’s the goal, but as I always say and I’ve been saying, the players will dictate it.

[Do they] have to have a winning record on this homestand? Does 5-5 cut it?

We’ll have to see. Probably, but we’ll have to see. But that depends how we get to 5-5, you know?

(In other words, a hard-fought 5-5 would be impressive -- how about 7-3?)

The GM can't come out and say "do well and I'll buy, do bad and I'll sell" but that's basically what Amaro said, and the players were well aware of it.

Outside of dropping his NTC why would a GM as a player about trade destinations?

Nice defense!

Im sure there will be money involved if Lee is traded.

Rube very openly screwed Lee and his wife over last time and it was a big part of him resigning here...I seriously doubt Rube would trade him again without running it by him.

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