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Sunday, July 07, 2013


Reposting a bit about Horst for Bonehead, who asked at the end of the last thread.

Kurt Landes ‏@kurtlandes 1h
C Erik Kratz will begin a rehab assignment tomorrow with The @IronPigs LHP Jeremy Horst will continue his rehab assignment with LV too.
Retweeted by Mandy Housenick

***repost*** Hey b_a_p - know any Docs that dispense lithium? Right now, I can't see the Phils not pulling away from da Brafes by September 1... and running away with the division.

Thanks Gbrett...

If foul-balls-hit-into-the-stands were an American professional sport, TMac would be an EXCELLENT play-by-play announcer.

5-2 to finish the homestand, preferably by taking 3 of 4 then 2 of 3, puts us at .500 at the break. The white sox, especially without Peavy taking a turn, are awful. Even with pettibone and Lannan to start the series (although most of us, including myself, need to stop shortchanging Pettibone) we still should take two.

Anyone else shocked that the Phillies have a better offensive OF than the Braves?

ATL OF: 227/323/384
PHI OF: 274/320/434

And the starting OF for the Braves is making about $26M this year. The Phillies starting OF is making less than $2M this year.

Of course, the Braves OF is significantly better defensively which gives the Braves starters a WAR advantage of 2.6 to 1.7 over our starters.

Pettibone looked great with a bunch of late movement. On one pitch to Freeman, which ended the inning, it looked like a fastball up and in and then just tailed towards his ankles. He missed by about a foot and stood there for a few moments looking up into the stands - he had no idea where that pitch had gone. Then Upton getting ejected on an outside strike. Pettibone had that pitch all night, starting outside and tailing in at the last minute. Maybe a ball, but with Ruiz set up outside and moving his glove in to make the catch, plenty of umpires make that call.
Hopefully Pettibone will be able to take the next step and get through the order one more time. With our bullpen, it goes without saying that the deeper into games he can go, the better.

Aforementioned Elm(o)n (the "o" is now optional) working a leadoff walk and the Braves throwing to first not once but twice.

Chooch getting a couple of hits. He's going to get his swing back and hopefully this is the beginning.

Revere still on fire.

Cholly using Diekman for one hitter and then going to a righty for the next batter. He proceeded to muck things up in the bottom of the inning, but let's take what we can get. Important game and for about six minutes he acted like it.

Fun game to watch.

3-4 and sweep sox is the most important

This is painful, and delaying the inevitable, which is a retooling of this team. Yes, I want for them to win, but we all know this team is not championship material. Not now, and not next year as currently constructed.

Seriously, great win. If everyone played with Utley and Revere's reckless abandon, and if Howard's injury was more thoughtfully managed (see: Ruf, Darin) maybe, just maybe there'd be 2 or 3 more in the win column.

Dammit, every game counts - this division is not settled. Not by a long shot; not with a masher like Dom Brown and a lunatic like Ben Revere. This game is glaring evidence of that

I just may need a "head doc" if the Phils sweep the Gnats. We desperately need the "pitching for a contract" Kendrick to re-appear. If he's damaged goods because of the concussion, we fought the good fight. Problem is, it appeared Kendrick was beginning to "lose it" before his unfortunate injury.

I was wondering about that. It's not beyond possible that Kendrick is suffering from post concussion syndrome. I was blacked out for the game so I couldn't see how he was acting and reacting, but as I mentioned before the game, I wouldn't trust the Phillies medical staff with multi-million dollar players. In fact, I wouldn't trust them with my daughter's cat, and I don't like cats.

This bullpen is an adventure, to say the least. Your closer throwing 25 pitches to secure the win in a non-save situation in the final game of a series doesn't set you up so great for the next series. Highly unlikely Lannan throws a CG, seeing as he only has 2 in his career, both in 2009. Therefore, you're going to the bullpen again tomorrow with no established 7th or 8th inning man and a closer who may or may not have his A game. Like I said, an adventure. The offense is going to have to win the game for them tomorrow.

Winning Percentage by 1B:

Darin Ruf: 1.000%
Ryan Howard: 0.4875%

"Highly unlikely Lannan throws a CG, seeing as he only has 2 in his career, both in 2009."

Much more likely Lannen gets rocked (again), with a suddenly resurgent Nats offense in town and hot weather.

Lannen versus Haren has a 10-9 game written all over it. Neither has gotten anyone out all year. And that is likely to continue tomorrow night. Should make for an entertaining ESPN national telecast though.

Watch the LAD. 1 less loss than the Phillies

Is it really that hard to spell Lannan correctly when it's right there in the post...and in the excerpt you've copy/pasted? have a daughter, AK?

Great win by the way.

KAS~ Yeah, I'm shocked @ the offensive comparison. Shows what I know, which isn't much sometimes. Couldn't believe some of the Braves' batting averages & what their record is they don't hit a HR. If Hamels has a better record & the 'pen was better we'd be right there.

But we're still too inconsistent. We outscore LA but still lose 3 of 4. We had problems with SD & so on.

If we do well over the next 7 games (5-2 or better), it'll be fun to see what happens. I'm hoping RAJ has a trick or 2 up his sleeve. Hope no sell-off unless they falter. It'll be hard to say goodbye to this bunch (core).

Denny, I can't predict that Lannan will get rocked. He may or may not. It's much more predictable that Lannan will throw a lot of pitches and be out of the game by the 5th, requiring 3+ innings from the bullpen once again.

Dom Brown is easily the story of the 2013 Phillies. I wonder if Rube and Co start to consider some sort of team friendly extension for him...

If you had to pick between Diekman or Aumount to stay up which one would you go for? Any news on Horst/Stutes?

Posted by: "Pedro's Lucky Midget"
Diekman stays. He's shown he can string together good ABs (struck out 5 in a row the other night), and he's tough as a LOOGY in the right spot (like today on McCann).

Aumont simply has no idea where the ball is going. Tired of his act.

Here's the scoop on the team meeting - which, as usual, no one wants to talk much about. One thing about Michael Young, he's always good for an interview.

"If you had to pick between Diekman or Aumount to stay up which one would you go for?"

I love questions like these. They are the lifeblood of Beerleaguer.

Since "Neither of the above" is not an option, I'm going to cast my vote for Aumont. It was a difficult choice, as neither can throw strikes to save his life. But the peculiarities of the Phillies' farm system favor Aumont over Diekman. If you demoted Diekman, you could replace him with any of 4 other LH relief options who probably wouldn't be any worse -- Valdes, Robles, Jimenez, & Horst (who's currently on a rehab assignment). If you demoted Aumont, you have only one other RH relief option who wouldn't be worse (Stutes) and that guy is injured right now.

DOM with his second HR/3B game this season. Phils record is 4 by Chuck Klein and Juan Samuel.

So Amaro is working on alienating Lee to the point where he'll waive his limited NTC? Good to know.

My schizophrenia must be on the fritz today, as I'd rather keep Diekman.

Bedrosian's Beard - Yes, I even have more than one daughter. They are wonderful people and out in the world supplying me with grandchildren. One has a cat and one has a dog. I'm allergic to both, but I prefer dogs.

Reason #9270 why I hate Ruben Amaro:

He thinks Cliff Lee putting bubblegum on another player's hat is a main reason why this team is under performing.

I love the idea of Ruben Amaro telling Cliff Lee how to behave. In fact, Cliff could have taught Amaro how to hit.

In fact, for the viewing audience who stuck with that entire game, the Pettibone-gum-sunflower seed interview was the most entertaining and endearing part.


Thanks for the spelling tutorial. Your d-bagginess is in mid-season form.

It's true, guys. Cliff Lee is the problem with this team.

Cameron Perkins hit a walk off in his first game back at Clearwater on Friday, just went deep today. Picking right up where he left off.

.341/.388/.528 on the year before his HR tonight.

Horst will come back and take Savery's spot as the guy who only pitches when there is nobody else available or the game is completely out-of-reach.

Diekman stays over Aumont, whenever that decision has to be made. Cholly actually has a role for Deek right now, although that could change by Wednesday.

I'd almost (almost) rather see Rosenburg up here right now instead of Aumont. At least he can throw the ball over the plate most of the time and he has more of an ability to pitch more then 1 inning. He's not any good, but there is nothing worse then watching a reliever come into the game with above average stuff and have no clue where the ball is going from pitch-to-pitch. That's Aumont.

I'd saying going forward the "roles" for the pen are going to be the following:

CLOSER- Jonny Pap
8th- Bastardo
6th/7th and/or LOOGY- Diekman
6th/7th and/or ROOGY- DeFratus
Multiple Inning Middle Man- Ramirez
Long Man- Savery (soon replaced by Horst)

Aumont is kinda role-less, but I guess he fits in there with Ramirez. Pretty much whoever is fresher gets the call, with Ramirez the more trusted choice.

BAP probably right considering the situation. I f i had to pick i think it would be Diekman over Aumont right now.

I look silly at this point for endorsing DeFratus as a good reliever in the offseason, but I still believe it.

He's got great arm side action on his fastball, which makes his slider better than what is probably is by itself. I know hes had a bad year, but I'm going to hide behind the excuse of small sample size and mismanagement.

Basically all the other options suck ass, so I don't even care if he struggles for another 17 IP, just keep him at a late inning role, and let him pitch through it. Whats the alternative over the next ~20-30 appearances? Let someone else suck instead, or even worse, let a loser get lucky success in the 2nd half and trick his way into your offseason plans *cough* Horst, Valdes *cough*

@GBrett: Thanks for the link to that article, wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

RAJ sure has the pulse of the team and the fans. I was sure the purpose of the team meeting was to call out his $25m platoon player, but I'm glad he went after Lee for keeping the mood light in the dugout while our team was being unceremoniously abused, being honestly funny, and being an All-Star. The real kicker is that those antics were surely responsible for Pettibone's horrible outing tonight.

I sincerely hope Dom Brown throws sunflower seeds at Ruf during his next in-game interview.

Lee is just awesome, same approach as he has on the mound. That's not a strike? Next pitch. Young's response was classic as well. "Yeah, we really care about that. Really."

Fvck off Rube...Clifton isn't the problem.

Wait, I assumed that was all a joke.

Amaro really called out Cliff Lee for tossing sunflower seeds at a rookie pitcher during a tv interview? Seriously?

So Rube cares more about keeping up appearances on TV interviews that how well you can play the game.
Kinda like TMac and his obsession with the broadcast teams shirts and Sarge's hats.
It's not weather you win or lose , but how you look during the game.
Explains a lot.

Those interviews are always going to be losing situations in a bad game.They either look locked in and getting their doors blown off or loose (two off duty starters should be loose on their off day) and the ship is sinking. Perhaps offense got the message but I think they just got a crappy Atl pitcher today.
This is no "chicken and beer" situation. We all know about happy chemistry losing team and on edge bickering winners. I think this one is happy treading water right now.
Let's see what happens with Big Piece.

Bowa said he'd have been pissed, too, to see the pitchers goofing off during a blowout game. "Time and a place" la dah la dah.

I personally thought it was hilarious - and the only funny part of the game, frankly.

I remember thinking that if I were Lee and stuck on this team I'd be looking for something to amuse me, too. He's been throwing sunflower seeds during every interview I've seen. It was new to see Hamels and Adams join in, and the batting helmet and cup were new additions to the antics.

But I have no real problem with telling the team to renew their focus. Team meetings can be good every once in a while. I just hope Amaro didn't piss off Lee.

(ya dah v. la dah - whatever)

David Murphy ‏@ByDavidMurphy 1h
With one more home run and seven more RBIs, Dom Brown will have more in both category than any Phillie did all last season

Re: Bowa would have been pissed off too...
If I were Lee and stuck on this team...

Cholly should be pissed off. He should be pissed at Amaro, and the medical staff, and the underperforming players on the team. Maybe he can channel that into managing his lineup and his pitchers better. Too bad he can't hold a front office meeting to call out Amaro. Too bad Lee, Dom, Revere, Utley can't set a meeting and call a few guys in the organization out.

Lee is a consummate professional. Not to rag on Hamels particularly, but Lee had zero run support last year, couldn't get a win forever, and his final line was 6-9 with a 3.16 ERA.

And Rube should just be happy that someone did something last night that encourages people to watch the team he built. Because he's not doing a very good job of that himself.

I wonder if the reaction here at BLer might have been a bit different of J-Roll were being called out for goofing around during a blowout.

Cliff Lee better keep his head down -- from what I read from boy wonder's (RAJ's) comments, he's suddenly a member of this team until the "last dog dies" or his contract runs out; whatever comes first.

The r00b boob is in a tough spot; he re-signed Cliffie, and Mr. Lee has pitched very well, 2012 record notwithstanding. Regardless, Amaro is beholden to the limited partnership, and they are undoubtedly incredibly PO'd with Lee's antics during that horrific 13 - 4 blowout.

The '72 -'74 Oakland A's won their division all the while fighting amoungts themselves. Problem is, I don't beleive they fought with the GM (Charles O. Finley, General Manager 1961-1980!!).

This might be the most bizarre Phillies season ever. And dozens and dozens of seasons could qualify.

Better idea for the common good.

Ban in game interviews in the dugout altogether.

Amaro ought to keep his head down. If you took a fan poll between who should go, I doubt it would be Lee. He wanted to be here, he was, he got shipped off, he still wanted to be here and came back, and hasn't done anything but kick ass since. Amaro, on the other hand...maybe he can pin declining attendance on Lee.

As far as J-Roll goofing around during a blowout is concerned, none of the guys involved in "goofing around" were involved in the game. Lee gets pissed at himself when he strikes out even if he's up six runs late in the game. And Rollins sure as hell wasn't goofing around in that debacle, because he knew they were getting spanked and it was on his watch.

rockaintdead - I hear you. However, all evidence points to the fact that the limited partnership loves Amaro.

Geeshh. Lee stays or goes as he pleases on merit. However, something ugly will arise from Saturday's game. It's a damm shame Lee was just blowing off steam, and God forbid Cliff Lee gets caught up in any nonsense.

I just wish the rest of the bleepin' team had the "steam" Lee does.

Another team meeting that won't change nothing. See guys will start tomorrow and I imagine whatever Cholly said has almost zero impact at this point.

Kind of get the sense the veterans on this team know they don't have enough to truly be a legit playoff team this year. Kind of happens when you have spent the entire 1st half under .500, have several holes, and have a few key players on the DL for an extended time frame. This is a team that needed good health and most of Amaro's moves to pan out positively. Just didn't play out that way.

@MG: I got the same sense, especially from what Young said but also Lee. I don't think it has anything to do with sunflower seeds, but those aren't comments you expect after team meetings. Those are comments that say We aren't in a place where firing up or addressing things is going to help. They also say Amaro sure doesn't have the team. Maybe Cholly does, but given the number of guys around him on the rail day by day (very few), and given Dubee mostly in a reclined position, I'm pretty sure they know they aren't there.

Ben Revere is pretty much having the year I expected from him on offense (.290/.340/.330, 35SB) but poorer on defense.

Phillies team is certainly not the juggernaut of the past few seasons. However, if Halladay comes back they could have the starting pitching and vet bats to make a World Series run. Somehow the bullpen would need huge improvement though.

I still think the Phillies should be mild sellers. The team needs some shakeup and it'd be great if Ruf was able to spark them as Puig did. I'd like to see the Youngs traded while Phillies can still get something for them as the replacements may not be much worse.

Toughest issue is bullpen since relievers are normally expensive in trades. Phillies may have to try to get a 'name' guy having a bad year and hope he magically gets better (think Romero). No real help from the minors either.

Ruben's little hissy fit over the Saturday incident just another indicator that he needs to go.

Saw an interesting stat on a CH.10 sports show. Since April 18th, the Braves, Nats and Phillies have the exact same record - 37-36. This mutual mediocrity might make for an interesting rest of the season.

Scott Harriston to the Nats for a A Ball type. (Minor move)

Yep Dragon they mentioned that on 2nd game. The Braves where only one game better since their 12-1 start. Since the Phillies beat them in game 3 they both have the same record since then. Go figure...

If only the Braves didn't have that 12-1 start . . .
Good win. Play hard tomorrow.

Get the feeling Hairston starts tomorrow and takes Lannan deep at least once. Then we can all channel our inner Franzke.

I'm just not spending money on this franchise until Amaro is out. No reason to, really.

Not that one person can make a difference, but judging by what I see on Comcast, I'm hardly the only person.

@Hugh I don't hold out any hope this team can make a run and win the division, but I do think a mini-run like that (not quite to the tune of 12-1) isn't out of reach for this team. The question becomes, will it be too late by the time they start stringing wins together?

If MYoung wants to help the team win, the number one thing he can do is to go to the manager and tell him he insists he be pulled for defense every game the Phils have a lead. Because he's an embarrassment there, and a big reason why this team's playoff prospects are not better.

Better yet, he should insist he back up Frandsen to begin with.

Series wins are always good but we could've used a sweep. I saw briefly yesterday that someone was talking about Grilli and Moss and how they were in LHV and we let them go and now they are producing elsewhere. The poster said, "I'm not going to pretend I thought they would be good in the majors...." which I thought was a good thing to point out.

Being a GM means a lot of your moves are judged in hindsight. Grilli appears to be a huge miss but he could have very easily come up and been a typical AAAA player and we wouldn't be pining for him so much. On some level this is all lottery ticket scratching and at some point Amaro needs to hit because right now he is in the middle of a bad stretch.

When Grilli opted out, the Phillies had some real dreck in their bullpen. As of July 20, 2011, Danys Baez had made 4 appearances in the previous month, recording 4.1 IP and allowing 11 ER. He had already made the last appearance of his career. Grilli was no sure thing but, his numbers at Lehigh had gained attention and there were multiple pieces published pointing to him as a logical call-up in light of his opt-out rights. Basically, people were saying that they had a revolving door of suck and, they should give him a try before they lost him. They had Juan Perez, David Herndon and Drew Carpenter in the pen, also. I believe they passed on him in favor of the eventual return of Brad Lidge.

Rube's ripping of Lee seems to me to be very similar to how Boston deals with veterans right before they dump them via trade.

Hopefully, it doesn't work like that. All this needs is a Peter Gammons article about how Lee is drunk and doing drugs with prositutes between innings to be complete.

Hopefully, this backfires on Rube but somehow I think the WIP crowd might just fall for it.

It's absolutely ridiculous that Amaro and co. made a big deal about having a little fun with a rookie. If it was 13-4 or 13-2 at the time, I can see their side, but it was 3-1 with the fate of the game very much undecided still. And they did the exact same thing earlier in the year and didnt catch crap for it.

Bowa saying he'd be pissed was as expected as the sun rising in the morning. That's basically what got him kicked out of town. It's good to get like that at appropriate times, but it wears on the players if its constant.

...and did someone really suggest Ruf could be comparable to Puig last night?

I don't think anyone, especially the WIP crowd, is going to side with Lee over Amaro.

Lee could sleep with their wives and they'd find a way to blame Amaro for it.

No, Philliper, the responses probably wouldn't have been the same, since while Rollins is still a decent player, he's not half the player that Cliff Lee is.

If Cliff Lee wanted to spend the days where he wasn't starting dressed in sackcloth and ashes, screeching like a howler monkey at every other pitcher, I'd probably be in favor of letting him do that.

whoever suggested that if Jroll goofed around, people wouldn't be so quick to write it off as OK is wrong. The first time posters and random lurkers who already hate jroll would have obviously jumped in and whined about it, but that's far from what the majority here do.

Revere has reached base safely 21 times in his last 54 PA (.367/.415/.490), but has 0 SB (4 CS) to show for it! WTF?!

The OVER 40.5 SB is starting to worry me more now than I was when he couldn't even get on base.

I think this whole thing is such a contrived controversy. Amaro/Manuel handled it in-house with a meeting. That's what you want to see. After reading Zo's article, they didn't rip any player to the media. If I was a GM/Manager and saw my players doing that during an in-game interview during this season, I would have a problem with it too.

I'll echo someone who said it above - in-game interviews are stupid.

Seems like Kratz is coming back pretty fast

Definitely not what I expected after it first happened.

lore - There would've been a very vocal contingent who would've jumped all over Rollins for the same antics. There was a very heated debate last season about him not hustling. Lee didn't run out a grounder and there was nary a word from that same group of posters. I do agree with you that the majority of posters don't see the big deal with either player goofing off. The whole thing is absurd in my mind.

In the exact same amount of PA (203)



Damnit Mayberry!

Then again, if I recall correctly, Yak needs something like a 1.300 OPS to offset his horrific defense.

I wonder if Donut could fetch anything in a trade. A RH farmhand reliever perhaps?

NL Ranks

AVG 6th
OBP 8th
SLG 4th
OPS 6th
R 7th

Seems like the offense has risen to the middle of the pack

Nice to know not every aspect of the team is terrible right now

I like the notion that Lee can get away with anything because he is a better player currently than Rollins. Goes to show how little he is appreciated in this city and, frankly, I'm surprised he hasn't gone further than the 'front runner' comments about the fans. Very few recognize what he's done for the franchise over the last decade.

If this isn't an Onion article, it should be...

Phillies, Nationals Petition MLB to Nullify Braves' 12-1 Start
Do-over! Those Games Don't Count

Ice-- I just hope he heats up offensively and starts contributing more this year. I still believe he's got a power surge coming.

Lee being a pitcher also gives him a lot of leeway for things he does on the basepaths. But yes I certainly realize there is a portion of fans who would jump on Rollins for any clubhouse goofing around - but those people are the same tired and thick-skulled people who whine anytime he does anything.

cyclic/ice: agreed, jimmy is having a disappointing season. He has largely slid by because of so many other glaring problems on the team and another season around baseball of very poor hitting SS.

For all his flaws over his career, Rollins offered something that almost no one else baseball could in the past decade: A slick defending SS who could hit double digit HR and swipe well over 20 bags.

Rollins' 10 seasons of +10 HR and +20 SB is most in MLB in history by a SS. (Jeter with 8, Larkin with 7). He has more HR than any SS since he came up, and trails Reyes by 8 SB for most by a SS as well.

His bread and butter in 2013 is: 4 HR and 8 SB. Ouch.

His bread and butter in 2013 is: 4 HR and 8 SB. Ouch.

Posted by: lorecore | Monday, July 08, 2013 at 09:58 AM

Only 2 full years to go on that contract...good times.

lore-- Don't forget the 6 CS. He's slow remember?

I'm actually not that worried about him. He does typically heat up in the second half, especially HRs/SLG.

Phillies SS have the 10th highest OPS in 2013, their best positional ranking behind LF (#2).

JP Crawford off to a nice start in the GCL:
.435/.480/.435/.915. No extra base hits but 4 SB and 1 CS.

* in the majors, not the NL.

FWIW, I say 2 more full years because his vesting option is almost 100% a guarantee if he stays healthy. He's currently on pace for 681 PA this year which would mean he only needs to have 419 PA next year for it to vest for 2015.

Its not a payroll killer at only $11 million there's that.

Are we sure Ramirez has "Pumpkin'd"? And what about DeFratus?

Hard to know what to expect of these guys from night to night. Not sure the Return of Horst is enough/anything that will help this bullpen.

If Utley catches that liner, Ramirez is out of that inning.

I didn't catch the game, just saw the P word in the game thread somewhere.

JRoll's defense has also slipped. He has always been a guy though he hits notably better in the 2nd half though.

Same with Chooch. Both guys have had disappointing years offensively so far but hopefully they begin to turn it around.

I don't really mind the Rollins contract, because even with his decline in power and baserunning, he's still a league-average SS, which carries a good bit of value.

The Papelbon contract, on the other hand, is horrendous. I was watching the ESPN telecast last night, and Buster Olney was basically saying that no teams were willing to trade for Papelbon despite him being available, because no one wanted to touch $13 million for the next two seasons plus the vesting option.

Now, take that with a grain of salt--it's in teams' best interest to drive down the market for him. But it seems plausible to me. In this day and age, the idea of committing to almost $30 million of guaranteed money to a closer in his mid-30s is anathema to almost every baseball team run by reasonably intelligent people.

Jack: Agreed. Can you imagine Tigers Beerleaguer have to suffer through Castellanos for Papelbon rumors? That would make me sick to my stomach.

@ Iceman
Rollins is hitting for a robust .263/.323/.358 slash line right now (with negative dWAR, according to baseball reference), so I can see why you might want to apply the same "Don't mess with what's working" logic to him as you would with Cliff Lee.

Jack - Yeah. JRoll is still going to finish up at a 2-2.5 WAR player and at $11M this year that isn't bad value.

Right now, JRoll has been a 0.2 bWAR player...and we're past the halfway point.

He's really going to have to pick it up to end up in the 2.0-2.5 bWAR range.

NEPP: Fangraphs has him at 1.2, so that's probably what MG was going off.

I also don't usually believe in the "second half player" thing, but I think Rollins will be better in the second half in terms of power. I think he'll finish right around what you'd have expected at the beginning of the season: .265/.320/.400 with average to above-average defense. That's a league-average SS.

If Jroll finishes with that line, which is aloso think he can, he'll be well above a league average SS, who is .253/.304/.370 right now and was .257/.310/.378 last year.

And if you think those numbers are low, just look at the guys who are actually available. Any SS who can field well and hit in the high 600's OPS are getting locked up.

*which i also*

If Rollins gives us an OPS+ in the 90-95 range with decent defense, I'll be totally happy. Asking him to be an MVP type player is just ridiculous. If he does the above, he's earnign his contract for the most part.

"JRoll's defense has also slipped.."

MG has had this copied to his clipboard in MS Word since 2009.

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