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Saturday, July 20, 2013


13 runs! I..did..not..see..that..happening!

Free Susdorf!

No mention of JRoll batting leadoff tonight and leading the game off with a hit, getting on base twice tonight, and scoring 2 runs?

J-Roll is back!!

We were patient tonight - taking some pitches early - and lo and behold look at the result :)

This game still screams that the phillies need a better bullpen. We've tried everyone internally and now it's time to look elsewhere. Something needs to be done before the tigers games!

BAP: I look forward to quoting you out of context in the future with this:

"I actually think I'd rather have Mini-Mart..."

MG complaining about the bullpen usage in a blowout is classic MG nonsense.

Hamels at -125 vs. Wheeler.

ESPN talking about trading Lee to the Bucs is a trade 'so good it has to happen'.


Phils 7 - 2 in games started by Ruf.

"Hamels at -125 vs. Wheeler."

Stealing money. Plus, it's Day Hamels!

Darin Ruf refuses to drop below a 1.000 OPS for his MLB career haha

Doesn't Ruf know he's supposed to suck. Pretty selfish of him to keep hitting like that.

I am a huge Darin Ruf fan, and can't afford to wish my life away. However, no one is rooting harder for Babe Ruf to put up serious power numbers for the remainder of this season, and to make the FO look like the clueless dopes that they are.

Amaro's legacy - and that of the limited partnership's insistence that big dollar contracts play at nearly all costs - hang in the balance. How nonsensical was it to run an injured Howard out there game after game in '13, all the while a healthy, eager Darin Ruf rotted in LHV? Geeesh.


3.42 ERA in his last 18 starts
2.95 ERA in his last 8 starts
1.57 ERA in his last 3 starts

He needs to keep it up today.

Michael Young Since June 1st:

39 G, 36 GS, 166 PA, .321 AVG/.343 OBP/.840 OPS

Are we really sure that Frandsen/Asche could replace that production at 3B? He's been a machine offensively for 3 of the first 4 months of the season now.

I did find it odd that he's walked just 6 times in that time period but he's still getting on pace at a good enough pace so its not a huge concern.

BoSox signed Jose Contreras. Happy for him. Hope he stays healthy.

Yeah, they gave him and Lyon minor league deals. Good zero risk options for their bullpen before the deadline. They'll have 10 days to evaluate them internally to see if they want to trade for a more expensive arm.

So the Sox can take a flyer on Contreras but with our bullpen, we can't? Got it. And does anyone know the real reason why Jermaine Mitchell was released. Sure seems he would be a hell of a lot more useful than having a third catcher. More stellar work from Amaro.

Since returning from the DL, Utley has hits in 20 of his 23 starts and has posted an .894 OPS in that time.

Only 27 hits but 16 of them are for extra bases.

Chris Dickerson was DFa'ed. Asuming we can make it through the Met series while the farm decides who can play CF is a bit risky.

I would imagine as far as backup CFs go, most teams aren't lucky enough to have a guy of Mayberry's ability. Sure, some teams do but as backups go, he's pretty solid.

I agree, NEPP. Mayberry is doing exactly what he's on the roster to do. Back up, fill in, spot start, pinch hit and play defense. He's actually pretty valuable.

I find it interesting that the A's have thought enough of 27 year old Michael Taylor to keep him on the 40 man roster for the past several years but yet do not think enough of him to have him on the MLB roster. He mashes every year at AAA but has only played in 26 games over the course of the past 3 seasons for the big club.

All you Ruf lovers better get out of the Orgazmatron.

His OPS DROPPED last night despite his going 2/5. He just can't keep his OBP above .440 and his SLG above .640.


Jon Mayberry, Jr. has a lifetime OPS of .759 in 1067 PA.

How many teams have a 4th OF - who can fill in in CF and 1B - who is that good?

The members of the Moronocracy (a small minority here) who were calling for his release earlier in the season ought to just stop posting and embarrassing themselves.

Many here (myself included) have posted this before: Mayberry, if DFA'd, would never make it through waivers.

All you need to do to know that is look at the Mets lineup last night and see who they started in the OF.

@awh I've never understood the Mayberry hate. Always thought it was misguided at best. Your points are spot-on about the type of player he is and the value he brings.

Phillies Pythagorean W-L is 44-53. It makes sense that their actual W-L is better. The bullpen had a bad habit there for a while of turning small deficits into 6-run blowouts. Add in a couple of massive Halladay blowups and runs against becomes pretty misleading.

Props to Darin Ruf. Guy was drafted as a college senior in the 20th round, probably to be an organizational bat. Even if he can't ever clinch a starting or bench spot, to make it to the big leagues and help, even for a little while, is quite an accomplishment for him.

Rollins, SS
Young, M, 3B
Utley, 2B
Brown, D, LF
Ruf, 1B
Young, D, RF
Mayberry, CF
Ruiz, C
Hamels, P

Not a Mayberry hater per say i just think he is that a sub. He fills his role(s).

The Phillies even before Amaro always loved their 26+ yo old rookies.

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