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Saturday, July 06, 2013


Hudson has started pitching better in last 5-6 starts, but he's still a very hittable guy this season.

Hudson is one of those guys who can sneak through 6 IP before you know it - really hope the Phils don't start trying to crush sinkers down in the zone for a bunch of weak groundouts.

Howard has always hit Hudson aplenty, really needs to continue.

i noticed that Howard has more BB than K vs Hudson for his career (12/11). Thought that'd might be the only pitcher who would have done that, but there are a decent amount who have done the same. Haha, this one blows my mind though:

Clayton Kershaw, 6 BB /4 K


I like that MG has railed for months that Amaro is here til the end of his deal but now he is a lame duck. But a lame duck that is going to lead the Phillies thru two lean years. So basically three opinions all at once- solid.

Also, from reading The Rotation Amaro is going nowhere. I'll go into it more when I finish the book but Amaro appears to be the perfect "yes man."

as someone said last night, Howard's HR was 439ft, his longest of the season.

I thought i'd be going back to 2011 to find another longer, and maybe back even further for one off a lefty, but his last HR of 2012 was off of Mike Minor, and went for 449ft. Total blast, hit off the top of the batters eye.

Based on the consistent level of mediocrity we have displayed in the last year and a half, I'm betting on a 5-5 homestand (6-4 at best). Do I hope they go 10-0 and I lose that bet. You bet! I'm a fan, not an armchair G.M., not a trade geek, not a stats geek. I like to watch winning baseball. But, I'm also a realist and simply have not been impressed by what Amaro has put on the field in 2012 and 13.

Dragon: that is fine. And my point of contention of some "fans" on here is that they want to lose so Charlie or Amaro are wrong and what the BL person types is true.

I don't think Amaro is great but I never envision a scenario where I am actively rooting for them to fail so I can then say "haha Standord grad."

Why was Howard scratched. Why is Nix playing? Move m. young to first frandsden to 3rd..

I'm not there yet, but I'm getting close to feeling about Amaro the way I did about Andy Reid for the past few years- there was a part of me that wanted the Eagles to fail miserably so Reid would be gone. I got my wish, with the problem being it required a couple painful, non-compatible seasons for management to finally see the light. I hope the Phils get back what we have been used to recently or this goes downhill fast this year and RAJ gets the axe just as quickly.

Have to love auto correct, compatible=competitive

Matt Gelb Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 7m

Phillies view hurting Howard better than alternatives. RT @CrashburnAlley: @magelb Any idea why they're not DLing Howard?

@scott my first reaction to that is "can they be serious?" Then I realize we are dealing with the stellar combo of RAJ and the Phillies medical staff

J.P. Crawford,3-4 today ,batting .435,great start.
Not much in the way of 3b since Rolen. Now Asche,Franco, and Green. One of them should solve that problem for years.

Jim Salisbury Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 8s

Ryan Howard has been placed on the DL #Phillies

Ruf recalled.


Now we go on a winning streak. RUF FREE AT LAST

Will Ruf nake it to the All-Star break before people start bashing him as a stiff and blasting Rube as a moron for bringing him up?

AFish: The average attention span of posters here is 5 innings. That should answer your question.

On the whole "rooting for them to lose" thing.

I basically agree with what most people have said. In the abstract, I understand that losing is likely best for the long-term interests of the franchise right now. But while the game is on, I root for the Phillies to win.

I love that Ruf had to sit in AAA for 3 months because he was a LF now, but as soon as there was an injury to our 1B, he was called up.

Tim Hudson = Hudson Hawk
Nuff said

I'm happy to see Ruf up. Unlike 90% of posters here I don't think he's a star in waiting. I think he's a decent bench guy/4th OF/backup 1B. But I could be wrong. He could well be worse than that.

Congrats to Domonic Brown on his first of hopefully many AllStar appearances.

Jack: What do you think Ruff will do? .935 OPS? Am I low on that?

Dubes: Dom & Cliff are the only worthy Phillies All Star candidates.

Clout: I completely agree with you on what Ruf is.

As for rooting for the Phillies to lose...never! This is not the NBA where one bad year and some fortuitous free agent signings/trades and a lottery pick can set you on the path to a title. The draft picks in MLB take years to make the big leagues and there is still some life left in this squad.

I told Ruf he could bang my wife if he gets us in contention.

Do we know if Ruf is already with the team?

So Howard started against a lefty and now has to go on the DL. Cholly is one stupid manager. Mayberry also hits righties better than Nix and plays a better 1B and runs better and will be more likely to be here next year.

BAP: Supposedly he's on his way down from LHV, and will be there sometime during the game.

So I fully expect a pinch-hit game winning HR.

Well, this is pretty much the essence of suck: the game is blacked out & Gameday is unavailable.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 2m
Amaro said he hoped Darin Ruf would become the everyday 1B, but said, "That's up to Charlie."

Amaro actually said that.

Jack: Thanks. Hopefully Gameday will be back up by the time of his dramatic arrival.

Amaro says he hopes Ruf becomes the everyday 1B.

The guy they just kept in AAA for three months to learn to be an everyday LF.

Inside Darin Ruf's brain: "I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain."

I had a bad feeling about this game.

Why? Because I sat down with a beer to watch it on TV.

Nice start, Kendrick.

......,,This just announced, Utley, Howard, Lee and Papelbon plus 28 million for Profar

A small strike zone is really not going to be good for Kendrick.

@jack really, is amaro serious?

That's Ruftastic!!!

Gerald Laird has that sophisticated look of the guy they find nude, drunk and unconscious after they clean up the infield of a NASCAR event.

Amaro says he hopes Ruf becomes the everyday 1B.

The guy they just kept in AAA for three months to learn to be an everyday LF.

Posted by: Jack | Saturday, July 06, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Stupider like a fox!!!

my sweat is sweating, i really need an air conditioner

We really made Hudson work there.

cortland is coming.

Anyone else having major issues with MLB Gameday?

"Anyone else having major issues with MLB Gameday?"

Yep. And all of the Gameday alternatives (Yahoo!, ESPN, CBSSports) pretty much suck.

I cannot get game day, NEPP.

If Ruf proves that he can hit at the MLB level without the burden of learning a new position, it opens up the possibility of a Howard / Ruf platoon (preferably with either of them hitting fifth in the lineup behind Brown. Naturally, whoever isn't starting can pinch hit.

If we have to pay Howard for the length of his contract anyway, we might as well not suffer through his disastrous performance against lefties. If you average out his salary with Ruf, it's really no more of a financial burden than we're already saddled with, and it's a virtual certainty that it will lead to better production from 1B for the season.

Like I said, I had a bad feeling about this game, because I actually took the time to plan my evening around watching it on TV.

Not to mention that some of those alternatives are also down. For some reason, when one real-time website goes down, they all seem to go down.

I'm on ESPN Gamecast right now and I despise it.

Can't watch it on cable either as there's some really important HGTV stuff going on (apparently) and I'm getting the Mets game regardless apparently.


Wasn't it only a few days ago that people were calling Kyle Kendrick untradeable?

Was Michael Young expecting a bunt or something from BJ Upton? Why on earth was he playing on the grass?

This team's defense is really bad.

I will apologize to all of Beerleaguer and the Phillies fanbase and promise to never, ever bash Dan Uggla ever again.


It's so annoying when they black out games nationally because they are on Fox - then Fox doesn't show the game. I'm on the West Coast and last year sometime I finally just use a VPN to connect to my MLBtv from a different country. Only way I can watch these ones.

For those others of you not in the Philly area, MLBtv is great. They haven't (as of yet) blocked accessing it from multiple IPs at the same time, so I basically split my subscription with some pals.

Wasn't it only a few days ago that people were calling Kyle Kendrick untradeable?

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Saturday, July 06, 2013 at 07:41 PM

Well, technically, if he keeps this up, he'll still be "untradeable"...just for different reasons.

For those others of you not in the Philly area, MLBtv is great. They haven't (as of yet) blocked accessing it from multiple IPs at the same time, so I basically split my subscription with some pals.

Posted by: rockaintdeadyet | Saturday, July 06, 2013 at 07:42 PM is the greatest purchase I have ever made...I started doing it in 2007 when I finally got a laptop capable of streaming video effectively and it has gotten better every single year since then. Before that, I had the homeplate tv package (or whatever the hell its called) and 95% of the time, the game was a terrible non-HD feed. Add in the add-on and its even more fantastic.

On the other hand, this might not be a bad game to miss. Kendrick isn't exactly settling in and if the first inning is any indication, this might be one of those nights where the lineup inexplicably decides to take a nap.

KK gave up 3 straight hits in 3 pitches this inning? Ugh.

Wasn't it only a few days ago that people were calling Kyle Kendrick untradeable?

Posted by: bay_area_phan

That was before he got hit in the head.

And now the bases are loaded. KK is playing with fire.

I don't know whose performance is worse tonight: Kyle Kendrick or Gameday.

KK back to being KK. It's gonna be a long night, bulpen will get overused with Pettibone and Lannan next 2 starts. Needed KK to go at least 7. I'm glad they pushed back Hamel's last start so KK, petti, Lannan are together. Brilliant job Cholly and Dubee. Never thought about the bullpen at all. guarantee he pen will blow at least 2 of next 4 games.

i'd love to see a presser where rube rips the #3 jersey off yak and gives it to babe.

Can Ruf pitch?

That was a great & much-needed DP!


Not as smooth as Lee's 1-2-3, but a very good stab my KK to start it.

"I don't know whose performance is worse tonight: Kyle Kendrick or Gameday."

I think your attempt at humor trumps both.

For those who are watching, is KK just having one of those "sh!t the bed" type nights or what?

i'd love to see a presser where rube rips the #3 jersey off yak and gives it to babe.

Posted by: bullit | Saturday, July 06, 2013 at 07:47 PM


Did Nix's poor throw from the ground screw up this inning, or was it going to be a single regardless? I got in just about that time.

NEPP: Yes, his stuff looks terrible, he's hanging splitters and change ups up in the zone, and he walked the pitcher.

Sweet, MILB game day is also I cant even watch the IronPigs instead.

Set up perfectly for a Young DP here.

@GBrett: Nix had plenty of time to throw him out. He rushed it from his back and threw it behind Kendricks.

KK looks awful. He's falling behind everyone and throwing offspeed stuff high in the zone.

sweet, very controlled swing by dom. not one of those crappy, throw the bat at it and hope.

For the record, I would have brought up Josh Fields since I thought Darin Ruf was an outfielder, and platooned him with Frandsen at 1B. But I hardly think that would be a big difference, so good for Ruf, hope he makes the most of it.

And props to whoever predicted Howard would hit the DL shortly after Utley returned.

Dom's emergence this year as an elite OF has been nothing short of amazing. Its been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal season.

I think my next jersey will be a Domonator one.

TTI - Amaro is signed through '15 and yeah if the Phils don't make the playoffs this year I didn't like their chances the next 2 years at all.

I don't care if he is a 'yes man' or a guy who was hand groomed by the current FO. If their attendance really dips over the next 2 years due to poor team performance and really affects team revenues/overall value of the team, he's gone.

'Money talks, b$ walks' and the lack of making the playoffs the past 4 years with teams that are .500 or worse will force the Phils' hands I bet.

KK isn't pitching well, but M. Young and L. Nix aren't doing him any favors with their defense.

bap: why is the game blacked out on the west coast?

Have we settled with an official nickname for Dom Brown?

Domonator or Downtown Dom Brown are both acceptable.

Baseball-Reference actually has his nickname as "Downtown" which I find hilarious.

nepp: i really hope they don't charge $10k for a DOM allstar jersey - would hate to need to take out a loan.


It's a national broadcast on Fox, so they black it out nationally on everything except Fox.

But Fox never actually shows the game on the West Coast. They're showing SFG LAD here instead.

#9 is harry "the horse" anderson's number.

I like Downtown but it's a bit long, I think you have to shorten it to just Downtown Brown.

Hudson is very hard to steal off of, but I think he should give it a shot this AB.

lore/rock: We have the Giants-Dodgers game on Fox here. I think the logic is that, if they black out all other MLB games, people will watch the one that's actually on tv. Personally, I think it's pretty dubious logic. If you're a hardcore fan of a non-televised team, you're going to follow that team on Gameday (if it were working) before watching 2 random teams on Fox. And if you're not a hardcore fan, you probably don't have in the first place.

Hey, no stealin' me nickname.

No love for Downtown Ollie Brown?

downtown dom brown has a nice rhythm to it.

damn thats BS, i only thought games got blacked out due to local conflicts.

dear god, end this Gattis interview.

Prediction: Kendrick will struggle for the next 2 games before being put on the DL after going for a 2nd opinion on his concussion.

Because of the Fox blackout, I'm stuck with JJ and Sarge on the radio. Sarge is completely clueless about the All Star game -- he just expressed surprise that Grilli wasn't selected (JJ told him that he was). Earlier, he said that coaches recognized Brown's success, and JJ had to tell him that the players voted Brown in.

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