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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


First post? The advantage of spending Independence Day at a business meeting in Tokyo.

Re-post, but whatever...

The problem with selling off KK is that means you are in full-on fire sale mode, and you have no intention of competing within the next 3 years. I'm on board with selling off potential FAs and older players, but I'm not sure I like the idea of selling off younger vets who can help you contend in the near future.

What's the over/under on Doms HRs for the season?


No sense of urgency, no accountability. I love how Dubee waits until the horse has left the barn and trampled the town before he visits Lannan on the mound. How about going out there BEFORE the damage is done for once?

"The Phillies ... are 5-20 this season when a starter fails to go six innings."

CM left Lannan in a little too long, but with this bullpen you need to get as much out of your starter as you can.

Never liked Lannan as Nat.
Not liking him all that much as a Phil.

I'd probably take the under on 35 if I was actually putting money on it, but I think he can hit 37 or so this season.

Really pleasantly surprised by his power development this year.

Pretty weak game recap.

"Jeckyl And Hyde" Offense???

The offense just isn't any good. "Jeckyl and Hyde" would mean that its really good one night and really bad the next.

This offense is pretty consistently bad, the vast majority of the time. And has been for 80 plus games.

And again, Lannen got beat tonight. Not the bullpen. The bullpen gave up the same number of runs as the Pirates pen did. Locke was better then Lannen. Pettibone was better then Cumpton last night.

You can't blame the bullpen for every loss, even though some of you use the same tired crutch every night. Its also not Delmon Young's fault every night the team loses either.

The entire team hasn't been good enough. All year long. The bullpen has sucked, but if some of you think that a few better arms in the pen would mean much in the grand scheme of things, you are sadly mistaken. Lots of teams need better arms in their bullpens. Some good teams are shaky at closer.

I'll take an even 40 for Dom.

Which unfortunately is about 20 more than Ryan will get.

Do the rangers regret trading chris Davis??????

One last one to clear up from my previous post...

Yes, if you could add David Robertson, Sean Marshall and 2011 Jonny Venters to the bullpen, that would certainly help. But a bunch of teams are looking for those type of guys. Aren't many of them out there. Every team in baseball have guys in their pen that are good one night, bad the next. Guys who can't find the strikezone to save their life. Guys with great fastballs and questionable 2nd pitches.

Rube rolled the dice with Mike Adams, who actually used to be one of those fairly dependable late inning relievers. It didn't work out. Its not like there were 10 other Mike Adams out there in FA. There were a bunch of "roll the dice" guys, who have been good and bad in their careers.

The Phils have been grooming these young relievers in the minors for years. Its time they found out what they have with them (or what they don't have with them). I am sure they didn't think they'd have 5 or 6 of them all up together at the same time. But they do now and they've got what they've got. In a lost season, the hope will be that a couple of them gain the confidence and trust of the organization for 2014 and beyond. That's probably what the last 2 months of this season is going to be about anyway.

And to that end, I'd look for a couple more young arms to be added in trades and probably a kid like Ethan Martin to be eventually moved into the pen too. Add as many into the competition as you can find and see who sinks and who swims. Add enough to the mix and you'll eventually find a couple gems. Or at least you should.

Chris: I'd trade KK for the right price, a pretty high price. He's not that young.1 year left of team control and then he becomes a FA at 30.

"but the unproven bullpen ..."

Uh. I think that this bullpen is proven. Proven to be horrible, that is.

"If Gallardo gets you Skaggs, what would Kyle Kendrick get you, Skaggs AND Delgado?"

I know Gallardo's having a terrible year, & Kendrick a good one. But Gallardo was way better than KK before that. I find it hard to believe that KK's trade value is higher than Gallardo's -- especially since Gallardo is under contract for one extra year.

Chris: I'd trade KK for the right price, a pretty high price. He's not that young.1 year left of team control and then he becomes a FA at 30.
Posted by: jbird | Wednesday, July 03, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Sorry, I am classifying younger vets as any who could still be here and productive when the Phil's are competitive again in 2-3 years...I don't think of KK as young, really. But I stick by my point; once you start selling off the KKs of this team, you are completely giving up on contending in the near future, and I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

It was funny as I was at the game and was struggling to name the bullpen guys. Took me five beats to recognize Savery.

Lannan didn't have it from the outset. He pitched well in spots but, was filling the bags. He was obviously not going more than 5. When they walked Ruiz to get to him in teh 4th, I thought, an aggressive manager might pull him. Only, there was no choice. There was literally no one to turn to to go 3-4 innings, much less a hitter worth ph'ing there.

Funny - was talking to some bucco fan from Youngstown when they brought Diekman in and I said he'll walk Alvarez. Guy said, Alvarez won't let that happen. I responded that Diekman will throw a wild pitch to score the run if he throws enough pitches. Both right.

Hugh- How's the park @ Pitts.?

want to catch a game there on a road trip to Ohio and WV next year.

Fantastic park, Bubba. Better than CBP by a good measure.


Our ace is pitching with an extra couple days rest in Thursday's game. What could go wrong?

Bubba - Great park to watch a game; plays short to right and like the biggest park in baseball in left center. If you want to sit with a view of downtown PGH you should get seats high behind home or on the first base/ right field side.

limoguy: It's a day game for Cole, and he's had 2 extra days to brood about it.

Things have crystalized as of tonight. This team can win consistently, without question. All out retooling of bullpen must take place NOW. Send these kids down to AA or wherever they learn their craft. Tryouts are over folks. Buy a couple of studs in a hurry. Lannan? Adequate 5 starter but no better. Charlie seems to have thrown in the towel listening to his recent comments. Let him go now. Time has come for RS to take over helm. The offense with Dom,Chase,Youngs,and Chooch can carry the load. If Ruben can't find two or three relievers quick...time for him to depart also. GM, be a GM!!!

Repost from last night, I can't let it go:

@cyclic re: your 7:50 post. We can bitch all we want about Lannan being slow or maybe safe, but go back and watch the replay of Utley's double. Not only is Lannan watching where the god damn ball is going with two outs, he's doing it during a half-assed jog approaching second base. F U Lannan, especially now that we lost by a run. I haven't really fumed over too many losses this year because I've resigned myself to thinking (correctly as it turns out) that this team sucks and so does Amaro, but I'm super-pissed about this loss after watching that replay.

Bap: if that's how Arizona is thinking, then that's why we should try and trade with them. Gallardo isn't just having bad luck, his stuff is way down.

And kk costs half as much as gallardo for this and next year.

Again, not saying we should dump kk but if top 10 prospects are on the market in exchange for comparable starters then they have to shop him

You know this another problem with the pen. Dont think has been mentioned or at least for a while. Rube counting too much on a fringe journeyman reliever in Valdes. Having said that me thinks I would call him up again. It cant be much worse than what the younger guys have been doing. Looks like he has straighten himself out in AAA.

There is no more "determining whether they're going to buy or sell."

They're not good, and they will be sellers. It's just a question of who and for what.

If there's going to be a crystal clear example of why the 'You will be disappointed by what you'll get for Utley/Lee/Papelbon' crowd completely misses the point, let it be this Gallardo for Skaggs deal.

I love denny's notion that the bullpen is off the hook because they only gave up as many runs as the Pirates bullpen did (oddly enough, through 3 innings- the same amount as the PHI relievers pitched- they had given up nothing).

Yes, 2 runs in 3 innings is a great standard to set for this bunch of losers. And it's ok, because the other team did it too! (with more outs to get, but still!)

As an advocate of only trading Lee for multiple A prospects and Utley if you're getting at least one top 50 type and something else nice, Skaggs for Gallardo makes me think Utley and Lee could yield enough to deal.

Yes, Gallardo's contract status is better than Lee's and Utley's. But this was the year he was supposed to become an ace (something he really hasn't ever been before) and he's been pretty awful. While Utley and Lee would certainly help you win a World Series this year, you can't be so sure Gallardo is going to be better than a guy in AAA.

Anyway, let's see if this deal actually happens. And maybe Arizona knows something about Skaggs. (Like they may have known Upton isn't that great of a hitter.)

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