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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sale is what should be next

Have the Phillies ever had a worse fielding team than this?
Even Utley is kicking the ball around this year.

I've seen a lot of years of Phillies baseball but this team is giving up a lot of ground balls past a diving 3b, fly balls into no mans land( which is a very large % of the outfield geography, and routine singles turned into extra base hits.

The Phils had 0 errors tonight and at least 6 bad defensive plays.

We don't even belong on the field in baseball heaven.

Say goodnight, Gracie.

"Mayberry’s head-scratching dive busted the game wide open."

Yes, if he had just played it on a hop and thrown the ball back into the infield, it would have only been 8-1 instead of 9-1. And everybody knows that a 7 run deficit is no big deal. But a 8 run deficit? That's game over folks! The floodgates were opened with that ridiculous play by our CF!

Some of the game recaps lately here have kinda gone along with the Phils play on the field. Not exactly playoff-worthy stuff.

What’s next?
What do u think????????

The Mayberry sequence broke the game open. He stumbled as he chased after the ball and then stupidly dove after it in a ridiculous move.

Reports are the Red Sox are interested in Jake Peavy and that Middlebrooks has been talked about in that deal. That means it is not far fetched at all to think you could get a big package centered around Middlebrooks from the Red Sox.

Also, I know what Stark said but Salisbury said last night on CSN that the Phillies are ready to act as sellers.

Looking at a very real possibility of an 8 game losing streak, maybe longer depending on what they do with the Giants.

Who will write the obituary for the golden age of Phillies baseball?

If Utley and Young get off the plane in philly after this road trip, I will be disappointed. Time to SELL SELL SELL!

I'm gonna go ahead and re-post this because I feel like I need an answer to this question...

Chris - That's true, but it could have been fixed in the offseason, and during April, May, and June. RAJ should be held accountable for his ineptitude.
Posted by: Jake | Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 11:23 PM
I've said this before, and I'll say it again...let's not deal in "what-ifs" or "could-be's". Lets deal with the reality of the team as currently constructed. Yes, the team could have been upgraded in the off-season or earlier in the year, but it wasn't. So with this "horribly flawed roster" as it currently stands, there's virtually no chance they make the playoffs. Even a move here or there doesn't improve their chances more than a little bit. So why be a buyer? Doesn't the reality of the situational make it obvious you should be a seller?

tti: salsbury also reported that Q wouldn't be DFA'd because no other OF are better two days before Q was DFA'd. He has no credibility.

And its not his fault, since his source has the baseball acumen of a teenage girl on her period. Ruben couldn't tell you what he really thought two days later even if he tried.

Amaro should not be collecting a pay check, he has done nothing all year.

Wheeler is even more annoying when they are losing.

lorecore: He has no credibility because he repeated what was told to him by the FO?

I think you might not understand the word credibility.

Last time we got to a game above .500, we promptly lost 5 straight. Looks like we're well on our way to doing it again.

Repeat: Time for: Hernandez,galvis Asche infield.
Over under on Mini in CF tonight 99.9%

Keep Utley, Lee, Brown, Hamels, everyone else.

"Keep Utley, Lee, Brown, Hamels, everyone else."

Keep the tradeable, trade the untradeable.

Salisbury also reports that all indicators seem to be pointing towards the Phillies signing Utley to a contract extension.

Word is that the team is not listening on any offers for him.

You forgot 'keep michael martinez'. I haven't...

No killer instinct on this team. They hit .500 and coast, going through the motions. Time for Cholly to announce his retirement and have his two month retirement tour. Sell off the entire team. Sign a bunch of 15 year old latin American players and be done with it.

Yo, new thread.

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