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Monday, July 08, 2013


Sure, you can find a more punchable face than the one in the post above...but you'd have to put some serious effort into it.

NEPP, careful, the government will come after your for making a terrorist threat.

(You're tight, though.)

Is the injury to Detwiler the only reason Haren is back in the rotation?

Should say: "(You're right, though.)"

Completely meaningless factoid:

Darin Ruf has scored every time he's been on base this season.

He's definitely our Puig

Honestly, what kind of organization is this? I coulda got Howard an appointment at the local MRI place and his results on a disc by 10am. What the hell takes so damn long?

Lannan vs. Haren?

AKA "The Fifth Starter challenge."

ALL players have periods in which their numbers significantly differ from their overall numbers.
Posted by: bay_area_phan
They do, which brings me to a related topic I've been wanting to ask the sabermetrically inclined. Given the cyclical nature of performance, and given that SABR prides itself on not only evaluating past performance but predicting future performance, why haven't the A's or some other similarly inclined franchise opted for a Precision Management scheme?

Precision Management (insert TM here) is just a term I'm using for the assignment of projections of future performance updated on a daily basis. This would allow managers, among other things, to assess the likelihood that a player is about to enter a period of decline or upswing.

For every player with a sufficient performance history, it would seem a performance projection could be generated at any moment of the season on the basis of recent and distant performance.

For instance, imagine if ten-year veteran Joe Fielder projected to a .267/.334/.445 TS before the start of the 2013 and, on July 27, 2013, his numbers stand at .318/.392/.562. These numbers are higher than those for any previous full season of his career. His BABIP is through the roof. Presumably, a projection could be made (expressible in percentage form) about Fielder's expected performance for the balance of the season (just as was done at the beginning of the season). I'm of course leaving PEDs and other variables (playing in Colorado, etc) out of the equation.

My question is: if Fielder's projection for the balance of 2013 is something like .211/.278/.389:

1. Is there a front office in baseball that would bench Joe Fielder? Has something like this in fact happened? To make the case more salient, imagine the team figures to be life-and-death for a playoff spot and that a game or two in the standings would make the difference.

2. How would you suggest a manager who wholeheartedly accepted a statistical projection like this broach it to fans and skeptical FO types who don't put in the homework?

Sad Guy - Howard's results are probably known. They just haven't been released.

Another "meaningless" Ruf stat....

All 3 of his career HR's have come against the Nats.

Homered off of Detwiler, Gorzelanny and Clippard late last September.

They'll release Howard's results after they decide on the course of action.

Prediction: surgery and at least a month long DL stint.

If they can tread water until Howard gets back, he'll be fresh and ready to mash us into the playoffs!

Along with Halladay, who will be unhittable in late August/all of Sept.

Team record in Ruf's career appearances: 6 - 8.

In his starts: 5 - 5.

I do hope Ruf can become/stay a Nats killer.

bittel: That's a long question and a complicated answer, but in short, yes, you can predict performance at any point in the season(most projection systems do--if you go to Fangraphs, you can see a ZIPS (rest of season) projection). But it's not exactly how you describe it.

If a guy is hitting .300 but you think he's actually a .275 hitter, the prediction shouldn't be that he's going to hit .250 the rest of the way. It's that he'll hit .275 because he's a .275 hitter.

At the same time, you also probably want to incorporate a Bayesian system that accounts for the fact that things change. For instance, you want to take into account the possibility that he's *actually* now a .300 hitter. It's unlikely, of course, but you need to account for that possibility since he's actually been hitting .300.

I am fairly confident that many teams have complicated algorithms that do this, yes. Do they give the information to their manager and try and dictate playing time that way? I don't know.


come on Rollins, get hot!

Charlie goes from batting Ben Revere 7th to batting Darin Ruf 7th, two players who could not possibly be more different.

I'm not sure there's a rhyme or a reason to his lineup construction (I also don't think it particularly matters that much, but is interesting nonetheless).

REPOST from last thread as it relates to the photo of the enforcer above:

NEPP @ 12:12: I think the correct word might be a third one: corpse

Regarding the sunflower seed incident, perhaps RAJ should spend his valuable time constructing more specific guidelines regarding goofing around. For example:

- Allowed: Tossing Gatorade and shaving cream pies in a player's face while doing a post-game interview following a win. In fact, extra points for showing team spirit.

- Allowed: Tossing sunflower seeds during a Murph interview at any point in a game, winning or losing. In fact, it adds to the festivity of the interview.

- Allowed: The Phanatic tackling Wheels, Sarge, opposing teams' players, umps, and fans at any point in a game, winning or losing. In fact, the festivity is part of the fun for fans.

- Allowed: Tossing of simple sunflower seeds, shelled or unshelled, during an on-air interview either post-game or during game, provided said seed velocity does not exceed 20 mph. and the angle of the toss is greater than 45 degrees. In fact, it shows team spirit

- Not allowed: Tossing sunflower seeds when the current score is more than a 2 run differential in opponents' favor, and when the seeds are thrown in a jovial way.

- Allowed: The spitting of sunflower seeds in said circumstance, but not the throwing of the same seeds.

- Allowed: The wearing of either a batting helmet OR a cap during an in-game interview.

- Not allowed: The wearing of a batting helmet AND a cap during an interview, unless the interviewee is Juan Pierre, who wears a cap and helmet as part of regular game day attire.

- Allowed: Drinking from a paper cup during in-game interviews, placing said cup on one's wrist, the hand railing, or the knee.

- Not allowed: Placing said cup on head, but only when there is a greater than 3 run differential in the opponent's favor.

See how easy it is?

Thanks Jack.

Team record in Ruf's career appearances: 6 - 8.

In his starts: 5 - 5.

Posted by: awh
Wait, you're the Harper's guy?? Love your work.

"I am fairly confident that many teams have complicated algorithms that do this, yes."

RAJ has a computer-based algorithm that he uses too. First, you input the highest number of RBIs that the player has ever achieved in a season. If the number is less than 80, the computer result says: "Bad at production." If the number is between 81 and 99, the computer result says, "Ok at production." If the number is more than 100, the computer result says, "Production." If the number is higher than 125, the computer result says, "$125M worth of production."

bap, and if a guy has had only one season in the previous four seasons where he had more than 75 RBI, and a seven year-old scouting report is input also, the computer spits out: "Good chance we'll get 100 RBI worth of production."

KLaw on Franco (not surprisingly pessimistic):

Phillies third base prospect Maikel Franco has broken out with his performance this year, building on the strong second half he had in low Class A Lakewood in 2012 to earn a promotion to Double-A in mid-June, where he's continued to hit for average and power, with a .423/.431/.718 line through his first 17 games at that level. (Reading's a good place to hit, especially for power, although Franco's hitting on the road so far as well.) He homered in his first at bat on Saturday night, showing very easy power, but overall there are some major deficiencies in his game, and only a few of them can improve with experience.

Franco is a right-handed hitter who gets his hands very high and deep at the plate, nearly locking his right elbow right before he brings his hands forward, and his above-average bat speed can only go so far in getting the bat head to the zone in time. He's very strong and when he gets his hips started early enough he's got 65 or 70 raw power (on the 20-80 scouting scale), although the timing of his hip rotation varies from pitch to pitch.

His approach, however, is a disaster right now -- not only does he struggle to recognize off-speed stuff, especially changeups, but he's only interested in pitches he can crush, making no adjustments to where the pitch is located or to its type. If you signal that you're just trying to murder fastballs, you're not going to see many fastballs in the zone. That approach shows up in his lack of patience, with just one walk in Reading, on June 23, but it will show up soon enough in his batting average as well.

At third, he's a below-average defender, with heavy feet and slow reactions to go with a plus arm, better than he was when he first came into the system but unlikely to ever be a neutral (average) defender at that position. He's a below-average runner who didn't run out any ground balls on Saturday night -- that's not critical, but it's nice to see a prospect who puts in 100 percent effort in case a fielder boots a routine play.

Phillie fans have asked me if Franco is a top-50 prospect, but the answer is that he's clearly not, even with the performance this year; even top 100 might be a stretch, because he's not a good athlete and the value in his bat will be held back by his approach. He's definitely behind lefty Jesse Biddle, whom I should see in Wednesday's Eastern League All-Star Game and in Sunday's MLB Futures Game, within the organization, and Lakewood shortstop Roman Quinn has the higher ceiling even with the seemingly inevitable move to center field in his future.

KLaw on Dugan (a little more optimistic):

Reading outfielder Kelly Dugan was the Phillies' first pick in the 2009 draft, a year in which they lost their first-round pick to give Raul Ibanez a three-year deal, and has started to emerge as a potential regular with a boost in his power output so far in 2013.

Dugan's tools are pretty average across the board -- he's a 45-50 runner with a 55 arm and might be a 55 glove in right -- but he's got a good feel to hit thanks to fast wrists that allow him to accelerate his bat very quickly. A left-handed hitter, Dugan has no stride, just raising and lowering his front leg, and crouches more than you'd like to see, but with good hip rotation and solid results so far I wouldn't argue for reducing any of the noise in his swing until it becomes a problem.

The lack of tools is a little bit of a concern, but his plan at the plate is better than Franco's and he's a good enough athlete to stay in right and perhaps end up above-average there, making him a potential everyday guy in a system that could use a few more of them.

Keith Law kills Maikel Franco is his write-up today, saying he's not even a top 100 guy.



Do you define a .275 hitter as someone who has a 27.5% chance of getting a base hit in every normal at bat?

Or do you define a .275 hitter as someone over the course of a season with the attendant streaks and slumps to end up at .275?

I spent 5 minutes looking but couldn't find it, but I'm just remembering something Rob Neyer said about looking at batting averages as an ability over a certain length of time, rather than as a per at-bat probability. The upshot being that if a guy bats .275 for 3 years running, and he starts out at .250 you actually DO expect him, statistically, to hit over .275 for a certain period of time to "make up for it" because those 3 seasons of .275 hitting likely also included streaks and slumps, too, and thus represent an ability over time, rather than a per-AB probability.

Interesting write-ups on Franco and Dugan. Will definitely be interesting to see how Franco adjusts as he moves forward.

I’d had hoped that Sunflowerseed-gate was over. However, it seems someone has stepped forward claiming he saw Jimmy Rollins throwing sunflower seeds at Pettibone’s head from the grassy knoll. He claims to have a blurry video to prove it.

So according to KLaw:

- Franco's hip rotation and bat speed are good, but not enough to compensate for his high hands and locked elbow.

- Dugan's good hip rotation and quick wrists are enough that he "...wouldn't argue for reducing any of the noise in his swing until it becomes a problem."

And just where, pray tell, is your consistency, Mr. Law?

KLaw's hatred for the Phillies makes his move to Delaware seem curious.

thanks for the KLaw quotes. He's not the first guy to put up big red flags around Franco's swing mechanics.

I find it contradictory to suggest that Franco only tries to crush the ball, but yet has a low K% and a high AVG as a 20 yr old.

KLaw doesn't hate the Phillies, he hates our FO's approach when it comes to scouting and statistics (he's hardly unique in that respect).

NEPP: don't mess with the narrative.

Myself, in the last thread: "BAP said Revere's 2012 was an anomaly."

BAP, in response: "I didn't say that, I only said it was a possibility."

BAP less than a month ago: "I know, I know . . . the difference in OBP is a lot less if you use Revere's 2012 numbers & assume continued improvement. Check back with me when he's hitting to last year's numbers if you want me to buy that argument. Until that happens, I'm going to assume that he is what his career numbers say he is, and that last year was an anomaly."

BAP- all you have to say is 'Yeah, now that he's hit his numbers, I have to admit I was wrong to assume that 2012 was an anomaly.'

Yes, I also hate it when batters try to hit pitches they can crush. Much better to slap any old thing into play.

KLaw's scathing critique of Franco is one of two I've seen. And Lorecore hits the nail on the head. If Franco has a poor approach and is merely up there trying to kill fastballs, then why doesn't he strike out commensurate with his power numbers?

A lot of hitters have poor mechanics. Some are talented enough to overcome those poor mechanics. Seems Franco, mashing at 20 years old, may be one of those guys.

I've not seen Franco play, but I've heard his slow feet don't seem to be a problem at third base. He is at worst an average third baseman. So, it does seem KLaw is a bit harsh in his evaluation.

While Dugan, though having a good season, is nothing special at all. In most organizations, he'd be a complete afterthought.

Most posters on BL: "The Phillies farm system is completely barren of any talent"

A professional scout dares to say something negative about someone in the Phillies farm system: "That guy is an idiot and obviously hates the Phillies!"

I had a feeling Howard was on his way out after Friday's game. He didn't favor the knee at all in that game, he was dropping his leg and he crushed a couple of balls including that monster home run. That of course landed him on the DL when he couldn't move his leg the next day. That makes me optimistic about him overall, he should get surgery and try to return in mid-August. At that point we should know enough about Ruf to decide if he takes over LF or not.

Law also mentions that Quinn's move to CF is now inevitable. I tend to agree with this and it may be a reason why the Phils took Crawford.

"I've heard his slow feet don't seem to be a problem at third base. He is at worst an average third baseman. So, it does seem KLaw is a bit harsh in his evaluation."

So the guy who has seen Franco play defense (and gets paid to scout baseball players for a living) is less knowledgable than you, who admittedly has never seen Franco play?

I don't think any scouting report or stat line of a prospect should be taken as gospel. It's just one data point. Why do so many people get so up in arms about it? He watched Franco play and wrote down what he saw and what he thinks. Same thing with the guys who write how great Franco's power is and how he projects to be a solid 3rd baseman. They may be right or they may be wrong, but it doesn't strike you as odd to sit here as someone who's never seen any of these kids play and pass judgment on the scouting reports of those who have?

Keith Law has made a preemptive strike against Phillies fans everywhere and has prepared critical notices about all 13523 potential trade pieces that could go to the Phils as a result of any Utley/Pap/Lee/DYoung/MYoung trade. All 29 potential MLB partners and foreign and indy teams are in this mix.

In related news, Howard's health announcement will be made 45 seconds into any Flyers, Sixers or Eagles press conference.

That is all.

aksmith: Dugan was third in the FSL in OPS, he's now 22 in AA - age appropriate. This is a solid prospect, not some Darin Ruf mirage.

As far as watching Franco play, is a few bucks a month and they televise AA games.

Iceman: It's funny that you are declaring victory when the statement that you just quoted from around a month ago says exactly what I claimed it said, in the last thread.

KLaw got hammered for a harsh critique of Kyle Drabek too...and he was completely and utterly correct about him.

What has happened to Ken Giles this season. Supposedly our closer of the future throwing high 90's. He started the year @ Clearwater but hasn't been heard of since late April. Would appreciate any info

Law also hammered Gattis, Goldschmidt, Mike Minor and even Puig. He's not always right.

I'm pretty sure Law also picked Franco as his breakout player for the Phillies this season, didn't he?

Giles strained his oblique twice this season.

I think Law was the only guy who had Giles in his top 10 Phillies list this offseason, at #10.

I like the differing opinions on prospects. It's good to hear those types of opinions from guys who have been around the block and have seen lots of players over the years.

Ken Giles is back and throwing GAS. Look for him to move up to AA quickly.

Nik- really appreciated the info. Look forward to his progress

Law also hammered Gattis, Goldschmidt, Mike Minor and even Puig. He's not always right.

Posted by: Nik | Monday, July 08, 2013 at 03:50 PM

Why does KLaw hate the Braves, DBacks and Dodgers systems!?!?!?!

Jack on BL: I really like "player X" in the farm system.

(KLaw speaks)

Jack says: Law is right. "Player X" bites. I'm a stupidhead who plays with himself.

Jack on BL: I like the Phillies and root for them.

Jack's real thoughts: I hope the Upton Brothers turn me into the Lucky Pierre.

So with Chuckles current lineup, you bring in your lefty reliever late to pitch to Revere, Rollins, Utley and Brown and then bring in your righty to face the 4 straight righties after them.

Make it tough on the opposing manager there, Skip.

I don't even listen to law. I use my eyes. They tell me all I need to see. And baseball cards never lie

Just watching Franco's ABs today on MILBtv. He does keep his hands really high and comes down and around aiming for the fences.

it's all about Production™, why doesn't Klaw understand that?

Just watching Franco's ABs today on MILBtv. He does keep his hands really high and comes down and around aiming for the fences.

Posted by: rockaintdeadyet | Monday, July 08, 2013 at 04:07 PM

Maybe they cant get Wally Joyner to work with him. Brown's swing was all sorts of messed up when he was in AA (and until this spring basically as our hitting instruction is terrible)

Was it a BA(?) scout who said just last week that Franco's swing isn't an issue? It'll be good to keep an eye on both reports to see who is/was right.

@NEPP: Just from the few ABs he looks like a timing hitter trying to hit bombs. He loads up by moving his hands back and up and then everything comes around. It's not pretty when he doesn't get the timing right.

His hips open well though and I'm a big believer in good batting coaches. No reason he can't alter his swing. It doesn't seem like he needs the extra load up to generate power.

Well, Franco made BA's "10 Breakthrough Prospects of 2013" about which they said,

"They didn’t make the midseason Top 50 Prospects list, but these 10 players should all be good candidates for the next Top 100 Prospects list."

I can't read the writeup because I don't subscribe anymore. But BA must think Franco is a top 100 guy.

Biddle was #43 on their mid-season top 50, btw.

#44: Mike Olt. . .

Dugan may not be a superstar prospect, but saying he'd be an "after thought" in other organizations is silly.

In the chat BA talked about Franco's swing:

J.J. Cooper: Franco's swing isn't just unconventional, it's one that causes scouts concerns. Because of the way he draws the bat back to start his swing, it takes a longer path for him to get from the decision to swing to the point of contact than a normal swing. It's worked for him, but there are scouts who worry how well that will play as he faces better pitching in the big leagues, especially when you add in that he has an arm bar as well. No scout has said anything like that about Taveras' swing to me. Add in the concerns about whether he's sticks at third base and he's a good breakthrough prospect, but none of the 20+ scouts/front office execs I talked to thought he needed to be in the top 50.

denny - A good lineup has speed at the top, power in the middle, and decent hitters at the bottom. Splitting up righties and lefties is a luxury, its not the basis for a good lineup.

Add in the fact that Brown hits lefties pretty well and denny b's comment is kinda looney.

I'll say this about Franco - the fact that he's getting talked about as a 20 year old in AA is a good thing. He has plenty of time to work on his mechanics and approach.

Shocker...Howard torn meniscus

Well they knew he had a torn meniscus 2 months ago. What's different about it now?

Superb handling of the Howard injury situation.

And I don't want to hear about how Howard thought he could play through it and this and that. This guy is on the hook for big $ and having him play at 50% is a waste of everyone's time. He doesn't write his own checks. The Philadelphia Phillies do. And it's the Phillies job to protect their piss poor investment.

Their handling of injuries is something out of clown school. Its not just a one time thing, this has been ongoing for a few years now.

Utley, Halladay, Howard, Adams, etc.

Who was our one bullpen arm who kept saying he knows he is hurt but the staff said he was fine? Didn't he JUST come back to start pitching recently because he was infact, injured.

Every player in this organization should seek outside advice from now on. No way around it.

I saw Franco a lot last year at Lakewood, and KLaw is onto something when he talks about his "slow feet." The guy has a weird kind of gait; he kind of splays his feet out when he walks. It is hard to describe, but kind of reminds me of Ron Cey, or even Chaplin's The Tramp. However, after watching him for a bunch of games, I feel like it's just an optical illusion, as he gets to plenty of balls over there. I'd say his range is average to a little above, although he's slowish on the bases.

His swing also looks a little weird, but his bat speed is just incredibly fast. So far, it looks like he's caught up to everything at AA, where the pitchers usually have a more thought-out game plan, but SSS, of course. FWIW, I watched him sting quite a few breaking balls at Lakewood, but usually when he was behind in counts, and hence expecting them. I like him as a prospect very much, and think he will be major-league average at third.

If Howard had surgery when it was first diagnosed, he'd be back right about now. What a dumb organization

I am sooooo embarrassed. I will resign immediately....after David Montgomery resigns me for 6 more years.

You mean to tell me a torn meniscus won't heal over time like a bruise? Or with the help of a cortisone shot?

I see you've seen the news on Howard. Here's some other news.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 3m
Amaro said Darin Ruf will get his shot at first base while Howard is out.

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 43s
Horst is pitching for Lehigh Valley Tues. Then probably Thurs. & Fri. Could be back by this weekend. Kratz could return this weekend too.

BAP- that is distinctly not what you said. Like, at all.

If you would just be able to admit being wrong once in a while, this wouldn't be an issue. "I'm going to assume it was an anomaly" is not the same as "I only said it was a possibility."

Oh, good news on Kratz and Horst to offset the Howard news! Where do I send my playoff ticket deposit?

Of course any guy who projects almost every major prospects is going to have his share of hits & misses.

He doesn't have info on their mental aptitude, work ethic, nutrition & fitness routine, and health status either. Basically rely upon some very limited first-hand observations and statistics which in many cases aren't that large.

The value of what KLAW does is comparing him against other projections systems and seeing if he has a statistically superior track record and if so in what areas. That's all.


"The Minnesota Twins were hoping Josh Willingham would be able to avoid surgery on his injured left knee, which has hobbled their slugger for the last few weeks.

They found out after the Twins lost 7-3 to the New York Yankees on Tuesday night that Willingham will miss four to six weeks for an arthroscopic procedure to get him well, the latest in what is fast becoming a long line of disappointments for the Twins this season.

Willingham was placed on the 15-day disabled list and is scheduled to have surgery on his torn meniscus on Wednesday. and he said he will miss the next four to six weeks while recovering.

"We knew at some point, whether it be at the end of the year, that I was going to have my knee cleaned up," Willingham said after the game. "What made sense this time was the timeframe that the bone bruise was going to take to heal. I was going to miss three weeks minimum for that, and that's three weeks recovering time."

So, you are supposed to DL the guy before he tries to keep playing on it for four months?

No idea why they' d bring Horst back. Unless he had a human transplant and no longer sucks.

Don't be such a cynical bastard. How were we supposed to know a 6'4 250 pound guy couldn't just play through it?

Forget sunflower seeds, the Cards have bigger issues. Someone has complained about the grounds crew carving Musial's #6 and religious symbols in the back of the mound. The GM ordered them to stop.

The Cubs are apparently working on an extension with Matt Garza now. With Nolasco traded, and maybe Garza staying it is really making it look more and more like the Phillies could hold some teams over a barrel for Cliff Lee if they wanted to trade him. Interesting to watch unfold.

From Matt Gelb's article about Howard's injury:

"Amaro said that original MRI in May showed "fraying" of the meniscus, but not a tear. That happened while playing on the bad knee."

An injury being aggravated and exacerbated by continued play v. treatment? Funny how that happens.



"[Howard] has recently complained of left foot problems, although Amaro said he was totally unaware of such issues."

"This injury is far less serious. Amaro said that original MRI in May showed 'fraying' of the meniscus, but not a tear. That happened while playing on the bad knee."

TTI, KK as well if he gets out of his recent funk. Sell high.

As good as KK has been, I don't think any other team is going to pony up what he is worth to the Phillies. It's just not the nature of major league trades.

I had that same "frey". Its not a complete tear but basically a sign that your knee needs to be cleaned the hell out before it gets worse.

The fact he been playing on it at his weight too def did not help things. Would not be surprised if he had some type of cartilage issue in his knee too when they get in there to clean it out.

All of his issues now seem to stem from compensating his weight back and forth depending what hurt that week.

Overall just incredibly poor decisions made medically.

Free ruf. I don't want to see anyone except ruf at first for rest of year. Sink or swim time with him. No nix, and no AAAberry. Only 7th inning for him. And y don't they just take nix out to the pasture. That guy ain't worth a lick. Come buyers come all we have got a deal for you...........

Iceman: "I'm going to assume it was an anomaly" is not the same as "I only said it was a possibility."

WTF is it with you? It's exactly like MG says. You parse through people's posts looking for a snippet of a statement that you can either mischaracterize or turn into something different by omitting the full context. And then you make a full-out assault on the person's intellectual honesty, based on the quote you've misrepresented him to have made.

YOU started this argument by misrepresenting what I said a month ago. Then I wrote a post pointing out exactly what I said a month ago, and you turned around and mischaracterized that post too – and all just to prove that some guy on the Internet said something he never actually said. It’s bizarre.

My actual quote, on June 9, was: "Check back with me when he's hitting to last year's numbers if you want me to buy that argument. Until that happens, I'm going to assume that he is what his career numbers say he is, and that last year was an anomaly."

And the actual quote from the last thread was, "What I actually said was: until he proves that last year wasn't an anomaly, it's distinctly possible that last year was an anomaly."

Only a person whose sole purpose in life is to be an argumentative jerk could possibly find those two statements inconsistent with each other.

Tweet from Reuben Frank ‏@RoobCSN:
".266 with 20 doubles, 11 HRs and 43 RBIs in 80 games with a torn meniscus. Gotta respect Ryan Howard. He must have been in tremendous pain."

Imagine anyone left on this negative, poisoned blog ever uttering such sentiment.

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