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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


But yet 35-37 yr old Cliff Lee is a known commodity, right? - lorecore
Yes, that's right. He is Cliff Lee 2 years older, not a AAA player in the majors.

The .186 career hitter replaces Humberto Quintero, who was designated for assignment for the second time this season. - Corey
This sounds like an excerpt from an Onion article.

Still have more pics of RAJ to trade....

Other organizations can not take RAJ seriously as a GM.

Nix has good numbers against Westbrook in a very SSS - 4-11 with 1 HR.

Yak does not. 4-22 with 1 XBH.

Mini Mart is useless but he actually can play multiple positions. That alone at least gives him an advantage over Quintero.

Waiting for the inevitable 'Mini-Mart in CF' start this weekend from Cholly too.

Yeah mini just when we think u are gone........ Here u are again!

The problem is some of the moves management makes are impossible to satirize...

Smug Amaro two days ago: "We don't have an OF we think is better than Q. Pretty simple"

Yup, simple stuff.

You want a fireable offense, Chris? This lineup.

Ah ok, so 30min ago you didn't have a crystal ball for Cliff Lee's future but now you've found it, congrats.

Stark on the Phillies: "Talked to an exec of one team today who said: 'Oh, they're buyers. No doubt.'"


McDonald, mini mart, Nix. This has to be the worst bench in the majors. 3 guys you never ever want starting.

"Talked to an exec of one team today who said: 'Oh, they're buyers. No doubt.'"

Buyers of what, though? Oh wait, a bill of goods...

If Mini Mart isn't starting, I dont see the point to having him here. Start him in CF and bat him leadoff.

You have to think that Mini-Mart got the Tijuana Donkey Show pictures with Amaro back from Quintero whole stole this earlier while he was down at Lehigh.

No, no, no...Mini Mart's dad helped Monty and Wheels disappear a hooker in the pine barrens back in the mid-80s.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ 1m

Charlie says Dom has some sort of concussion symptoms. We'll get an update from trainer shortly.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m

Brown has concussion-like symptoms from dive last night. A huge blow at a crucial time.

By the way, for everyone ripping Brown for not hustling after the ball last night, he's sitting tonight because of "concussion-like" symptoms caused by the dive.

If RAJ is buying someone beyond this year (say Alex Rios or David DeJesus) and the price isn't exorbitant, they might be buying. But I don't see even RAJ being delusional enough to sell off top prospects for a two-month rental at this point.

just watch me, bitch!

If the Phillies buy and make the playoffs, I can't tell if it will be fun or torturous to read the Beerleaguer comments.

And if they do that, and lose in the first or second round, hoo boy...

Stark on the Phillies: "Talked to an exec of one team today who said: 'Oh, they're buyers. No doubt.'"


Posted by: Jack | Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 05:05 PM

Maybe we should look at RAJ's approach the way I looked at the Eagles 2012 season. It got so bad- thankfully-that the team had no choice but to pull the plug on Andy Reid, something I'd been saying for years. So maybe we buy a couple minor pieces, it blows up horribly and management somehow comes to its senses- like the Eagles did five years too late- and pulls the plug on Amaro.

So he doesn't do any huge harm-other than missing the opportunity to trade some older players for some decent chips- and keeps the farm system in tact by not doing anything crazy stupid.

Means to an end, you know? I think this is the scenario I'm rooting for, no matter that's it unrealistic.

ColonelTom - Do you think a report surfaces after the season and the Phils come short of the playoffs that the days before the deadline Amaro had locked himself in his office, refused to leave, and had strange mutterings of 'Production' often and loudly.

Cyclic - If the Phillies bought, made the playoffs, and won the WS in 6 games, there will be posters on here insisting that buying was a stupid move because any team that can't sweep in the World Series isn't worth keeping together.

Brown is undergoing MLB mandated tests. Out till Friday at least. Feeling better today but was dizzy last night.

Still, Brown is a real jerk for not hustling after that ball last night, huh?

It's hard for me to think about whether we should buy or sell when we have an immediate crisis potentially staring us in the face: what happens if someone claims Humberto Quintero?

Not buying the concussion story. I could be wrong, but I think he's benching Brown and blaming it on a mild injury so as not to insult the youngster.

MLB mandated tests, man

Shows that diving for a ball really pays off, ugh. This team feels like its falling apart. Mini was only recalled because Dom's injury, and not common sense. The real question is when Brown is actually 7 or 15 day DL'ed who they recall.

Charlie does bench players for not hustling, but he also cares about their ego. He's odd, I realize. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm right and Brown isn't injured.

Lots of guys at LHV have to be shaking their head.They just have to realize they're not as versatile as Mini.

Cyclic - Just saw your post about the mandated test. Yikes. I guess I am wrong.

Dom Brown's dives are absolutely pointless 9 times out of 10.

Wait, seriously? You think they're just prtending Brown has a concussion?

Because nothing teaches someone a lesson like benching them for not hustling without saying you're benching them for not hustling.

I'm now 99% positive Jake is putting us on. He can't possibly be real.

Is this game at bright house field? Lineup looks like it.

Still, Brown is a real jerk for not hustling after that ball last night, huh? - Jack

Classic troll comment right here. Yes, until we knew he had some sort of concussion, it looked like he was dogging it out there.

I didn't think that dive was pointless, by the way. Down by two runs, against the top offense in the league? You take the risk to try and get the out.

Up by 1? Definitely don't dive. But in that situation, I'm ok with it. He came pretty damn close to catching it too.

So if they DL Brown who's next up? Q again? Ugh.

He dives every time on balls like that.

He catches it maybe once out of every twenty tries.

Jake: It never crossed your mind that maybe he wasn't running as fast as he could because he just laid out and hit the ground after running full-speed for a ball? Really?

It seemed relatively innocuous to me that he was moving a little slowly to the ball. You aren't normally at your best right after you've gone all out and dove like that. I never thought to knock him for not hustling, regardless of knowing he had a concussion or not.

Phils at +155 tonight? I will take take a piece of that although I am hoping the version of Lannan who has pitched well of late shows up.

Only Beltran (5-18) and Molina (4-17) have faced him even more than 5 times.

Jack - If you had any knowledge of the way Charlie manages, my suggestion wouldn't be so mind-boggling to you. Charlie reprimands players privately, as has been reported by players on several occasions. It's possible that he would sit down a player and tell him that he's getting benched, but he's keeping it between the two of them. That is Charlie's style. He keeps that stuff private.

Brown needed some time off anyways. Hope its nothing too serious.

Amaro is an absolute joke though. I want them to be sellers but at the same time i look at who will be doing the selling and setting up the returns. It scares me.

This just in: Humberto Quintero has demanded to play centerfield in LHV or he will immediately retire from baseball.

Jack - He was moving really slowly after the dive. A concussion would explain it.

Apparently he feels better today. Hopes to play Friday.

Jake - Agreed except for the injury part. Cholly wouldn't say publicly though that he is benching Brown for a lack of hustle even if he was.

Still, Brown is a real jerk for not hustling after that ball last night, huh? - Jack

Brown is a pu$$y.

Dom was slumping, but anytime you have DYoung batting cleanup...

(I can't even continue)

Can someone explain how Ruf leapfrogged DYoung for a bit, then dropped below him, but he's still above Mayberry, and yet Mayberry is somehow below Nix? Does this make any sense?

MG - I just figured the "mild injury" was the excuse. Apparently its not, and Brown really does need some time off (otherwise he wouldn't be sitting tomorrow).

Coaches usually don't casually leak false information that a player has concussion symptoms.

At least, one would think. Maybe I just don't know Charlie's style very well.

Cyclic - I'll summon my inner Charlie and try to explain it.

Ruf came out swinging, so Charlie tried him in the 3-hole. That didn't work, so he put him in the 5-hole. That didn't work either, so he dropped him back to the 6-hole where he was batting .450 before moving down in the order.

Nix is probably batting 6th to split up the righties Ruf & Mayberry.

Jack - I admit that the type of injury had me questioning my own conspiracy theory. Usually the excuse is more like "leg soreness" or "back-ache".

For some reason, I get the sense from this Dom tweet that he'll be fine.

"Not playing tonight or tomorrow . Sucks!!!"

I don't know why. I know talk is cheap and it doesn't mean much.

"Cyclic - Just saw your post about the mandated test. Yikes. I guess I am wrong."

No worry Jake, there's a first time for everything.

Mini-Mart returns! All is well. Buy, buy, buy!

I can't get past the fact that the Cardinals hitting .337 with RISP to discuss the rest of the day's events. That is stunningly good!

Er, I mean ... Bye, bye, bye!

I'm impressed with the way our GM is gearing up for the pennant drive. John, MacDonald, Michael Martinez, the guy from the barber shop...

I am going to watch tonight because I watched a ton of games in the late 80s, 90s-2006. I am sick, sick I tell ya.

They better rest Brown if he has concussion symptoms, look how bad it hit Morneau.

If this was the NFL, Brown wouldn't see the field for at least a week or two.

" the guy from the barber shop...

Posted by: ted | Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 06:07 PM "

Floyd the Barber or Cedric the Entertainer?

Who would you rather see in the bullpen?

I saw TTI quoted Gammons as saying LA would give up Pederson or Lee for Utley. I'd ask for both until the bitter end. LA doesn't operate in the real world.

Fantasy baseball trade that will never happen: Utley, Kendrick and Ruf for ZLee, Pederson, Ethier + Cash.

Wonder how close we were to Mayberry-Martinez-Nix in tonight's OF

Zach Lee has far too many Biddle-like outings for guys like bap and me.

Cyclic: Lee, though, has much lower walk ratios than Biddle.

Also, Lee's last 2 minor league stops have been in extreme's hitters environments. He struggled a bit last year but this year, he's putting up good numbers across the board. They're both 21, so age is a wash.

So much for my attempt to bond...

If the reason for MiniMart is his ability to play multiple positions, I'd rather take my chances with Hernandez at ANY position, even without the experience. I'd even take Pete Orr, who at least offers more speed and a more reliable bat than MM, and even try him in the field if needed.

Might RAJ be hoping another team sees MiniMart in a rare flash of brilliance and offer a to trade genuinely useful player to us in return?

Haven't read a lot on the Dodgers system but really doubt either of those interest RAJ.

Yeah, Pederson and Lee appear on those lists all the people who don't know what they're talking about put out.

So Amaro knows to stay away from them.

Maybe they can flip Utley for Ibanez? That seems like a good deal.

No worry Jake, there's a first time for everything.

Posted by: jr.
The unearned snark here is ridiculous. Who are you, jr, Alfred Einstein? (KR)

The Cards pregame is brutally bad including today insights that Utley is having a bad year and the continued Craig for MVP talk. Freaking brutally bad.

So we're starting Matt Harvey tomorrow, and his call-up is getting much fanfare. But can someone explain to me why I should be excited about a guy that is 24, only pitched 6 innings in 9 of his 20 starts this year, and just got lit up by the Charlotte Knights this week for 6 runs in 5 innings?

I'm not saying Harvey will be a bust, but color me unimpressed and unconvinced that he can put together a decent start tomorrow. At best, he's a real work in progress. At worst, his call-up will be an unmitigated disaster.

^ satire done right

My "Yikes" was referring to Brown's injury, not to being wrong. I've been wrong before, I'll be wrong again at some point, and I have no problem admitting that.

It should be obvious that they are bringing up Mini-Mart to showcase him for a trade. His kind of versatility is a rare commodity in baseball.

Dom has played recently like he hit his head prior to the dive. He is exhausted. Tough for a young guy to bat cleanup, play everyday and go through the All Star experience. A couple days off a good thing unless he is truly hurt. Phils realize they have no chance against the Cards so let him sit. I guess figures Detroit might be without Cabrera so save Dom for that series.

Might I suggest he has mono or early stages of syphilis? If only Brown did not patronize hookers in St.Louis with Sarge.

Thx sad guy for your insightful thoughts. Should change your name to pathetic guy. Unfortunately, Dom needs rest once in a while but without any other major league OF on the roster he has had to play everyday

I'm not really upset at RAJ for saying he thinks the prospect rankings are crap. They probably are, seeing as how so many of those "blue-chip" prospects turn out to be busts. I've heard the argument that he shouldn't be "alienating" people in the industry, but don't you think there are other GM's who agree with him that those prospect rankings are crap? I would assume there are several. So his comments may alienate a few ESPN writers, but they may score some points with people who actually matter. I'm no RAJ fan, but this doesn't bother me.

Willie valdez 4 for 5 today for Riversharks. Is he better than minimart? Thoughts?

Can you please post your doctorate for us to see?

Jake: what's the bust rate on prospects amaro has. Traded for?

jbird - Don't get me wrong, Amaro is no better at evaluating prospects.

Amaro just said Martinez is up mainly as a def replacement. Didn't want to bring up any of the young guys because they wouldn't get a chance to play alot. So it made no sense

No one is going to mock my trade suggestion with LAD? Not even clout? I'm not even going to get one 'If Iceman ran the team they'd win 60 games' or 'Iceman and the Moronocracy always overrate the value of players on the team?'

Oh, ans I like the cut of hBAP's jib.

Asche has started to shag in the outfield for LV, how long will it be before we see him playing out there?

I swear I wrote Iceman (also known as hBAP). Oh well. The cat's out of the bag.

Damn, I was really hoping someone more clever than Iceman had come up with the hBAP post.

Oh well, I still liked it.

Mini Mart is up because Roob is showcasing him for a blockbuster trade deadline deal next week.

I heard the Yanks are interested in him to play 3B for them.

Why can't Mini Mart get caught with PED's? I think that might be the only way to keep him off the big league roster 3-4 times during the season with Amaro calling the shots.

A "defensive replacement"? Really Roob? The guy can't play defense either. How many damn defensive replacements do you friggin need? You already got Johnny Mac on the roster for that useless thing. How about getting somebody on the roster who can actually hit the ball out of the infield as a pinch-hitter???

Raul Valdes and Mike Martinez are the guys coming up from AAA and you call yourself a playoff hopeful? The fans aren't that stupid, Roob. Evidently you and your staff are.

DOM was 1 for his last 13, oh the horror. He should have 100% been starting tonight if he didnt have possible concussion like symptoms.

The craziest part is that the people who think the Phillies are going to win enough to make the playoffs are the ones who are OK with DOM missing time because of his last 13 at bats.

Whatever slim chance the Phillies have of making the playoffs are that much slimmer every at bat DOM misses.

Amaro took a shot at Charlie a bit. Caller asked about Nix and why he is still there hitting 196. Went on to say well Charlie was utilizing other players over Nix.

LV had more ER against PJ Walters tonight in 2 innings then the big club got against him in 7 plus innings a month ago in Minnesota.

Asche with 2 more hits (in his first 2 AB's). Closing in on .300 Did get caught stealing though for the 3rd time this year. He's got good speed too, which the big club might need a little more of too.

"Caller asked about Nix and why he is still there hitting 196. Went on to say well Charlie was utilizing other players over Nix."

Cholly can only use the players he's given. And since Nix has looked incredibly horrible for about 2 months, not sure you can blame him for not sticking him in the lineup. He's an automatic out and isn't even the late inning PH guy anymore. He's just used because Cholly would rather hit his pitcher then use McDonald or Martinez to hit.

Cyclic- an insult with a compliment stuffed inside. My favorite!

"LV had more ER against PJ Walters tonight in 2 innings then the big club got against him in 7 plus innings a month ago in Minnesota."

That settles it. Just switch rosters and this team will be just fine.

We should sure score a lot of runs tonight. Can't wait to see Elmn "RISP" Young take on the cleanup role.

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