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Saturday, July 20, 2013



I still hate when guys swing 2-0. But the second half Jroll surge is on.

Nice start.

Wheeler is the classic pitcher that you want to have patience with. He won't last through the 6th inning if guys will just work counts.

They've probably done all the scoring they're going to do for the next 2 days.

@bap hey, it's Beerleaguer so I get it, but let's keep it positive, huh?

Hamels looks awful.

So MG and others who like to wager- with some buddies at Fenway for a bachelor party type of thing and one guy is a pretty serious gambler. We just put a wager in for the "over" on 25 1/2 total hits, runs and errors. Never heard of such a thing. Also never been to Fenway and we still don't have tix for today. Any recommendations for seats and bars etc.?

The over under is for Phils game

O-2 on Lagares. Has Hamels right where he wants him

Wow, unreal.

I never take over/under. I did take Wheeler at +125.

Besides my 'Day/Road' Hamels (yeah the splits have narrowed), he has pitched very poorly in NY.

Figured I would gamble on Wheeler throwing heat and the first time facing this lineup would give the Mets an edge & a solid value bet.

We just put a wager in for the "over" on 25 1/2 total hits, runs and errors. Never heard of such a thing.
Very common bet in baseball. Range is usually between 23-30 for games, depending on pitchers.


Same crappy Hamels you saw in May couldn't locate his fastball/changeup early in the count, got behind, and had to throw too many fastballs.

Already sickening. Except if you have that bet.

Thanks for that juggle, MY.

Michael Young's defense kills again.

Hamels is as important as anyone on the team in the 2nd half too and I think he was #2 on my list.

Phils need him to have a monster 2nd half where he gives them an ERA under 3.00 and has maybe 1-2 bad starts (4+ ER).

That inning was on Hamels. Could of times that inning he needed to make a pitch and he couldn't do it.

When did Lee Westwood learn how to putt? I like the guy and hope he wins one of these someday. Not tomorrow, though.

Up to Hamels to finish the rest of the game strong. 6 IP and maybe 1 more run.

MG we actually had the day-Hamels discussion related to the bet, which I'd probably wouldn't be cognizant of if not for BL.

16 BBs in 28 IPs for Wheeler coming into today. Let's see what happens the second time through.

Pblunts - The gap has narrowed over time for both Hamels Road/Home vs Day/Night splits and people will rightly point that out.

This was an easy value bet especially with Wheeler on the mound (hard throwing rookie the Phils haven't seen before) and in NY where Hamels hasn't pitched that well.

So predictable that after a close pitch called for a strike, the next pitch is an automatic swing. Even Tbag can see that.

One split I would like to see is warm weather and Hamels' career splits when it is over 90 degrees.

I bet you would find some interesting results for pitchers but I haven't seen any place with that kind of split.

C'mon Ruf!

Let's see if Babe Ruf can put wood on the ball.

How can that 2-1 pitch be a strike?


Was their any question what would happen 2-2?

Wheeler is wild and we've let him off the hook completely.

"I don't care about walks, I care about production."

Both Brown and Ruf had at a good fastball in the zone to strike. Just couldn't do anything with it.

This is classic Phillies: bad pitching, the obligatory defensive gaffe, and utterly wretched clutch hitting. All that and we're only 2.5 innings into the game!

A first baseman who can throw!

he was safe...

Beat the tag

He was definitely safe.

Need to get a run here or two this inning. Wheeler's fastball have had great life but he isn't locating it that well in the zone.

That was a nasty pitch


This is fairly sickening to watch.

Nasty pitch from Wheeler, but it's also ball four if he can lay off.

This team doesn't talk walks, doesn't run well anymore, plays absolutely terrible defense. Those little things all add up. Little things the 07-11 teams did really really well.

I know they've put themselves in a position to make a run, but I still struggle with this team really being good enough.

There's a real battle of the soft bullpen underbellies shaping up in the 6th inning or so.

What happened to the version of Chooch we have seen the last few years who was selective at the plate, work counts, and didn't have great power but had some nice ability to drive the ball?

Chooch this year is swinging at all of crap it seems especially stuff lower in the zone and hitting into a ton of easy outs especially to the left side of the INF.

I think some here over-rate RFD's defense but that was a nice play. Great jump.

Come on bats!

Hamels will need to start it off now. Right now.

Now Rollins.

Please no DP.

Oh God. The human double play is up. Triple play?

I'd bunt here.

or just wait for a HBP

MYoung, move them one base.

That'l work.

Sacrifice will keep the advance going Uts.

So far so good.

Damnit Dom.

Skip Charlie training Brown in critical situations. Now Ruf will walk. Spit he did.

The Phillies have only managed 1 walk against a guy who has thrown 44 balls in the first 100 pitches.

Ruben must be so proud.

D@mmit Darin.

If there are 2 outs & RISP, I can understand swinging on 3-0. Not if there is only 1 out. But Cholly & RAJ seemed to have burned it into Dom's mind that he's not allowed to draw any of those wasteful walks he used to draw.

Guy can't throw strikes so give the green light on 3-0. Makes perfectly good baseball sense to me.
Did I mention for a .500 team.

good eye, delmon. way to get yourself out

Based loaded, no outs, and they score 1 run. Infuriating.

In Brown's defense, he got a great pitch to hit 3-0. He just hasn't been able to square up a pitch from Wheeler today.

When i saw the catcher drop for the low pitch i knew it was all over.

Not a single player on this team outside of Utley should have a green light 3-0.

Of course, Utley is the least likely to actually use it.

Hugh, I don't care. Brown should have been taking on 3 - 0. Period. He would have seen a FB to hit on 3 - 1 also. A BB loads the bases for Ruf with one out, and forces another runner to 3B who could be sacrificed in with a FB.

Bad play, IMHO.

That's exactly right Jack.

Hamels has been better since the 1st but I still don't have much faith that he can keep the Mets at 3 runs. And, even if he can, I damn sure don't have any faith that our bullpen can.

Maybe it's not the hitter's approach. Maybe it's Charlie's approach.

DOM gets the take sign there if I'm managing. Wheeler's nowhere near the plate and Cholly gives DOM the green light. There's you ballgame right there if they lose by a run.

Sometimes I'd like to know what game Cholly's watching. They ain't beating Harvey tomorrow. This is one they have to win.

I'm audio. Was Mayberry smooth?

I understand the philosophy of having a hitter, especially a young one, take 3-0 with a pitcher who's not throwing strikes. However, I don't see the point in complaining about Brown not taking where all you would have gained is a 3-1 count and the kid wouldn't likely have seen a pitch as good as the one he swung at the rest of the at bat.

Just walk this guy.

I must be watching a different game. People here are upset that Brown swings at a fastball down the pipe as taking us out of the inning when the bigger fail was Young swinging at a 2-2 ball at his ankles.

Man, it's so refreshing to have a first baseman who will actually throw the ball to second base. That part of Ruf's game would add a handful of outs over the season that Howard couldn't sniff.

Too many squandered opportunities and a very mediocre outing from Hamels. Been a frustrating game to watch so far.

I often threw out the 2 NCAA GG crap for Ruf but he must have showed something to deserve them.

Great AB there by AAAberry

Hugh~ They're down a run. That's why you give him the take sign. Maybe he walks to load the bases. Maybe Ruf gets him in, maybe he doesn't. It's situational. But to have them loaded with no outs and only score 1 run is ridiculous. Especially if they lose by run. The runs you don't get some back to haunt you.

I get your point D. Young, he's an idiot swinging at a pitch like that. He can't tell it's a ball?

Just tuned in last inning - how did we get his pitch count so high and not manage to score more runs? Has this been another RISP black hole?

Hugh~ 4-2 now. See what I mean? Right back where we started.

Worst AB I have seen Chooch have in a while. Looked like he had no idea what he wanted to do in his approach there.

Free Susdorf!!! (I'm dead serious especially since Nix has struck out in nearly 50% of his PAs since May 1st).

25 Ks in 56 ABs since May 1st (45%).

DFA him already and call up Susdorf. Why are the Phils afraid to roll the dice on a guy that has been terrible now for 3 months?

Anyone think maybe Susdorf could do what Nix does as a pinch hitter?

If Hamels wasn't a below average starter this year, the team is probably 3-4 wins better and the buy/sell question would be a no brainer.

A massive disappointment this year in a season where the team really needed him.

Hugh, you're ignoring the possibility that the batter could WALK.

As I said, if Brown walks there, it's "sacks full" with Ruf at the plate and a guy who could be sacrificed in on 3B - that is, you would no longer need a hit to score, which is what Brown would have had to do.

as an ex-hitting coach, Charlie likes to see guys "hit", and I'm not sure he understands the value of a walk.

Since last July 22 when Nix returned from injury:

117 G, 169 ABs, 33 H (only 11 XBHs), .195 AVG, 3 HRs with 67 Ks and 14 BBs

He has struck out in 40% of his ABs.

If fans want to rip on Amaro when they compare him to Gillick, the biggest difference to me between the two is Gillick's ability to strengthen the roster during the course of the year.

Amaro has been arguably the worst GM I have followed closely during the course of a season at roster management/transactions including handling injuries and callups.

How does Nix stay on this team? I can't remember the last time he got a hit? It is also amazing to me how many times the Phil's pitcher gives up a run right after they score. We need to get a running start into the St. Louis and Detroit series'.

Well, with runners on, a hit is much better than a walk. The problem with the Phillies today is that they are not getting hits with men on. Complaining about your best hitter swinging at a hitter's pitch is stupid. The problem isn't that he swung. It's that he hit a pop fly on a pitch that was tailor-made for a line drive.

Game was lost today in the 5th inning. Phils needed a multi-run inning there and Hamels gave the run right back.

In Cole's defense he baked alive on the bases waiting for some action.

Nix has a .551 OPS if I calculated that correctly since last July 22nd.

Can't fault Cholly for not playing a guy who is that bad and is a complete zero vs LHP.

Good bet Nix stays on the roster of the rest of the year too continuing to strike out at a healthy clip as the LH bat off the bench in a PH role.

Nice inning by JC Ramirez. Threw strikes and got some easy outs.

Just can't get a timely hit today.

MG, I know you're on a crusade, but no one here disagrees with you on the Nix issue.

Nix should be nixed.

Hugh,Utley swung at a 2-0 against a guy who was all over the place, and had just walked the previous batter to load the bases.

He would have seen at least one more fastball.

Brown swung at a 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded and none out.

He would have gotten two more fastballs.

Wheeler then promptly went 3-0 to the NEXT batter. The game was lost in that inning by virtue of a terrible team approach. How is the manager not to blame? We might still be hitting if only they made Wheeler throw multiple strikes in an AB. Ruf actually made him do so, and he walked him.

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