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Sunday, July 14, 2013


So we playing a man short today or is the genius GM going to roll the dice for the day?

Interesting that M. Young is in the leadoff spot.

Still rather see JRoll hit #5 and Ruf #3 because it is still a bit too easy to use a LHP reliever later in the game if Utley-JRoll-Brown are up.

This game is all about Hamels. I took the White Sox at +165 though. A LHP pitcher this team hasn't seen before who has been pitching well against 'Day Hamels.'

Thank God we don't have to sweat out a no hitter.

One thing I always really enjoyed was watching Rollins fly around the bases. When he scored the winning run in game 2 last night he blazed his way around third. Nice to see.

Great play by M. Young as he robbed Rios of a double.

On Mayberry Jr. in center. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I was assured that the other day was the rare case where he makes a bad play and that it was completely anecdotal that I remember him running into the wall at least 6 times in a way that showed he seemingly had no idea the wall was imminent.

With Gillies. I prefer calling him up. I know he is a "non-prospect" and all the stuff people like to spout but the alternative right now is Mini Mart. Gillies maybe, hopefully could be a guy that puts it together all of a sudden at a certain level. We know what we have in Martinez and he isn't doing that.

Also, all the people that bashed clout and scoffed at him when he said Ramirez was probably the best impact guy in that Lee deal want to at least offer a little bit of a mea culpa?

Good point by LA that M. Young is better to his right especially on some of those back hand plays but really struggles to his left.

Never understand the logic of a "fan" betting against their own team. Even for small amounts of money it is incredibly douchebaggy

So a guy is better fielding going to his backhand which gives him a little more reaction time than fielding to his front?

Shocking analysis there.

Coming soon LA assures us that water is wet.

J-Roll and Ruiz have to step it up....

TTI - He was just trying to point out that M. Young is capable of making some decent plays backhanded but really stinks when he has to move to his left without directly saying so.

Grab a beer and chill out.

Just about the whole team looks like it could use a rest. Except for Revere of course. Yet he will get the longest.

Said before the game that Revere has more of an ankle injury and that it 'didn't look good.'

I thought that was out when it was initially hit. Sounded like it was a HR.

Nice that the Phillies have Thursday off too. That extra day will help everbody, including Dom. Who suddenly doesn't look so tired.

Alright cleanup!

Good job 6 week wonder,

Brown's now 4th in RBIs in the NL and on pace to have a 115 RBI season. Figured if he had 80 it was a great year for him.

Ok Ruf. That was nasty.

Ruf has been striking out but he has also been doing a nice job of working ABs and running deep counts.

He's been a nice addition to the lineup so far.

I really like Ruf's approach. He may be vulnerable low and away, especially to breaking stuff, but he's been making them throw that pitch for a strike. He seems to have a really good eye.

MG: it's an obvious point by LA. Sorry that I knew that and wasn't impressed by it. Maybe in a few days you can deny you ever posted it.

MG: Agreed. He's had a lot of odd ab's. He falls behind 0-2 way too much, but he does battle back. A lot of his at bats are disappointing and encouraging at the same time. He's no kid, but his pitch recognition could still improve. If it does, he could blossom into a real force. Either way I like him. He's got terrific power and a very quick bat.

TTI must have gotten a moldy host at church this morning.

Am I the only one that thinks that Dom's defense is improving. He's never gonna be great, but he definitely looks smoother out there. The arm was never in doubt.

Losing Revere is brutal.

Hey fellow fans...Quick question. I have a free day next weekend and am considering driving to CitiField to see the Phils/Mets. Never having been there, I wonder if is it worth the 2.5 hours each way plus gas to get a different game perspective from CBP. If so, any seating advice for a seat that has a good view of the game/team and avoids the concourse strollers who socialize in the seats instead of watching the game? people who really watch (as opposed to the concourse-strollers)?

Cole is dealing.

Donc: nope. It's just if some people want to be asses on here I can treat them like one and match their tone

Late call a little high

TTI: Some people? This place sees more asses than a proctologist.

TTI - yeah it is a bit easier because he has more reaction time but it still doesn't mean M. Young will make that play especially back-handed like that.

Not an easy play regardless and I do find it a bit surprising he has made some nice back-handed plays this year given his real lack of range on almost all plays.

can_of_corn: I've seen a few Phillies games at Citi. I don't remember where I sat, but I think it's worth making the trip. The park is considerably nicer in person than it looks on TV (it always looks dark on TV, in my opinion).

Most locked in Hamels has looked all season with great fastball command and control especially.

He's already at 46 pitches though 3 IP. Could use a quick inning here.

DH, Exactly! CitiField doesn't look like a very cheerful place on the television screen, which is why I was questioning the trip. Thanks for the encouragement.

can, I haven't been to Citi Field, so I can't say. Have fun, though.

MG, I noticed that you ordered priorities for the Phillies in the 2nd half (last thread). I think you said middle relief and put it at #6 (or was it #5?). I thought that was interesting, as I would place the BP at a higher priority. I would agree that Hamels is key, too, and that position players like Rollins & Ruiz need to step it up to help out.

Ok for all that is holy, can jimmy anything other than pop up? How's my is that in the last twenty at bats?

How many is that I meant to say.

donc. I agree that it was fun to see Rollins flying around the bases. That was a fun score all around. M. Young's hit was a good one, Rollins slide was terrific, Utley did his job directing Rollins.

Is it too early to say Welcome back, Cole? It feels like he's got his mojo back.

Didn't Jimmy single just in the 1st inning, then practically grab Chase's jersey just before he touched home off the double?

GBrettfan - 5th and yeah it would be higher but I was assuming Amaro is going to acquire at least another RHP reliever.

It was more about the internal holdover options.

Did this get commented upon, or is it new? A Tweet just came through about it:

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse 8m
#PHILLIES FILES: Amaro shuffling, shopping. You might see a familiar face in a new position in CBP soon.

Nutshell: Amaro is moving Cesar Hernandez to CF because he's fast and he hopes he'll be an upgrade over JMJ if Revere proves to be out for a long time.

Think thrice about Mayberry. Good guy but he is at best a 4th OF.

The Phillies do NOT see Hernandez as an upgrade over JMJ in CF. But until they find a trade option, they hope he can fill the backup role. But that's only if he shows some ability.

Thanks for clarifying, MG. I admit that I was skimming so didn't read the parenthetical parts. That makes sense. If Amaro acquires a solid RH relief pitcher, it would help a lot.

I've only been to Citifield once, but I do remember it being nicer than the new Yankees Stadium. Have fun.


I don't think anyone's commented on it. They mentioned before the game that Hernandez was going to try out CF in Reading.

Also usual stuff about potentially shopping for an OF and a relief pitcher.

Excellent work, Cole.

Nice hit by Cole...Probably get this starter out soon..

KAS, the piece said that they hope he would be an upgrade, not that they're convinced of it. But yes, I should have included in the nutshell the part about shopping around, too.

There was this about the BP:

"Amaro still isn’t convinced the bullpen, as is, can get this team where it wants to go. So he’s still hoping to improve his relief corps.

'We are probably in the add mode more than anything else,' Amaro said."

That was a good hit, Cole!

FYI, here's another piece about that:

Bob Brookover ‏@brookob 13m
Cesar Hernandez an option in CF.

4.5 out of the WC would be really nice, but id still rather be 6.5 back in the division. Go Reds.

It would be nice to get into their bullpen early after yesterday. Should be some runs in there for the taking.

Jesse Biddle heading to the mound in the futures game.

He just came in and struck out Maikel Franco.

Is everyone at the pool? Sox adjusting to Hamels this inning. Still can't score.

Awesome DP! Bad on the runner, but good for Utz!

I think after yesterday, most people had had enough and started the all-star break early. Hard to blame them.

Still an important game. Hopefully Cole can make an adjustment and eat up another inning plus. And hopefully we can get into the bullpen this inning.

Charlie was smart to ease Dom into the heart of the lineup. Maybe Ruf should stay in the 6 hole for a while.

Biddle still on the mound.

I'm enjoying the Sox WGN broadcast. The announcers actually let the game breath + audio seems to pick up more crowd noise. Sunday afternoon with Victory beer & no TMAC,Wheels & Sarge is a winner

I haven't seen Biddle pitch live until today, the kid has a wicked curve-ball.

Hopefully Hamels can get them through at least 8 and maybe even a CG.

As usual the Phils should have a few more runs. It would be nice to not have to worry about who to bring in.

Hamels is looking strong. Wonder if he gets a longer leash because the break is coming. Or, is Manuel going to double down on him and give him the start Friday.

Just as we were talking about Dom getting better on defense...

Hope MG loses a good portion of his nest egg because of his stupid day Hamels fixation.

Brown chases balls like a high schooler sometimes.

I really hope Brown doesn't hurt himself at some point. He just can't read the ball off the bat very well or the path it takes once it is in the air.

Horrible defense this inning so far

I blame myself. I'll go back to saying Dom looks like a giraffe on acid.

Hamels shouldn't get more than one batter. He's been a little unlucky but they are putting batts on everything he's throwing.

Brown has a great arm but his ability to judge balls and his routes are bad/atrocious and I don't think he has shown much improvement over the last few years. He's just going to be a below average fielder.

Huge by Hamels.

@MG: Yeah, the thing I was most excited about from him on defense was making decisions not to lay out on balls he couldn't get.

He's not going to be a plus defender there, which is fine it he can hit, but then he needs to play smart and hold doubles from being triples, hold singles from being doubles, set himself up to let the ball bounce and make a throw, etc.

Okay, more than two batters...


Hugh-- I actually was at the pool

Little luck on some GDP have really helped Hamels here.

I hope Cholly PH for him though in the 8th. Hamels has been leaving his pitches a bit up including his changeup.

So Amaro says he's looking for CF help now? Off the top of my head I can't think of who they can acquire who would even be worth it.

Hang on here and they're .500 going into the break. I don't think they have a prayer and it would be a shame if Amaro makes a move that costs them a prospect or two. It would be like ordering a steak dinner on the Titanic. Or something.

Hamels with another hit! Glad we let him bat.

Nice, MG. Cole clearly doesn't like what we're saying.

Hamels doubles and has his first multi-hit game of the season. Go figure.

Is Ventura making this change so that Hamels melts in the heat?

Now Ventura can use Veal for 3 straight hitters here because Cholly put JRoll #3 instead of Ruf.

Not a huge deal but these are the kinds of things that Cholly doesn't do well enough.

It won't happen, but I'd kinda like to see Frandsen for Utley here

Iceman - It would be stupid for Amaro to trade Biddle or Franco for a CF, and it would be equally as stupid to stand pat and do nothing for a team that is showing life heading into the second half.

MG-- At least Brown's hitting lefties well

I'm having second thoughts about trading MYoung. He is one of the few guys who at least knows how to hit situationally. He struck out there, but tried to do the right thing. He also can hit (mostly to the shortstop, unfortunately).

Without him and Revere, it really makes the decision to play Frandsen every day much riskier. Who will reliably hit in this lineup? I think I'd rather trade Chooch, which I never thought I'd say.

MG - Ruf is not ready to bat 3rd.

Walking Rollins to get to Dom? Sounds good to me.

Jake- would you call what we saw yesterday 'showing life'?

This guy reminds me of good Bastardo. Death to lefties.

Jake - Why not? Because JRoll has been so locked in?

That was an atrocious AB.

Veal does exactly what he needed to do.

bittel - I agree, for a while it seemed like MYoung was putting up empty stats and could be a good trade chip. Now I'm thinking we may need him if we want to compete. Now DYoung is another story, he doesn't belong on a NL team.

Leaving Hamels in here is playing with fire. Then again, so would bringing in anyone in the bullpen outside of Papelbon.

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