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Thursday, July 11, 2013



Fear not! Professional baseball player Michael Martinez will be toting his potent wood to the plate tonight!

Jimmy is sinking like a rock right now. Really can't afford a blackhole in the top of the lineup, gotta turn it around immediately.

If he goes homerless tonight, it'll be his 38th straight game, his longest streak since May of 2004.

In the current 37 game streak of no homers, he has only 3 XBH total, all doubles.

clout - No considering Nix has never had a season anywhere near as good as what Schierholtz is having right now and his last really productive season was in '10.

Nix is washed up and would be DFA if the Phils had a semi-decent LH bat in their system.

MG: LHB Jermaine Mitchell had a .787 OPS with 13 SB when they cut him.

Hell, LHB Steve Susdorf is even raking in AAA this year (343/.431/.442). I doubt he's a defensive whiz in any form, but Nix himself doesn't even see the field so who cares.


lorecore - I would have been happy to see Nix DFA and Mitchell brought up.

I didn't think Gillick was some kind of wizard while he was here and in fact he made his share of poor/horrendous moves. Maybe even the worst FA in the history of the franchise (Eaton at 3 yr/$24M and went on to give the Phils negative WAR value over 2 years).

Gillick was better though at adjusting on the fly and adding talent during the season/calling up talent to help round out the roster.

lorecore (from last thread): Just saying that "everything" about Schierholtz was better than Nix at the end of the 2012 season doesn't make it so.

Nix has more power, Schierholtz more OB, so they are slightly different players in that respect, but does that make Schierholtz "better."

Both are league-average corner outfielders defensively. Neither can play CF adequately. Nix can play 1B.

In the 4 seasons preceding the offseason, years when both got a fair amount of playing time, Nix posted an OPS+ of 102 and Schierholtz 97.

Neither guy is a base-stealer.

So I repeat my question to you: On what factual basis was Schierholtz last off-season so much better than Nix that it should've been obvious that he was the one to keep?

Bonus question: When the Schierholtz v. Nix issue came up last off-season, what did you say about it then?

MG: Hindsight is wonderful and I get that you and lorecore et al are saying it should've been obvious during the offseason that Nix was washed up and Schierholtz was great, but what I am asking is for some concrete evidence that existed during last off-season that would've led someone to that conclusion.

At the risk of p!ssing off those posters getting bored of the lines, I'm all over Kendrick +130 tonight. Great value there. If he's not "back," we'll know early enough (just whether or not Cholly does something about it...). Hoping the offense can get it going again, particularly Chooch. I have a feeling that tonight could be a big one for our backstop, for no real reason.

Chooch is due to go deep. I thought it was going to happen last night when they had a couple guys on. No such luck.

clout - I didn't say that and understood why they kept Nix and released Schierholtz either though I thought Schierholtz was a better fit as a bench/role player for this team given his lack of splits difference & better defense.

I would have been fine with DFA Nix in June and bringing up Mitchell. Nix has been a complete zero this year outside of a few PH ABs in April.

Recently concussed pitcher and cement-shoed lineup vs. one of the league's best pitchers. Feels like a blowout.

Cannot wait for UC to be put out to pasture. How can you write the same lineup for this team night after night, LHP or RHP, like it's the '27 Yankees?

clout: Schierholtz is a better OF than Nix, i think people even said that he was a very good defensive corner OF when he came over from SF.

He gets on base more, he's stayed more healthy, and he's 3 years younger along with an extra year of team control. For players of similar value, a team would pick him over Nix almost every time. I think the Phillies would have too, however they likely let guaranteed money factor into their decision.

At the time, I thought schierholtz was the better overall player, but i specifically said that as long Schierholtz doesn't sign for more than his arb estimate, it wouldn't really matter. He ended up signing for over $2M, furthering my stance that it was a mistake to let him go.

bittel, this team has been hiting. Wake up.

RA Jr. on with Missanelli.

Saying if the deadline was in a few days they'd be buyers.

rube interview very 'gm-like'. Lots of no comments and generalizations.

Of course they wouldn't sell if the deadline was in a few days. This team needs to seriously choke (as in win less than five games the rest of the way to the deadline) to truly convince r00b to sell. the team wins a few and loses a few and stays at .500, that's what they do. couple that with a weak NL East and of course r00b thinks the team still has a shot.

Yeah not much to take from here other than if they sit where they are at right now by 7/31 it appears he is looking to buy.

lorecore: You're right about age and contract advantage, but I was talking strictly about baseball skills, which is how you judge bench guys.

On defense they are two peas in a pod, as career UZR shows.

To me there was not a dime's bit of difference between them last off-season in terms of overall value. The Phillies simply chose power over OB.

lore: do you expect anything else when rube is on the radio?

I will be in the stands to cheer on my cousin tonight.

sean: well he's dropped some bombs like 'not caring about walks' in the past.

clout: i disagree, i think the money made the decision for them.

Jeter pulled from game? Any interest in Rollins for a AAA prospect?

Thanks for being a fan,George. We would love it if you could throw the first pitch.

lore: true, I don't know how I forgot about that one. whenever he ends up on the Phillies pregame show on the radio or on one of the sports talk stations usually it's just the normal empty BS I've come to expect from anyone high up in the FO.

Well there is buying and then there is BUYING. There were a lot of good thoughtful posts in the last few days. Most agreed that if Rube buys he won't be using our better prospects to do it. He'll just be nibbling around the edges with the likes of M Young and second tier prospects. That's what I think most people think and that's what I would expect. Probably won't net us much but it would be kind of Gillickian. On second thought Rube and Gillick are about as similar as Clout and a human being. Franco and Biddle for Joba and Phil Hughes is more likely.

lorecore: If so it makes them pound-wise penny foolish.

bittel, despite missing out on the "hit and miss" Phillies offense, I'm inclined to agree with you that, on paper, this game looks like a certain Nats blowout.

That said, 3 and a half decades of life on this earth following the Phillies has me convinced that they'll win games like these, doggie-paddle around the .500 mark long enough for RAJ to make an asinine acquisition, then eventually crap the bed (albeit in some tantalizing fashion) in the subsequent month or so. It will be just enough to ensure that there's ambiguity heading into next year where they'll do it all over again after another head-scratching hot stove.

In other words, I've seen this before. Feels like they win tonight...

Hahaha you all might find this funny:

"Ex-Phillie Tops "Most Wanted" Deadbeat Dad List"

Tartabull should just borrow some money from George Costanza.

'Martin to the bullpen' makes some real sense too just as calling up Garcia did.

This bullpen has been a complete disaster and they are at the 'creative solutions' standpoint given the current status of Adams (out for the year), Stutes (no timetable on return), and that they have literally run out of viable relievers at AA/AAA to call up.

Not sure this video on Johnny Callison has been posted, but it's a really powerful piece being featured on

"Ex-Phillie Tops "Most Wanted" Deadbeat Dad List"

Yeesh, the Phillies paid him $666,667 per game in 1997, he couldn't save any of that? That's crazy.

WP - Besides KK's health status, he has a couple of guys on the Nats that own him and wasn't pitching all that well even before the concussion. Staying away from this one.

Phils really could use a W tonight and I am hope that I am wrong. Love to see this team make a 2nd half run with them playing meaningful baseball well into Sept even if they come up short.

Next step will be to claim some dude off the waivers for the bullpen.

lorecore You should know Susdorf is not an option.He,s just another lifetime AAA filler. You know in the same vein as Grilli,Moss etal.

Clout: "The Phillies simply chose power over OB."

Maybe. But they also chose the 32-year old over the 29-year old.

If you were going to bet on one player to beat what they had done so far in their career, which would you choose? The 32-year old or the 29-year old?

I mean, there's a reason Schierholtz got $2.25 million from the Cubs and Nix likely wouldn't have gotten a major-league deal if he'd been released, except maybe for the minimum from the Marlins.

Phils will see 3 straight lefty's this weekend against Chicago.

Wonder if Frandsen and Mayberry will actually get to get an AB against a lefty pitcher (or even....gasp....START a game)???

I'm with Joe D. Chooch is going al centro tonight.

Jack: The difference between 29 and 32 is minimal when you're talking about a one-year bench job.

Again, hindsight is great, but show me where you were posting this last off-season.

Can you and Jake find another board to post to? You guys are so annoying.

Jack was very definitely posting, in the off-season, that we should keep Schierholtz over Nix. I remember debating him on it. I thought they both stunk & it made no difference. I guess on Beerleaguer that deprives me of standing to say that Amaro picked the wrong guy, even though it's rather self-evident that he did.

That last post wasn't mine.

I will be in the stands to cheer on my cousin tonight.

Posted by: George Zimmerman (not guilty) | Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 04:53 PM

Here's hoping the Phils don't get slaughtered, man.

Go, Phillies, beat Nats!

Getting my cheer in early, as I'll miss the game tonight.

Enjoy, BL!

I was wrong last thread, they get a break and miss Chris Sale.

They've now missed Kershaw, AJ Burnett, Mike Minor, Strasburg, and then Sale.

If everyone here was as pleasant as GBrettfan, there would be a lot less arguing.

Anyway, on to the game. This has blowout written all over it. I know banks are closed, so if you have a PayPal account, go to 5Dimes and put everything you have in the account on the Nats to win.

-125 for the Nats is actually a lot better than I thought it would be.

The pitching matchup is a disaster, but at least Zimmerman throws fastballs. I'm strangely optimistic this evening.

The fans really want to see Freddie Freeman?

I didn't know he was that exciting a player.

And I literally hadn't heard of the pitcher from Toronto until a week ago.

And some wonder why the All-Star Game isn't must-watch TV anymore?

"If everyone here was as pleasant as GBrettfan, there would be a lot less arguing."

GBrettfan is easily Beerleaguer's most pleasant poster. But it's an incredibly weak field that she's competing against. I think it's time for a promotion to a more difficult league.

Freddie got picked while puig got €ucked

Denny B - I voted for both those guys-Freeman and the Toronto guy. I don't want Freeman to rest up over the AS Break (stupid I know) and the Toronto pitcher because I had never heard of him. Go NL.

Tonight's game looks like a loss. Last nights game looked like a win, but we lost. Using such reverse BL logic, Lake Nostradamus sees a win tonight for the Phillies.

I need some guys to come over tonight and rub me down while I watch KK work his magic.

That last post was definitely mine. And so is this 2 foot long double dong.

Delabar won the popular vote for the AL? I seriously had never heard of him. Why did the AL make 7th & 8th inning relievers the options for their fan vote? That's pretty lame.

I bet you could ask 100 casual baseball fans who Freddie Freeman was and that barely half of them would know and less than 1/3 would know he plays for the Braves.

Why you would use him to advertise the ASG is beyond baffling.

I would like Freddie to finger me.

MG: Freeman just beat out 4 other good players for the last AS spot -- including 1 player who has gotten all sorts of ink over the last month. Doesn't that conclusively refute your belief that fans don't even know who he is?

The problem this year (unless a big collapse is every series is a must win.....

Not necessarily. I doubt the online voters cast an overwhelmingly number of votes. I would want to see his Q rating and see what some of the firms that monitor social media steams to see how often Freeman is mentioned vs other All Stars so far this season.

Freeman comes off as a goober too when he is interviewed.

I meant casual fans.

MG, how many casual fans attend/ watch the ASG?

That was awesome. Good teamwork guys.

What the heck?

WTF are you doing, Chase?

Utley is not accustomed to a first baseman who can move off the bag

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A great display of defense this inning. Young needs to go. That was a routine grounder with any other 3rd baseman in baseball (now that Ty Wigginton is out of the game).

Maybe Google can help the Phils find a 3B with even a little range.

I am stunned that Michael Young doesn't spend his entire life completely covered in pigeonshit.

That was a big leage throw by Ruf. He knew he had time, he knew the line was obscured, so he flipped one up and over.

I heard a guy bellyaching on Mike Mis's show concerned about trading M Young to the Yanks and having to face his .300 average in the WFS.


Nice play by Chase to prevent that throw from ending up in right center.

Dom showing off the hose.


Kerwin Danley to the rescue.

Toronto fans and Atlanta fans teamed up and voted for their guy and the other team's guy.

I'm just surprised there were enough of them to pull it off.

@@*#$ yeah Dom. At least someone in the outfield has an arm.

Nice throw!

good bad and the ugly on display defensively that half inning

Harper kind of looked safe, but I'm not going to complain.

Rule of thumb: Danley is always wrong. Six Tool got his foot in.

19 million people voted for Freddie Freeman, despite MG's claim that nobody knows who he is.

Ugh. Rollins is atrocious

and to think Harper is starting over Brown in the ASG i believe

On a 100-point scale for aesthetic ghastliness, that 1st inning was about a 98. If it weren't for Dom's throw, it would have been a 100.

KK on pace to pitch maybe 5 innings. What could possibly go wrong?

Zimmerman is a beast and dominates basically every team he faces.

Do I expect that to stop the complaining about no offense tonight? No. No I do not.

@bap: I like Ruf's throw - that was calm and confident. So, 97.

Would Howard have even attempted that throw?

Dom's going to jack one.

ho hum another double

frandsen would have tripled

Now that we're in the middle of summer, each night I think that maybe it will be the time for Revere to hit his first ML HR.

since when can Zimmerman make the throw from third?

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