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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Revere with another hit. Ho hum

To be fair, they're not doing a terrible job working counts. Could be doing better, definitely, but they've eaten a fair number of pitches. 75 with no outs in the 6th.

Nevermind, guess he's just going to stand there.

This guy should be at 90+

Hey tweedledum and tweedledee. There is a baseball game going on. Enough with the wardrobe error segment.

They're workin' on it.

They should have had a LHP ready for Utley/Brown. Make them pay.

I'd love to see some killer instinct. Just work the guy all the way until the end of the inning.

Dickie: No matter what they're doing on CSN, I guarantee you it's better than MASN2.

What I really like about this lineup: the top four guys. Bring a little bit of everything to the table.

What I don't like about the lineup: the rest of it.

Another gift from the Nats.


Defensive Natitude!

The MASN crew pointed out that Desmond shaved his goatee between the 1st and 3rd.

Bet he wants it back now.

When he went to make that throw, I yelled "What is he doing???"

Some great defense here by the Nats tonight. Just the complete team they were built up to be by the media in the offseason.

Ha ha. The Bad News Gnats.

LaRoche was in a bad spot to make that throw and it just barely nicked Rollins on the way past.

That would be a tough error on Desmond if they go that way. It was deflected and it is hard to find the ball when it disappears behind the runner like that.

"When he went to make that throw, I yelled "What is he doing???"

Yeah, he should have just taken the play at 1st. There was no chance at the DP & that had to be an absolutely perfect throw to get Rollins at 2nd.

In this situation you'd like to see Brown calm himself and look for a pitch in his zone. He is up there hacking at everything.

85 pitches to record the first out in the 6th.

ugh darn, brown

now they are perfectly set for another gidp

Needed Dom there to run produce. Just had a Ryan flashback, just hacking away.

Michael Young needs a much longer bat.

One run is a disaster here. Have to get at least two.

MYoung just looks bad when he tries to pull the ball

go the other way!

Young got greedy.

Hard to angry about it though.

Well done by Young. Ridiculous that they came back inside on him, but hey, we'll take it.

Young took off because he saw the play was going to possibly be close at home. Smart heads up play by him.

How was the play possibly gonna be close? The throw was way up the line.

That play was the upside of Sandberg's aggressive 3rd base coaching. With even a halfway decent throw, Utley would have been out by a mile. But very often, the outfielder doesn't make a halfway decent throw.

BAP: But wasn't that Bryce Harper? I've been assured there isn't a tool in existence that he doesn't have in abundance.

I'm calling an XBH by Ruf here.

Never mind. I keep jinxing Ruf. No more predictions when he's AB.

Philli: He does have a great arm, actually. But that was a bad throw -- as was Werth's throw to home earlier in the game.

BAP: I know, and I don't really mean to disparage Harper that much. He does look like a really great ballplayer for many years to come.

However, the Sandy-esque flood of drool flowing from the ESPN and MASN2 announcers is enough to inspire a degree of schadenfreude.

I'd rather see Ruf try to ambush a fastball there, rather than guessing slider and getting caught looking. Eventually Ruf will figure out how to recognize a major league breaking ball, and with his good eye & power, will be a great hitter.

Bill: Yeah by the end it was way up the line but as the base runner at second you have two choices:

1.) Stay put and hope the throw isn't there to get the runner at the plate. I mean- Utley was meat if that throw was even a little better. If the runner at home is out you have put yourself in a spot where a wild pitch scores you from third.

2.) Try for third. If the catcher cuts it off in front of the plate and guns to third the runner scores and you may be out.

It was a heady play by a veteran.


How long will this infield switch game continue?

Que the "Young at first is stupid" comments.

Que the "McDonald at third is stupid" comments.

Young really knows how to extend and inning.

CS - I think Charlie will phase it out as Ruf gets more playing time under his belt.


Another of Charlie's worst traits is his unwillingness to "offend" elder players by substituting them for defense. They should be out of the inning.

Lol, yes "Que"

I just don't understand this defensive switch that Cholly has made the last 2 nights. If you want to remove Young for defense, just do it. Don't move him to a position at which he's even LESS experienced. Unlike Young, Ruf is a perfectly decent defensive 1st baseman.

Michael Young's lack of range may have cost Hamels a CG.

Now I see why Young is on 1st. Laroach is paying Cholly to put him there.

Colbert has come up huge tonight so far.

The defensive switches are infuriating.

I guess since there are scouts in the stands they need to keep M. Young in the game, but this is probably hurting his trade value.

"Michael Young's lack of range may have cost Hamels a CG."

Yep. And Papelbon is almost surely unavailable.

Why was it completely okay to sub out Pat Burrell, one of the veteran leaders on the team, with Eric Bruntlett but Michael Young, a 1 year rental, is untouchable?

But I beg to differ: Young was there, Jake. He can't field ground balls.

"If I do stuff like defensive switches, they'll think I'm managing."

Yep. And Papelbon is almost surely unavailable.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Tuesday, July 09, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Luis Garcia enters stage right...

I'm not sure who told Manuel that Young was a better 1B than Ruf, but whoever it is should be fired.

The Phils have a bunch of guys who could compete for the title of worst defensive player in the league, but Mike Young has to be at the top. When Darin Ruf is likely a better defender, you really stink.

Big time performance by Cole tonight so far.

I imagine Ruf's less-than-impressive speed might have something to do with it too.

Not many SS can make that play with Revere running. Nice job by Desmond.

Shaun Marcum done for the year.

This guy looks good:
Michael Martinez CF 3 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 .318
Seriously J. P. at .455 great start. Could they finally have gotten one correct?

I floated this theory out there last night: Another reason for the double switch could be to get Ruf off the field late in the game. You don't want him making an error and shattering his confidence. He's not a defensive phenom or anything, so that could be a factor.

Jake: It's July, and they're 7 games back. Charlie is managing to win, not to worry about the confidence of a 27-year old.

A game-costing error really could destroy his confidence.

That was an interesting single.

Man this defense stinks.

Jack: He is managing for both.

Wonder if Delmon makes that catch.

Hamels getting squeezed big time the last few innings.

Getting calls, solid defense, can't wait for the bullpen.

Jake - That's a real stretch and why would it hurt Ruf's confidence?

Please, T-Mac. If he had been in the right spot, that was a catchable ball. That was terrible.

MG- Shaquille O'Neil couldn't have caught that ball.

Yep, these defensive switches have been brilliant in-game strategy.

Shaun Marcum done for the year.

Posted by: CS | Tuesday, July 09, 2013 at 09:17 PM

The Iron Horse?!?

Wow...never saw that coming.

Man, this one's gonna sting.

Yeah, that's true. If he had been in the right spot on a step ladder, he catches that easily.

The silver lining is that Mayberry was so convincingly out of place that the runner only made it second.

Words to inspire confidence?

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Diekman and De Fratus warming. Bastardo is the closer, ostensibly.

Hamels wanted no part of the inside part of the plate against Harper there.

Really needed to make that pitch, Cole.


Iceman - I know but Mayberry was lost on where that ball was at and was really fortunate it bounced where it did.

Crap. He's always gotta blow one inning.

Somehow this doesn't feel good. Even if Hamels stays in now, who comes in for the 9th?

A game-costing error really could destroy his confidence.

Posted by: Jake | Tuesday, July 09, 2013 at 09:19 PM

Making an error would shatter his confidence but being repeatedly pulled and thus told that the team has zero faith in his defense is a confidence builder?


I loathe Mayberry for the most part, but this inning won't be on him. Hamels gave up a 330 foot fly ball that missed being out by a couple of feet and now walked a guy he had buried in the count.

Cole has been great tonight, but he needs to bear down here and get one more ground ball.

Here comes 5-4 Nats...

MG - Why would a game-costing error hurt his confidence? Isn't it obvious?

Hard to say Hamels is getting squeezed here. Both first strike calls to Harper and Zimmerman were borderline at best.

Come on, Cole!

This is basically the game right here...come on Cole.

This is tense.


Come on Hamels... Bear down!

Huge K there.


Crap. Werth's up.

MG- oh yeah, he absolutely looked pathetic on the play. Even if it were a few feet lower he wouldn't have caught it. I had to erase my 'Mayberry is a POS' post after seeing the replay.

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