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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


At this point, it's probably safe to assume that if there aren't any takers for Delmon Young, he's finishing out this season for the Phils, starting every damn game in RF, isn't he?...

Oh, and Mike Wisniewski, I LOVED your performance in Monsters University!

By the way, the whole idea that Delmon only cost 750K is shot out of the water.

He's close to enough PAs (and assuming he hit his "weight" bonuses), that he's likely going to make over $2 million this year.

Dom Brown making the All Star team, as he learns his new position in LF, certainly isn't helping the cause, either.

Basically, as many of us suspected, you can call it a "roll the dice" signing all you want. When RAJ is involved, he signed DYoung to be the everyday RF, and that's exactly what he's doing (thankfully less terribly than he had been...).

Again, not any "I told you so," but more evidence about the gentleman who will be in charge of any "buy/sell" decisions and ultimately the "rebuild."

"...performance in Monsters University!"


Garcia has got to be at the least a little better than Phillippe "Nuke" Aumont.

Really liked reading through the last thread as the BL Gestapo just put the hammer down on Jake for not spouting the Gestapo's party line ('Amaro sucks...the Phils suck...everything sucks.').

God forbid anyone have a different opinion than the one the Gestapo has held since 2010.

Does that count as Godwinning?

I would think it does.

I also heard the MLB network guys gushing over the Hairston trade. 'He's a guy that can kill LHP and that's just what they need.'

I can't remember- did they have someone that they traded away in the offseason who could crush LHP?

Also, Hairston is a joke defensively and has a .239 OBP against lefties (.171 average) this year- his only above average skill. I realize that this is better than big, bad Denard Span's .398 OBP (oh I'm sorry, that's his OPS) against LHP, but when Hairston represents a massive upgrade on your team, you have failed as a GM.

MLB network: "Just a great, great trade by Mike Rizzo."

Lordy, everybody say a little prayer for Kris Benson.

What happened with Benson?

Marcum, the fifth starter that Jack and others wanted badly, out for the season after losing almost all his starts with the Mets.

Iceman: Do you think maybe Hairston's career line of .268/.318/.500 is more relevant than his 78 ABs against lefties this year?

I think it's a meh move. Doesn't mean much. But it certainly doesn't hurt, and I don't see why adding a bench bat with one particularly good skill is something to knock, particularly when they gave up basically nothing--a guy I've never seen ranked in any of their prospects lists.

By the way, I've agreed with you the whole time since the offseason that signing Laroche and trading away Morse made no sense. Just want to put that in before you paint me as a blind Mike Rizzo apologist.

Regarding the rumored Joba Chamberlain deal --

I hear Rube has a scouting report on Joba. It's a few years old, sure, but the guy had 9 wins in 2009. That's more wins than all but three of our pitchers had last year!

Hairston and Delmon Young are actually pretty similar players--guys who have one good skill: Hitting LHP.

The difference is the Phillies signed one to be their everyday RF, with the cost of foregoing a better offense and defense platoon in Mayberry/Schierholtz, and also displacing their best young player, Dom Brown, to LF.

The Nats picked one up midseason to be a bench piece and to do only the one thing he's decent at doing--hitting LHP.

That's a pretty key distinction, I would think.

Re: Benson -- his estranged crazy (ex?) wife entered his home with a gun, metal baton, and bulletproof vest, started screaming and smashing stuff and demanded money. He called the cops and hid in the woods. She now has a mug shot.

Couldn't make this stuff up.

Oh, I apparently forgot the knife, hatchet, taser, and ammo vest.

It was pretty easy to see Benson's wife was the stereotypical hot but bat shite crazy type of chick

His wife seemed like such a grounded normal person...what a shocker.


What a shock that the woman who promised to sleep with every single guy on the Mets if he ever cheated on her would do such a thing.

If you've seen her mug shot, she is hot no longer. What a disappointment. And who would have ever thought a former stripper would be crazy? It's like thinking that Elmn Young would be a bad fit in the NL. You just can't predict some things.

Or that Jayson Werth would be the second coming of Babe Ruth against Phils pitching.

I think its time to stop booing Werth. Its only making him better. Ignoring & disregarding him might have a better effect.

Don't. Marry. Strippers.

Hmm...maybe we should have booed him when he played for us then...especially when he was batting with RISP.

some text

Very important to remember.

Haha. Nice, Nepp.

After skimming Jordan's scouting report and taking into account the Phils have never seen him before, is it too late to put in the proverbial "feels like a loss," since they are already behind?

And Anna Benson looks like she's been using crystal for years in that mug shot. Scary.

And now NEPP becomes one of favorite posters. Brilliant

The return of long-lost Willard Preacher. It's a good thread already. The Phillies' performance, on the other hand. . .

This smells like a loss. Cole needs to come up big. Facing a pitcher we are not familiar with and Cole has shown no ability to step up this year. It's early, we will see.

0-2 pitch hits the 8 hitter... This inning will go well

Just sloppy by Hamels so far.

The ESPN announcers last night were bad.

Then I remembered that I have to listen to the Nats' crew for the next 3 nights.

They are indeed complete DWoS.

The Youngs batting back to back are a GIDP all star duo.

Joba trade rumor absurd unless RAJ in panic mode. Makes sense if young straight up for Joba. Trading trash for trash with more upside for phils. If Chooch in deal need at least 2 good prospects one close to MLB ready.

Sit down, meat!

31 pitches through 3... Just what we need from Hamels

now pick him up, boys!

Let's see if Ruf has better luck hitting a HR against this minor leaguer

It's going to drive me nuts if we don't hit off this guy. There's no reason we shouldn't work long counts, get some BBs, and destroy a few mistakes. He's making them.

Feels like a Tip Your Cap™ kind of night.

And Jordan's faced the minimum, lovely

Not sure how this kid only gave up 1 home run all year. The Phillies have hit three very deep balls already.

Only fair. We tipped our caps to Nationals ace John Lannan last night.

Jake-- if only we played in a bandbox

Would have been awesome if Hamels had hit that just a little further.

Right over Werth. Woulda been poetic justice.

Hope they adjust and hit this chump second time through

Downward trend began with Rollins' first-pitch GIDP. Detest that. Let Revere torture the guy a little, and maybe steal second.

Jack- I'm not knocking anything except Rizzo's puzzling moves that are contributing to his team's struggles against LHP. The addition certainly can't hurt. The guys on MLB network were talking about him like he's the missing piece.

Of course, when the CF you 'stole' from the Twins has a .398 OPS against LHP, you could pick a right-handed panhandler up off the street and likely get better results than that.

bittel- exactly what I was thinking. What's the point of having a base-stealer at the top of your order if your #2 hitter is hacking away into weak contact on the first pitch?

I learned to cook from whores I met in all of my journeys.

Hopefully Sarge is a better cook than he is a color commentator, or else someone got ripped off, even if for charity.

Just a horrible approach by Rollins

C'mon Dom. A 2 out hit would be awesome.

Little League! Love Brown and Utley.

I'm really going to miss Chase.

Nice hit but phew, sloppy d

Cue the 3 Stooges "whoop whoop" on that play.

Werth is going to beat up a kid in the stands for that.

The Bad News Nationals.

Utley-Brown making some noise!

I feel that both Chase & Dom could have been out if Suzuki had held onto the throw and then made a better throw to 2B. A bit of luck for us. Nothin' wrong with that, especially on a legit hit.

I don't think Utley touched the plate.

Utley still hasn't touched the plate.

Utley pulled a Matt Holliday there.

I think he may have touched home with his back foot, but you can't really tell from the replay.

That's a Capri Salad alright.

Iceman - No worries. Chase will retire a Phillie.

Jake-- sadly it might be on a one day contract kinda thing

The Phillies could catch a big break if Gio gets suspended

They should suspend my kid now.

Iceman: if you're not watching the MASN2 broadcast, you missed them gushing over how Span is going to challenge for the GG in CF.

wtf. Enough with the inside pitches.

Another 0-2 pitch to Suzuki???

nice control, Cole

Jake and Iceman,
You should both get in the hot tub with me.

Cyclic - I knew someone would say that. The owners like homegrown players, I don't see them trading one of the best homegrown Phillies of all time.

Jake, these owners could give a rip about who gets traded.

Will the immature fake clout posts ever stop? Its getting old.

We'd better put up some more runs. This is really chafing my arse.

You don't have to be do rude, baby

Nice to see Elmn battling back from 2-0.

Jake-- I actually don't see Utley leaving either. I will be sad if he does

Not a bad AB by Young. Gotta work this guy and get your pitch

MASN also has to be the only major broadcaster that doesn't at least flash pitch counts.

CB - Not true. John Middleton in particular cares alot.

That little battery meeting was the antithesis of confidence.

Jake- I sure hope you're right, but if they get offered a top 100 prospect for him, even I would have a hard time turning that down.

Phillibuster- thank you for the reminder why I avoid their telecasts like the plague.

This is a truly pathetic performance by the offense so far. Weak grounder after weak grounder against this stiff.

I am sure it keeps the cigar man up at night.

Chooch has just been pathetic this year.

How things have changed when I'm less worried about Elmm than I am about Chooch getting on base.

If charlie doesn't start playing Mayberry to break up the incredibly slow back portion of this lineup, we're in for pain.

5,6,7,8 all major DP threats, and all - baserunners.

Heyward flies into an 8-2 DP to end an inning in which the Braves had men on 1st and 3rd with 1 out.

It's pretty Ruf, it's true.

However, the Nats just informed me that the Phillies have the 2nd-best BA in July.

As with last night, we should have more runs. Our offense has really improved, but we still struggle to actually score runs.

Post PED chooch not working for me. Any chance Kratz plays alot more than chooch when he returns? From an offensive standpoint I hope so

I love Chooch, so maybe I'm biased. And that was just fugly.

But I'm pretty confident he'll get his swing back and drive in a lot of runs as the year goes on. He is hitting something like .275 which isn't exactly terrible for a great defensive catcher.
I'm a lot more confident in that than I am in Elmn.

Overall this is just a $#*(%U&$# annoying offensive performance tonight. This guy can barely hit plate, throws to only one spot against every RHB in the's the definition of a steaming crap lullaby.

Rock: Chooch came into the night hitting .266 in around 110 ABs.

He's since made 2 outs.

Fair enough. Just went and looked at the numbers and you're right, they aren't really that pretty. Especially in the power category.

Ben "metronome" Revere. The guy's a hitter.


WTF? This guy started the year in high-A ball, and they can only scrape 1 run off him?

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