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Sunday, July 07, 2013


One more thing -- props to RAJ and [ahem], Iceman, for the Revere trade; and recognizing the trade as worthwhile, respectively. If Revere can get a little better in CF and keep hitting, he's likely going to help for a while.

At 8.5, I like the over. We should definitely score some runs, and although I like Pettibone, I'm guessing they'll score their share as well.

This all may come down to who is best prepared to play in the heat of the day. Let's hope the Bone is hydrated and conditioned for working out in humid conditions.

We come to play baseball, we drink a lotta water, we play good.

Petiboner gonna be good. Got home cookin for 29 traffic G/F

Can't get to work today. Followed Upton's at bat on game day. If location is correct, Pettibone had everything up and all 3 strikes were in the middle of the plate. Is that accurate?

Did you hear that when Charlie & Ruben called Dom into the office to tell him he was going to the All-Star game, he thought they were going to tell him he'd been traded?

Thanks for that run, Chase & Dom!

The Youngs getting in on the action - as well they should, since they cost us runs with their defense their fair share of the time.

Always nice to jump to an early lead.

Those were three pretty funny attempts at a bunt.

Watching petti attempt to bunt really makes you wonder who is teaching these kids in the minors. Pathetic

Franco 2 more hits and a double with it.

Pettibone really does have some good late movement today. Looking great.


Now the Phils need to stay focused and continue to hit. Pettibone looks great but it's not a good idea for everyone else to start taking the afternoon off.

Really good AB by Elmn. I may only say that once this season, so there it is.

Free Ruf! Nice hit.

It is hotter then satan's taint so whey are they swinging 1st pitch? Why not work the stinking pitcher.

Chooch comes up small. Hopefully not a wasted opportunity.

Revere is just on a serious roll.

Niiiiice, Revere!!!

Chooch isn't even noticeable this season. Sad.

Fantastic!! So strange...going from depression to euphoria in less than 24 hours. This is all great to see. (of course it is still early in the game, but I'll take the fun whenever it appears.)

MG (from the last thread)- not that this argument needs to continue, but it would be really nice if you would stop claiming that I am taking things out of context when it's right there for everyone to see. You do it all the time. The guy actually said they need more players like Ruf. He really did. I know you're pretending like it's invisible, but it's right there.

If you agree with him, just admit it. It won't be the first or last time we disagree.

Revere hitting like crazy lately...gets moved down

Let's give credit where its due. Lately Revere and D Young have been the bright spots. Rollins only hits when it doesn't matter!

I'm not going to pretend like the season is over- there's plenty of time for Revere to slump and drag his average down a bit again.

But I appreciate cut fastball at least acknowledging that it might have been a good trade and he's a nice player to have on the team. When Revere cracks the .300 mark, he's officially exonerated from the 'Greatest Hits' I will be posting from people like curt, Fata and MG about how he's a useless player that the team should dump.

This is a really fun game to watch.

D Young is not a bright spot for the simple fact his defense has lead to runs being given up, he has blocked Ruf from being called up, has cut into Mayberry/Nix playing time ( Nix especially ) and put Brown in LF where RF would compliment Brown's arm.

Looking at his stats from last year, Revere is now putting up numbers that are pretty comparable to his season with the Twins last year, and I'm sure it's one of the reasons why we gave up Worley to get him. If he's hitting like this then he certainly has value to the Phillies and looking at how Worley has fared so far it can't be seen as a bad trade at all at the moment.


Young :(

Ruiz has had a rough year, but even with a rough year, he still has a .330 OBP. He's one of the few on the team that at least knows how to get on base a bit.

Corn are you really crying anout Nyiyx?

And...crack a beer or three. It's bullpen time.

CS: Yea really, DYoung blocking Nix's playing time is the one thing I wouldn't complain about.

Really didn't want to see diekman today!!

Look at Cholly, is this situational pitching?

Really didn't want to see DeFratus Uggla with two on...

Or defratus. Bullpen will be spent by tomorrow. Lannan better go 7. Cholly treating this like a playoff game

"The guy actually said they need more players like Ruf."

Would you rather them have more players like Nix and Mini Mart instead??

Ruf can flat out hit. He may not be able to do much else, but he can hit a baseball. And he'll show that if he gets a extended run here. And for a team that has struggled to do that in the past few years, yes, the Phils can use more players like that.

Sorry if you aren't smart enough to figure that out.

DeFratus could be a nice ROOGY in the majors.

Kid has good heat and that slider will be though on righties. He'll be fine.

If we can have legit hitters at RF/3B I think a Howard/Ruf platoon would work out well.

Nice Chooch. Hopefully he's starting to get his swing back.

We lucked out DeFratus got an out! Will we press our luck and see if he can go another inning. Probably not with him battingthis inning. Guess will see Nix who is hitting a lofty .210. Might as well let the pitcher hit.

That's 12 starts out of 15 for 'Bone with 3 ER or less.

Sure, he needs to go longer into games. But he has been tremendous since his recall. And I think he's getting better too.

Kris Medlen - major hate the face. And the hat.



Really nothing I hate more than pinch-hitting just to sac bunt.

I find it ridiculous to use a bullpen pitcher like DeFratus for one hitter, then pull him because you need John McDonald to lay down a bunt.

Relievers aren't asked to do much during the day. Having them practice sac bunting for a half hour every day so you're comfortable using one of them and thus giving your team more options late in games seems like a relatively simple thing to me.


That's what Darin Ruf does. He gets on base, and makes things happen.

And then gets yanked.


While I agree, I've always thought the big hurdle for pitchers is their eye rather than their technique. If you let the pitcher know he has to throw strikes then you'll get a pitch to bunt. Otherwise they'll stay off the plate and guys just stab at things.

Braves are getting ruf-fed up today.

Why take Ruf out?
Seriously, someone tell me this?

@Jack: Its hard enough for some everyday players, I don't know how 30 minutes a day would even make a difference for a pitcher.

So Ruf is going to get yanked for his last AB when the team has a lead, apparently. Gotta keep Young's glove on the field and his bat in the lineup.

Why take Ruf out?
Seriously, someone tell me this?

Posted by: Corn

Because it's 7-1 in the 7th and with our lock down bullpen, this game is as good as over. :)

Whoo hoo- thank you for reiterating to MG that you said the team could use more players like Ruf. I appreciate it.


So wouldn't you want to get Ruf as much playing time as possible?

Has JC Ramirez turned back into a pumpkin?

Come on, guys. Focus.

If we let the Braves catch up I will spit nails.

Take JC Pumpkin out before this gets out of hand.

Seriously. This is just so predictable. Thank goodness for the passed ball and error in the last inning to give us those two free runs.

Oh, hey, it's almost like taking out Justin DeFratus for J.C. Ramirez just to let John McDonald sac bunt was a bad idea.

I wonder why Cholly didn't double-switch with DeFratus? He could have put Mayberry in RF (since Del made the last out of the 5th) and then had DeFratus able to go more then the 1/3 of a inning he did.

Mayberry will eventually come into the game in RF anyway. I guess they preferred to take Ruf's bat out of the lineup instead.

For anyone who doubts that errors are no longer called errors, check out the chest high ball that Chase dropped.

Saint Utley another stellar play!! Can't blame JC here.

@Jack: You talk like DeFratus is a shut down guy. The dude is sporting an ERA north of 5 with a 1.58 WHIP.


Again, I kind of agree that it was. But if we weren't 2nd and 3rd on that passed ball, McCann wouldn't have hurried his throw to the plate and maybe we don't get those two runs.

That, and DeFratus isn't exactly what I'd call "automatic". Or even "good". Or even "decent".

Uh, the bunt did yield two runs.

Ha ha Freddy!

denny: Double-switch would've worked just as well. I don't think Justin DeFratus is particularly good, but he's a whole lot better than J.C. Ramirez.

Using him for 1 batter just makes no sense, when all you pulled him for was so that John McDonald could lay down a sac bunt. You have to do better than that.

I honestly refuse to believe that relief pitchers can't be trusted to lay down a sac bunt. These guys all played positions through high school and into college. They likely practice this in ST and during BP. They should be able to do that job. It's ridiculous if they can't.

The Braves swing-and-miss way too much.

Very flawed team.

Justin DeFratus is not very good. But he's significantly better than J.C. Ramirez. If you pulled JDF in order to get Bastardo or Papelbon in the game, I would understand.

But using him for one batter so that J.C. Ramirez could pitch a full inning?

How does that make sense?

I am as big a Chase Utley fan as anyone. But that soft liner right in his glove has to be an error. It not only cost one out, but two and a run. No way that should be an earned run. Who is the official scorer? Chase's mom?

And as for JC Ramirez, he stinks. But that's only because every other slider is a hanging slider. That is completely fixable, yet not if you pitch for the Phillies, apparently. The kid has always had a great arm. An great fastball only needs a barely average slider to make you a very good reliever. And yet this kid has been in the system for how many years and still has zero consistency on his slider.


Forget what happened with Ramirez. That's 2nd guessing when we know the outcome.

You double-switch with DeFratus for many reasons. Mayberry is going to come in for Del Young in a inning or two anyway in RF. Why not bring him into the game in the D-switch and have him hit in the 9 spot. Pitcher goes into the 6 spot.

Instead, you use up an additional pitcher and position player. And you are going to have hit for the pitcher now in the 7th anyway. Savery may not be available today. So it might be just Bastardo and Pap left in the pen.

VERY lucky that they tacked on those 2 extra runs. Cholly bungled that one, big time.

I've seen Justin DeTritus blow enough games recently. Glad he only face one batter.

With Larry Anderson as a part of your organization (and broadcasters ARE a part of the org) and how great he was with his slider, I wonder why he hasn't been consulted or used with guys like Stutes and DeFratus and Ramirez and the countless others who have come through the system who had the arms but struggled with the slider?

Get to their bullpen then sweep the leg...

This game would be over if we had a setup man.

The problem I have with DeFratus facing one batter is not that he's better than ramirez, but that you have now boxed yourself in to either forcing Bastardo to mow down RHB and get four outs, or bring Papelbon in for a 4-5 out save. Manuel plans ahead about as well as Amaro.

Thank you Uggla. Bastardo is not looking convincing.

It's telling that we are looking to use Pap in the 8th inning of a game that is not even a save situation (yet...knock on wood)

Tying run is on deck, it is a save situation.

Finally, Bastardo found some cahones and got out of the inning!

Typical sloppy Bastardo inning but no runs giving up. Always a sneeze away from disaster.

Bastardo sure turned that around pretty quickly. Still never know with that guy whether it's Jekyll or Hyde.

Thank god this team is full of hackers.

Winning two of three is really the worst case scenario. Needed a sweep to really cut into the lead, and needed to lose two of three to really tie a bow on the season. Instead, it's on to the next series.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Welcome to the phillies J.Axford.

Darn. 11 pitches for a crappy walk.

Good win. Would have been a better one with a better BP.

Maury Brown ‏@BizballMaury 1h
Marlins are seeing an avg of 10,891 less per games than at this point last season. Second largest drop is Phillies at 5,845; nearly 1/2 MIA.
Retweeted by Mandy Housenick

Where did all the Ben Revere bashers go?

These kind of games are inevitable filled with at least one or two head-scratchers by Cholly but the Phils got the W today.

Brown continues his 'Tour de Force' in the 1st half. He's on pace for to hit 42 and that would be the first Phils' hitter to hit 40+ HRs since Howard did in '09 (45). He's been a real bright spot offensively and the only Phils' hitter anywhere near the leader board.

I want people to kiss the Ben Revere and KK tattoos on my back and stick tools in my rear-end.

Someone tell Dom to forego the HR derby.

They are having dinner w the yak bashers

I hope domo forgoes the hr contest

It will screw his swing

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