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Thursday, July 04, 2013


Excited to see what both Coles do today.

Hope we see a turnaround today for Hamels, but I've stopped thinking it's bound to happen any day now.

Happy 4th!

Surprised no buzz about the Twins signing BL fave Jermaine "The Answer" Mitchell.

Jermaine Mitchell. Better or worse baseball player than Delmon Young?

Delmon Young had a good game last night. Some season ticket holder's chuckling about him dropping a fly ball on Tuesday. Glad I missed that. Hoping Brown or Howard can turn around a Gerrit Cole fastball or two today. Best case scenario is probably a pitcher's duel.

The Pirates have done a nice little rebuilding job via a mix of prospects, foreign signings, trades and modest FA pickups. To wit:

1. Starling Marte, LF (Foreign)
2. Jose Tabata, RF (Trade)
3. Andrew McCutchen CF (11th pick 05 draft)
4. Gaby Sanchez, 1B (Trade)
5. Russell Martin, C (FA, 2 yr $15M)
6. Pedro Alvarez, 3B (2nd pick 08 draft)
7. Neil Walker, 2B (11th pick 04 draft)
8. Clint Barmes, SS (Trade)
9. Gerrit Cole, P (1st pick 11 draft)

Jack: Better speed and better glove.

Unfortunately, they're making too many mistakes to be successful. Getting picked off second in the 9th inning of a close game, not hustling on the base paths, Hamels's struggles, and wild pitching in opposing runs are indicative of a larger problem, a field manager's and veteran players' problem. It's not unreasonable to expect more from a mostly veteran team 85 games into a season. In any other year ATL and WSH would be ripe for passing in the standings, but I don't see the fire in this bunch. Not yet, at least.

Light a fire. Fire Charlie and put Dallas Green in the dugout.

Clout: But those guys were prospects. I don't understand.

Betting against Day Hamels at -125? Yes please.

Glad that the worst cleanup hitter in baseball is back today against a guy he has no chance of touching.

Gotta love our braintrust!

Team sucks lets get to break and really make things happen. Boy Cesar and Cody have had successful seasons. When they coming up? Oh yeah not 25/26 yet.

My money on the other Cole. No one in that lineup will catch up with G cole's fastball. Any nix sightings? Why is he on the team if he can't a start today? Delmon and Ryan 0 for 8 today.

Jack: Indeed 4 of them were. But the majority weren't. Which shoots down your all-prospect theory.

It also helped that the Pirates had high picks for many years. If you look at the Phillies prospects who helped them win the championship, outside of Burrell, none were a Top 10 pick. Utley was a 15, Hamels a 17, Rollins a 2nd rounder, Howard a 5th rounder, Kendrick a 7th rounder.

Considering KK absolutely sucked in 2008 and was left off the postseason roster, I don't think he really helped them win a championship.

Tabata was a trade for a prospect so that actually supports that argument...FWIW

Actually, there are 6 former top 100 prospects in that lineup, not 4. And, other than Tabata, all of those guys are good to very good major league players.

WTF happened to Revere on the bases the last two weeks?

A stellar display of base stealing prowess.

Good inning, fellas!

Base running crap fest

2 caught stealings in the first inning? Really?

So far this inning has been the classic example of a team beating itself.

Yuni Betancourt- 246 AB's, 9 HR's and 33 RBI's.

Nate Schierholtz- 234 AB's, 11 HR's and 32 RBI's.

Brandon Moss- 245 AB's, 15 HR's and 42 RBI's.

Ryan Howard- 278 AB's, 10 HR's and 42 RBI's.

Now Howard will try to steal 2nd and get caught.

Frandsen sits against a LHP last night. Today, he plays against a RH fireballer.

Almost as smart as trying to steal twice on Russell Martin in the first, I'd say.

There's a difference between giving 100% and trying too hard. That inning they where trying to hard. Capisce

I like Revere nearer the top of the order. Maybe it will stick after today

I cannot believe we lived through such terrible July 4th games. I am boycotting today's tilt due to the fact I cannot find a Phil's or Buc's related place to watch it on Captiva. I am too lazy to drive into Ft. Myers for this.

BAP: Every player is a prospect of some sort. My point is that the Pirates built their team through several means, not just the one mean that you advocate.

NEPP: I should have been more broad in my definition: The core of the team that won the division for 5 straight years.

That'll be the last time Utz uses a glove with a hole in it.

EVERYONE: I like balls in my mouth.

I had a weiner eating contest in my house and I broke my old record. I wish Will Schweitzer was here to watch.

Typical Hamels luck: Seeing eye 20-hopper.

So, if someone advocates trading players for prospects, that means he is necessarily against all other strategies for improvement? Interesting.

Why the hell would you pitch to McCutchen there? That was spectacularly stupid.

Oooo,look! One of the immature mental midgets is here! And he figured out how to use different screen names!

The Braves are the best. I sleep in a Chipper Jammie.

BAP: No, only if he's a one-note-johnny like you: Dump 'em all for prospects!

There are alternatives, as I noted and as you've never mentioned.

BAP: Yeah McCutchen absolutely drilled that, didn't he?

TTI, I love you. Please bear my children.

clout: It's irrelevant if it was a cheap hit. His OPS against LHP has been over 1.000 2 years in a row. He should have never been in position to get a cheap hit. The decision to pitch to him would have been just as stupid if he had struck out.

Looks like the little twerp has some sexual insecurity issues too. Back in the day, Weitzel would've erased you from your sad BL existence within 20 mins.

BAP: Fact is, 99 times out of 100 a ball he's fooled on and barely hits is going to be an out. That's not a knee-jerk walk situation particularly with your alleged ace on the mound early in the game.

Non-MLB player Ben Revere with another 3 hits today.

Iceman: Folks with short-attention spans are incapable of thinking in terms of a 162-game season.

I'm beginning to think that Iceman is davthom73. He is as obsessed with Ben Revere as davthom73 was with Coste.

Iceman, please stick it in my rear 165 times a year.

I have a long long attention span that only Phillies baseballs can fill.

When I take a dump, it looks like a schmitter. I literally bleed Phillies red out of my urethra.

Howard with the good eye...

Gotta go, Jay Z is giving me the Harlem Shake in my azz.

I speak with a lisp that is why my own realm of power is Beerleaguer.

Delmon delivers..

who lets Hamels hit if Chooch doesn't deliver?


Definitely moot now, but I would have let him hit either way. He's only at 78 pitches & is pitching well. And, as you might have noticed, the Phillies' bullpen isn't the greatest.

I've heard that.

Nicely done there, Chooch.

Hamels' strike/ball ratio is 57/21

BAP- as long as you and others continue to say stupid stuff about Revere, I'll be here to remind you it's stupid. We've been over this a thousand times. Just stop saying stupid things. Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

Now 71/23 strike/ball ratio. Hamels' command is about as good as it's been all season.

"Just stop saying stupid things. Hope you're enjoying your holiday."

The Phillies are winning & Cole might finally get a "W" for my fantasy team. So, unless the bullpen messes this up -- which is about 50-50 -- it's all good. Hope you're enjoying yours, as well.

It's certainly closer to 50-50 now.

At the risk of having the knee-jerk bullpen defenders jump in here, I'm gonna post that the Phillies bullpen just isn't very good.

Now more like 40-60. Maybe 30-70.

I'll say again "This team needs a better bullpen and its in the race."

dennyb is readying a post about how it's ok that the bullpen is about to blow the game, because the Pirates bullpen gave up runs too.

You didn't hear me, but I said they should not remove Hamels for a PH. 1 extra run for us does not outweigh the atrociousness of our BP.

Four run lead, eighth inning, three straight hits with a defensive error...

Way to go Phils!

Maybe we can trade Papelbon for an 8th inning guy.


I hope Papelbon is on his game today.

CS: Slight correction. They NEEDED a better bullpen & they'd be in the race. As in past tense. If they traded for Kimbrel, Aroldis Chapman, and Joe Nathan tomorrow, they'd still be 9.5 out of 1st place & 9 out of the 2nd WC. Which is to say: very much out of the race.

Great inning! That insurance run looks like it's going to come in handy.

In his last outing, on a hot gun, Paps was throwing 91. Hopefully he's got some movement.

BAP - Give this boring veteran team a good bullpen and they can make up 9 games on the Braves.

Who will succeed Chad Durbin? Will it be De Fratus or Diekman? Stay tuned...

Jake: It's 10 games (in the loss column), and you just casually dismiss it as if it's nothing. It is enormous.

Oh, that's such a Jimmy Rollins at-bat.

This game is almost as important as an April game and three times as important as an September game.
Happy Independence Day to all

this is why you keep utley..

trade m young
trade papelbon
and of course trade rollins...

And it's not like solving the bullpen problems would turn this team into a juggernaut. They are average to below average in literally all phases of the game.

The Man.

Just wow.

I know Delmon's been hot but intentionally walking Dom is the move here.

another shot in the foot..

howard doesnt know hes getting a out of strike zone slider?

Worthless...even against a RHP.

The $25 million cleanup hitter, ladies and gentleman.

Oh, Delmon's out of the game. In that case, I'll double down on what I just said.

That's some truly outstanding situational batting there, Phillies. Way to go!

This offense drives me nuts.

I love watching and checking out the ESpn gamecast on my tablet. I have seen "Ryan Howard struck out swinging" 800 times it seems.

1st pitch for rollins

1st pitch for AAAAberry

and the 2500 man

Forgot all these fantasy scenarios. Simply sitting Howard or moving him down in the order will make a difference in our odds.

Rollins and Howard MUST be moved out of the 3 and 4 holes. And then Mayberry swings 1st pitch. This game if lost will end the season officially after those 3 pathetic ab's from 3,4,5 hitters. Tmac and wheels actually sound annoyed that's how bad it is

docjoe - rollins & howard should be moved out of town

And with all the talk of trading Pap, this is one time I'm glad we have him (recent airmail pitch notwithstanding)

Ugh! They have to get howard out of the 4 hole.

There is NEVER a comfortable lead for this team, regardless of who, what, or where.

pap has nothing. This does not bode well

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