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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Locke isn't a right handed pitcher.

How the hell is Frandsen sitting against a LHP?

Gotta have Delmon Young in the lineup. Gotta ride that hot bat.

Please lose, that is all. Heard Montgomery on the radio and his unrealistically optimistic views on the club.

I understand the long term effects and rebuilding and all that, but I just don't think I could ever bring myself to actually root for the Phillies to lose.

I suspect Howards knee has been ailing and that was the reason he was sat down for those games.

Cholly & Rub are the reason Frandsen isn't in. God forbid you sit Delmon.

Amaro taking questions on WIP.

Texas signs 41 year old Manny Ramirez to a minor league deal maybe to put pressure on Lance Berkman to start producing.

So far, Berkman has a somewhat Delmon Young like (though Young would kill for his OBP) line of .263/.362/.392/.754, 6 HR, 34 RBI.

Also, looking up Delmon Young, has anyone realized he's done this over the last 34 G (122 PA)?

.287/.328/.496/.824, 6 HR

Might be almost enough to make up for the sh!t defense.

LOL Someone asking about Howard being yanked vs tough LHP. Saying he is the most expensive platoon player in history.

"If an opponent is disciplined...."

Well, that pretty much excludes the 2013 Phillies.

No at that D Young stat. He had a total of 4 multi hit games in June. 3 of those games happened in a row on recent road trip out west.

vs SD 2 for 4, 1hr 2rbi 2Ks
vs LA 4 for 4 ( singles ) 0hr 0rbi
vs LA 3 for 6, 1 2b, 6rbi

Those 6 HRs you listed..3 were in June, 3 in May.

He's en fuego!

so, locke was a product of a trade w/ the braves for mcclouth. how is mac doing? interesting stat that the braves are a .500 team since their 11-1 start.

I bet Howard's knee will feel much better this weekend when Tim Hudson starts for Atlanta.

Then, it might flair up on him again on Monday when Gio Gonzalez is likely to start for Washington.

Ruben gave you a lot of information if you listened there.

Is that sarcasm or can we have a recap for those who didn't listen?

Bittel: elaborate please

Biddle, Rosin, Cartwright and Murphy make the AA All Star Team.

Asche and Hernandez make the AAA All-Star Team.

Incidentally, Papelbon thinks Franco should have made the AA All Star Team.

That was a pretty nice pitch

First thing was: Dyak is all but gone. He flat out said the only reason Ruf isn't up here "and playing left field" is because, in Ruben's view, Ruf hasn't hit enough. He said he was willing to put Ruf in left and "move Brown around," I believe was the exact phrase. Also, he was OK with Ruf at 1B for Howard as a part-time player. But Ruf had to do more.

Earlier he agreed with a caller that DYak hasn't been good in RF (but he didn't call him Dee-Yak)

Second was: he's a seller if the team doesn't play a better brand of baseball this next 8-10 games. He's waiting for the games against the Nats and Braves to go into sell mode. He wouldn't give a hard number of games back that would determine buying/selling, but he said he'd sell if the team didn't play better.

Third was: he acknowledged that Howard is playing like a platoon player, and that it was Charlie's call not to play him against lefties (which belies the official "Ryan's knee hurts" explanation).

To be clear, Ruben did not say the words "DY is all but gone." That was my take base on what he did say.

I'm willing to bet that Ryan's knee will be a recurring injury that will flare up for the next 4-5 years whenever he plays LHP.

As well it should as he is one of the worst hitters in baseball against LHP.

At this point, I"m pretty annoyed every single time D. Young gets a hit.

Thanks, bittel.


I am not a tmac hater but he reached an all time low in the pregame. Showing the highlights from last nite of Ryan running from 1st to home and stating he that's the reason he is out of tonight's lineup. I supposed the starting LHP with an era in the low 2's has nothing to do with it. The organization must give wheels and tmac a bonus for delusional statements like that

Yeah, I have no problem rooting against individual players (Yak) for the greater good. Against the whole team though, I cannot abide.

I'm surprised Franco was promoted before the AS game. Once you get to a certain point in the season teams usually let their guys play that game before promoting them.

Cyclic: you should root hard for_elm_n so the phillies can trade him.

Ruf just did this in June .301/.390/.427/.817 and has 44 RBIs on the season.

Clearly he's just not hitting enough HRs for Mr. Production™. Never mind the fact that his season OBP is .342 (for Phillies regulars, only MYoung and Utley are even close). Ugh.

Bases loaded, no outs. This will work out well.

Oh yeah, John Lannan sucks.

Locke looks like he's about 16

Never a doubt with John Lannan!!!

Phillies-esque by Pittsburgh right there

That would be strange if the Phillies won this series, since BAP said they would be swept (winning 3 games on the trip.)

It does make sense if we somehow win the series or even sweep them. When they sucked, they always dominated us in that we suck, the shoe might be on the other foot.

Oh, come on! We're ALWAYS out!


How frickin slow is Lannan???

Horrible slide too

You're supposed to score when they walk your pitcher on 4 pitches.

ugh 2013 phillies

Someone tell John Lannan he's a 5th starter. You can bowl the catcher over!

a few feet over and that ball's over the smaller fence too

most catchers, it seems, don't extend that leg. mb depends on who the runner is. but lannan is pretty big.

Does anyone have the numbers on runners gunned out at home for us? We've got to be near the bottom of the pack.

Do we teach anyone how to slide properly? If he hooks around and puts his left hand out, he's safe.

Think the MYoung slide a couple game back

Lankan was safe, left hand was on plate before tag, but still a horrible slide.

Just wanted to point out the fact that Russell Martin is a punchable face.

Trade Utley now before he is hurt again.

Cyclic: No pitcher in the league would know enough to slide like that. The Pirates needed a perfect throw to the cut off man and a perfect relay home. They got both. Good execution again by them.

I wish John Lannon would toe my rubber.

We're 3rd in the NL on outs at home base, 5th in the majors. Happened eleven times (doesn't include force plays).

Some other fun stats. Boston is first in the Majors with 16 outs at home. Milwaukee is second with 15. Milwaukee's also second in the Majors with 15 runners picked off (right behind the Astros who've had 18). Maybe they need a baserunning coach.

They really need to start displaying a stop watch everytime a ball is put into play.

Lannan had about 15 seconds to score from first.

bittel: Ruben is full of crap, as always. If Delmon is playing so poorly to have Ruf come up to replace him (if Ruf was better), then why the hell does he start him over Mayberry?

I hate their cluelessness with depth charts. Its like when DeFratus was called up, he instantly was ahead of half the MLB guys who were keeping him in the minors. And now if Ruf earns a call up, Elmn goes from starter to cut? If he's the first to go to make room, why the hell is he starting?

Energizer Benny, it just keeps on hitting.

Lore, let me explain that for you.

See, Delmon is a starter. Ruf is a starter too. Mayberry is a bench player.

There you go, a look inside Charlie's head.

I was afraid Brown would be out at home. I've come to expect us to be thrown out. But no, he was safe and the other runners even advanced! Victory!

Come on, Lannan. Get a hit!

lorecore: Coule be wrong, but I believe the question to Ruben was something like: why not bring up Ruf so it doesn't have to be Mayberry that plays 1B when Howard sits? Ruben took the question in the direction I mentioned above.

Victory on that play, that is. I got a little carried away.

He looks so big and sweaty. Yum.

chollies instructions to lannan should have been: "son, don't swing at nothin'"

Thinking about it further, maybe DY isn't cut if Ruf gets called up? But then who is sent down/DFAed if Ruf is called up? Nix? His bench bat will be regarded as less needed if Howard is available to pinch hit 2/5 of the time.

Does Lannan get credit for a "Looked Ugly" for this start so far?

Revere had a 12 game hitting streak in June, hittign .407 with 6 SB. He broke it by going 0-3 on the last game of the homstand vs Matt Harvey.

He was then benched two of next 3 games.

He came back to start vs LAD and went 9-16 (.563).

Awesome managing.

it's show business, rube. ruf is charismatic and will put people in the seats. yak is not and does not.

Everytime I see John slap that rosin around, I wish it was my sack instead.

Scherzer has a 5 run lead in the 4th. You can switch the channel there.

I prefer Fister myself.

Well this game went south in a hurry...Lannan played with fire all game, finally got burned.

another sh*t sandwich

Lannanon gave up the game and my baby said "uhh ohh"

my saving grace might be lannan coming up short of 20 GS.

I was listening to the game in the car when we were winning. By the time I turned off the car, opened the door, and turned of the TV we were down by 3. A quick turnaround that has no hope of reversing itself.

Another night where Lannan barely goes 5 IP. He's my favorite Phils' starter to bet against right now.

I HATE watching Lannan pitch watching attempt to dink and dunk his way through 5-6 IP. Least favorite starter to watch actually pitch since Lieber was here.

What's worse than a Phillies loss?

A Phillies loss in which DYak is 3-3.

There goes that Lannon, Utley, Del Young for Puig trade.

D.Young up to a .770 OPS....bastard is gonna be here all season at this rate.

The best part is that his defense is so bad that he's still a net negative.

Young is batting .333 AVG/.372 OBP/.878 OPS since June 1.

To be fair to Michael, that was a perfect DP ball he hit.

The Bucco's have been awful in these two games.

It's unreal. MYoung hits, like 60% of his balls between second base and shortstop. And every one hard.

Gotta love company man TMAC stating that he agree's 100% w/ Ruben & Rollins comments that it's still too early in the season to panic. Sarge disagrees & states it's getting late for me. TMAC then agrees 100% w/ Sarge. I hate the Mets but miss listening to their excellent TV crew.

Well this at least makes it interesting again

I think Lannan is probably better suited for long relief roles/6th starter type of role.

Dugan HR off of former Phil Drabek.

Posted 2 months ago Yak will be on the roster at years end.

D. Young has a platoon DH.

He kills any possible value he has offensively with his defense on an NL club.

Del will be gone by September 1st.

Either before the deadline or a post deadline waiver deal.

No way he makes it to October 1st with the Phils....unless he gets hurt in the next few weeks (which is a possibility).

Aumont left that one up in the zone

During the very tail end of his career (when he was a Met essentially), Willie Mays would toss the ball to the corner OF to make the throw into the infield.

Maybe Revere could try that strategy.

Lovely Aumont.

Cameron Perkins making his first rehab start, HR and 2B down in the GCL.

Aumont has the softest, most hittable stuff of any hulking, hard-throwing reliever I've ever seen.

Plus, he has no facking clue where the ball is going.

Aumont having some control issues here.

The dude has no concept on how to throw strikes.

And this is why Aumont will likely never be an effective MLB reliever.

Feels like a loss. Hope I'm wrong and they win, but I turned it off after the McCutcheon triple. Sarge sounded like a Beerleaguer with everything he was saying.

I knew you guys jinxed this game by even suggesting that maybe now that the Pirates are good and we're bad, we'd sweep them. I think you were tongue in cheek with it, but still....

Not that with our BP and our run-scoring struggles, we had a good chance of winning without being jinxed.

Well at least they're bringing in so done who can throw quality strikes. Right?

Aumont looks constipated whenever he invariably falls behind 3-0 or 3-1... I share that same look following this team this season

I love watching McCutcheon play. He can do it all and plays hard.

He's a future NL MVP.

Can always count on the Phils' bullpen.

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