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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


"To me, it's an absolute joke," Papelbon told MLB Network Radio when asked about Puig's All-Star candidacy. "It's really kind of stupid if you ask me."

If anybody knows stupid...

Who's ready to Tip Their Cap?

I would trade both Young's for the best bullpen arms I could get, put Frandsen back at third (better bat than Young, slightly worse defense) call-up Ruf to play LF, and move Dom to RF.

Posted by: Jake | Tuesday, July 02, 2013 at 06:01 PM


Don't know how effective it would be, but I would support this.

Dom seems very comfortable in left, and it seems like he's settled in. If that comfort in turn extends to the plate, I'd keep him where he is.

Puig is more worthy of an all star appearance than paps. Any stupid person would know that.

I can't wait until Pap is in a different uniform. I'll drive the horses ass to the airport myself.

What would it take for Howard to not hit 4th?

He shouldn't even be playing period, but for the love of God Cholly, put him about 7th in the lineup.

The REAL lineup tonight should be the following:

Mike Young
Del Young

3rd career start? Low 90s fastball? Yep, looks like the Phils might get two hits tonight.

"And, Howard is overpowered by a 93 mph fastball"

Good for Howard, fouling off so many pitches.

David Murphy ‏@ByDavidMurphy 3m
Carlos Zambrano has a Grade 1 lat strain and will be shut down for four weeks. He obviously will not be exercising his opt-out clause

Before the game began I was going to post that I predict a winning series simply because we can often rise to the level of better teams (or because the baseball gods can be unpredictable.) After less than one inning I've changed my mind.

But If anything, it is nice to be back to 7:00 starts.

Maybe I'm not up on uniform history, but I'm wondering about the lady in the stands wearing a red shirt with a gold Pirates P. Friend or foe?

*shaking head at Dom*

What is it really going to take to move Howard down in the line up?

Don't blame Brown for pushing that.

Right idea by Brown but the execution there by Pittsburgh was excellent.

OK, boys, just keep hitting it to the right fielder.

"What is it really going to take to move Howard down in the line up?"

A new manager?

I been wishing for that for years Whoo hooo

What the pirates did to brown I sometimes do to the AI in MLB The Show

Either this gun is hot or Pettibone is throwing considerably harder than I have ever seen him throw.

Hey Negative Nancys, there's also a slim chance the Pirates will be tipping their caps to Pettibone...

okay, stop laughing

Good AB Chase

Gah! Back to elmn.

The ensuing commentary should be fun.

hahahahahahaha FREE RUF

He's still young. He still has time to learn the fundamentals. Like how to catch.

Wasn't there a time the Phillies could have traded for Marte? Am I remembering wrong?

I hope that RAJ is taking note of how much poor defense hurts the team. Whether it leads to runs or just makes the pitchers have to throw more pitches to get out of an inning.

Tuned in just in time for 2 examples of that brutal Phillie defense. Lets see if the Bucs can turn it into the winning run. Er, go ahead run.

welp. Lookin forward to the bullpen. Thanks defense!

Thank you, Chase! WTH was Pettibone doing?

That was a ridiculously good play.

way to ruin the narrative, Utley

now get out of it, Bone!

It was terrific, BAP.

Should have been out of the inning a while ago, if our RF had made that catchable catch.

Can't believe Bone escaped that mess...after 33 pitches.

Pettibone's throwing his fastball a good 3-4 MPH harder than usual. Of course, he also has a terrible ball-strike ratio.

Pettibone's doing well so far. I think I might have to call RAJ on the pregame show tomorrow (I think he does those on Wednesdays) and inquire about the deplorable defense and whether he is bothered by it costing us runs and taxing starters, thus leading to greater use of our atrocious BP....

F RAJ. Bone should have punched Young soon as he came off the field.

0 for 22.

Howard...It's just so anticlimactic to watch him these days.

Jroll and Ryan. Those 2 ab's sum it up for me!!

Good swing, Ryan!

How many more times will our 3-4 hitters pop-up and strikeout before there is a lineup overhaul?

It is truely pathetic watching Howard right now. It is even more pathetic that he is still batting clean up.

Brown better go yard this series

Trying to figure out when this game will break open and the Bucs will have a 4-5 run inning. I'm guessing the 7th.

I was listening to sports radio today (forget which station or host), but the host's opinion was that Howard could never be moved down in the order out of respect for his accomplishments and history. Seriously.

I wish Kratz was back :(

The Phightin Phieldmice. They go so quietly.

At least Kratz could pop one. No adderall Ruiz is powerless.

A some people try to say adderall is not a ped...

But I'm ok as long as he gets on base

Yankee prospect Alex Rodriguez went 0-2 tonight for Charleston, hitting into a DP and striking out.

He could be a target for Rooben, if the Phils and Yanks do a trade.

This Brandon Straight Outta Cumpton is tough. I mean, when you are facing a team's 8th or 9th starter who has only made 2 other major league starts, sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

"but the host's opinion was that Howard could never be moved down in the order out of respect for his accomplishments and history. Seriously."

His manager feels the same way.

That's it...keep hitting Michael...raise that trade value.

"Trying to figure out when this game will break open and the Bucs will have a 4-5 run inning. I'm guessing the 7th."

Good guess. You need only look at Pettibone's pitch count & project when the bullpen will take over. Looks like the 7th.

Marlins desperate to unload Nolasco. Would you do a Ruf for Nolasco?

Good time for Howard to change the direction of this season (and his own).

Or a nice half-measure like that.

Big Piece!!!

So he is 1 for 23 now.


DYak scores Howard from first on a triple. If you look close, you can see the Loch Ness monster out there in the water.

Unfortunately the Bone is about used up. We're going to see most of our BP tonight.

Pirates have second half collapso-phobia, maybe the Phillies can get in their heads and win a couple of these games.

It took a ball rolling into the deepest part of the yard, a dark little corner with cobwebs and creaky floorboards, to get Howard around from first. Loved it, though.

Their best chance to win a game is tonight.

Don't see them doing much against Locke and Cole the next two days.

Not sure Bone gets through the heart of the order again unscathed. He's pitched his behind off (again) but those extra bullets he had to use earlier when his defense failed him, will likely come back to haunt him and the Phils.

Howard scores from first on a triple by Yak.

Hell just got a little cooler

denny - I still consider any Hamels start a winnable game.

Phils only scored 3 so bullpen can give up 4 and be blameless tonight, according to the Moronocracy.

Bone with a HUGE dp

DP looks even bigger now

If I told you at the beginning of the season "Pettibone will out-pitch Cole Hamels in the first half," you'd probably have thought, "This rotation is going to be great!"

I still like what I've seen from Pettibone though. He'll get a lot of Worley/Happ 'one year wonder' comparisons in the off season.

Nice outing, aided by two critical DPs. The kid fights through trouble. 15 consecutive outs after that 3-run first inning last time, and he emerged unscathed from the 3rd tonight. Glad to have him around.

I left for a walk in the rain...and now we're winning 3-1. Hm. It doesn't always work, but I do seem to miss seeing our scoring these days.

I'm sure the BP will give up at least a few runs, though.

I swear they teach 'em in Allentown that they must walk the first batter.

Need to get 10 outs from the bullpen to get the win. Over/under on how many they'll get before they blow the lead?

I set it at 3.5. Takes them to 2 outs in the next inning.


Well according to some people they teach two different things between minors and majors

Sounds about right, Iceman.

"Over/under on how many they'll get before they blow the lead?"

The answer might actually be zero.

That was a gift. That pitch was not a strike.

The JC Ramirez Show will likely start in the 7th.

Or is he the new 8th inning "guy"?

take petti out after 88 pitches?? Watch this train wreck from the BP now with Cholly at the helm calling the shots.

sorry 102 pitches. I guess too many for a rookie

doc: Pettibone threw 102 pitches.

They took Pettibone out after only 88 pitches? I did not know that. Why, pray tell?

Thank you, BAP. That makes more sense.

Carlos Ruiz, the invisible man.

my bad. still would have given petti a chance to finish the inning since he was coming up to bat in the top half

Here comes the Aumont leadoff walk.

Took care of that one.

Nice, Dom! Great to see.

Nice play, Dom.

That's some sophisticated pitching. Aumont induced the guy to hit it to exactly the spot where he would be tempted to go for 2 -- knowing that Dom would be able to throw him out at 2nd. Well done.

At least he's throwing strikes.

Another nice play.

Nice below average play by the non-MLB CF.

Remember when some of us thought that maybe, just maybe that Aumont might end up as a decent closer/backend guy?

Yeah, not so much.

Intersting inning from Aumont. If he can throw that many strikes while learning how to effectively waste pitches, he'll be fine. Even the ones close to out of the zone (with one wild exception) they managed to get wood on. And that wasca great play by Dom!

Now that's how you beat the shift.

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