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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Asche Era Has Begun!

8.0 back of the 2nd WC. One game at a time.

I like ya, Jake, but let's not start the count just yet.

Sweep the train wreck Giants and then focus on Atlanta. 3 games right there for the taking.

Cyclic - I want vengeance. A one game playoff against the Cards would be epic.

Then again, if were talking about miracle comebacks, I'd rather win the division.

Yeah, I'd rather they won the final 15-20 games of the season. No one would want to face them in the playoffs then. Talk about epic.

I wonder how many heads have exploded since we started the thread this way...

Don't count them out yet. Could be another reason they kept MY. A streak is possible.


Salisbury just said Halladay and Dubee are so close that if Dubee leaves, Halladay will look to follow him.

From what MG has said repeatedly, Dubee is useless, so I'm not sure a HOF pitcher's opinion means much.

Does MAG have a good changeup?

I predict he will after working with Dubee for a few months.

Lol at least these Jake-Jake threads will keep things interesting here (for a little at least). Seeing the real Jake (I think he's the real can we tell?!) freak out is funny for now

Cyclic - I read his split is his best breaking pitch


Always a huge fan of any lineup that has 2013 Delmon Young batting cleanup. It's extremely hard to find a corner OF who can put up a .718 OPS.

Hm so we gotta follow the money to find the real Jake! Lol

Funny that Cholly is also so reactionary that DYoung leapfrogs Ruf because he had a 2-hit night while Ruf had an 0-fer.

Has a single team ever impacted a single division more than the Detroit Tigers? After whooping the Phillies and Nats in five straight games by a run margin of 40-7, both clubhouses left Detroit depressed and hopeless. Of course, they also crushed Atlanta 25-7 in a sweep in April so perhaps the impact on the race is not that great, but the timing of this most recent demoralization of two teams that were on the bubble was significant.

As an aside, due to this season only, Delmon Young's B-Ref page is probably second to only Mini-Mart in terms of total pageviews from my own computer (I'm assuming I'm not alone in this...).

That said, it's available for sponsorship for $205!!!!

I'm hopeful, however, that it would be a terrible investment, as I'm optimistic that we won't give two sh8ts about his after this season. Mini-Mart, on the other hand, is the benchmark for ineptitude that is likely to linger for at least a few years, if not decades.

Does fake Jake realize that everyone can tell the difference now?

Cyclic - Yeah, I would've liked to see Ruf get a few straight games batting 4th.

Unless fake Jake started the Typepad to really f*ck sh*t up

Underlined Jake-I think so but then again you're paying for an account while non-underlined Jake can still post for free...soooo yay for you? This whole thing is silly anyway (yet funny you take it so seriously).

Typepad isn't free?!?!?!

Cyclic-don't make my head hurt

Potter - It's a free account.

I wouldn't have called the pickup of Bowker a "significant move", except if by significant you meant a total waste of time. I'm not sure he actually put the bat on the ball during his (thankfully) short tenure in Philly.

I thought they asked for a credit card when I tried to make one a while ago so I don't think so? Maybe I'm wrong..

Oops I'm wrong then, underlined Jake

I hope we can sneak John McDonald and Mike Martinez through waivers in August.

I am sure they'll be at the top of many clubs list. Ruben will likely be asking for 3 or 4 "A" prospects for either though.

Just relieved both are still here to help this team play these really important games. Both are key cogs for the future.

Cardinals make an offer to Shoppach. Good call, NEPP. (I think it was him)

Scintillating thread so far. Almost as exciting as the new/old Phillies.

denny - is that sarcasm?

Potter - You can refer to me as Jake, and the other one as lifeless-loser.

bap, are the Phillies gonna win tonight?

ted - lol, believe me, I can do without this crap as well.

If Ruf doesn't have his OPS back over .900 after tonight, he's dead to me.

Don't let Posey hurt you and Kendrick should be able to take care of this lineup

I'm 12 years old and what is this?


Good god.

good start....

Okay, Ruf maybe should have caught Posey's hit

Asche saves a run!

NOT past a diving Asche!

@jrfinger if what happened today regarding the deadline passing qualifies as "without much action" can you define "no action?"

Young is at 1B thinking, I would have had that too.

No way MYoung gets to that ball.

Horrible throw by JMJ. Horrible pitch by Kendrick.

Ugh. Another hole to climb out of.

Asche better hit a couple HRs

Nice throw Mayberry.

Good to see them finally relaxing and playing good Phillies baseball.

Just turned the game on and...ugh

Jesus, KK, bear down!

"Don't let Posey hurt you and Kendrick should be able to take care of this lineup

Posted by: Cyclic | Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 07:06 PM"

Perspicacious as ever.

Good god, Kendrick

This is boo-worthy

ted-- Brett Pill and Roger Kieschnick really showed me.

I guess KK and the gang got Rube's message today. Maybe next year.

Let's wait and see how the gang's bats respond.

got 'em right where we want 'em.

I guess the stress of deadline is over so now they can relax and just play. Oh wait, it appears they care even less after that putrid inning. Doubt if 25k in the park tonite.

I do have a fear that we'll be tipping our cap to Chad Gaudin

There goes Slow Rollins... unable to stretch that into a double

GIDP in 3,2,1...

Are you kidding me, Jimmy???

JRoll set a record on that stupid play?

I think that still counts...

Thanks, Rollins!

Phillie For Life...AKA The Man.

St. Utley! Love that man

Utley is the man

How's about a shutdown inning, KK?

i knew it. and jimmy should be fined for stealing that run.

Jimmy breaking more phils records. All time leader in lazy, stupid plays.

Where is Amaro on the official punchable faces list?

What record was it?

KK, not sharp

Damn, Ruf spanked that

Crushed it...right at someone unfortunately.

Asche needs colored batting gloves. He looks like a mime

Since May 1, Kendrick has a 4.47 ERA, and that doesn't include tonight.

Maybe we should hold off on the long-term extension. Of course, since he was on the team in 2008, I know my suggestion is moot. Amaro will make sure he's a Phillie for life.

Good eye so far by Asche.


KK had value 2 months ago but not much now. Phillie for life.

Would the fact KK's wife delivered a baby yesterday have anything to do with his energy and concentration?

No excuses, can.

It's a shame "stiff neck" was unavailable. They could have given the new dad a couple days off and pitched him against Atlanta (who he's pretty good against).

No, but the fact that he's playing in front of one of the worst defenses ever put on the field for a full season hasn't helped.

This is absolutely the worst defensive Phillies team of the last 10-15 years.

Buckle down!

Not how you buckle down...

Smart play actually...guarantees a force out at home now.

Barely 2 innings in and we've already had "sparkling" play from old guys Mayberry, Rollins and Utley. The new guy, on the other hand, actually looks like a ballplayer.

Past a diving Asche

Get the bullpen up... Jesus f'n Christ

Gotta make that play, rook.

Brett fricking Pill. Guy can't even grow a mustache.

Michael Young can't get to anything ... oops.

Kendrick's got nothing. All these foul balls are scorched.

KK giving up rockets. Defense has nothing to do with it.

I'm sure the fans are so thrilled that we kept Lee and Utley that CBP will be sold out every night from here on in.


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