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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Get busy winning...

Who was the last Phil before Susdorf who's career was so short he never got to see the Phils clubhouse? (Not counting guys that were acquired, and then gone again, in the offseason.)

Since this game doesn't affect the trade deadline, can we all root for a win?

So. If we win tonight we should be buying, right?

Conway: off the top of my head, Ender Inciarte?

I think it goes without saying they should deal Frandsen for whatever they can get for him, right?

If we have to tip our cap to Barry Zito tonight, it will be the low point of a season filled with low points.

Dear Mr. Amaro,

Please buy - lets look towards next year when I take over and start inserting a boot in every @ss that needs it.

We can lose them all...right?

Oh right, someone warned me that bap is a closet Giants fan.

(Re: last Phillie not to see the clubhouse, I guess Inciarte was there during exhibition play.)

That Giants lineup is worse then the Phils.

By Thursday, I would hope to hell that McDonald, Martinez and Valdes are all put out of their misery here. Its embarrassing any of these three are drawing a major league paycheck.

Ruf should play the rest of the year in LF. No need for him to play much at 1B, when Big Piece is stuck here and will be back. Let him play in the OF and learn. That will be his spot in 2014. Put Brown in RF for the rest of the year. Also, will be his spot going forward.

Asche at 3B. If Frandsen stays, he can play some there too against LH. Play Utley at 1B and let Hernandez and/or Galvis play 2B. That will let Chaser rest his knees a bit.

Time to get ready for 2014 and this sort of lineup does this. Too bad Ryno can't manage for the rest of the year too.

I meant to say "can't" lose them all...but a rousing start!

This Giants team got swept by the freaking Cubs...come on now! Get a win

That would make sense. He thinks the Giants are gonna lose tonight.

Another past Mike Young.

Watching the Phillies tonight feels a bit like crossing an intersection where I recently got into a major accident. The trauma of that road trip still lingers.

Although the chances of him getting hurt are remote, I'm not sure what the logic is of starting MYoung tonight, other than it's Chollie filling out the lineup card.

One whole AB before Uncle Cholly can be mocked for not starting Asche today.

Gotta say, I was expecting to get at least get out of the first inning before that happened.

"I think it goes without saying they should deal Frandsen for whatever they can get for him, right?"

Really? I usually agree with you, but not on this one. Frandsen's a useful utility player/pinch hitter, who is cheap and under team control for several more years. Obviously, if the Royals offered even a half-way decent prospect, then you make the trade. But I doubt very seriously they'll offer anything other than a fringe prospect. I'd rather have a semi-decent utility player for the next few years than a fringe prospect.

Ruf didn't look too horrendous right there.

Nice to see a warm ovation for Pence

Are all those people in the crowd dressed in dark blue there to see Utley? If so, than yeah, I agree, Rube needs to give him that contract extension. Phillies fans are smart enough to see past a losing uninspiring team to come out to see Mr. Phillie.

To be fair Spicoli: it's the first inning and people are still filing into the ballpark. But it's definitely not going to be anything more than 35,000.

ABs of 8 and 7 pitches... maybe they've changed their approach...

C'mon Ruf!

Good start. Roob's phone just broke again.

Damn Ruf....the drunk in section 421 could of hit that thing


PM - Yeah. I know people are still filing in. I usually don't get to my seat until the 3rd inning. The overall point though is that Utley will play in more games in 2013 than he did in both 2012 and 2011. Yet attendance and ratings for 2013 will much worse than both of those years. So if their rationale is that extending Utley is what the fans want and will bring people to the park, they're delusional.

I'll bet we won't see many camera shots of the upper deck tonight though.

DYoung comes through!

...still somehow disappointing

Hope Frandsen HRs


Frandsen getting hit at an Utley like clip


It is nice to be on the other end of an embarrassing performance for a change.

Mayberry is 4-8 off Zito with 3 HRs

On the one hand: They've made the opposing pitcher throw 36 pitches in the first inning, guaranteeing it'll be a long night for the Giants' bullpen.

On the other hand: The starter they're forcing out is Barry Zito, so the bullpen pieces deployed are certain to be an improvement.

Productive walk!

Come on Chooch. Bust it open.


What were the odds that the worst pitcher in the major leagues is not a Phillie?

45 pitches, 2 runs. That's disappointing

Holy Shirt! Zito is wretched.

As wretched as the offense that only managed 2 runs that inning?

Johnny Ola!

This Murph interview is so annoying. We had no ball last night, we're actually winning, and it's early in the game. Let us watch!

The one iota of luck Zito caught that inning was that the one pitch Ruf ripped on was inside enough to keep the screaming line-drive foul.

As, given the inning Zito just tossed, I think luck's about as good a justification as any. I refuse to believe that he intended for that to happen.

Are Wheels and T-Mac on the block?

And build around Sarge!

Part of the "keep the viewers interested in this losing season" strategy is conducting an interview for 75% of each inning.

What's with the patch of grass between the mound and the plate? Phillies have never been a team with dirt there, right?

Villar just stole home. Is that considered PRODUCTION?

Even the field looks like slop

ugh GTFO DYak.

I really hope this interview never ends.

By my count, there are 2,430 games in a major league baseball regular season. And if you made a list of the best starting pitching matchups of the 2013 season, tonight's game might not crack the top 2,400.

What's with the patch of grass between the mound and the plate? Phillies have never been a team with dirt there, right?

Posted by: Cyclic

I guess the grounds crew replaced the path the Phillies' catchers have worn out going out to talk to the relief pitchers.

And build around Sarge!

Posted by: DumpTime

Preferably a sound proof room.

First time i heard Frands walk up. Nice

And build around Sarge!

Posted by: DumpTime

Preferably a sound proof room.

Posted by: Corn | Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 08:08 PM

I was thinking more along the lines of trading them for a patch of grass to put in front of the pitchers mound. Then we can promote those 2 prospects from the radio.

Is Todd Kalas still with the Rays?


Touch em (adder)all.

chooooooch !! you did eeeeeee.


Holy moly, Chooch homered!

The TV announcing crew seemed surprised Chooch hit a home run. It was inevitable after they brought up how terrible he's been this season and that, after hitting 16 last year, he hadn't hit any this year.

Now if only we could harness the universe's affinity for humbling color commentators. Then we'd be set to make a play-of run.

I think Barry Zito is the official slump-buster of MLB.

And, with that, Barry Zito pulls ahead of Dewon Brazelton for the worst single-season road ERA of the past 25 years. It was 9.39 coming into the game. Brazelton's was 9.62 in 2004. Zito's now stands at 9.97.

Bibliography: July 30, 2013 Thread ("Asche Headed Up, but will Young be Dealt), lorecore, 3:25 p.m.

IBB to Utley - is Howard back already?

If Ruf gets on base in every game he ever starts in the majors, he'll have a nice career.

So far, so good on that front.

Phillies have more than 3 runs and the lead?

I picked a good game to tune into.


They had 3 runs a lead (a 3 run lead actually) in Detroit on Sunday. And got beat 12-4.

San Fran is no Detroit though.

I like Michael Young, but im a bit sick & tired of that play happening over & over.

Can't believe somebody actually booed Moscoso when he beaned Ruf. I mean, yes, pitchers will occasionally plunk a guy. But it was an 0-2 count after Utley had been IBB'd. If there's ever a circumstance where hitting a batter is unintentional, it's got to be there.

Juums - Idk about the fans, but on TV it looked like he got plunked in the head.

Only posting this because the young man lived in the same community as my high school friend. Makes you see Harper in a different light, say what you will but he made the kid feel pretty special.

I can't believe Zito was able to give the Giants 2 solid starts in the playoffs last year.

It still pisses me off the Giants got hot at the right time 2 years and won 2 WS despite not having a great team either year.

Chris Davis with HR number 38

There is a lot to like about Harper and Trout. Love to watch either guy everyday.

MG, I'm with you. Both are special.

What Mike Trout has done through his first 1.5 seasons is pretty much unprecedented. When you step back and realize that he's only 21, and that's he could get better, you really don't know how to react.

John Lannan has been quietly solid of late.

Lannan with one of those 'I throw everything but the kitchen at them' nights where he wasn't particularly sharp but managed to give the Phils a quality start.

The only thing saving me from my gentleman's wager with lorecore is that Lannan wont' make 20 GS.

Who has been worse this year? Failceour or Nix?

Could you imagine a Failcoeur/Nix platoon?

Raising that trade value.

Nice to break one open every now & then.

Cody who?
In all seriousness, I'd like MYoung to hang around and play some 1B.

ring dat bell !!

Cue the increased trade value talk...

Fat - You beat me to it. Nicely done.

You can't cue something after it already happened, Jake.

Ruf managed to reach base again today but he's definitely not getting a LG for the night.

Jackie Bradley and Ranaudo both pulled from minor league games tonight...

Hope they're coming here and not to the White Sox for Peavy.

6-2? Feels like a loss.

Good to see M. Young upping his trade value like that.

Wheeler no-no broken up.

It's probably nothing. Ranaudo was lifted after 98 pitches, so that's likely normal.

Given that the Phils' season has disintegrated into a mess, I am rooting for the Pirates in a big way especially over the Cards.

Hearing buzz about 3-way trade talks: Peavy to #dbacks, Kennedy to #angels. Not sure who #whitesox would get.

— Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) July 31, 2013

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