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Sunday, July 28, 2013


As a handicap, the Tigers are batting a pitcher? Sounds about right.

Reports surfacing that Phillies have gave teams a list of all the players they are willing to part with. No names were disclosed except that padmy is on it and Lee is not.

Thanks Scott.

That sounds like the worst "teenager with a job at the mall" excuse ever. He's a f-cking GM of a major league team with a family commitment and a broken phone less than a week before the trade deadline.

This was a good time for me to be away from home & Phillies baseball. What a very sad road trip it has been!

Go Pirates. Although my heart remains with the Phillies, wishing the Pirates well doesn't really cut it for me. I hate the thought of losing favorite players, but it's at the point where I'll feel better for them having chance on a competitive team, and where it feels like there's little joy in Phillsville for some time to come.

This is one of the happiest days of my 2013 season. No Delmon Young in lineup.

I still believe Rube believes that pitching and defense wins games. I think that's why Lee won't be traded and he will try and get better defense outfielders for next year. (Wouldn't be surprised if Halliday pitches half decent end of this year he resigns him and trades Pettebone or Kendrick or both) to get those outfielders)

Disaster averted. Nice job all around.

jroll with a great play - knew he had time with CAbrera/Fielder running, so made sure he gave Frandsen a very easy flip. dirtdog frandsen still "hustled" the hell out of the play and almost blew the throw, but whatever, its an inning ending DP.

If the Phils are only moving M. Young, Chooch, and others, I don't see how they are going to 'retool quickly' as Proefrock alluded to.

“I think our plan is to be competitive and in the mix on an annual basis,” Proefrock said. “I think all the different options that we’ve considered or talked about internally that I’ve been a part of have been geared toward just that, remaining competitive and being in the mix continually. We owe that to our fans and we certainly have the wherewithal to be in the mix to do that.”

very bad sign that the Phillies RHB can't even get around on Porcello, is a very mild 90-92mph with not much sharp break on his breaking stuff.

MG - They are trading guys who can't/won't help them compete next year.

Porcello was 10-12 with a 4.59 ERA, 1.531 WHIP and gave up the most hits in the AL last year.

tmac/wheels on porcello: He won 10 games last year and really helped the Tigers make the World series by completing the rotation behind Verlander

Not that Nix isn't completely a waste of roster space already, but if he can't hit Rick Porcello, a pitcher built for him to hit, then there's literally nothing he can possibly do anymore.

Rooting for Susdorf to show something and maybe catch on next year with the Phils or another MLB club.

I would love it if you could cough up some phlegm in that Pettibone glass and throw it in my face.

Anyone else annoyed by Pett-ee-bone pronunciation? Trade him.

"MG - They are trading guys who can't/won't help them compete next year.

Posted by: Jake"

Yeah, thank goodness they staggered through this week, dispelling any notions Ruben may have had about trading young talent for old relievers.

Did the Phillies score a run? I don't know, I'm reading Beerleaguer and there are no fans here.

Tmac just called it a pitchers dual after 2.5 innings.


Switching audio to radio feed. Wheeler is more unbearable than usual.

Wow. This is fun.

worst umpiring ever. you can not throw out the al mvp in the 3rd inning of a game mid count.

Unless the player swears at the ump, there is no reason to toss a player for arguing balls/strikes.

So tired of umps trying to interject themselves into the course of the game.

If only Fairchild could step on my legs and put a cigarette out on my toupee.

MG & lorecore, this is a Phillies blog FYI

I love when the umps decide that the fans paid good money to see them throw people out of the game.

Games sure change fast. I just took out the dog and came back to the bases loaded, no outs, and an ejected MVP.

Even if the player swears, I wouldn't want the player to get objected. Really only if he threatens the ump or makes any kind of physical contact.

Jake's entire outlook on anything Phillie-related is pretty much summed up in his 2:04 post.

Nice job Pett-ee-bone!

I thought for sure the Tigers were going to bust open the game there with Cabrera and Fielder up.

Really odd inning.

you can not throw out the al mvp in the 3rd inning of a game mid count.

Especially when he's on my fantasy team.

Larry Anderson called the ump arrogent. By the sounds on the radio, he is right. Use some judgment and give leeway during an AB. That is disgraceful as a baseball fan

Awesome inning for the Phillies. Love to see that.

BAP - The Phillies were in a bases loaded 0 outs jam, Pettibone got a big out, then gets ahead of the best hitter on the planet 0-2, who then gets thrown out for arguing balls/strikes, and we have 2 BL regulars defending the opposing team.

Cyclic - No, it was really horrible to watch. Just ask MG, BAP, and lorecore.

(looks the other way)

Cabrera must have crossed the line. Fairchild threw him out emphatically and was calm throughout the whole rest of it. Must have felt he had no choice. I know it's Cabrera, but there's still a line somewhere - you can't just stand there cussing at the home plate umpire for thirty seconds just because you didn't like a ball/strike call.

Jake's trolling puts clout etc to sham. He's really good.

Another injury... great


First opportunity since April 27th - Production!

I would like it if Jake and clout took turns biting my feet.

Nix is so clutch

Chooch with another weak hit to the left side of the infield.

Yo hablo espanol, Miguel.

Is anyone else outraged that Ruiz couldn't beat that out?

Jake: So, if a Phillies fan makes an objective comment on the overbearing umpiring, then he's a traitor? Got it.

Pettibone going to throw some strikes?

You seemed more upset that it hurt the chances for Detroit to score runs.

The new Petty-bone pronunciation is similar to the old Galvees pronunciation.

BAP - No, its just so typical that 2 BL regulars would defend Cabrera, thats all.

Pett-ee-bone isn't going to make it thru 5 at this rate.

Sil - The diff is that Galvees is correct Spanish.

It's dumb, sure, but umps throw batters out for arguing balls/strikes. Was this any different? (I can't see or hear the game.)

Woo! Out of trouble again

I'll miss that smooth 3-6-3 when RH comes off the DL. But I won't miss DYoung.

I know most are rooting for losses, but I'm glad the Ump Show helped us get out of that inning with the lead intact


Susdorf! He wanted a triple so bad.

Save that baseball!

Walking Utley to face Ruf. Make 'em pay birthday boy!

I think Cyclic wins today's superfan award. Sorry Jake. Play again next time.

Make 'em pay, Ruf!

Happy Birthday!

Ruf. The legend grows.

Does anybody know the league wide average age of rookie position players?

Sub-optimal, but awesome

Reached base safely in every game he's played this year, right?

Cyclic - Yup, every game.

Man this inning feels like Groundhog day.

I guess this is why Pettibone was reluctant to throw strikes earlier.

Is Darin Ruf actually hitting .298.

SSS, nevermind.

Glad I came in while the Phils still have a lead, 3-1. Feels like a loss coming on.

If Frandsen hadn't bobbled that, he might have tagged the runner & thrown to 1st for the DP.

I've gotta run out. Hope we're still winning when I get back

"I've gotta run out. Hope we're still winning when I get back."

Too late.

Great play dirtball!

Tie games are fun........not!

Pettibone has been lucky to only give up 3 runs today.

Struggled to throw strikes all day and have any kind of consistency with a single pitch.

Bad bad fan!

All that time away from pitching in a meaningful situation and Diekman still hasn't forgotten how to walk the leadoff guy.

Diekman throws to 2nd about as accurately as he throws to home -- but without the 95 MPH velocity.

I imagine every scouting report now says to leave your bat on your shoulder whenever the Phils bring in one of these bullpenners.

Wow. That was not good.

Every leadoff batter a Phils' reliever walked this season should lead to a $100 donation. I would bet it would be closing in on $3k.

Unbelievable. Why wouldn't they just keep bunting every time?

Diekman cannot field a bunt! How is he allowed on a major league field?

Just keep bunting right to the pitcher. He'll never record an out.

Can Diekman leave the game please? He's single-handedly f*cked this inning.

Take away the D and you have iek.

They should just keep bunting to Diekman. Easy runs.

Load 'em up. No outs. What the frump is this garbage?


Oh brother.

Those who dreamed about Susdorf replacing Nix just saw that dream die.

Hahahaha wow

Good morning , good afternoon & good night! Pathetic!!!!!

You just have to laugh.

Do they save the ball for your first error?

That was pitiful, but it would have been a run anyways. Double play please.

This inning has featured arguably the worst defense by the Phils' all year. Diekman can't field two bunts properly and Susdorf flat out clanks a routine fly ball off his glove.

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