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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Wasn't long ago people made fun of the Astro's and Marlin's lineup.

I'm all giggly and excited, cause I'm the first that gets to say it:
"Feels like a loss"

I hope Ruben Amado looked long and hard at himself in the mirror today. That's an embarrassing lineup for a team with a $160m+ payroll.

I posted last thread that Phillies were +225, the highest they've ever been all year. An hour later, they're now up to +250.

I don't have the data available, but I can't think the last time the Phillies have been +250 underdogs. I wouldn't be shocked to see it predate Charlie Manuel's tenure in Philly.

I have already tipped my hat. Only reason to watch is to hear if any trades get made during the game or if Pap walks from the phils bullpen to the tigers.

Not only did Cabrera rush back for this game, but I understand that Gates Brown and Mickey Stanley have asked to come out of retirement.

Iceman - I busted my a$$ trying to see this season as a net positive (13 left against the Braves; 6.5 back), and declared Beerleaguer bankruptcy over my Hamels/Shih Tzu comments. Cole Hamels has the '13 version of the 2012 Clifton disease. I sure as bleep hope that Cole finds it in himself to "buck up" and stay positive for the rest of the year. He's bound to lose 20 no matter how well he pitches.

Me, negative? I don't hold a candle to GTown and b_a_p. At least those dudes are funny. Regardless, last nights loss was so horrifying it even drove Jake away. Amazing.

Come back, GTown. We need you. This is fertile ground for funny Phillies stuff.

Rube is too scared to trade cause he knows he gonna f8ck it up.

Talk about a boys vs men game. That is an embarrassing line up.

lorecore- your honest assessment. Is what Jake is saying crazier than what cut_fastball (even back in the days he was Bruce Ruffin) has been saying for years?

I think we should get used to MiniMart playing in 90% of the remaining games.

Iceman - Why obsessively post about other posters? It's really annoying. Nothing better to do? Or have you finally figured out that MG's a pretty smart guy, who does not deserve your high school taunting, so you're itching for another fight?

Look elsewhere, my frozen friend.

If Mini-Mart plays enough down the stretch (say and let's say that he hits .250-.260 AVG with an OPS of say .650-.680 OPS, does anyone think this increases the likelihood Amaro would consider him as a bench piece this offseason?

MG: Even if he doesn't get another hit for the rest of the year, I am already resigned to Mini-Mart being a bench piece for the rest of my lifetime or as long as RAJ is Phillies GM -- whichever lasts longer.

For those who doubt, if you haven't done already, read the High Cheese column today.

This game opened at -145 for the Tigers and now is at an astounding -270 to -290.

Zolecki was the first to tweet Lee was missing his start/Valdes was taking his place at 7:41 PM EST.

I would have loved to have seen the Vegas lines and if anyone got tipped early.

I don't gamble in large amounts on a single game (never more than $10/game) but on this one it would have been damn tempting to drop at least $1k on this.

Not quite as good as some of SAC's tips but a hell of a pretty sure thing on sports betting as you will get.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki

"Amaro late last month in LA called Puig's $42 million deal with Dodgers "a huge risk." Guess this fits the bill, too."

Last night after the Gonzalez signing was announced.

Nice writeup on Hagen's introduction into the HOF as a sports writer. Didn't think he was great but he was a good writer who I generally enjoyed reading without being too heavily biased or a jerk/blowhard.

At this point I'd believe there's more than a "bro-mance" between Amaro and Michael Martinez. With all the dead money currently on this team, Martinez is probably a stone cold mortal lock to play until Revere comes back.

Too bad JMJ did the face plant. I was traveling, but I saw a gruesome photo:

You can't make this s8it up.

How's the weather lookin?

according to wunderground the storm front has moved through with nothing significant behind it.

If Weiner was using the alias 'Carlos Danger' would Amaro would use 'Johnny Wadd?'

SABR annual convention is in Philly this week and there are a ton of Phils-related and Philly-related baseball panels and discussion.

12:30 p.m.-1:45 p.m. (Salon E, 5th floor)
Phillies Player Panel
The Philadelphia Phillies have been committed to the success of SABR 43 since the earliest planning phases of this convention. Part of that commitment was to organize a special Phillies Player Panel of former on-field personnel to share their memories with SABR members. Speakers TBA. Moderator: Dan Baker, Philadelphia Phillies public address announcer.

RP09: Twilight Time: Ed Bolden’s Philadelphia Stars and Negro League Baseball After Integration, 1947-1953
Courtney Smith

RP16: Philadelphia’s Rooftop Bleachers
Jack Rooney

RP18: There Used to Be a Ballpark: The Baker Bowl and the Hump
George Skornickel

3:00-3:25 p.m. (Salon C/D, 5th floor)
RP20: The Ball Park at 21st and Lehigh
Doug Skipper

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (Salon E, 5th floor)
Philadelphia Baseball History Panel
This discussion will touch on the many highlights, teams, baseball venues and personalities that have made Philadelphia one of baseball’s most historically rich cities from 1830s town ball up through today’s modern version of the game. Panelists include Dr. Jerry Casway, author of Ed Delahanty in the Emerald Age of Baseball; Richard Hershberger, author of numerous articles on early baseball; David Jordan, president/chairman of the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society; Norman Macht, author of an award-winning three-volume biography of Connie Mack; Rich Westcott, author of a dozen books on Philadelphia baseball history; and moderator John Thorn, Official Historian of Major League Baseball.

RP22: Phillie Dave Coble Plays Catch with Billy Penn
Dennis Link

RP24: 52 In ’52: Roberts And Shantz Make History!
Steve Krevisky and Elliot Hines

RP25: Baseball in the Age of Big Data: Why the Revolution Will Be Televised
Sean Lahman

RP28: The Phillies Near-Collapse of 1950
John Burbridge

Another scintillating start.

RP26: How did Bob Carpenter Jr. Fare as the Phillies Acting General Manager
Steven Glassman

instead of RP25

Also a writer's panel with Jayson Stark and Paul Hagen. If I was retired or had my summer off, I would definitely go.

Franny shaved his beard! That should change our luck.

Scherzer could easily throw a shutout under 100 pitches.

This will be laughable. Cabrera heard Valdes pitching BP tonight and his hip feels great! Can't wait to see the bullpen tonight after Valdes gets hammered.

No worries tonight...feels like a win.

The Phillies should have started Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez tonight.

From the last thread-- over/under on amt. of games Mini-Mart starts the rest of the yr.? (including tonight)W/ 59 games left, how about 21?

I, for one, am shocked that Valdez is getting knocked around tonight.

Where are all the optimists tonight? Will be watching the UFC soon after listening to wheels babble on and on with no clue. " you don't want to spot Scherzer too many runs here". Great insight wheels.

That HR is 100% on Mini Mart.

Do they call this game like they do in Little League if the Tigers are up 7 or more runs after 4 or 5 innings?

Valdez fits right in. Oy.

Have they hit rock bottom yet?

Not to make light of a stiff neck, but half-Cliff Lee would be better on the mound tonight, even if he doesn't have his normal range of moton.

Time to put in guys wearing number 92. Oh wait this isn't spring training.

no point in over-using the bp. let raul take one for the team. not like we had a chance anyway.

Remember those days when the Phillies used to win those games that you most expected them to lose?

Wow, wave the flag and go home.

Philadelphia "also ran" a team in the NL race in 2013 . . .

Having a better week?

Amanda Bynes

The Philadelphia Phillies

I wonder if this lineup is another instance of Cholly showing RAJ the ridiculousness of the players the organization throws his way.

On the Pharm:

Asche: 1 for 3, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 BB
Franco: 2 for 2, 1 2B

so far.

Nice hit, Ruf.

That was a terrible route by Austin Jackson...

Ruf continues his streak of reaching base in every game he has played this year. 16 for 16.

No mas. No mas.

Walks don't count, bap. Walks aren't Production.

Id like to see Jake spin

NEPP: True. My bad.

Actually, he IS 0 for 12 with RISP, which surely isn't going to impress RAJ -- even if it's just a statistical fluke.

Mlbtraderumors via reporting that there is absolutely zero chance the Rangers will reacquire Michael Young.

Where's my man Jake? I need reassurance that we're just a reliever and outfielder away from the playoffs.

Remember that 22-0 game many years ago in which Rennie Stennett went 7 for 7? Cabrera may challenge that record tonight.

They can't let thia go on for to much longer...

This is one of those games where every time a Tiger makes an out, they feel like they missed a huge opportunity to pad their arguments for a new contract in the offseason.

Over/under Tigers runs? 12?

We all miss you Jake, please come out and play unless you are consulting with RAJ to make that trade for the OF and reliever we need. In the mean time Valdes' ERA approaching 10.

My neck is stiff from watching all those home run balls during my last few starts.

Hmmm too late. 15? Challenge the all-time record tonight?

Cliff, I got sympathy pain watching you in my bulging disk and arthritis at c5. If I were you, I would just not look up.

I'm at the game in Detroit — how much will someone pay me to run on the field & put Valdes on the DL?

Who would make a TV contract with the Phils to broadcast games nobody wants to watch?

We really do have 6 or 8 guys on this team who should all quietly slink home and stop stealing Rube's money.

there's some facial hair you'd never see on a lanc co. mennonite.

minimart due up this inning, the rally begins. Can't replace his versatility.

If Phils get swept again,does Cholly get swept also?
Personally I'd sweep Nix ,Valdes and Mini down the road past all the farms.

Kevin: JC Ramirez is apparently up next. Pace yourself.

Kevin, don't do it. This game validates the notion that the Phils weren't going anywhere this year and needed to retool/rebuild.

Watching his is like getting an enema.


Wait, people are watching this game?

The Tigers are absolutely racing up to the batters box. The ump just had to say "one at a time."

off topic-- Jeremy Maclin tore MCL,ACL.. out for yr.

To borrow Tommy Lasorsa's line, the Tigers sent a limo to pick up Valdes tonight, to make sure he got to this game. Detroit's batters are running up there!

If there was possible reason for Phillies to think they had a chance this should surely end it.

And Braves winning against the best with there worst hitter.

I think Ruf has been on base for every game he has started. Might be some record? Certainly does not have the Puig factor going for him though...

Philadelphia is officially under a sports curse. Valdes taking one for the team now.

Wow, Valdes taking it dry tonight :(

The Tigers didn't call me for a limo for Valdes. I could have hooked them up. I've got affiliates in Michigan.

My comment about Valdes being an upgrade over Savery looks spot on.

Sad thing is that I have no idea who would replace Valdes right now in the bullpen. Phils have literally run out of guys on the 40-man roster and AA/AAA who they would even considering promoting except maybe Robles.

If Weiner was using the alias 'Carlos Danger' would Amaro would use 'Johnny Wadd?'

Posted by: Ralph | Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 07:38 PM

Guess that explains how Martinez is back on the roster (and starting tonight).

Having a better week?
Amanda Bynes
The Philadelphia Phillies
Posted by: NEPP | Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 08:17 PM

At least she is committed for a few weeks. This offense hasn't looked commited to anything for months.

MY's trade value keeps going up.

Valdes' problem is that he's throwing too many strikes. Suffering from Cliff Lee syndrome. 50 strikes of 69 pitches.

Alright, who's got the Gashouse Gorillas gif?

The only reason Kevin shouldn't tackle Valdes is Miggy and Prince will be treating him as a tackling dummy. They'll get him before he gets to Valdes. Miggy's Triple Crown-bound

I'm gonna say that either Mayberry or Revere would have caught that.

sad to see valdes' mlb career essentially begin and end on the same night.

Fielding error by Nix. They're getting blown out anyway, but that bothers me. Nix being on the team bothers me. He's not part of their future, which means he shouldn't be part of their present imo.

About damn time Manuel got off his ass and got Valdes out of the game. When does Charlie take the fall? After 10 losses in a row? This team is pathetic in every aspect. Yeah, Amaro deserves the brunt of the blame, but Charlie has been pretty subpar himself. Please take Dubee with you. We will see you in 2018 at the reunion.

Robles has walked 22 BBs in 24 IP at Lehigh. Aumont has now walked 23 BBs in 18 2/3 IP at Lehigh this year.

The only guy I could think they might add would be C. Jimenez and he isn't on the 40-man roster.

Lack of depth in this organization is astounding.

No manager in baseball could win with this team or make the right moves with the bullpen.

Cholly was the wrong guy for this team last year and this year but he is pretty down on the list of reasons why they are getting pounded.

Phils will play better and I can't see anything happening to Amaro regardless of how poorly the Phils perform in the 2nd half even if they end up losing 85-87 games.

Chase Blasting Manuel today probably not the best idea. I actually feel sorry for him tonight even though I agree Charlie has done a terrible job. Terry Collins has made the Mets respectable with a far inferior roster to the Phils. Cholly needs to finish the season out of respect unless he throws up the white flag himself.

Jimenez not on the 40-man? Well Ramirez, Valdes, Martinez, and Nix have no reason being on this team any longer. Feel free to DFA any of those bums for Jimenez.

Feels like a loss
The season not the game

And next season too

And 2015 for that matter

I understand about Manuel. Just sick of it all right now.


Lee injury:

- If you really think Amaro is at the heart of the problem of the organization, then you hope Lee heads to the 15-day DL, misses at least a month, and the wheels come off this thing to the point where the team losses 90+ games and becomes a national laughingstock.

Still think Montgomery and co. (bigger issue with the team and too many interlopers in the organizational decision-making process) would chalk it up to injuries, let Cholly & Dubee go, and use works like 'transition' period and not saying rebuilding period.

Oh wow, the team in the game now is GHASTLY.

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