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Thursday, July 25, 2013



Feels like a win.

Ugh. Trade Utley already.

Ugh. Trade Utley already.

Phillies sellers
if someone says otherwise
they are plain loony

Only second time since April that Nix has started 2 games in a row.

Hahah. 1st and 2nd, no outs. No runs.


Phillies are sellers
if someone says otherwise
they are plain loony

"Charlie Manuel’s club is playing poorly in multiple facets and it’s happening at a terrible time[...]"

Lemme fix that.

"Charlie Manuel's club is playing poorly in multiple facets and it's happening at the most opportune time!"

Sell, Rube! Sell!

Jordan: Mike Adams is too sore to pitch for the Phillies, but he can start at 1B for the Cardinals? That doesn't seem fair.

Good reaction and throw there Young.


Phillies are sellers
if someone says otherwise
they are plain loony

Batted balls hit to, at, or around Michael Young probably result in a ridiculously low amount of outs.

Laynce Nix, professional baseball player

Clout won't come out and say it, but he wants laynce nix to be good soooooo bad so he can tell everyone how wrong they are.

I don't think clout needs nix to play well in order to tell people they're wrong.

Lynn apparently gets that outside corner against RHB, Kendrick wasn't getting the same location against LHB

So Heyman was wrong on the Dickerson thing, with Amaro giving him a drive-by insult in denying the report.

Really conflicted on this one. Heyman is a Grade A douche, but why does Amaro feel he has to insult everyone in seemingly every walk of life?

RT - Whoops, so used to typing Mike Adams ... thanks for the catch - meant Matt.

Do we have some kind of record for percentage of "good ABS" (lot of pitches, working the count, etc) which turn into outs?

Sure feels like it.

"So Heyman was wrong on the Dickerson thing, with Amaro giving him a drive-by insult in denying the report."

Sounds like Roob would fit right in with the BL crowd.

Earlier in the week, the Cubs GM said there was "nothing close at all" regarding the Soriano deal, now it seems like it's 99% done. So grain of salt with the Amaro comments.

Nice call, CD. Now run along before someone calls you a cockroach-ish troll or worse.

Whoa, I can sign in and comment with my Google+ account now?!?!?!

(who the eff uses Google+?)

If BL traffic after a 4 game skid is any indication, it only supports my theory that RAJ can't execute a full on "fire sale." No one would come to the ball park.

A better team would have 3-4 runs off this guy at this point

Ha - they let jimmy SB so they could walk chase to face elmn. Genius.


Unreal how incredible they are with RISP

Thats the ball game

ho hum

This is fun.

Hoo boy. Sure feels like we have a 2012 Red Sox 2nd Half ahead of us. Buckle up.

Must be nice to be able to hit everything

That long AB that just lead to an RBI single?

Yeah if that's the Phillies, it would have lead to an inning ending GIDP.

Can Chris Dickerson dive head first in the field? Can he pop up? Can he GIDP?

We'll take him.

Pettibone, Lannan & KK are three extremely average starting pitchers. They are no match for the Cardinals' lineup.

But still this team is only a couple minor moves from competing this year.

Yep, they're right there in the thick of things.

snark snark


"Nice call, CD. Now run along before someone calls you a cockroach-ish troll or worse."

No worries bud, I like to be called names.

Dickerson? How exciting!

I mean he's been retired for years, but he had some really huge years with the Reds.

Probably still has more range than elmn.

61 pitches through 3. Yippee!

Ruf has reached base in all 14 games he has played this year.

bap-- He only has Production™ in 3 out of 14 though...

Too late to cash in on Kendrick's 1st few months. And obviously no one would have traded him at that point, but the Utley/Kendrick/Ruf for Pederson/Lee/Ethier+ cash fantasy trade is looking better all the time.

If they didn't have a barren system at this point, I'd call up LAD and see if they would do a crazy deal like that again. Throw in Ruiz. Either way, I feel like they should dangle Utley and see if they'd be dumb enough to give up both Pederson and Lee. I bet there's a chance.

Before Kratz's single, the Phillies were 3 for their last 32 (.094) with runners in scoring position.

Cyclic: I know. Those 7 wasteful walks in 54 PAs will not endear him to RAJ.

Ruf, Mayberry, Kratz nice job getting a run there.

Pop quiz: what BL regular thought they'd win this series before it started?

Hint: it wasn't me, TTI or Jake.

Did Kendrick not hustle?

Should someone alert Sarge that there were 2 outs last night when Mayberry "foolishly" dove for that ball?

Again, it would have been 8-1 without the dive. That play, while funny, wasn't NEARLY as big a deal as Sarge thinks it was. And its pretty sad he thinks it was.

I'll guess MG.

If they get Dickerson I might truly give up. At best a AAAA player. Embarrassing this is even a thought.

Doc-- You are aware that Laynce Nix, Steve Susdorf, and Michael Martinez are on the roster, yes?

Trading for Dickerson is beyond dumb. They just brought up a Dickerson basically in Susdorf, who in fact may be better then Dickerson.

Susdorf doesn't play CF

Other than Susdorf not being able to play CF, sure.

Really wanna see the stat bap called for yesterday. The Cardinals have honestly been at the plate for 70-80% of this series.

That said, if they're going to sell, they should absolutely DFA Nix and let Susdorf take his spot for the next two months.

It feels like a more lopsided score than it far. Lotta innings left for Cards to score....

I did. It has been disappointing they haven't done more against Westbrook & Lynn.

As I have gotten to watch more of the Cards living in St. Louis, the less each of these guys impresses me. They are both solid starters but both hittable usually.

Phils have really helped Lynn out tonight swinging at the high strike yet again.

Nice if KK had pitched well. Since the start of mid-May, he's been very mediocre where his share of starts like tonight where he doesn't have good control on his sinker or good command on his changeup.

I knew it could only be MG because it wasn't me, and MG & I are the only ones whose posts Iceman keeps such careful track of.

Another night, another lifeless performance by the team.


Since when does it matter if a person played a position previously? This is the phillies after all.

I think Nix is like 0 for his last 175.

Definitely feels like about 7 or 8 to 1 right now.

The bullpen will be along shortly to make it a reality.

Someone should start a pool: what month (of what year) will Laynce Nix next get a hit?

I figured KK had done better against LH bats this year but I had no idea that his splits coming into tonight were:

.225/.281/.367 (.647 OPS) vs LHB
.301/.334/.434 (.768 OPS) vs RHB

Kind of continues the trend from last year where KK did better against LHB too although the difference is even more pronounced this year.

I wonder why the difference in splits. Last year I would say it was due to a better changeup but this year he seems like he has had his share of starts especially lately where he doesn't have great movement on his changeup or a consistent ability to throw it for strikes.

Going to run the numbers again after tonight but I bet Nix is now hitting .130-.140 since he returned last June 22.

No possible way that Susdorf could be worse offensively. Nix is basically been a good hitting pitcher with a bit more power.

Where's my man Jake? Has he identified the reliever and outfielder we need to put us over the top?

didn't nix end his hitless streak last night?

July 22. Still a year and will be 179 ABs. Not a kneejerk reaction when you a positional player go for a year and now put up a .140 AVG/.530 OPS and strike out over 40% of the time.

The Jake pile-on is starting earlier than I expected.

Pettibone, Lannan, Kendrick, (and the bullpen) against a team average of .340

The Phillies never really stood a chance in this series.

Franzke was suggesting that the Cards are relaying signs because it's impossible for a team to do so consistently well with runners in scoring position, and/or with two strikes. LA agreed with him.

Kendrick... SUSDORF!... Kendrick...

BAP- I only have a spreadsheet for your stuff. MG stuff just gets seared into my memory as soon as I read it. I wasn't kidding that I would purchase a book if he wrote it.

Come on, Kratz...get a damn hit so we can see Susdorf.

"Franzke was suggesting that the Cards are relaying signs because it's impossible for a team to do so consistently well with runners in scoring position, and/or with two strikes. LA agreed with him."

I heard this and he's probably right. I must have missed Franzke suggesting it. The five mins I heard in the radio, LA was basically flat-out accusing them of stealing signs.

Smart for Kratz to use his speed and get on with a running bunt like that.

tie it... come on!

And persistence for a career minor leaguer pays off. Good for you, Steve...even if this it for you.

Well, he's going to fit in well here.

cut him

The new guy will fit right in.

That actually could have very easily been a hit.

Yankees needing an OF bat get Soriano. The Phillies get Mini-Mart. Thanks RAJ!

Another 'tip your cap' night to a guy who wasn't that desiring.

Lynn was hittable tonight and he got the to catch that high strike too much again.

It took Susdorf 6 years and 2002 minor league PA to get there. Good for him for sticking with it despite being a 4th year senior/org filler draft pick at the time.

So...Charlies first choice from the bench was the guy making his ML debut instead of say, Frandsen?

Charlie always saves his top PH option for the theoretical walkoff HR in the 9th.

Chase the high strike. Lynn throws that 4-seamer and cutter and has spotty offspeed stuff just about every out.

Still don't understand how he has been as successful as he has been so far in MLB.

Kratz'd! Again!

When the team's struggling, it's always fun to see Kratz succeed. Even if that success is immediately cancelled out by a GIDP thirty seconds later.

NEPP - Yup and sadly Cholly has basically said that before verbatim.

Just noticed that M.Young error was switched to Ruf's error. Official scorers are jokes with errors.

In February, if I told you I was watching a game where Mini Mart, Susdorf, Kratz, Ruf, DeFratus, Garcia, Pettibone, JC Ramirez and Ruf were on the roster, which team would you think I was watching?

And Diekman too...missed him.

Hunter, Infante, and possibly Cabrera will all be back for tomorrow night's game in Detroit.

That is the series where I thought the Phils were going to get pounded because of the way Detroit hits at home and the Phils having to use the DH.

Iceman - I really hate blaming umps, or accusing the other team of cheating -but- how many times have the Cardinals hit a ball right on the nose with 2 strikes and RISP? That's something very few elite players are able to do consistently.

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