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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Phillies holding ground in the division, making up ground in the WC race. Now 5.5 games back with only the Nats & Reds ahead of them.

If these guys do the impossible and climb their way back into it by around the deadline, I hope Jake just unloads on J-Troll after his condescending antics today.

3-0 since Seedgate.
Rube is a frickin' genius.

Did Mayberry look weak three times in last two innings? Even on pop fly for third out in 9th.

Whatever that was from Mayberry, weak doesn't really do it justice.

Surprised no one is talking about the effect the upcoming suspensions will have on trade talks. No team wants to trade for a player who might get suspended. Looks like MLB is waiting til after the ASG, leaving teams with 2 weeks to find up to 22 new players.

Maybe Mayberry is trying to get non-tendered or traded, so he can actually get some playing time.

Phils find winning formula. Ruf starts at first. They win.

Hard to understand M Young as a defensive 1B over Ruf. His reaction time is the same problem on ground balls to first as it is at third. Haven't seen a lot of Ruf at 1B, but he looks competent, ie. better than Young.

Mayberry looked like he wasn't seeing the ball in RF. Don't have a clue why. The lights should be the same in the late innings from one game to the next.

Mayberry is an excellent defensive outfielder when the ball is in front of him or to his side. When he has to go back on a ball, he's pretty terrible. It has been a recurring problem -- especially when he gets near the wall.

The boys are looking more and more confident. Good game by Hamels. Take one of the next two from the Nats and 2 f 3 from the Sox and things will be looking brighter yet.

I always said that they were finding ways to lose before. If they reverse that and find ways to win, that's great. The last two nights they got 8 good innings from their starter. Sunday, the offense put up 7 runs and the bullpen other than Ramirez got the job done. There will obviously be games going forward when the game is close and the starter goes less than 8 when they'll need the bullpen to keep them in the game or hold a lead and where they'll also need to play good defense. It is those two things that concern me going forward. The bullpen more than the defense.

Mayberry is fine just a bad night. Who the heck is this dude they called up? The Young shift to 1st is a mystery. Perhaps Manuel is trying to get some pressure off Ruf. I really have no idea.

now we need to pretend that the 2 teams ahead of us are called the washington mets and the atlanta mets.

Every time John Mayberry does something wrong, 5 people here call him a POS or something like that. The guy is a 102 OPS+ backup center-fielder making no money. That is a thing with some value (modest value, but he's worth more than he's being paid, for sure). Give him a break.

i blame the wall. it's a dangerous design conceit that places a hazard right in the field of play. all outfield walls should be uniformly padded top to bottom. covered with colorful advertising. are there other parks with a huge scoreboard right on the floor of the field? where could it be placed otherwise, should it ever be corrected?

A patented Lee start should get us 3 out of 4. Nats do seem to have trouble hitting lefties.

DH, don't expect the Moronocracy here to understand the simple explanation you just provided.

Key word: "backup".

But as I stated, don't expect the Moronocracy to get it.

3 notes on stuff from yesterday:

1.) I heard Todd Zolecki on WIP yesterday and he was talking about the Aumont demotion. He said that the Phillies brass reiterated to Aumont they love his stuff but they want him to work on some things. The main thing is they want him to lengthen his stride instead of balling up in his delivery and use his height to his advantage. Also, Dubee said Aumont thinks what he is doing is working and Dubee wants him to just do some self evaluation in the minors.

2.) Mayberry has no sense of where the wall is anytime he has to go back on a ball. It is completely baffling. Yesterday he drifted back and never tried to find the wall and it caused him to jump at the ball like a dope. Had he taken another step back he catches that ball easily.

3.) Iceman: The DWOS JTroll will just deny he did any of it to Jake.

The last thing you'll do is read a post from me defending Amaro about how he constructs a team, but to highlight the wacky world of relief pitching, this Luis Garcia they just called up had an 11 ERA last Independent Ball. He somehow got a spring training tryout and tore through the organization this year. A scout somewhere deserves some credit.

i blame the wall. it's a dangerous design conceit that places a hazard right in the field of play. all outfield walls should be uniformly padded top to bottom. covered with colorful advertising. are there other parks with a huge scoreboard right on the floor of the field? where could it be placed otherwise, should it ever be corrected?

Posted by: bullit | Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 02:49 AM

Doesn't PNC park (among others) have exactly the same design? AT&T has a big brick wall, as does Wrigley, etc etc.

That's why we have a warning track, remember?

Is anyone surprised that the Phillies wait until the hardest part of the schedule to play decent ball? You could almost set your clock to it.

Its a shame we're not in the NL West...we'd only be 3 games out with our current record.

Need another win tonight. Gotta play like there is no tomorrow until the all-star break.

A few more and ruben is going to be in a predicament...

I think Mayberry is just trying to win himself a gold glove. He used to watch a former Phillies rightfielder do the same thing and he won one.

Good win last night. Really nice to see Cole tough it out and get through the 8th. It was his game to lose and thankfully Werth got that off the end of the bat just enough to stay in the park. Tonight's game should be great. I know that the window is slamming hard on this team but the nostalgia of hearing CBP the way it was last night is reason enough to hold on for a few more months.

Speaking of alternative viewpoints, John Rocker says steroids makes for better baseball.

do not forget the LAD. Big mistake if u do

The Cubs have a better record than the Giants.

I was just looking at the second half schedule. Total number of games against and the oppoonent is below:

13 Atlanta
10 Mets
9 Washington
6 Miami
6 Cubs
4 Colorado
3 Cardinals
3 Detroit
3 San Francisco
3 Arizona
3 San Diego
3 Dodgers

Definitely play some tough teams outside of NL east, but they have 38 games in the division where they are currently 10 games over .500.

That schedule definitely lends itself to 86-88 wins if this team continues its current play.

Great to see Cole Hamels pitching to his abilities. I was never worried about him longterm, but started to doubt if he'd ever straighten himself out in 2013. One start vs the Nats isn't enough, but its on the right track.

If the Phlis were to go on a run, Hamels better be going 8IP basically every start. The best bullpen is one that doesn't pitch.

Wow, that Mets/Native American debacle is so awesomely bad. Yes, let's not offend the offenders...

clout: you are a dope. About 15-20 minutes of discussions go on about whether a guy like Joba would be any better of a pickup than Lyon, guys who are both FA at the end of 2013.

You chime in "want to bet me that Joba is better than Lyon for this day forward?" and when I take the bet, you back out because you want to make it a 5 year bet. What relevance is their 5 year track record to the conversation of who would be a better pick up for the Phillies in 2013?

As always, you should just stay out of conversations that you have nothing worthwhile to contribute, but I guess that means you'd never get to post so I see your dilemma.

So the Phillies are 6-4 in their last 10, but I still cannot shake the notion that they are continuing to get a bit lucky with the opponent's pitching that they are facing. Again they faced a rookie last night.

6/29 LAD (L) vs. Ryu (7-3, 2.82 – Rookie)
6/30 LAD (L) vs. Fife (3-2; 2.83 – spot starter)
7/2 PIT (W) vs. Cumpton (0-1; 4.02 – spot starter)
7/3 PIT (L) vs. Locke (8-1; 2.02)
7/4 PIT (W) vs. Cole (4-1; 3.94 – Rookie)
7/5 ATL (W) vs. Maholm (9-7; 3.81)
7/6 ATL (L) vs. Hudson (5-7; 4.03)
7/7 ATL (W) vs. Medlen (6-8; 3.45)
7/8 WAS (W) vs. Haren (4-10; 6.00)
7/9 WAS (W) vs. Jordan (0-2; 3.45 – Rookie, spot starter)

Of those 6 wins, half are against rookies and spot starters. Another is against Dan Haren, who has been pretty bad this year. It's great the Phillies are taking advantage, but this type of thing won't last forever.

Tonight versus Gonzalez will be a great test of their current streak. If they win, then it would be their second longest win streak of the year.

Anyone notice this: according to Dom has the 8th highest SLG in MLB.

niceguy: Is there anything anyone can say to stop you from posting their last 10 games every morning, or have you made up your mind already?

Go average the ERA of that list and tell me why the Phils have had such an easy go of it.

Honestly this team had trouble beating the weakest of SPs for the better part of the first half so I'm not going to overanalyze who they have been hitting as of late. Before they couldn't hit ANYONE.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 18m
A smart take on ethos of a Philly fan. RT @TheGoodPhight: Catz corner: Enjoy this (and why the phillies won't sell)

* * *
It's an interesting piece.

Pat Gallen ‏@PatGallen_975 2h
Interesting... RT @buster_espn: Other teams that have talked with Phillies GM Ruben Amaro lately say he's talking about buying, not selling.
Retweeted by Leslie Gudel

I'm sure it's bargain buying and not full fledged splurge style buying.

Rube must be feeling as schizophrenic as Beerleaguer.

Apparently RAJ has pulled NiceGuy over to the dark side of stats analysis:

- Players who have once shown to be good will forever be good (i.e. _elm_n)
- Players who have been bad or have no track record can only ever be bad (i.e. rookie pitchers)

NEPP is exactly right about the warning track. All Mayberry had to do is run full out until he got to the warning track and then glance and glide. Instead, he seemed to slow as he approached the track and then made an awkward leap as if he had no clue where the wall was. The ball hit the base of the wall, which means it was very catchable.

My question is: Did he lose the ball in the lights? That's about the only reason I can think that he would've played it like that.

That is a good piece on thegoodphight. That's how I'm feeling right now. I have been highly pessimistic for most of the year but of course I want to hold on and see if something magical can happen now that they have crept back up near .500 and the Nationals and Braves look much more than human.

I'm fine with bargain buying, although I still think the most likely scenario is that we miss the playoffs and miss our opportunity to get young impact players into the system.

As Clout is always fond of saying, the focus should be on the division, not on the wild-card. Being within striking distance of the division is much more important to me than being within striking distance of a second wild-card spot.

Mike Young misplays more balls per night than Mayberry has misplayed all season. Mayberry has one bad night and suddenly he's a bum?

One bad night does not a bad player make. Mayberry is still a very good defensive corner OF.

Beerleaguer posters (esp. Andy) when the Phillies are losing:

"It's ridiculous the Phillies are losing to such a collection of bum pitchers. What a joke!"

Beerleaguer posters when the Phillies are winning:

"It's ridiculous to think these wins are meaningful against such a collection of bum pitchers. What a joke!"

Conclusion: Every pitcher the Phillies face is crap.

RFD seems to play fly balls like a wide receiver - gliding out to meet the ball in stride instead of running to the spot he thinks it will end up. In his case, that strategy looks like it plays better in center field.

Any chance Rube takes a flier on any scrap-heap relievers like Lyon or Jon Rauch?

We're already buyers. Didn't they just purchase the contract of Luis Garcia?

And with the game Mayberry had last night, I think I might have an idea who their next target will be. I hear there's a versatile OF named Martinez available...

Buy, buy, buy...

Yo, new thread.

"niceguy: Is there anything anyone can say to stop you from posting their last 10 games every morning, or have you made up your mind already?"

Every morning, or two mornings? Just saying, they're not exactly beating Maddux, Smotlz, and Avery!

lorecore: Who said "better pickup for 2013"? I said repeatedly that NEITHER is of much value this season. The question is who is the better pickup, period.

I wrote "want to bet me that Joba is better than Lyon for this day forward?"

And you translated that as "want to bet who's better for the rest of this season."

And yet, I'm the dope.

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 14m
The Phillies offense is showing signs of life. A look at some numbers.

* * *
From the above, in addition to the good numbers:

"The Braves are practically begging somebody to challenge them in the NL East the second half of the season."

"One bad night does not a bad player make. Mayberry is still a very good defensive corner OF."

Jack, the Moronocracy disagrees with you.

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