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Friday, June 28, 2013


An "infield single"???

No, that was our DH playing a sacrifice into a hit by falling on his 25 million dollar wallet.

Good that Howard took full responsibility for the loss afterward.

Pettibone now with 10 starts out of 13 with 3 ER or less. Can't really ask much more then that, for a 22 year old rookie, with a pretty average team around him.

Not sure if this Macdonald was the right guy bu t i agree on sending Galvis down. A few days ago when i noticed he wasnt been used i thought it might be best for him to be sent down.

DeFratus walked the leadoff batter. As my father loves to say "A walk is a run."

NEPP: "I love Chase Utley more than possibly everyone on earth other than my fiance..."

Wow. She must really love him.

Jake - (8-0)+(44-31)=(52-31) .627

I personally believe that with this bullpen, and the inability to score runs, even when runners get on base, this team will have a ridiculous time amassing a .627 winning percentage over the last part of the year.

I mean. Call me wild, crazy, and outside the bounds of reason, I guess. I just can't force myself to see it happening.

"As my father loves to say "A walk is a run.""

Except when it's the Phillies drawing a walk. As seldom as they do.

Did this Puig guy walk on water during the game?

ESPN seems to insinuate this.

I dont think they can do it. Before when the offense was floundering you could count on Cole, Lee or Little Roy to shut the door. With the occasional KK quality start thrown in. The problems where always there just masked by good pitching and a few games where they where score a ton of runs.

I can see Hamels turning it around, giving the Phils a formidable threesome with Lee and Kendrick. I see the possibility of better offensive production. But I don't have any hope for the bullpen outside of Papelbon.

Season ends for the Phils on September 29th.

I think you'll find that leaving lots of runners on base is correlated pretty well with scoring runs. The main issue is getting runners on base in the first place, which these Phillies are decidedly mediocre at. So when reviewing a game, saying they're back to their usual habit of not scoring runs because they left a lot on base, you're seeing it wrong. They're actually middle of the pack with RISP. Not great, but not as bad as their overall poor OBP. It doesn't mean that a game like this isn't frustrating, because it is, but it's not part of the general trend.

From the article on Howard taking responsibility:

“And on the 3-0 pitch -- I have to make a better swing."

Uh no, you have to not swing. I'm ok w/ Howard being given a green light, but needs to only swing if it's his perfect pitch. This proves he still just doesn't get it.

In Howard's case, it should be called the yellow light, b/c he swings every time like a teenager flooring it to get through the intersection.

Wasn't Halladay Big Roy? Because he was bigger than Oswalt?

Also, KK seems to have taken over that role pretty acceptably this year.

"Beerleaguer: Alternative Viewpoints On How The Phillies - Individually and Collectively - Just Don't Get It"

There should be no green lights. Not in the current climate. When the count gets to 3-0 the bat boy should retrieve the bat, bring it back to the dugout and the coaches can lock it in a strong box until after the next pitch.

Every. Damn. Time.

Okay. That was my emotional reaction.

Now I've just done some research. This year, on 3-0, the Phils have walked 50 of 57 times. In the seven ABs, they've killed the ball. Actually giving a green light appears the rationally better option.

Last night, though...

Maybe after last night, Howard will put away his roll of stamps.

Sad guy: They just find saying his name gratifying. Plus he plays for LA, baby.

Wasn't awake for this game but again we need a better bullpen. The whitesox are selling so buy Addison Russel and Crain. Give them Ruf and Asche and let's fight this out.

Here are the only thing I look for from this team now:

- the continued development of Brown
- the return of strong play from Utley which will hopefully lead to a deadline deal
- Lee's dominance

That's pretty much it.

Plus, Sad Guy, his walking on water is probably a problem. It involves, you see, walking, which, as we all know, does not lead to Production.

Joe D, I'm enjoying Good KK also.

Each loss bring this team closer to sell. Paps, chooch, chase, mike young. These guys could net us a good return.

Philli was a little sleep

I was sleep-deprived?

Oh! I got ya.

I was confused, because I was sleep-deprived.

I was reading through what the yankees haver to offer and if we could get one of there OF or pitching prospects from them in trade for Mike Young that would be a solid deal. Obviously every deal the team may due hidges on the other. If you trade M. Young and Papelbon you want to pick up different peices. I really don't see Utley going to the Yankees though with no 1st base expierence to speak of.

MLBTR: "he Nationals, Dodgers, Phillies, Orioles and Blue Jays all had scouts on hand to watch Matt Garza's dominant start against the Brewers today."

Get ready for it: Darrin Ruf, Kelly Dugan, and Maikel Franco for 1 year of Matt Garza.

Does that mean they arent to impressed with Zambrano?

If we can get Garza, Gregg, and Soriano for Asche, Galvis and PTBNL we'd regret it but whatever.

Oh, and that includes a long term deal with "always broken" Garza

"If we can get Garza, Gregg, and Soriano for Asche, Galvis and PTBNL . . ."

Ease off the crack pipe.

I wasn't being serious hence "but whatever" it would be the RAJ kind of move to pay alot of starting pitching, risk it on a risky relief arm and acquire and old OF that we'll regret later.

Anyone consider going after Steve Cishek?

If Ruben trades Maikel Franco for ANYONE at this point, I would begin every post from this point out with a screed.

CS: The joke would have worked if you said Franco, Biddle, & Domonic Brown. It doesn't work if you say Asche, Galvis and a PTBNL because: (1) obviously the Cubs would never accept that return for 3 veteran players; and (2) no Phillies fan would much care if we lost Galvis, Asche & a PTBNL.

CS - I would not look at any of the Yankees pitching prospects that they will make available. The best ones they are counting on for their own use.

As for outfielders, a year ago I would have been all over Mason Williams, who I've seen play and who is, indeed, a young man with great talent. But since then he's gotten into "legal difficulty" and had a very bad start to his second year at AA.

If we were looking at a deal with the Yankees, I'd look at the catcher, Peter O'Brien, who has shown decent power at A-ball. But only for M. Young.

For Utley, Rollins or Chooch you need to get someone past AA.

The PTBNL is McDonald.

Let me edit my statement. He was picked up for DUI and charged, but his breatholizer was below the legal limit.

His is in his second year of A+ not AA. But he has been less effective there this year than last.

When I saw him (2011, short season), he was a giant among hobbits.

Andy you don't think we could get a "MLB ready" or near ready player for Mike Young alone?

Forget Howard, I take full responsibility for the loss:

Mon I watched the full game, and they lost.
Tue & Wed I went to bed early, and they won.
Last night I stayed up, they lost.

No more west coast late night games for me.

Some cherry picked highs and lows of Dom Brown's season:

apr1 - apr22 19games .217 .309 .333 .642
apr23 - jun8 43games .321 .343 .703 1.046
jun9 - jun27 17 games .215 .288 .369 .657

This just in....A-Rod looking for real estate and 'roid dealers in Delaware County.

Wow. A mere 40 comments in 12 hours, and not a Pollyanna among them. Surely there's someone left who still believes that Rube knows what he's doing, or that we'll be fine when so and so gets back from the DL, or that "this is a second half team."

Was really hoping to see a Pollyannaish interpretation of the Galvis/MacDonald move...

Rube said hes not gonna trade for a reliever, is sending Galvis down to let him get more playing time and sent some cash for a backup glove guy for filler.

Rube is rube, but those two things probably point to definitely not in buy mode haha. Not sure if outright sell mode either though.

I said this last week.

Rube can say whatever publicly, but it's over and he knows it. The team will be selling--it's just a matter of who and for what at this point.

Yeah, Rube's still in "wait-and-see" mode until at least after the Braves & GNats series.

And I actually agree w/ that...for now. However if (when?) they're 10 GB after those series, then it's time to start dealing.

Hearing that they are scouting garza is very disconcerting.

The only downside to Franco's emergence is you know Amaro is thinking 'Great, here's another prospect I can offer to the Marlins for Stanton.'

curt - Jake's not awake yet.

The only downside to Franco's emergence is you know Amaro is thinking 'Great, here's another prospect I can offer to the Marlins for Stanton.'

Posted by: Iceman | Friday, June 28, 2013 at 01:22 PM

That wouldn't bother me at all...Getting a 23-year old All-Star slugger is worth giving up some prospects. Trading him for Garza? UUGGGGHHHH

Maybe the idea is to flip Garza to the Fish. Franko for Garza for Stanton?

We all know that the Marlins love taking on players in the final years of their veteran contracts.

There's nothing wrong with sending a scout to see Garza. It's what scouts do--they watch baseball games and scout players. I hope the team has scouting reports on every player in the league.

Now, if we actually traded for Garza? That would be insane. But it's not going to happen, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Jack, agree. Sending a scout to take a look is no big deal. It's what they do.

OTOH, maybe some here think the Phillies ought not to send their full-time scouts to check out other team's players?

Maybe it so they can gauge what a price for garza would be so they know to ask double for cliff lee

I have no problem with sending a scout to watch a player, but it DOES give rise to an inference that we might be scouting the guy for a trade. Why else would we be scouting a guy whose team we don't face until August? We're not scouting him at random. We're scouting him because his availability is well-known around all of baseball.

But whatever. There is no harm in scouting a player. I understand that RAJ needs to have his bases covered in case we suddenly vault ourselves into contention with the type of 10-game winning streak which every poster except Jake knows isn't going to happen, but which remains hypothetically possible. But, barring that type of winning streak, we should absolutely be sellers. And the concern is that we'll end up in the "grey zone," & RAJ will proceed to trade away prospects for short-term fixes, based on a desperate & improbable shot at making the playoffs this year.

mm: How does scouting him help to gauge what his (let alone Lee's) price would be? We don't even know what the Cubs are asking for him -- let alone what they'll get.

I like the Galvis move, I still think he's going to be an everyday starter and the time in AAA will be good for him.

I fear that he'll be an everyday starter, because that means we won't have anybody better...

Do we know that they were scouting Garza? It was against the Brewers, and it's well-known that the Brewers have some mediocre relievers on the market. Could they have been checking out Axford/K-Rod?

Just because a scout goes to a game in which Garza pitches, why is it assumed it was Garza he was primarily scouting?

"Just because a scout goes to a game in which Garza pitches, why is it assumed it was Garza he was primarily scouting?"

If you want to sit in the special scouting section, you have to tell the home team who it is that you're scouting. And there is a heavy security presence in the scouting section. If any of the security guards catch you so much as glancing at any other player except the one that you've come to watch, you are immediately removed from the stadium in handcuffs & your scouting privileges are revoked for the rest of the season.

Funny, cause I've caught Pat Burrell glancing in all different directions from that section.

Garza and zambrano on the same team. Wow. Light the fuse now. Lets have team golden gloves competition. Garza is another pinhead, he couldn't get along with joe maddon, one of the best managers in baseball. I wouldn't trade a case of piels for either one. BUMS

Bonehead: ZING! nailed it.

Last night's loss has me more convinced that the bullpen (not the offense) is the achilles heal of this team. The offense is coming around, Utley and Dom Brown are doing their part, if Howard joins in the offense can be potent. The bullpen however is a black hole, and will blow many more 1-run late-inning leads if RAJ continues to "stand pat". The young guys can battle it out for the 7th inning jobs, but they can't be trusted with the 8th.

Good point about the scouting. Maybe they were there looking for a LH platoon OF.

"Last night's loss has me more convinced that the bullpen (not the offense) is the achilles heal of this team."

Few days ago, it was Hamels who was the achilles heel.

Now its back to the pen after they threw 7 scoreless the night before.

Then Chris Capuano shuts them out tonight, then it'll be back on the offense.

Then next week they'll hit, but the bullpen will blow it again.

And so on...

Give it up people, stop trying to pinpoint an area of the team they can fix and go on a run - its the entire team, theres nothing you can do in 2013 except improve your chances in future years.

lore: I agree completely. I think it's just BL orthodoxy to try to pinpoint a single area to moan about. Or it's just human nature. Or both.

oh yeah, and of course when every aspect of the team plays generally well enough to win, their manager or base coaches will blow it.

They are covered everywhere.

lorecore - It was never Hamels, he hasn't pitched well but there is reason to believe he will right the ship. At one point it was the offense because they looked horrible, but lately they've been doing ok (nothing special, but good enough to win games). The bullpen is the one area that I don't see improving on its own.

I know the run differential and all that, but we sort of are 1 competent bullpen arm away from a .500+ record and spitting distance of the braves

Seeing last nights loss, it makes me so sorrowful thinking about driving down to Washington and dropping who knows how much bucks to see the Nats kick our teeth in in September when it means nothing. I pray my wife will let me stubhub them. They were a Fathers Day gift.

If all the Phillies' prospects reach their likely ceilings, the Phils will remain a very ordinary team indefinitely.

Jake: Hamels is just as much to blame as any other aspect of the team. Yes, he's had a few good games, but his struggles come at a time when his ability to step up and be a number 1 every fifth day would have been HUGE for this team. Instead, he's had some terrible starts and some not so great starts where we used to expect something close to what we expect every time Cliff takes the mound. Some posters here have made the argument that if Hamels had been vintage so far this season we'd probably be over .500. I agree with this assessment as well. Instead, here we are, almost into July still trying to talk ourselves into believing we have a chance to win the division when we probably don't.

just because "there is reason to believe he will right the ship" doesn't mean "it was never Hamels" who was to blame. that's just asinine.

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