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Saturday, June 08, 2013


Our injury report says Chooch may begin a rehab assignment the week of June 10. Would he accelerate or skip rehab, given Kratz's injury, since it sounds like it could well be serious?

Only one highlight showing up on MLB and thats Kratz pulling his hamstring

Pedro's - Kratz apparently felt a pop in his knee.

If the Phils were a legit playoff contender, they would have won both of the last 2 games. There not and will continue to bob along near .500 as long as the starting pitching stays strong.

If that goes south even for 2-3 weeks, things could get away from them in a hurry like June.

It doesn't help this team can't seemingly catch a break on the injury front either. What could go wrong has the last 2 years.

I...I don't even know what to think anymore. I mostly look at the floor while the game's on.

Hopefully Mini-Mart gets outrighted to make room for Lerud.

Todd Zolecki @ToddZolecki
Erik Kratz on crutches. Left knee. Manuel said Kratz felt it pop.

This sucks.

Feel for Kratz because I fear that is an ACL/MCL tear and that basically means his MLB career is over if that is the case. Another guy who deserved a lot better but you can say the same of a lot of other players/people in general who get $hit hand in life.

Limping to first..administer cortosone...what could go wrong?

Maybe Kratz will catch a break since the Phils are on the road and see a doctor who can diagnose his injury properly.

Looked bad on TV & sounds bad by the early reports.

Who is this Quintanilla guy on the mets? After a 1-9 in the 20 inning game today, his line is still .355/.412/.581. The mets were 0-19 w/men on, and left 22! In relief,Slowey 7IP and Marcum 8IP,and neither walked a batter. 6HR-25M game.

That should be 0-19 w/RISP.

Kratz on crutches would be an improvement in RF.

Was at my h.s. class reunion tonight and this game was the farthest thing from my mind. Sucks that the Phils lost, but this team is what its record says it is as the Big Tuna said. At least for this one night, I'm not going to spend a lot of time thinking about them.

MG clearly was hitting the bottle tonight.

All you need to know is that an injury to Erik Kratz is a big blow to the offense. That basically sums up the season.

Strange use of Howard as a PH for Mayberry.

First from Mayberry's point of view. He's been hitting and getting some playing time and then yanked in a game crucial situation.

Second from the team point of view. It's a 1 run game , after Kratz you have 2 line up spots that are much weaker than Mayberry.

Seems like the drama thing again. Charlie uses Ryno is the most dramatic spot, not the most logical spot.

We gotta win close games against last place teams if we are going to get anywhere.

Logic and Charlie are two things that do not perform well together

Apparently it is a hyper extension..3-5 weeks.

I can catch! Give me a shot! Versatility is my middle name, suckers!

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 6m
How 30 hours destroyed the momentum of a five-game Phillies winning streak

Dam pop in his knee. That means Humberto is the starter?

Yep, Quintero becomes starting catcher and reporters are saying Lerud will be backup, although Zolecki seemed to me to speculate that Ruiz might come back sooner than he otherwise would have:

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 1h
Carlos Ruiz said this week he hoped to head to Clearwater early next week to begin a rehab assignment. We'll see.

From Gelb;
"The Brewers broke a 1-1 tie in the bottom half of the inning. Ryan Braun reached on an infield single. Aramis Ramirez slashed one to center and Braun dashed for third. Mayberry fired a strike and Michael Young applied a tag to Braun's leg. Replays appeared to show Braun was out. Third-base umpire John Tumpane ruled otherwise."

Braun plays by a different set of rules.
Safe when he is out.
MVP when he's caught using PED's.

Quintero and Lerud could be the worst catching tandem that any major league team has fielded in the last . . . well, maybe ever.

Mattingly just brought in Kershaw to pinch run, so I guess it's not just a Charlie thing.

Iceman - Kratz is pretty damn close to a real-life Crash Davis type. Played at an obscure school (Eastern Mennnonite) where he put up monster numbers yet no one cared, started out his minor league career in Independent League, and toiled away in the minors for several years before finally getting a legit chance at the MLB show where he more than showed he belonged.

This year he came into camp as the backup catcher yet struggled a bit in ST & early on some starting pitchers including Hamels and Halladay not too thrilled with him as a signal caller.

Turned it around offensively in a big way since Chooch went down & the starters that apparently weren't too happy struggled regardless of who was behind the plate.

Kratz isn't a starting-caliber catcher but even if he stinks around another 2-3 years at the MLB level that is at least $500-$600k a year. Good chance that is gone now.

This is Kratz line since he took for Chooch too (excluding tonight):

.288/.368/.644 (1.002 OPS) with 6 HRs in 16 G/14 GS & 68 PAs

No idea why you continue to dump on Kratz including you foolish comment a week ago about his power or lack thereof of it.

As I have said before, half the time we will look pretty good and half the time we will look pretty bad. That's .500, folks, and that's about all this year's team can manage. Too many flaws and too many key injuries. Tough break with Kratz. I liked his story.

I do hope his knee is only hyperextended. I do like Kratz. Not the best player out there but plays tough. Thats all you can ask for.

I really hope we use this season to sell just about anyone over 30 with trade value. Besides Rollins, who I should retire a Phillie, nobody else over 30 would bother me if they were traded.

Sucks to have to rush Chooch back. Hopefully he won't re-injure himself in the process. We need him. The Q/Lerud tandem is quite bad.

Really tough break for Kratz. Likeable guy, nice story; one of the few guys on this team with legit power.

In further bewildering(not surprisingly so for Phillie bloggers) news Rubin Amaro calls up Michael Martinez to replace Kratz.....

Svet - Ya know, Michael Martinez turned 30 last year. What kind of haul could MM bring?

Kratz isn't a starting-caliber catcher but even if he stinks around another 2-3 years

That's not right to compare Kratz to MiniMart!

My buddy prince went over 50 RBIs yesterday. How did Howard do? Oh yeah check swing to pitcher.

What could it hurt to try Valle or Rupp? All of our remaining catchers are no better then each other. We have an open spot on the 40 man to I believe?

Eastern Mennonite has a gorgeous campus. It's also no alcohol/no tobacco.

Anyone note the vast offensive powers of NYM and MIA on display yesterday? (I suppose that the real reason they collectively scored 3 runs in 40 half innings is because they both have pitching staffs stocked full of the best young arms in baseball. But it's still...) Pretty impressive.

If it's not Valle they'll have to manipulate the roster (not that they won't) because he's the only guy left on the 40-man.

Of course, a more Junior-like move would be to send Valle and, say, Ruf to Toronto for Josh Thole.

Yup. That'd be an Amaro move.

"No idea why you continue to dump on Kratz including you foolish comment a week ago about his power or lack thereof of it."

Lack thereof it? I would imagine you are a little hungover this morning after that display of buffoonery last night. I said the guy had some pop. I think that is an accurate description of his skill set.

He's a freaking backup catcher and we're bemoaning the loss of a key cog in the offense. It's an indictment of the offense, not the player. Make sure to drink a lot of Gatorade this morning, that always helps me after a night of drinking.

There is an open spot on the 40-man from when Durbin was released. Even if there weren't, I think Mini Mart would make it through waivers again.

Per Gelb @ 9:57 am. Lerud coming up. No surprise, but given R00b's proclivity for the absurd, at least the logical move is confirmed.

Lerud almost beat Q out for the third due spot in spring. At the most its 1-2 weeks before Ruiz is back correct? Any word on Howard's injury or are we just waiting like last time til his leg falls off to DL him.

A Q/Lerud platoon at catcher until Chooch returns? Or does Q become the temporary starter because he's next on the depth chart?

Thanks for the "reality check", MG. Iceman - Based on this:

    ...This is Kratz line since he took for Chooch too (excluding tonight):

    .288/.368/.644 (1.002 OPS) with 6 HRs in 16 G/14 GS & 68 PAs....

and the wretched state of the Phillies offense, Kratz is just a bit more than a "backup catcher". Moving forward, he is/was (ughh) a key part of the Phillies offense.

That Kratz's big league career might be over has depressed me for the first time this year. If that isn't a reflection on how the season's going, I don't know what else is.

As, when playoff contention is fleeting, it's the personal stories and successes of the individual players which make the season worthwhile, despite the team's lack of success. And do the personal stories get any better than Eric Kratz? The man toils in obscurity for years after entering the farm system as a non-prospect because his dream is to play in the big leagues, finally catches his big break, and then plays better than anyone could have expected from him. It's just fun to watch the guy succeed, even when he's horrible, like in April. (As he's a backup catcher, after all. April's what you expect from them over the long-term.)

It'll be a shame if it ends like this. Can only hope that the popping was less ominous than it appears to be.

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