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Saturday, June 15, 2013


As I remarked on the previous post, when you have to get the bulk of your offense from Galvis and Q to win you are in big trouble. Still in all, nice to see them battle back to win one.

I'll say the obvious...If we hadn't lost that last mess of games we'd be within real striking distance of 1st.

Does winning tomorrow propel us back into contention status? If KK is losing his Mojo add another major obstacle to the Phils.

Kinda crazy that Phils have actually gained a game in the standings on this awful trip.

It's all part of the movie script. Ruiz and Utley come back, the younger players start playing with renewed enthusiasm..... Throughout July and August the team creeps up on Atlanta, playing their hearts out... A sudden death playoff game gets Philly into the playoffs, and then...... well, you know how movies like this end.

I hope Jordan cleared this header with lorecore.

Also, the Phillies are 6.5 out of the NL East lead- 6 ahead of the 4th place Mets. I bet the DWOS won't troll in here asking me if I still feel confident about our bet.

On the game- it is always good to see the team show some of the old fight. Even better it was fueled by a bunch of young guys.

Thanks for the summary. KK had long before the comeback induced me to take a massive nap.

After my bitching about the headers yesterday, let me say: nice write-up, Jordan.

Though I don't think the highlighted Jimmy Rollins is in the picture you posted.

Shocker: Kevin Youkilis back on the DL.

Chatwood hasn't pitched more than six innings this season.


This will be a good week to expose TTI, as he's made his mind up to disagree anything I say regardless of his own stance for awhile. By Wednesday I'll be able to make him call Mike Rizzo the greatest GM in MLB History as long as I start making statements about how he stinks.

Hugh: from last thread, the 8 Phillies with 2 3B 4 RBI:

Dick Allen
Glen Stewart (1944)
Coaker Triplett (1943)
Joe Marty (1940)
Possum Whitted (1917) (awesome name).

Thanks to the juggernaut that the Phillies are, the Twins still haven't pulled off a three game series sweep this year.

lore - You think Possum beats Coaker?

(And really. For a guy hitting two triples in a game, how can you not beat "Triplett"?)

Don't let Chatwood's 84 game minor league career numbers (8.6 H/9, 4.5 BB/9) fool you. He is one of the best young arms in baseball.

(Actually. I imagine he really is pretty good. But thematically, he needs to be one of the very, very best arms in baseball to face the Phils.)

Yeah it is an arbitrary cutpoint but since May 1st KK has turned back into more of the mediocre starter has been his career:

9 GS, 4-3, 4.55 ERA, 1.41 WHIP, 5.0 K/9, 2.7 BB/9, 1.9 K/B, 20% LD, 63% strikes, 6% swing and miss

In April:

5 GS, 2-1, 2.41 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 6.4 K/9, 2.1 BB/9, 3.0 K/B, 20% LD, 65% strikes, 7% swing and miss

Time to start betting against KK again.

"Before Friday's shocker at Coors Field, the greatest margin the Phillies had overcome this season was two runs."

Wow, how lame. How far our offense has fallen from the team that used to make up 4-run deficits easily, regularly.

But it was a great comeback last night. The bullpen deserves a hat tip. I was sure the Rockies would score at least 4 more runs after KK left in the 5th. And that we would score maybe 2 at most. Happy to be wrong.

It would be great to get another winning streak, without the corresponding losing streak following it. Get on a roll, see what happens, Go Phillies!

I know BL'ers wanted him but i was so adamant(different screen name) about not having Youklis nor BJ sign on.

Hope we build on this and don't drop our "momentum" by laying an egg today

I found a piece of paper under the fax machine from Texas and we called back and forth came up with this deal this morning. I hope you'll agree we will be back on top with this.

We give:
Cliff Lee, Hewitt and Aumount

We get:
I-Rod, David Delucci, Hank Blalock and Kenny Rogers. Plus $1.8 million.

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