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Sunday, June 09, 2013


Take a look at the lineup card, then look at the pitching matchup. Then check if your bank has hours on Sunday, because this is a perfect opportunity to double your life savings with a bet on Milwaukee.

Kratz's bat must be replaced immediately. Bring up the uninjured and success-starved Darin Ruf and place him in left. Put Dom in right and keep him there. Sit Delmon Young.

Hey r00b - the "Young" obsession is O V E R. DYak is a shot former number 1 pick with 1 ankle. 'Fess up that you were digging in horses8it looking for a pony.

Let's give an able-bodied player with a good eye and a proven power stroke at least a 4-week shot. What can possibly be lost when you consider the current Kratz-less bunch?

I love Darin Ruf, but if he's "success-starved" at AAA -- as his .258/.329/.408 line indicates -- doesn't that indicate he's probably in the right place for the moment? Especially as you'd be calling him up precisely to be an all-bat, no-glove addition to the team? As while he's old for the system, he's not so old that any useful value he could provide will be forfeited by seeing what he can do -- and what progress he makes -- in a season against AAA pitching.

Tmac: For every Phillie that comes up lame at first this season, The Rothman Institute will donate $1000 to the Leg-Out Foundation. The Leg-Out foundation teaching tomorrow's slower athletes not to run so hard to first.

I suggest a name change to the above proposal: the Ryan Howard Memorial Leg-Out Foundation (RHMLOF).

Bonus dollars donated for every day the player continues to play with his injury, thereby staying off the DL.

The entire Phillie offensive "strategy" as of June 9, 2013: pray DOM gets his 4 ABs with men on base.

Next 20 games only 3 against winning teams. Rockies

Darth Rube has sent an email to Kamino requesting clones of Dom Brown in his year 25 season.

I was so proud of Jimmy for taking 3 balls to start his AB. And then he popped up on the 5th pitch. :(

Do we get thrown out an inordinate amount, or is that a misperception on my part?

Maybe Young should not have been running home. It erases the joy from Howard getting a hit.

I think Kratz got something wrong with that stuff that is not bone not skin but you got it in your nose too. Needs an operation for sure. I'll be in my office in Presbyterian checking my lottery tix tomorrow if he needs me.

"Phillies get the first two men on but do not score" is sounding like a familiar refrain lately.

That changeup is not something our lineup is going to good with.

That [pitched baseball of any kind] is not something our lineup is going to do good with.

Fair enough. Unless it's a high fastball pitched to Dom Brown.

Oh, well. Time to figure out something else to do with my day.

I'm done.

What an abortion of a game.

Pettibone's fastball looks pretty good - he has decent location and he's getting ahead of hitters. He just has absolutely no other pitch to go to once he is ahead.

Young hits into a twin-killing. What else is new?

Young's GIDP streak is almost as impressive as Dom's HR streak.

If the Brewers blown this one wide open, at least I'll be able to get some work in today.

I always appreciate when these guys get it out of the way early so I don't have to waste the rest of my day watching.

hoping Michael Young can GIDP again this game - will tie him for the lead in NL. Good grief

MYoung's GIDP rate has definitely stated to slow down, that was his first in 8 games, and just his 3rd since May 7th.

Good thing about getting behind by a large margin early is that DOM is less likely to be pitched around/IBB'd.

Alright, time for Ho Hos.

phillies making him work. 1 whole pitches to take us down.

i meant 11

4-0 against Lohse with this weak SSS lineup is game over.

Iceman was dead right and the Brewers at -140 was an easy call for me last night too.

Just cut Nix. He will never play for another month after he goes 0for tonight. And I can't even blame Charlie anymore, just cut him.

Just have to tread water until Utley and Ruiz get back

Phils need to complain to the ump about the Brewers turning into Pettibone's pitches. Each of the last innings they've had a lefty turn into a pitch attempting to dip their front shoulder to get hit. Missed both times.

Lorecore, saw it too. bush league.

Apparently Howard isn't even hitting the ball well in batting practice. Sarge: "You'd think it was Ben Revere".

Can they just DL him? There is no hot streak coming.

The more I watch of Pettibone and the less he impresses me. He is yet another Phils' young pitcher who has failed to develop any decent offspeed pitches.

His changeup is a mediocre pitch at best and I bet the pitch f/x data that he struggles to throw it with any kind of regularity for a strike.

Until he improves that changeup and his cutter to better deal with LHB, he's a marginal MLB starter who would get pounded in the AL with the DH.

Laynce Nix referred to Charley as a "redneck hillbilly" during a club meeting and banged Jen Utley. He needs to be traded.

Wow. Just sad.

May as well get Lannan and Big Z up here at this point.

Horst is the new Durbin. Same as it ever was.

MG: it took 7 years of Dubee's tutiledge for Kendrick to become even a #3 pitcher. what is one to expect from Pettibone under Dubee?

Hard to get after Pettibone that much. It's not like we pencilled him in to be starting a bunch of games and winning for us.

He has a good fastball, good location. He just needs to develop something else so that hitters can't foul off everything he throws he when he's ahead - until they get what they want.

I'm more pissed about the abysmal offense, but that's par for the course.

Pettibone has more then earned the right to have a bad game.

Didn't really matter how well he pitched today anyway. They have no runs (again).

Still think Uncle Cholly did the right thing not pitching Papelbon in the 9th inning on Friday? At least he's well rested to pitch in Minneapolis (maybe) on Tuesday.

How old is Pettibone? Are really going to start getting on the coaches for not helping him develop a change up? Come on.

How can a team be this bad? It is too bad that Lohse is 1-6 . With a little better record he could be considered for Cy Young? We have finally found a spot for Horst! Mop up man ! It is truly depressing. Just about the time you think that the Phil's are going to start playing better the wheels come off. Phil's record against Brewers 2-5 unless the Phil's score 7 runs in the next 3 innings.

If they demoted Pettibone instead of Cloyd, it would be a mistake.

Cloyd is not an MLB pitcher for the long haul. Pettibone certainly has a chance to be. I think he's done well enough to give him a mulligan on one bad start.

why nor ice? that is their job.

I finally broke down and picked up today, which seems precipitous, given that the big club is having another rough outing.

Gotta say, it's been an enjoyable afternoon watching the Iron Pigs. Especially Cody Asche, as he's flashed a little leather -- and more than a little range -- today. A pleasant surprise from a guy whose scouting reports last year, if I recall correctly, questioned whether his glove would stick at 3B at all. (And that, if it stuck, it'd be a minus.)

Not burying Pettibone for a bad start. He just has a long way to go though to be a decent MLB starter.

Just seems that the last few years regardless of what pitcher comes up through the system that they lack a single viable offspeed pitch (slider, curve, changeup) when they arrive at the MLB level.

So, CGSHO for Lohse? Can't say it'd be unexpected.

DOM goes hitless and the Phils lose. Worst game of the year since May 26.

When should the sell thread be out back up? The sense of urgency is really high. You can see them grinding at bats.

Phillies stink.

Yup, Dom is the only threat left in this lineup. If he doesn't do it, it isn't getting done.

did the phillies just bring in the infield in during a 6-0 game in the 7th inning?

And then there's our 2nd best reliever, who just threw Segura 8 straight fastballs. That ended well.

I don't think we're getting anywhere this year but it'll be a lot more fun once (if) we get Chooch and Utley back in this lineup. Our pitching is pretty resilient if we have bullpen issues and a few sixth starters coming to pitch some games.

I don't mind losing games, I just don't like the ones we throw away, whether it's because our whole crappy offense mails it in, or because we routinely start one or two players who are so defensively challenged they wouldn't start for a highschool team.

Guys like Chooch and Utley can at least keep the rest of these clowns, including Howard, focused on at least attempting to win.

Bad, old and dull. The Phillies Hat Trick.

Pettibone is a bit better than Cloyd right now but not by much.

Only thing that will save the wheels from coming this June might be the schedule but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this team is 6 or 7 games below .500 come July 1st either.

Just depends on how good the starting pitching is this month.

Hat tipping time.


Wonder if mikey miss will replay interview with Carey w after the game. There isn't much to talk about after this game

All that talk about the HHU healthy caveat to this team's success - and of course none of them are. Somehow they've managed to stay in the vicinity of .500.

Quintero to hit a home run: 87:1

Please collect your winnings

So u use paps in a wash game, but not a tie game fri night? When u know Adams is t avail?

Just another Sunday beatdown on the Phils. They have had a few of these games already this year though.

Scrape by to win narrowly. When they have lost, there have been their share of ugly games that get out of reach quickly especially due to the shoddy middle relief they have had all year.

So it's a mediocre team at best. We knew that. Can we stop pretending otherwise just because they won a series with the Marlins?

Holy sh-t, the Maytag man gives on up!

Jack faster rube admits the better BL will be. Most of us know this team is 500. We know what has to be done. Rube he always says blah blah blah. That's all I hear anymore out of his mouth anymore. Till lee and paps are dealt this will be what we get all year.

Our $50 million reliever surfaces in a 8-0 game...what a cleverly constructed and managed team.

Thank goodness we didn't waste Papelbon Friday night in a tie game against the right-handed heart of the Brewers order.

I sure AF don't want to hear people start talking about "well when so and so gets back".

So and so were here at the beginning of the season and the team was what it is now, a bad .500 team thats had an easy schedule, a half assed bass ackwards manager & a clueless arogant GM

Revere couldn't let MYoung outpace him.

What a total turd of a game. Are there any positives here?


The positives is we are one game closer to a fire sale of players & coaches

Any positives? It's over...

This team gave up today. Time for a change. Get rid of CM!

Well, at least it didn't take three hours.

At least we know the last 2 weeks were a mirage. Dom Brown had a hot streak against some bad teams. Now we can get back to reality.

Brewers have now won their last 2 series vs the Phils and are 5-2 on the season vs Phils.

You have to go back until the end of April to find the time when the Brewers won a series against another team (April 29-30 vs Pirates).

It was irrelevant today, but the league's worst bullpen bled three more runs today.

So along with the league's worst bullpen, you've got a below-average defensive team and a bottom-5 NL team in offense. I'd say calling the team mediocre is pushing it.

What's funny is that the script as kind of flipped on the team the past two years. It used to be teams with good pitching like the giants who could neutralize the offense that would give them the most trouble. Now that the offense gets shut down by everyone, and the starting pitching (while good) isn't what it used to be, teams like the Brewers who can swing the bat will give this team the most fits, no matter what their record is.

I'd rather play a team with good pitching/no hitting nowadays, because they might as well be facing Justin Verlander every night.

moves need to be made. Too bad Tommy Joseph got hurt. Would love to see him catch everyday until Chooch back. Bring up Zambrano, Lannan when ready. Send down Cloyd, pettibone not because they were bad just because who else woul go. Unload Nix, DYoung, Horst ASAP replace them with Ruf and Fields. Zambrano could be left side PH if desperate. Who cares who replaces Horst.

The Phillies lay an egg.
It all started in the first.
That's three steps backwards.

Tommy Joseph has been very underwhelming at Reading so far. He has no business on the MLB roster at this point even if he was healthy.

About the only thing I hope they do after this game is send down Horst and bring up Zambrano. I just don't know how Zambrano would take to pitching out of the pen although he has no business in the rotation at this point. No Lannan fan but he's a no-brainer over a marginal guy like Zambrano. Even Cloyd/Pettibone are probably a bit better.

I could easy see the Amaro brain trust sending down Cloyd though, inserting Zambrano into the rotation until Lannan returns, and leaving Horst on the roster.

This has to be the Qualls line for Horst here. A dead moose could make better appearences, same for Nix.

Meanwhile Qualls continues to do a very nice job for the Fish this year in low-leverage spots.


The three P's.

Poorly constructed.
Poorly managed.
Poorly performing.

Just where does one start?

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