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Friday, June 14, 2013


No Tulo, CarGo, and Fowler and I still don't like our chances.

This should be Revere's best chance for an out of the park HR. Not that it makes it any more likely, but the conditions are as good as they will get.

Phillies head to Coors to face get swept by banged-up Rockies. There, I fixed it for you.

"the Phillies, who had 16 hits last night but left 16 on base -- their most since Aug. 21, 1980."

Untrue. Phils left 17 on in 2010.

lorecore: and still scored 7 runs. sheesh

WIPak smith predictably complains about the Phils lack of power. When told they are hitting some home runs this year, defends his earlier statement by talking about low OBP. I think he likes to p P p in Cheerios.

So, is the new mantra, "As Revere goes, so go the Phillies?"

Maikel Franco with another HR last night (2-4, BB, HR, 2 RBI) - just won't stop.

Darin Ruf is .310/.431/.476 in June (51 PA) and finally his his long awaited first HR since early May.

Ruf and Asche seem to feed off each other. Asche is .340/.404/.511 over the same stretch - those two have had matching hot/cold streaks ever since last summer.

* and have batted after one another almost exclusively.


I like in the last thread how smitty says because the rest of the lineup, at positions that are supposed to have power, are lacking in that department, that Revere, playing at a non-power position, is at fault for this. It's his fault the rest of the lineup sucks. Got it.

Again, I'll post his line the last six weeks: .316/.360/.729. That's exactly what they acquired him to do. It isn't his fault that Amaro has surrounded him with sh*tty players.

Cody and ruf not old enough yet. Need to be 28 and 934 PA @ AAA level.

Revere isn't very high on my list of things I'm pissed about. That said, I'm nowhere near comfortable when the ball gets hit to center. He misses one that he shouldn't, and in the outfield those go for two bases. That's hurt us several times.
He also needs to learn that if he isn't sure he can get to a ball, it's a smarter play to limit the damage instead of diving, letting it get by, and giving up extra bases/runs.

Again, I'll post his line the last six weeks: .316/.360/.729. That's exactly what they acquired him to do

OK, so Revere's been "hot" and thus has been helpful. Only helpful though. "Helpful during hot streaks" is setting sights very low, IMO. The team needed so much more than that. It's not the crappy players fault that Amaro gave them a meh player when the team needed so much more. :)

With his crappy defense (with the SSS caveat that he could get better), he's useless so far during a cold streak. He has no tools to help a team win whilst cold.

I'm not convinced that he'll be anything more than a tolerable CF defensively. At 25, you know how to break on balls / run routes or you don't.

Aight i gave Delmon his chances. Phils need to do something here. Move Petti to the Bullpen call Cloyd back up. Call up Ruf to take Delmon's spot. Ruiz and Utley come back. Howard starts to swing a little better. Let's go Phightins.......Before i knew Hernandez was sent back and i turned the game on i forget what inning and saw Martinez in the dugout. I was like whoa WTH how he get back?

MG: After 70 team games on Sunday, Lannan still will only have 3 starts. He is scheduled to start next week.

With 92 games left, he'll need 17 more starts to qualify our bet. Rough math of pitching every 5th game for the last 92 is 18 starts - so we basically need Lannon to not miss one single start for remainder of a year for a realistic shot. His current 6 ERA may make me hope he ends up falling short on that 20th start.

Given the price we paid to acquire him and the cost of his salary, if Revere's true talent level over the rest of the years of team control is fairly close to what he's done since May 1, then he's a positive for the team.

Plus but not spotless defense at an important position, plus but not perfect baserunning, and decent on base skills for cheap is fine from CF while the team focuses on upgrading with FA or bringing up prospects at 3B, LF (assuming the next manager moves DOM to right), 2B, C, and possibly 1B and/or SS.

Much, much bigger problems to fret about than Revere.

Hope Dom starts hitting some dingers again. Thats basically the only reason to keep tuning in.

And I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that as he develops, his norms for his time here will be closer to 5/1-present Revere than April Revere...

lorecore - I was kind of curious about that. I posted in error in the other thread since ESPN article didn't say he had already had 2 rehab starts.

I'm no Lannan fan but he's a no-brainer over Zambrano. I'd take Cloyd or Pettibone too at this point.

Zambrano is an out-of-shape, over-the-hill vet who is struggling badly to go even 6 IP. His future at the MLB level (if he has one) is as a long reliever even if he doesn't want to except that.

16 hits ... and THREE runs ... pushing a record for LOB futility.

Revere simply exemplified a pattern of players returning to their previous haunts and having a good game/series. Happens all the time. To think that he is, or will be, anything more than a .240 Punch & Judy hitter is foolish. He is what he is.

... and, alas, the Philberts are what they are ... ________

... fill in the blank - it's obvious to all.

I left the country, the Phillies were 3 games under .500, I come back...they're 3 games under .500.

At least they're consistently sucky I guess.

I like the idea of Zambrano making the team in the tradition of CHOP and Contreras, the old starter transitioning to the bullpen.

Good to have you back, NEPP!

Contreras was a stone face statue when he was put out their in relief. Seem like not much phased him. Im starting to think with Zambrano questionable and volatile make up how is he going to handle tough relief situations.

NEPP - 'Same as it ever was'

Big Z came here with the intentions of being a starter. If asked to go to the bullpen I think he'll ask for his release. Not that he would be any good at either.

Also on Revere, I don't think he's as bad as he was in April, probably closer to what he is now. A singles machine who doesn't do the little things well enough to warrant a spot at the top of the order. He's got great range but lousy instincts, plus a terrible arm. The fact he's playing in a new league in a new ballpark should also be taken into account. He's also not the reason the Phillies are a middling team. Anyone who expected him to jump start this team to contention was being naive, to say the least.


And I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that as he develops, his norms for his time here will be closer to 5/1-present Revere than April Revere...

I fear that he is more likely to be the 4/1-present Revere than the 5/1-present Revere.

So Amaro has just said we're not going to trade Papelbon or Lee.

"I believe you have to have a closer to win and have success, and I believe in having a (true) closer," Amaro added. "Not a closer by committee. A guy who stops the game when you're supposed to win late."

I heard Rube spends his spare time trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Could explain a lot.

limoguy - You mean literally or figuratively?

Zambrano was terrible in the bullpen last year and has openly stated that he hates the idea of relieving and doesn't want to be a reliever. I dont think it will work out very well.

Sadly, his stuff probably would play up out of the pen if he was to commit to it and want to be a reliever. He could probably extend his career by several years. Of course, he's made about $114 million in his career now so the fire to keep playing in such a reduced role might not be there for him.

***"I believe you have to have a closer to win and have success, and I believe in having a (true) closer," Amaro added. "Not a closer by committee. A guy who stops the game when you're supposed to win late."***

A guy that my traditional manager will never use outside of a prescribed role and a guy that I am massively overpaying to give me 60ish innings a year.

That statement pretty much sums up why Rube sucks as a GM.

If you want Zambrano to go the Contreras route, why not sign the genuine article (just released by the Pirates) instead? At least Contreras can still get into the 90s with his fastball, and he won't whine about being in the bullpen.

He doesn't play crappy defense. Where do people get this stuff? Every metric says he is above average, and he's green enough to expect that he could be more than that eventually. His range alone makes him above average.

Six weeks is not merely a 'hot streak.' It's almost 2/3 of the season so far. So people are actually hinging their opinion on 4 bad weeks to start the season, and ignoring the six weeks after because it's merely a 'hot streak'? And in doing so, they are also ignoring his entire 2012 season where he was over 2 WAR at 24 years old in his 2nd full season.

There are more dumb things said about Revere by his detractors than any other player on the team. If you compiled a list of some of the stuff, it's just mind blowing. A colleague of mine is convinced he needs to play in AAA. And that's not as bad as some of the stuff posted by people here.

lorecore can continue to compare me to Phlipper, but as long as people say dumb things about Revere I'm going to continue to point out that they are dumb.

Reds picked up Zach Duke. Man it pay to be a LHP or a a 'veteran catcher' who has a rep as a guy pitchers like to throw to.

Iceman - I wouldn't call him a bad defender, he just hasn't matured as a player. If he learns how to read the ball off the bat, he can be a phenomenal defender.

NEPP - I bet most GMs would say the exact same thing.

It is spending $13M on it and the strong likelihood that Amaro won't move Papelbon now despite his value being a zenith.

$500 rims on a $1500 car.

When Utley & Ruiz come back, I assume Howard will land on the DL for at least 15 days. During that time, the Phillies should call-up Darin Ruf to play 1B, and give him a chance to hit his way into the lineup as a left-fielder.

Since I can't read minds, I'll give RAJ the benefit of the doubt & assume that he's just playing hardball when he suggests that he's not going to trade Papelbon. Because, if he really views Papelbon (or anyone, for that matter) as untradeable, then he's an even bigger idiot than I previously believed. A $13M closer is the last thing that a 78-win rebuilding team needs -- especially given the rigid unwritten rules which apply to closer usage.

Delmon Young in the 5 hole night in and night out is intolerable. Probably sees an average of 8 pitches per game. He gives you NOTHING as a regular, his only use is as a moderate power threat bat off the bench. He makes Mayberry look like an all-star.

My god, and the prospect of Zambrano on this feels like sheer penance for that string of first place finishes. To think, it's only going to get worse so long as they try to keep this team "competitive".

"We're the Philadelphia Phillies," says Cliff Lee, as a way of saying they must be underachieving. "The Red Sox didn't blow it up," says Ruben Amaro, demonstrating the same empty bravado. Yeah, they moved into that upper echelon, and they're still there now and they'll always be there because they have the payroll, right, it's just a given?

Except that's not how it works. You don't keep your position if you're not making quality organizational decisions. And that has ceased to happen. You don't sustain success by clinging to the past. This situation reminds me fully of what Ed Wade did in Houston.

BAP - Ruben is stubbornly optimistic. He has no interest in talking about trades right now, because he expects the team to turn it around.

BAP: I want to agree with you, but I must have misplaced the last few grains of Benefit of the Doubt I had set aside for a rainy day.

Therefore, I'll go with, "He's an even bigger idiot than I had previously believed."

This was the relevant quote re Big Z:

Though he said he's willing to do whatever the Phillies ask of him, he added he'd rather not be a reliever.

"I signed here to be a starter," Zambrano said. "Last year was miserable when I went to the bullpen, I didn't enjoy it."

I don't know the full context of the discussion, but the author, Mike Still, seems to suggest he might be open to it. Zambrano has, after all, found a new path in life, as it were. He was miserable last year, but there was a lot of other things going on then as well. We know that many writers like to paint athletes' comments as much more extreme than they really are. I don't know if it would work, but there is little verifiable evidence in only Z's comments that it couldn't work.

Just keep in mind that Nicasio is one of the best young arms in baseball.

Schu's Blues: Young's been hitting sixth. It only seems like fifth because Brown is the real clean-up hitter.

The actual point is "Delmon Young in the...[line-up] night in and night out is intolerable."

He may be a Yak but he ain't the Bull.

To be a positive on this team going forward, Revere is going to have to pattern his game on Juan Pierre. They are very close to the same player. But Revere has shown almost none of the small ball attributes that Pierre worked on tirelessly.

And as for fielding, he needs to call up Garry Maddox and take some lessons in getting the correct break on a ball. Then he needs to field about a thousand balls a day out there until he gets the hang of it. With his speed, there shouldn't be many balls he doesn't get to. And if he simply can't go back on balls well (some people really can't, no matter how hard they work) he needs to tell Charlie to F off and play as deep as he feels comfortable. Most people really do feel more comfortable coming in on balls rather than going out.

And Rube is a moron and has always been a moron. The best trade he ever made was actually forced on him by the player himself. The second best one? The trade for Lee was a great one. And other than that, nothing.

Golson for Mayberry was a good swap by Rube.

Josh Rutledge, who was called up when Tulo was DLed, was doing this in his 17-game minor league stint:


He'd been sent down to work on his defense. I hope his D is still really bad.

Revere, B, CF .266
Young, M, 3B .278
Brown, D, LF .282
Howard, R, 1B .260
Frandsen, K, 2B .273
Mayberry, J, RF .266
Galvis, F, SS .213
Quintero, H, C .216
Kendrick, K, P .179

Wow. Good line-up. I thought Chollie might try to put Yak out there in Coors' hug outfield. Glad to see I'm mistaken. And nice to know that Dom gets up in the first for sure.

Hopefully Mayberry can win the RF job. I've seen enough Yak.

Jake - where'd you see that line-up?

Yakety Yak, don't come back.

nvm Jake. got it.

Josh Rutledge, who was called up when Tulo was DLed, was doing this in his 17-game minor league stint:


In Colorado Springs, that's not as impressive as it seems.

I'd keep that line-up even with Rollins in. Just put him where Galvis is and let Freddy rest a bit.

To reinforce Edmundo's point, which is, IMO, spot on, Colorado Spring's team slash is .293/.355/.476.

The best slugging team in the International League, where LHV plays, is Durham with a team SLG of .425. That would be eighth in the PCL.

His numbers at AAA are very good. But need to be tempered by the particularities of his league setting.

Ah. And those numbers were for 17 games. Which also is a factor.

That being said, I'd rather have him on the roster than, well, some of the guys on the Phillies.


Pa. Company Recalls Baby Recliners

Poor Leslie prob sucks covering this team, and now this......

Kelly Shoppach designated in order to sign Henry Blanco?
Has he fallen that far or is Blanco a better fit for Marlinville?

High-ranking Detroit scout here for Phillies-Rockies. Significance unknown. But Tigers have closer issues and Pap could be in play in July.

Blue Jersey - They both stink. Blanco's cheaper.

Honestly, why would anybody try to read the tea leaves regarding trades, etc when Rube, no matter how bad we say, should never show his hand at this point?
Same with Cliff. If he doesn't say "I love Philly" at some point, does it matter? If somebody who he sees as a better route to a ring or more wins (whatever he really cares about in his heart) wants him and offers him 2 mil to waive his clause, will he give a darn?

"The Padres were shopping Upton to everyone, but were hitting Philadelphia pretty hard. They wanted starting pitching and an infielder. They were willing to take Blanton, which was acceptable, but for the infield they insisted on Michael. Amaro spent half an hour cleaning coffee from his phone from the spit take."

- from Life of a Baseball God, by "R. A. Marrow, II"

I was at the Rockies game yesterday afternoon - wow, what an ugly mess. Three key players injured, tying run balked in, pitcher and coach ejected. That's got to mess with the Rox. Unfortunately, can only make one game this weekend - got to travel to Houston for work on Sunday (where I'll catch the Astros vs the White Sox Monday night).

I imagine that the Rockies will be poised for a bounceback against the Phillies.

Plus, NEPP, they have three of the best young arms in baseball scheduled for the series.

Phils may have to, you know, tip their caps.

There is no "may" about it...there will be abundant hat tipping in this series.

i just got my autographed dom brown 2012 iron pigs bb card in the mail that i bought on ebay. the hobby seems to be calling that his "rookie card."

the first 6 players in our line-up are batting above the NL average.

Oh brother.

I really hope Brown doesn't catch the contagious disease that Howard & what seems like the entire team has hitting wise

Peace to Iceman and TTI -- it's a free country, and I still think the Revere trade is ugghh... We could have had RFD as our CF screwing up in the field and on the base paths for free, and Mayberry can hit it out once in a while.

Before the game gets going, I wonder what people think. Just say the Phils get it really cranked up -- Kendrick's lights out tonight, and suddenly, everything falls into place for the next month. Come July 15, were deadlocked with the Braves. Is that good or bad? One more year on the Lee/Pap odometer makes them much less useful in an off-season trade; their value may never be higher than at the deadline.

I love the thought of this crew screwing the Braves yet again and winning the NL East. However, it really makes sense to dump everything now, while there's still a shred of value left. in the event of a 4 - 6 week Phils resurgence, this is a really hard choice.

Ugh, nothing like playing on the surface of the moon.

"welcome to arena baseball" -- tmac

You know your lineup is shockingly bad when Kevin Frandsen is hitting 5th against a RHP.

Free pass for the Piece!!

A couple more HBP or BB and its a tie game.

Mayberry takes one for the team... this is an on base clinic.

***You know your lineup is shockingly bad when Kevin Frandsen is hitting 5th against a RHP.***

That's a bit unfair...there are plenty of AAA lineups that would kill for that.

Ooops - the perils of Gameday. Meant Frandsen.

For all the discussion of who is or isn't on the Phillie Killer team, Cargo is not only a lock for the starting lineup, but he's probably the #3 or 4 hitter.

Are we sure this pitcher isn't one of ours?

With a guy like Nicasio, you either get to him early or not at all. I feel some hat tipping coming on here.

1 for 20? really Freddy?

Chipper is a lock for the 4 hole hitter on that team, bap. Maybe slot Cargo in the 3 hole in front of him.

CLassic LOB formula here.

First time in Beerleaguer history that Iceman and I have been mistaken for one another.

In my defense, I'm a bit rusty...thought you said that for some reason when I scrolled up for the name.

....Kelly shoppach...
....Cameron rupp...
Anyone but Q please.

Impressive ABs by Mayberry, Galvis and Quintero there.

Every night is another reminder that defense does indeed matter.

Bases loaded, 1 out. Bet the Rox find a way to score.

Someone yesterday said that Galvis's defense has not been nearly as stellar this year as it was last year. I tend to agree.

My wrist hurts from Tipping My Cap

Gee... The Rockies moved their aging slugger of a first baseman out of the important batting order position in which he had always been automatic. What a novel idea!

I hate galvis he's so goofy. Doesn't work pitchers, and he always does the slide for ground balls. He's also very impatient at plate.

I wonder if his defense is suffering a bit from having to learn 3B in addition to not really playing SS all year last year...or if its just a fluke.

Or if its just anecdotal on our part.

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