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Friday, June 07, 2013


Why no Cesar??? I guess his 2 errors have cost him my guess is its a straight platoon with him & Galvis while Utley is on the self, we'll only see Cesar vs LHers

One of the biggest complaints of BL'ers was Manuels resistance to trying new things or taking Jimmy off lead off spot. Is the ol man becoming more flexible as he ages.

This is a "bull pen" game for the brewers correct? Time to continue to put the nationals behind us.

Speaking of bullpens: Grilli just recorded his 23rd save. Wish he would have been good enough for our pen. But as many BLers posted,just another AAA lifer. Filler like Kratz,Ruff,Susdorf,ect.

PB i was wondering that to. I think in one of the games one of the broadcasters said Cholly wants to give Galivs more playing time or something of the sort. Perhaps the Bl'ers can fill in.

To harken back (momentarily) to the SAT comments from the previous thread, it depends on when those people took them.

Not just because of the addition of the "essay portion" (making a perfect score a 2400 now), I learned just recently that students are actually encouraged to take the test multiple times even more than they were back when I did it.

Why? Because you're allowed to mix & match which scores College Board reports to schools. Got an 800 on the verbal the first time, but slummed it in the math with a 450? No sweat! Just study up on your math, get a 740 on it the second time around (why even bother answering the verbal section?) then report you got an 800 and a 740!

If Cholly put on his shoes on the opposite feet but was still able to work adequately, do you think he would start doing that until he fell flat on his face?

And by "harken" I, of course, meant "hearken."

Philibuster - But schools look at that and the chances of a student scoring a 450 which is a pretty weak score and suddenly getting a 740 the next time is incredibly unlucky.

MG: The colleges don't get the complete score set, so far as I'm aware (I work in a HS now, after departing my alma mater's employment last year). They only get to see what the CB reports, which is whatever combination of scores the test-taker('s guardian) authorizes.

"Because you're allowed to mix & match which scores College Board reports to schools."

The rub, though, is that you still have to get the 740 score. If you got a 450 the first time, I am pretty dubious that any amount of studying would get you to a 740 the 2nd time.

Still, in my days, they didn't let you take it multiple times & submit only your best score. I believe you could re-take the SAT but then they would average your 2 scores together.

The Phillies have agreed to terms with third-round pick Cord Sandberg, the outfielder told John Lembo of his hometown Bradenton Herald.
Sandberg, who was selected 89th overall, will receive a $775K signing bonus plus the monetary equivalent of a full scholarship to Mississippi State.

And just like that we now have another OF in the system who is more worthy of a roster spot than Delmon Young. Welcome to the fold, kid.

The number one selling point for Sandberg was the interview with Tmac.

BAP: Definitely true, but since you get a minimum of 6 months between exams (generally speaking), and you can start taking it early, you've got an OK chance of making up at least 100 points (so long as your baseline was low). Especially with the addition of the essay portion.

I don't think the averaging was around when I took it. Instead, you had to choose which iteration you wanted to report. If you got a 700/640, and a 600/740, the only functional difference was if you were applying to an engineering-heavy school or a liberal arts college.

Don't look now, but DYoung is now OPSing better than Rollins and Howard. He'll be sticking around for a while.

Prediction: May 25-26, 2013 will be the last time a player not named Ben Revere bats leadoff in consecutive games for the Phillies for (at least) the next 3 years.

Posted by: lorecore | Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Well that 3 year prediction didn't take long to break.

I can't recall if it was the radio or TV broadcast that mentioned it yesterday, but it was brought up that D Young typically does start really slow and that we should "anticipate" that he's about to get hot.

It sounded as if Rube was holding the cue cards himself.

Wait, is Ben Revere hurt? Or is he just no longer our starting CF?

The Pirates signed a 29 yr old former all star to a $1M deal with incentives/option for next year.

We signed Aaron Cook and Rodrigo Lopez.

Francsico Liriano has 39 K in 5 starts with a 1.21 WHIP and a 167 ERA+.

lore, don't sweat it. It's only because Revere is on the bench again, not because Cholly has changed his mindset. Once Revere is back in the lineup, it will be in the lead off spot.

Do we still yet even know why he's NOT in the lineup? If it's injury related, it must be one of those freak injuries that only impacts a player in the first few innings, since he was used late in yesterday's game. Perhaps it's just to get JMJ more AB's?

DYak career first half: .717 OPS
DYak career second half: .768 OPS

Pretty mild splits, but i guess enough for tmac/wheels to toe the company line.

Lore - I assumed you were joking. Cholly, bless his heart, is still wondering how he got saddled with the guy.

If I was managing my last year for a team, I'd probably play the hot hand over Revere right now. He's simply not doing enough things right to counter his deficiencies right now.

It would usually be the GM's job to ensure that a manager didn't hurt his team's overall development, but currently our GM is more worried about making sure his right handed slugger with a great track record for production that he craftily stole on the free agent market plays every single day, than he is of the team's future.

"Pretty mild splits, but i guess enough for tmac/wheels to toe the company line."

lore, can you imagine ANY scenario where TBag wouldn't toe the company line?

Looks like the Phils rounded out the bonus pool section (top 10 rounds) of the draft with 3 senior sign guys, who will be very cheap.

That's how they got the money to pay for Sandberg, and hopefully for Sweaney as well.

Is there anyone who posts here who still seriously thinks that the Phils will cut ties with DY, even with the impending "roster bonuses" on the horizon?

I don't. He's here for the duration of the year.

We are the most proud of our only alumni to play for a World Series champ, Shane Victorino

What is the difference between D Young, Ben Francisco and Ben Revere?

I'm still trying to figure it out.

"What is the difference between D Young, Ben Francisco and Ben Revere?"

D Young actually USED to be good...

Lannan rehab start today, did not know.

WP, Francisco used to be a decent BACKUP OF also.

our best guy pitching
theirs a ghost retread "starter"
a definite loss

Well, also: Young has a better BL nickname than the other two. That's gotta be worth something.

This year's Phillies' draft is unique in this: it looks more like the previous years' Phillies' drafts than any other.

Guy's no leadoff hitter.

Guy's no cleanup hitter.

That is an emasculating AB for Howie. Gets up 2-0 for the first time since the Bush administration and he gets 2 late swings at fastballs which he barely fouls off and then gets blown away on a high fastball. Lame.

Testing . . . 1, 2, 3, 4.

Galvis just had an at bat where he didn't see 1 pitch, but yet swung every time

what passes for a batting eye could burn your retinas. pretty hard to see the ball right now.

Nice snag Young.

Young you suckass, DOM had him gunned.

Somehow I bet Wheels is blaming Dom for a bad throw.

A double-play with an average defensive 3rd baseman.

An RBI triple with Michael Young at 3rd base.

Oh, what am I talking about? For some reason I thought that first hitter singled.

Is it bad that my father said Lee as a better swing then Galvis does?

5 game win streak, 1 game over .500 for the first time this year and the PPP is your uh nating all over the thread like their kitten just fell out of a plane.

Cody 4/5 in both games with a double and a triple. Hitting 277 now Clearwater got hosed 12 Ks by some journeymen.

"5 game win streak, 1 game over .500 for the first time this year and the PPP is your uh nating all over the thread like their kitten just fell out of a plane."

Agreed. To watch a team that is 1 game over .500 is to watch greatness unfold before our very eyes. And yet people still complain . . .

This is an embarrassment of riches.

I just hate it when right handed pitchers throw fastballs to our cleanup hitter.

Howard ugh

Just when you think that Howard has reached his nadir, it just gets worse. He always takes the first strike, so the book on him is just throw it down the middle. That pitch low and down the middle he used to punish to left or left-center.

Instead, now he takes it, then strike two, maybe a ball, but inevitably swinging at a pitch outside the zone.

As the recent poll about shutting him down demonstrates, Philly fandom wants him to sit, to "heal" his bum knee. He could also use a shrink to clear his head.

With Dylan c last year and the sandberg kid this yr. The philles are getting quite a minor league football squad.

Looks like demon says f u all BL I look better then your 25 million dolla man. Holla

I love to see Dom running the bases like this. He is exuding confidence in all phases of the game. I'm on record as saying the guy just doesn't look like a ballplayer. I'm not going to go overboard, but I sure as hell was wrong. The guy looks like he belongs and, more importantly, he looks like he knows it.

Professional AB from DYoung.

can dyak play 1st?

Kratz tactic chooch whooooooooooooo?

The Telford Titan!!!

Kratz is raking!

big smile from sarah k.

bap, I hope you're in your glory

And he's got more homers then Howard hahahaha
Why isn't Cesar getting a start Freddy is out of sink.

Kratz, Kratz baby!

Cyclic: Are you kidding? BAP is already fretting about a series with the Nats in August.

Can Kratz play 1B?

Just trying to think ahead for when Chooch returns. ;)

Kratz has taken alot of crap but after all he is a backup and not Chooch. That said he has an RBI in 12 of his last 13. Not bad, not bad at all.

Kratz: Stronger than the storm!

"Are you kidding? BAP is already fretting about a series with the Nats in August."

Well, that series DOES feel like a loss.

i kid about what ms. kratz' reaction might be as she watches her husband live his dream. but if it were not for her, he'd have been selling insurance 5 years ago.

It seems that Howard is making too much $$ to be shut down. The latest Phillie example of the sunk cost fallacy.

That ball was totally catchable.

Kratz now at .246 .306 .433, 8 HR, 24 RBI in 149 PA, 1 HR every 18.6 PA vs. MLB avg. of 37.2 PA.

Hey Sarge, back in my childhood that used to be called and error, you know, when the should have caught it.

"Well, that series DOES feel like a loss."

And the trap door beneath our feet that sends us to the abyss.

Gameday shows Cliffie getting squeezed.

What the heck? The runner gets to 3B on that rundown? Somewhere Jackie Robinson is laughing.

At least they made the out and there are 2 outs now.

The Phillies are putting on a clinic in bad defense.

Lee doing yeoman's work tonight. Struggling to get outs but getting through it without blowing up (Hamels should take note)

David Murphy ‏@HighCheese 27m
Ryan Howard: Two strikeouts on eight pitches, seven of them fastballs

That's almost impressively bad. Or blind. Fastballs, no less? Ugh.

When you have multiple statutes on the field, plus a couple of guys who can't throw, and even one who can't catch, bad defense is unavoidable.

Fastballs from a RH even.

i kid about what ms. kratz' reaction might be as she watches her husband live his dream. but if it were not for her, he'd have been selling insurance 5 years ago.

Posted by: bullit

What's so bad about selling insurance? Bing!

You completely forgot these Ryan Howard at-bat steps post-strike out
1:shake head and ask Ump what pitch was
2:flip bat into hand ruefully
3: angrily suck on "Super Slugger" mouth guard
4: cue Toyota commercial

The fact that Mayberry has replaced Revere and not Howard is laughable.

"The fact that Mayberry has replaced Revere and not Howard is laughable."

Er, I wouldn't go that far. Howard, for all his problems, does have 250 points of OPS on Revere against RHP.

Sarge Howard has perfected the carry bat to rack technique

No strong got lucky. Sm PC has been late on everything. Assclowns

Howard's OPS is inflated by his numbers up to early may. a

and he doubles as I'm typing

Something tells me Sarge wont' be taking potato salad to the Mensa picnic. He's the Ryan Howard of broadcasters. Careening down hill with out brakes. At least Howard can site injuries. Sarge is getting exponentially worse.

Howard looks shocked when he hits it the other way, like oh wait, I have about 200 career XBH to the opposite? I completely forgot.

Then his very next ab - he completely forgets all over again.

Boo, Dom. How dare you make us rely on DYoung?

oh yea sarge...DOM really should have worried about rolling the ball over to the left side so Howard can get to 3B with 2 outs. What an idiot.

lorecore, there were no outs. Bing again!

"Howard's OPS is inflated by his numbers up to early may."

It's not "inflated" by those numbers. Those numbers, and the hot streak that resulted in those numbers, actually happened & can happen again. With Ben Revere in the lineup, they can't.

im an idiot.

Of course it's up to Kratz

Kratz to the rescue...

bap-- well I believe he's hurt and those numbers won't return until he's better. Maybe not even then

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