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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


What a disheartening game.
Kendrick pitches as well as he ever has. And gets pulled with a very low pitch count and 4 outs to go. Only to see bad relief pitching, bad defense and bad umpiring combine to turn his gem into manure.
Charlie should apologize publicly to KK after that game.
Off day needed tomorrow for healing the wounds left from tonight.

Didn't see the game because I went to Reading to see Utley (and watch Colvin get shelled, woof). Can't attest to how bad the umps were.

Surprised to see no one comment on how this game was lost because they don't have a single arm- like literally, not one single guy- that could ever be trusted to pitch the ninth inning outside of Papelbon. With the miles on his arm there is no way in hell he should be out there a third straight day. But because of the bullpen built by Ruben Amaro, that's what they had to do, and this was the predictable result.

Yeah the offense was terrible, but they had this mediocre Nats team dead in the water for a sweep and they blew it because of the biggest fatal flaw this team has not named Delmon Young. It disgusts me that this bullpen continues to blow game after game these last two years, which are the final two years that this core had a chance to make any kind of a run.

Another winnable game, another loss. Ho-hum.

BAP was right in the game thread about Galvis. Not sure what has happened to his defense but it has taken a step back this year and for a guy who derives most of his value from his defensive skill that's a real problem.

A team with an offense this anemic demands a near perfect pitching staff to be successful. This has been the biggest failure of the last two years, and will continue to be so unless the team gets some dependable arms in the BP.

There probably a couple of reasonable issues with Galvis' defense between this year and last...

Last year over 90% of his innings were at 2B and only 8 percent at his "natural" position of SS. Then he got hurt (and suspended).

This year he's played 2b in less than half of his innings played, while 40% of his time in two positions he basically has never played in organized ball. And very little time at his natural position (though more than last year)

So yeah... he's probably going to struggle a bit.

Btw, I know next to nothing about what to expect from guys in the minors, so I didn't know much about the Reading roster before seeing the game today.

Based on what I saw, MG is correct about the roster being a wasteland of talent. Colvin got the start and was just terrible. Couldn't throw anything for strikes consistently, and everything he threw for strikes was getting too much of the plate and was hammered. Not a single thing he did impressed me.

Hewitt and Collier are basically as advertised on BL. I can't believe they do this everyday for a living. They are clueless at the plate, and especially helpless when facing breaking stuff.

Gilles might be the fastest player I've ever seen in person. Everything he hit was dinked in the infield or beaten into the ground. He makes Ben Revere look like Prince Fielder.

The most striking thing to me was how terrible Valle is. Whoever thinks this guy has a future in the majors is sorely mistaken. Has no clue or patience at the plate, but that's just the start of it. He has multiple passed balls go right off the tip of his glove, and runners were running on him CONSTANTLY. I mean, not like 'Oh they tried to test him a few times' constantly. I mean like every other pitch. Everyone in my row was laughing by the 5th inning by how every base runner was advancing at will on this guy. And the only guy he actually nailed was safe by a mile but slid off the bag.

I take back everything I said about how stupid it was to draft a catcher, because Valle is a stiff.

Iceman: Many in the peanut gallery thought that Cholly should have just left KK in to go for a CG. He was absolutely cruising and only at 92 pitches with 2 outs in the 8th. The decision to yank him seemed pretty arbitrary. That said, even though Papelbon shouldn't have been in there, this game wasn't really his fault. Span's leadoff "single" in the 9th occurred on a comedy-of-errors play, where Howard deflected a ball he should have fielded and it ended up going to Galvis, who still had plenty of time to get Span at 1st except he threw the ball at Papelbon's feet, as Papelbon ran to 1st to cover. Then Span promptly took 2nd on what went down in the box score as a WP but was a pitch that Chooch blocks 9 times out of 10. It should have been a 1-2-3 9th.

Absolutely right. It should have been a 1-2-3 9th.
And after that, the final inning was really a nightmare on the calls. It was just a question of time before Stutes grooved one over the middle. He couldn't get a strike called up, couldn't get two called in, and once the bases are loaded you can't walk in the go-ahead so what else do you do.

The Galvis throw was pretty bad. What is he hitting this year? .210? He has to be bottom ten in hitting for average, and he doesn't have any power. You have to be stellar on defense if that's what you bring to the plate and he was about fifteen feet away, on balance, and did his best to injure Papelbon.

Also it shouldn't go without mentioning that on that fly ball to first early in the game, the runner was lazily meandering back to first. KK had run over and they had the double play, but Ryan was as lazy as the runner and wasn't even thinking about it.

That kind of thing pisses me off.

The bullpen and right field remain the fatal flaws and continue to doom them to yet another .500 season at best. Thanks Ruben.

Bullpen to me is the one area this offseason where Amaro had some money tp spend, had some solid options available via FA, and simply blew it.

Adams has been disappointing and Durbin was arguably the worst reliever in MLB when he was DFA.

RF was a lot harder to fix and the Phils could have signed a couple of really bad options including Ross. Yak is a never ending target of criticism but he has a better line than Ross (.257/.313/.358) who the DBacks are stuck with at 3 yr/$27M

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Tough and ugly loss anemic offense, Papeblown etc etc. Now lets sweep the Mets they have to take at least two.

I'm coming home boys......

"After the first inning, we didn't create any offense at all," manager Charlie Manuel said.

Sharp analysis there. He can replace Wheeler.

So Galvis isn't the next Omar Vizquel?

Really bad loss last night. One of the worst of the season, IMO.

No offense.
Defensive replacement botching a ball.
Blown save.
Poor umpiring late.

Silver lining -- KK pitched a great game.

Don't know why they didn't trust Frandsen to stay in this game. Or why the umpires sucked at the end. Or why Stutes was next up after throwing two innings two prior. Or why Adams is as depressing as a lost cat sign. Even if we sell this year I hope relief arms cole as apart of the return.

"After the first inning, we didn't create any offense at all," manager Charlie Manuel said.

Sharp analysis there. He can replace Wheeler.

I'm actually really surprised that Charlie put all that together.

2 out of 3 from the Mets is a must. I was gonna say sweep but Harvey goes on Sunday. We might get no hit


I'm projecting we get negative hits off of Harvey.

I really liked when the pitcher's spot came up in extras with a man on first and who is the second to last guy off the bench: Mini-Mart. That screams terrible roster mismanagement when Josh Fields, Jermaine Mitchell and Darin Ruf are all better options languishing in Lehigh Valley.

hamm: "This year he's played 2b in less than half of his innings played, while 40% of his time in two positions he basically has never played in organized ball. And very little time at his natural position (though more than last year)

So yeah... he's probably going to struggle a bit."

Too bad. If he can't play every single position on the diamond at an outstanding level, then he doesn't belong on a MLB team. That's the only way you can earn your keep when you are a terrible under developed hitter with no speed.

Any one saw Papelblown interview...Does he blink? Seems like he is wired...besides all that think he calling out the team..

Was it the team's fault he had zero stuff on the mound?

***Too bad. If he can't play every single position on the diamond at an outstanding level, then he doesn't belong on a MLB team. That's the only way you can earn your keep when you are a terrible under developed hitter with no speed.***

To be fair, he probably can play those 3 positions at a top level given more reps. Last year he learned 2B for the first time, this year he's learning 3B and spot starting at SS occasionally. Its a steep curve to do that when you're still working on other areas of your game.

I do believe that Galvis is/can be an outstanding defender, but as others have pointed out, he's been a notch below that this year. I would still trade Jimmy and allow Galvis to start at SS and hope his bat matures enough to at least a 85 OPS+ level to go along with his glove.

It's probably a longshot he can get much above that, but its much less of a longshot than Jimmy Rollins making the playoffs with the Phillies.

Is Galvis as good a defender at SS as a guy like Andrus?

If so, his bat might play well enough to get him an 8 figure deal given that Andrus has a career 81 OPS+.

Should have left me in. I was a wizard on the mound.

It looks like the phillies two top position players are both third baseman. Isn't it time to move one to second?

I would trade Galvis this year, I think his trade value will ever be better. I've pointed out all year the Phils defense malaise has slightly spread to him but he still has a great reputation and no bat.

Ice was right about Valle, I saw him play at Portland last year and I've seen better high school catchers fundamentally.

I feel slightly less bad about Charlies impending axe after watching him take out Kendrick last night.
Was Ruben at the game? He owes Charlie and apology for giving him Martinez and Quintero as the only options on the bench.
Time to get revenge by benching Dullman Young in favor of Frandsen.

Which of these players should the Phils resign (and which will they resign?)

2) Holladay
3) Chooch
4) Nix
5) M Young
6) D Young
7) Quintero

Why would you trade Galvis? What do you expect in return?

Pre-arb players who are on the 40 man roster are not getting traded this season.

bull: 0.

ted: galvis is a replacement level player at the point, he has 0 trade value.

2) Holladay
3) Chooch
4) Nix
5) M Young
6) D Young
7) Quintero

Posted by: Bull | Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 09:32 AM




Likely Chooch and Utley at a minimum and possibly Halladay on an incentive based deal. I could see them bringing back M. Young out of some idiotic notion that he's still a good 3B too.

A prospect with power, with full realization that he will never play because the phils under Amaro only acquire prospects to use as trade chips for other veteran players. Starting positions on the team are only to be filled by veteran position players see Young, Delmon as exhibit A or Nix, Laynce as exhibit B.

Papelbon WILL be traded really to dump his salary but it the Rubes stated reason will be for said prospects.

And since the real reason is to dump salary, the Phillies wont take on any of it and they'll get 1-2 C level prospects in return...neither of whom will ever make it to the Majors (or even AA probably).

I think Galvis has great value as a utility player who can play multiple positions pretty well. If we still had good scouts in place I would move him for a targeted prospect.
I am afraid he is going to be a full time infielder on the Phils because of his low salary. A good field no hit player in the upcoming off years of a team that has no offense.
I would trade him. Actually I would trade anyone on the team EXCEPT for Lee and probably Hamels.

_elm_n's OPS is slightly higher than Ross's, but I'd honestly take the +.36 in OBP over the +.42 in SLG.

I already applied for Beerleaguer amnesty on the bullpen. It sucks.

However, might I suggest two things. One, Papelbon has thrown a whopping 27 innings this season. There's a day off tomorrow. It's hardly asking him to be Old Hoss Radborn to get one inning out of him on three straight days, especially for $13 million.

Two, maybe they would have felt more comfortable using another arm if they had a lead bigger than 2-1. Of course, that would require the offense to have gotten a hit since the first inning. But maybe that's just too much to ask for.

I'd also take the fact that Ross can actually play in the outfield. And isn't a bigot.

I'm surprised that Blowing guy hasn't piped up that Paps' 2 blown saves this series have hurt his trade value.

I'd hang onto Dom Brown too come what may.

I'm surprised that Blowing guy hasn't piped up that Paps' 2 blown saves this series have hurt his trade value.

Posted by: Sil | Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 09:45 AM

No worries there, Pap's just prepping for when he's a Tiger next month.

Guys that most definitely won't be traded:

Freddy Galvis
Dom Brown
Ben Revere

All 3 will likely have starting roles next year and will cost nothing in salary. Revere will be in his 1st year of arb eligibility but won't cost more than a million or so and the other two are pre-arb so that's 1/3 of the starting lineup for peanuts.

And 2 of those guys (Galvis and Revere) will be fortunate to have an OPS of .650 next year. Not many signs out there that the offense in 2013 will be any better.

Mr.Amaro, Blow this sh8t up.

It just blows my mind how this team doesn't like putting players in a better position.

I hope Frandsen gets traded & goes to a team that will use him properly. Along with going deep into the post season.

Frandsen will be 32 next year so he's hardly a young up and coming player. He is under team control for the next two seasons so he'll be around and get reps next year.

What better position is there for Frandsen to be put into? He starts against every lefty. He even gets some starts against righties. He's a bench bat. He's not a starter.

You heard it here first guys. Not the bullpen's fault the Phils lost when they had a 2-1 lead in the 9th. Completely on the offense.

People are morons.

If indeed Cody Asche is given a look at 3B next year, there's a good chance that he'd be platooned with Kevin Frandsen.

Its very likely that the offense will suck significantly next year.

I think Ruben should also be held accountable for the lousy drafts up until this year.
Hewitt, Collier, Greene and the other high ceiling guys still looking at the ceiling in Single A.
The Phils never seem to be able to plug in the "hit the ground running" players that the Braves and Red Sox have every year, to name two teams in a similarly competitive position.

Not going to harp on them for not getting hits off of Gonzalez after the first. He's clearly very good and he settled down after the young homer and locked in. This offense is definitley not good enough to beat down a good pitcher.


The inability to get something going once Gonzalez left the game is inexcusable.

I'm starting to worry about Sarge getting the axe for being too honest about the team.
He has grown on me the past few years.
I know he states the obvious sometimes but obvious is in short supply with the folks running this franchise and with its tv broadcasts many times.
And please stop calling him Mr Montgomery Wheels and Ruben. It's as nauseating as Bobby Clarke calling him Mr Snider.

Have the Phils ever drafted anyone from South Jersey?
I was glad when they drafted Biddle but I'm amazed at how few locals they draft and I can't recall any from South Jersey despite the great caliber of play right in their backyard. Heck you can watch them play in the Carpenter Cup in CBP.
I almost sense snob appeal from Rube in passing on the local talent.
The stiffs they are drafting havent been all that great so its not like its a winning strategy every year.

The mid-atlantic is hardly a hotbed of elite baseball talent...compared to S. California and Florida.

Didn't get to see the game, but the idea of Galvis coming in late as a defensive replacement & then botching a play reminds me of '93 NLCS gm 1: Kim Batiste.

Unfortunately, Galvis didn't go "from goat to hero, in a matter of minutes."

Someone pointed it out last night and it's completely accurate.

Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and 2010-11 Roy Halladay absolutely don't get pulled from that game with no one on base, 2 outs in the 8th, and only 92 pitches.

Shame Manuel didn't trust Kendrick. Really would have liked them to have that win.

Hewitt and Collier were drafted under Mike Arbuckle. If you want to blame Amaro for draft strategy, the thing you can blame on him is signing Type A free agents in Ibanez, Lee and Papelbon which prevented the Phillies from getting first round picks.

more elite 1st round know, like the aforementioned Anthony Hewitt and Zach Collier (supplemental 1st rounder)

Mini Mart also had a key at bat in a high leverage spot last night.

But it doesn't matter who the 25th man is, right?

The question is are the lesser players of a so called hotbed better players than the cream of the crop of this area?
I think not when I see local players on other MLB rosters than the Phils.
The competition here is as good as anywere in the country, check out the USA Today finals polls every year.

Ted: Do you really think there is a team out there that would give up a major league ready prospect with power for a shortstop with a .218 career average & .262 career OBP? For Chase Utley or Jonathan Papelbon maybe. But Freddy Galvis?

The competition isn't as good but the elite players in the region are good enough to be successful MLB players...the problem is more of having less of a baseline for guys in areas like that compared to SoCal...its easier for scouts to judge guys in a region like SoCal because they see more consistent play.

I would put judging prospects in the mid-atlantic along the lines of judging players in Japan or Cuba where the level of competition is more varied so its harder to get a good read on guys (are they just beating up on lesser players or are they truly good?)

Not defending the practice, just trying to explain it.

The 2008 draft (Hewitt and Collier notwithstanding) was actually a pretty good draft in that it produced 7 players who have reached the majors already.

Nepp, Arbuckle left in 2008 after disagreements about the draft and Amaro's promotion.
Here is what the press said in 2008 when Amaro was promoted over Arbuckle "Arbuckle is responsible for drafting Howard, Hamels and Burrell along with Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Madson, and Brett Myers."
The tools guys were often cheaper to sign than the accomplished baseball only prospects as long as they agreed to play baseball and not the other 7 sports they were good at.
None of the players listed above that Arbuckle was responsible for were the tools type high ceiling guys-- they were baseball players. The disagreement in philosophy is what caused Arbuckle to bolt.

Was Dom Brown a mirage?

Or is this pitchers adjusting and now Brown needs to counter?

NEPP I hate to name call, but you you are out of your mind comparing South Jersey to Japan or Cuba.
You need to get out more, watch some local high school ball and college ball.

Of the Phillies' pending FAs, the only one I would even consider re-signing would be Chooch. The Phillies have no viable catching prospect in the minors and, as much as I like Kratz, I don't want him as my starting catcher. His defense isn't great & his OBP is low and, since he's almost as old as Chooch, it's fair to assume that he's going to get worse, not better.

Of course, if they can get anything of value for Chooch in a trade (which is doubtful), they should trade him. They can still re-sign him when free agency hits.

Sorry Dennis, you totally missed what I was trying to say. I was saying that the level of competition was varied...similar to how it is varied in Japan and Cuba, not that it was in any way a similar level overall. Whereas, SoCal's prep leagues tend to be more uniform so there is less "beating up on crappy players" going on to skew numbers.

Part of why its tough to judge Cuban guys is that while there are some truly elite players in the Cuban ball (Puig, Cespedes, etc), lots of guys that dominated Cuban ball simply dont make the transition...same with Japan. It makes the scouting more difficult. Its much the same when trying to scout guys in colder weather areas like the mid-atlantic compared to Florida/SoCal.

Make sense?

We need to rattle off 8 straight like the Blue Jays

I mean, they should think about trying that, if they haven't yet

I agree that Charlie didn't trust KK as he would have trusted Lee, Hamels or vintage Doc - and that there was no reason not to trust him at that point. I believe he cited numbers of Tracey v. KK, something like 2 for 5. But this ignores the fact that KK was pitching a gem and didn't seem to be tiring.

Even so, I'm not sure I would have quibbled with removing KK in favor of Papelbon for the 9th.

That was definitely a game we should have won, even if we didn't get a hit after the first two batters. The BP & the defense are supposed to hold slim leads. Papelbon didn't. It happens, but it's always disappointing.

Re: the Mets series. Ricky Bo last night said that the Mets' pitching has improved, in a "beware" tone of voice.

"The disagreement in philosophy is what caused Arbuckle to bolt."

That's a crock. What caused him to bolt was that he wanted to be GM. It was either him or Amaro & the Phillies chose Amaro. Just because not every guy Arbuckle drafted fits into the "toolsy but raw" category, does not mean he didn't draft toolsy but raw players. Hewitt, Collier, and Golson were ALL Arbuckle's picks.

Unless Tracey literally had Jack Parkman vs Rick Vaughn type numbers against KK, there was zero reason to pull KK.

Its easy to draft good baseball players when you have very high 1st round Arbuckle had in the late 90s/early 00s.

Once you are in the Top 10 picks or so, its around 50/50 that the guy will be an MLB player and possibly a very solid one. Considering its about 1-2% even in the 2nd round, that's pretty high.

Dennis: Who are all these local high school players whom the Phillies could have drafted, but didn't, and who have gone on to become stars? If I had to come up with 1,000 reasons for the Phillies' current problems, I'm pretty sure that passing up local high school players would not crack the list.

I think Mike M is the one who wanted more local kids.

2000 (Utley's draft year) was an interesting 1st round...while Utley was easily the best player drafted that year in the 1st round, he went 16th (probably due to the same defensive concerns that had people thinking he'd end up as a utility guy at best even as late as 2003),

There were 40 total picks in the 1st round (supplemental included)

23 made it to the Majors for at least a cup of coffee. Of that 23, 5 had good careers (bWAR over arbitrary cutoff to be sure but we all like round numbers)

Chase Utley: 56.1
Adrian Gonzalez: 31.3
Adam Wainwright: 26.7
Kelly Johnson: 16.8
Rocco Baldelli: 10.2

That's about typical even for the first round...makes you wonder if throwing darts at a board would be more accurate.

Even Biddle was considered something of a reach who would be an easier sign due to his local that has so far worked out but still a guy that was a slight reach.

A big part of them picking him where they did is that the knew he wouldn't fall to their next pick (which was in the 70s IIRC)

#77 overall was the next pick and Biddle was taken 27th.

NEPP: None of Hamels, Myers, Madson, Howard, Rollins or Utley were Top 10 picks.

The Top 10 picks Arbuckle made were J.D. Drew, Pat Burrell, and Gavin Floyd.

You heard it here first guys. Not the bullpen's fault the Phils lost when they had a 2-1 lead in the 9th. Completely on the offense.

People are morons.

So having ZERO hits from the third batter of the game through 9 full innings had nothing to do with the loss?

Got it.

Hamels fell due to attitude concerns but was a top 10 talent otherwise...Utley was 16th overall obviously, Howard was a 4th rounder and Rollins a 2nd rounder overall IIRC.

Dont recall Myers and Madson off the top of my head.

The Top 10 picks Arbuckle made were J.D. Drew, Pat Burrell, and Gavin Floyd.

Posted by: Jack | Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 11:01 AM

To be fair, all 3 had successful MLB careers...even if they didn't pan out completely as hoped.

Brown's ABs last night were troubling. By my count, he missed 5 low- to mid-nineties fastballs nearly over the heart of the plate last night.

I know it's a tough lefty on the mound, but those were hittable fastballs, in fastball counts, throw by a fastball pitcher. It was ugly.

NEPP: Myers was somewhere in the 10-15 range, and I think Madson was a later round pick (8th or something) whom they signed away from college.

R.Bill-- It was, to take a word from bap, ghastly.

This weekend, I bet they go...

Rollins, Utley, MYoung, Howard, Brown, DYoung, Revere, Ruiz

And MYoung will have more GIDP than XBH

Arbuckle was Phillies Dir of Scouting from Nov 1992 to Nov he oversaw the 1993-2008 drafts:

He basically hit on 6 of 18 1st round picks in that time period...

Misses: Loewer, Coggin, Taylor, Eaton, Valent, Golson, Cardenas, Drabek*, Savery, Hewitt, Collier.

Hits: Drew, Burrell, Myers, Utley, Floyd, Hamels

Undecided: d'Arnaud as he's still developing.

You can give him a pass on Drabek for the Halladay deal I suppose.

Hardly a fantastic track record...he got lucky to hit on several guys in a few drafts in a row to build a great core for the 2008 club...he missed a bunch too...especially on top picks.

I am not even trying to bash Arbuckle as a Scouting Director but just showing the uncertainty behind drafting players.

Still, if you are going to give him huge props for Rollins, etc, you have to make him own those mid 90s drafts that absolutely blew.

i think MYoung drops to #6.

Phillies Top 2nd Round Picks:

1971: Mike Schmidt - 106.5 bWAR
1993: Scott Rolen - 70.0 bWAR
1996: Jimmy Rollins - 42.5 bWAR
1965: Larry Hisle - 24.9 bWAR
1997: Randy Wolf - 24.1 bWAR
1972: Tom Underwood - 10.5 bWAR

Utley was our best 1st rounder of all time FWIW...when it comes to bWAR.

JA Happ and Vance Worley are #1 and #3 in bWAR for our 3rd rounders...for all time.

Basically, the 3rd round has sucked for us.

Pettibone was also a 3rd rounder so I imagine he inherited the smoke/mirrors kit that the other two used.

KK is the best 7th rounder in team history.
Madson was the best 9th rounder in team history.

Guess you need to give Arbuckle props for both of them...if we're being fair.

blegh. off days.

Mini Mart also had a key at bat in a high leverage spot last night.

Not excusing this, because I think Mini has no place on any MLB roster, but he did have a better at-bat last night than Galvis. Galvis has looked that bad lately at the plate.

...he cited numbers of Tracey v. KK, something like 2 for 5. But this ignores the fact that KK was pitching a gem and didn't seem to be tiring.

Agreed. Plus, if UC was that afraid of Tracy, he could've IBB'd him. Maybe he was afraid of a pinch runner with a threat to steal? Who knows.

Brown's ABs last night were troubling. By my count, he missed 5 low- to mid-nineties fastballs nearly over the heart of the plate last night.

They were basically the same pitch, same location. Brown couldn't catch up to them. Would've probably been a good time to shorten his swing, but I know it's not cool to do that these days.

Marlon Byrd was the best 10th rounder in team history...again, props to Arbuckle.

Geoff Geary is the only 15th rounder to ever make the majors...again, props to Arbuckle

Johnny Estrada is the only 17th rounder to ever make the majors with a positive bWAR...again, props to Arbuckle

Nick Punto is the best 21st rounder in team history, again, props to Arbuckle

Jake Diekman is the only 30th rounder in team history to ever make the props to Arbuckle there.

So, basically my hypothesis that Arbuckle wasn't that great has been overturned.

That's why we do research I suppose.

A huge amount of what passes as talent evaluation (or lack thereof) is really just luck. This has always been true but it's even more true in this day & age, because there's so much information out there. Even someone who knows almost nothing about baseball could just use a Baseball America cheat sheet for the first 10 rounds or so, and probably do just as well as most veteran scouting directors.

***Agreed. Plus, if UC was that afraid of Tracy, he could've IBB'd him. Maybe he was afraid of a pinch runner with a threat to steal? Who knows. ***

You never, ever put a guy on base to bring the winning run to the plate like that...EVER. Its in the book...and its part of the Book I agree with.

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