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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Excellent team win. We are seeing Revere play his game as of late. He's going first to third and scoring on balls most guys don't. Lee is still masterful and is starting to feel underrated nationally. Big game from Young. Howard is getting on and driving the ball, although I find the Nats shift very strange. Why play a guy so drastically different IF vs OF? A sweep would be huge.

My eyes must be playing tricks on me, I thought I saw the Phillies playing some small-ball. Must have been a mirage.

Howard legging out a triple was highlight reel stuff.
Sandberg should have oxygen on hand for those occasions.

Lee at 'Full Tilt' tonight (8 IP, 2 ER, 0 BBs, 9 K) and where is he love on the game thread?

Certainly is doing a nice job of showcasing his talents bet the oddly enough the better he pitches and the less likelihood I think there is of Amaro moving him even if the Phils completely fall out of it by the end of July.

Yakety Yak

Mayberry is a limited player but he is having a very typical 'Mayberry season' so far. Modest stat line of .260/.313/.448 with 5 HRs in 154 ABs.

Doing a nice job of hitting LHP (.293/.326/.537 with 2 HRs in 41 ABs) and mediocre numbers vs RHP (.248/.309/.416 with 3 HRs in 113 ABs). If the Phils were able to use him more appropriately and not overexpose him to RHP so much, his overall numbers would look better & he would have better power numbers.

Yak has a .208/.286/.375 with 1 HR in 24 ABs vs LHP and no smart team/manager would insist on playing the Yak over Mayberry in RF vs LHP starter. Lose speed, defense, power, and overall offense.

Only case you can make for Yak remaining on the roster is because Nix has been such a useless turd this season. Can't get off the bench and I don't blame Cholly for starting Yak over Nix.

Oddly enough the biggest need this team has right now is a LH OF bat who can supplant Nix and would enable them to use a platoon of acquired bat/Mayberry in RF benching Yak.

Nix hasn't been that bad. I'd rather have him than D Young. Nix really never plays and has no chance to do anything. I'm not saying he's great but he is better than 5 ABs a month.

Nix hasn't gotten much starting time at all after he hurt his hamstring last year and mixed time but this is his split since then:

.208/.271/.312 (.584 OPS) with 3 HRs in 169 PAs.

He's been horrible and is a below average defender in RF now too.

A lot of teams would have DFA Nix by now if they had even a halfway decent OF prospect who hit LH.

They both suck about the same this year. Only difference is Nix is a better fielder/bit faster.

Nix>>>Yak in right. Yak has shown nothing at all and should be released, but he'll still get trotted out there every night.

Lee has been so good it's almost expected at this point.


Howard legging out a triple was highlight reel stuff.

The subsequent K and groundout to the pitcher from your 5- and 6-hole hitters was not, however. The Phils need to do a better job of getting those runs home.

Otherwise, a pretty encouraging win.

Me running the bases should make the highlight reel....Im hustling...

How can anyone really accurately assess Nix at this point? He rarely plays. I'm not saying he has any value, because, well, it would be ridiculous of me to make such a statement based on this season. He hasn't gotten many ABs. And when he does, they're sporadic.

Who really knows what you have in Nix. Only Frandsen, Ruiz, Quintero, Hernandez and pitchers have gotten less ABs this season.

“I want to win, I signed here to win. That’s not going to ever change. I’ll say that to anyone. I think it was misconstrued into thinking I want to play somewhere else. I want to win, and I want to win here!"

Cliff Lee
June 18, 2013

Clifton Phifer Lee has a great chance at his 2nd Cy Young this year...assuming Clayton Kershaw is felled by a congenital heart defect at some point.

Revere being the player we hoped has really been a lift for this team. Frandsen really picked up Brown and Young last night. Young is so useless. Fouls off a 94 mph flat fastball. If you can't hit that then what good are you? End it already.

Ruf's last 10 days have him ready for a call-up. Dump Delmon already.

Revere is a .500 hitter since the start of the 6th inning last night.

That alone shows me that he will likely continue to be a productive player going forward.

After the last three games, Revere is on pace to score 243 runs. That is all.

NEPP: if only it weren't for the .000/.000/.000 slash line he put up in innings 1-5 coloring people's perceptions, everyone would recognize that.

"A lot of teams would have DFA Nix by now if they had even a halfway decent OF prospect who hit LH."

Jermaine Mitchell is .251/.350/.456 in AAA with 11 SB in 200 PA and is a decent glove in the corners.

What MG pointed out earlier has been pointed out about a 1000 times so far on beerleaguer. It's sad. No reason for D.Young over Mayberry in RF, EVER.

I've been wondering this for some time. The Phillies seem to sign a minor league free agent who performs well at LV for the past few years. It always seems like they have found a nice complimentary piece to at least help on the bench at the MLB level. Frandsen showed that last year and now has a permanent spot on the bench. Why not give a guy like Jermaine Mitchell a shot to prove he can be a nice 4/5th OF, pinch runner or defensive sub? I mean what is the harm in bringing him up? If he performs better than Nix, good, you have a nice bench piece going into next season.

poor Hoby, he finally got torched. I blame myself.

It's good to see IceNEPP jump on the Revere bandwagon.

Iceman - good stuff as always.

Posted by: Cyclic | Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 12:08 AM

This was not me, but I think it just might be a system error as no one would care enough to fake post as me.

Do we barely use Nix because he's terrible?

Or is Nix terrible because we barely use him?

Probably the former. So just DFA him already and try Mitchell.

It's good to see IceNEPP jump on the Revere bandwagon.

Posted by: Edmundo | Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 09:35 AM

We've both always supported Ben Revere and defended him here.

Also, Beerleaguer has always been at war with Eastasia.

Mitchell>Nix>Decomposing Corpse>Young

There is nothing that DYak gives you that Mayberry doesn't already provide but at a higher level and with actual good defense in RF.

Mayberry's presence on the 25 man is one of the things that made the DYak signing/playing so mind-boggling.

A signing with hope is one thing, still playing the dude with even more evidence showing Mayberry is superior in every regard(not saying Mayberry is a starter, but hes better than Yak) is even more mind numbing.

Great game last night. Fun to be among the 38,000+ in attendance, and to watch a classic Lee performance, supported by a pretty good team effort.

Regarding Delmon Young vs Lance Nix - no real difference in slash line performance for career; season advantage goes to Young on slugging (but that might be explained in the AB opportunity department: 132 to 86).

And, there seems to be a collective feeling among the fans that would lean toward a Nix/Mayberry platooning vs primarily Young.

That said, and here's the IMHO piece, I say cut Young, platoon Nix and Mayberry, and look to supplant that dynamic duo with either a call up or acquired LH OF'er.

BTW - I actually think Ryan Howard rounded the basis faster than Delmon Young did last night.

Wish Brown would get hot again while Howard is.

Cody Ross is putting up Delmon Young numbers for $26M.

Howard probably has a step on Young just because Howard isn't a fat slob. He's a strong dude with an injury. Young is just fat and obviously hasn't cared about being an athlete for 5+ years.

Mitchell actually has pretty even splits too so many he wouldn't be completely neutered by LHP (he's a LHB)

Though it is kind of telling that he was never given a shot in Oakland's OF the last few years despite all the issues/injuries they've had there. His 2011 season was pretty solid in AA/AAA and he never even got a cup of coffee...granted those numbers were posted in the Texas and Pacific Coast leagues so that .960 OPS isn't nearly as impressive as it would look otherwise...but still.

167 PA, 5 HR, 18 RBI

145 PA, 6 HR, 17 RBI

The Production™ speaks for itself. What is this speed, baserunning, defense, and OBP you speak of?

Utley playing in Reading today. Should be activated by the weekend.

I shouldn't think that an Utley return will lead to this team firing on all cylinders right? I'd be foolish to do so.

I still have faith that RAJ will eventually admit his mistake, cut DYak, and bring up Ruf to play everyday RF...just not sure if it'll be July 1 or Sept 1.

With our luck, prob Sept 1.

Since there is no evidence that Yak will be released any time soon, he really should be relegated to a bench-only role. Sit his @ss down and bring him in to pinch hit if you want, in hopes that maybe he pops one by blind, dumb luck. He can be the RH version of Nix.

cyclic: you better lawyer up for trademark infringement!

Production™ doesn't qualify the number of PA used to compile such stats, that is blasphemy!

Wish Brown would get hot again while Howard is.

Posted by: johnnysanz3

Rollins is also due for a power surge. Hopefully he's still in the 3 hole and/or there are people in front of him to drive in when it happens.

lore-- I know I know. But seeing as Mayberry had the very slim advantage in RBI, I had to use PA to show that DYoung would probably have him beat given equal chance.

Pettibone vs Zambrano till Halladay comes back(if he does).

I rather have Zambrano up. At least he can pinch hit then. Pitching wise I think they will both be similar from here on out. (Some good nights some bad nights)

Jermaine Mitchell is .251/.350/.456 in AAA with 11 SB in 200 PA and is a decent glove in the corners.

I think the sticking point in replacing Nix with Mitchell is that Mitchell really can't play RF - past scouting reports say he has a noodle arm (not sure how it compares to Revere's, but it's weak). Yet another way in which _elmon's presence has screwed the organization - both Ruf and Mitchell find themselves effectively blocked by Domonic now that he's entrenched in LF instead of RF, and I don't see the team moving Dom now.

I know some were giving Ruben props for the Frandsen signing and that is deserved but I think he deserves some credit for the Michael Young move too. He has been a steady bat pretty much all year and if he can keep this XBH streak going then he'll be even more valuable.

The one problem with Young is that he has no range at third. That lack of defensive ability can and has hurt the team. But we all knew Young was just a stopgap.

Honestly thought MYoung might be pulled for defensive replacement in late innings this season, but that really hasn't happened.

Col Tom-- That's why they need to dump DYoung now and move Brown back to RF while he's mired in this 9-game slump.


That's 5 for 33, with 0 HR and 4 BB (wish he'd stop walking and hit some dingers!)

Cyclic, I'm with you, but I don't see it happening. If Dom is slumping, they don't want to make him think about a positional switch. If he's hot, they don't want to mess with success.

Ben Revere leads the league in runners thrown out from CF with 6.

But signing Delmon Young is harmless because they aren't paying him that much, right?

I think Delmon and Ryan had a foot race this morning and Mike Vick won.

Evereth Cabrera to the DL for a hammy. Revere's got about 6 weeks to steal 15 bases to overtake him for NL lead. Get on it.

Aren't the Phillies visiting SD next week? Good time to miss Cabrera.

I'm genuinely curious to see what the lineup will look like when Utley returns, but those kinds of discussions are silly and absurd.

They're all trade bait until they score for Hamels.

Production production production.

When is Pettibone's next turn?

Does Zambrano replace him after that no matter what the result?

I hope not, I like Pettibone.


I approve this form of the name. In addition to the no D, it lowlights the little o that comes with the package.

But signing Delmon Young is harmless because they aren't paying him that much, right?

We were also told not to believe Ruben's pronouncements that he would "ideally" start in RF; that he was merely minor-league fodder and a backup plan in case Ruf didn't hit early in the season; and that if he didn't produce(TM), he'd simply be released.

The situation I predicted back in a January thread has come to pass:

The worst-case scenario isn't that Delmon performs poorly - it's that he'll put up enough counting stats to seem like a good signing, even though once you factor in his defense and baserunning, he's given away any value he has with the bat.

Of course, he hasn't put up enough counting stats to seem like a "good" signing - just enough to keep him around well past the sell-by date.

Maybe the Phillies can flip Pettibone for something like they did with Happ and Worley.

I approve this form of the name. In addition to the no D, it lowlights the little o that comes with the package.

He's below replacement level with the bat as well. Perhaps _elm_n?

@ ColonelTom

Except that signing Elmn and putting him in RF are two completely different mistakes. Elmn hadn't played RF since 2007.

Only in Rueben's fevered imagination was he actually a right fielder.

Honestly, I'm surprised they haven't tried to wheel him out to CF, which he also last played in 2007. Hey, if they were just going off of 7 year old scouting reports, why not?

Point being is that they made a mistake in signing Young and handing him a starting spot. They then made another mistake by pretending he could play RF. Nothing in his recent career suggests that was the case and even if Reuben was going off of his Production™ numbers and simultaneously hoping for an offensive rebound, that doesn't mean Elmn's magically going to be able to play RF.

Profar to the OF? Discuss amongst yourselves.

So Nix sucks.

Anyone know of a LH platoon OF we could have had who is actually good, instead of Nix?

Profar to the OF? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Posted by: Sad Guy | Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 11:29 AM

They would have been better off trading Andrus this off-season than wasting Profar in LF.

I wonder how many words awh spent whining about how foolish we all were for thinking Delmon would start in RF during the offseason. No way its under 5,000.

It's funny now until this offseason comes and he's back spewing another 5000 words about some other topic he has no idea on.

Well, there's that Schierholtz guy...

I've also argued multiple times here for another Cub, David DeJesus.

Yo, new thread

awh has been notably absent lately. I'd be curious to hear if he still thinks Delmon Young was a solid, no-risk depth signing who would have to earn his way into the starting RF job in spring training, would not take a starting OF position from someone who was more deserving of the spot, and would be quickly released if he didn't perform.

Maybe the Phillies can flip Pettibone for something like they did with Happ and Worley.

Posted by: gobaystars!
Why would anyone pay more than a low-level prospect for Pettibone? 72 hits in 61 IP, a 1.5 WHIP, and trending downward. He's practically worthless.

And I like the guy. But no one else will pay to get him.

Time to give Zambrano a few starts. If he stinks, dump him. If he's good, STILL dump him! He will not get through the season successfully. Accept that, like many marginally talented pitchers who are called up/return to the majors, he may pitch well for awhile. But the key is to get rid of him BEFORE the inevitable regression comes.

Did anyone in the world think Jonathan Pettibone was going to continue to pitch to a 3.00 ERA as he did after six starts?

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