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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Does it make sense to rush Chooch back? One would think more than 5 rehab ABs would be necessary after missing nearly a month.

BAP - Have you ever taken adderall? If a player takes enough of it, it would give him razor sharp focus at the plate, and behind the plate (in Ruiz's case)

Posted by: Jake | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 04:41 PM

That's a really questionable BAP stated, people without ADHD who take Adderall definitely FEEL like they're performing better, while studies have shown they don't actually perform any better than someone who has taken a the boost in confidence might help him, but that's a psychological assessment that is really impossible to prove.

I prefer coke myself

I guess I should note that there are plenty of contradicting studies about the "performance-enhancing" aspects of Adderall...some have shown improvement, some haven't. It seems to be pretty dependent on the individual in question.

Youk's been falling apart for the past couple years...can't say I'm surprised.

JP Crawford was signed. No news on the money he got however.

"Glad we didn't sign Youk......."

Me, too. When the subject came up in the off-season, my first thought was: just what we need, yet another gimpy, aging veteran to add to the DL list when the season starts. No thanks.

Just read that the City of San Jose is suing MLB for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act (monopoly) - not sure there can be a case because the city will likely not have standing as it has not sustained an injury though. Just thought everybody should know that maybe MLB's monopoly power will be broken and the Phightin's could then acquire a Delmon Young replacement quicker.

Is Choooch Willis Reed-like in this return??

"JP Crawford was signed."

That's good. Just so they don't call him J-Craw if he ever makes it to the bigs.

Just move the A's back to Philly where they belong.

I hope they do well. Lots of trade-able commodities to increase the value of.

Spoken like a true fan

Come to the dark side, cyclic.

You know you want to...

Full Tilt!

Glad to see re-signed JP. If we get this game in I bet we take it.

First Phillie who pops up on the first pitch gets hit in the back with an expertly thrown 92mpher.

Siri screwed me again. Glad we "signed" JP. And the twitter pic was cool.

take your guy fawkes mask off, BTUN.

Chris - Go to a batting cage and take 50 pitches. Then pop an adderall wait 20 minutes and take another 50 pitches. There is no question adderral use enhances a players abilities. That's why MLB suspends players for using it.

the only stimulant the players have to fall back on is nicotine. so it seems we are seeing more tobacco chewing.

Matt Lindstrom watch:

Hasn't given up a run since May 18th (only one inherited runner scored in that time). ERA below 3.

If we are buyers the white sox bullpen would be a good place to shop. If we buy what are we giving up in trade?

Iceman - Would it be more sad/hilarious if Amaro traded 2 good prospects for a reliever like Lindstrom at the deadline?

I keep using Revere's stats since May 1st as a reminder that he has been the player we'd hoped he'd be for a majority of the season. But he's actually been a slightly less version of those numbers after April 17th.

First two weeks (67 PAs): .194/.242/.436

Since April 18th (175 PAs): .305/.337/.691

Since May 1st (146 PAs): .324/.361/.729, 12 SB/2 CS (86% success rate, 49 SB pace over 600 PAs)

Basically, Revere had two atrocious weeks, and after that has been doing what should be expected of him offensively.

MG- I'd say it would be more predictable than anything (though I certainly wouldn't be laughing). You can bet your ass that if they go on some miraculous run to get within striking distance at the deadline, he'll be going after the bullpen arm that he should've signed in the off-season and it'll cost the team a prospect.

Don't oversell, Iceman. You are counting a period where he hit something like .250/.300/.300 in your new, revised superRevere. He sucked until May 1. He's been useful since with a great last week. He's likely at the end of a hot streak and his since-May 1 numbers will start to decline.

Edmundo- he's hit .305 since April 18th. That is a fact. I'm sorry that it makes your bizarre Revere superCriticism a little tougher to sell with right-minded people.

And it should also be noted that Denard Span, whose acquisition was guzzled and fawned over by most of the media, is sitting at a 0.3 bWAR so far this year for the Nats. His splits since April 18th: .243/.284/.631 (0HR, 5SB/2CS).

Iceman - I've been waiting for someone to mention the comparison to Span. In April, it looked like the Nats got the better player (by a lot) now not so much.

Jake's Adderall defense is kind of hilarious.

Free J.P. Crawford!

Feels like a win

Feels like a double header tomorrow*

Weather update?


"The Phillies have signed first-round pick J.P. Crawford for the full slot value of $2,299,300, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America (on Twitter). Chuck Hixson of Philly Baseball Insider was the first to tweet that a deal was in place. Crawford, a high school shortstop out of California, is advised by Len Strelitz of the Wasserman Media Group.

Callis notes that Crawford was "easily the best" shortstop in this year's draft class, as he has a good bat, speed, good defense and a little power as well. Crawford ranked 14th among draft prospects according to ESPN's Keith Law. Baseball America ranked Crawford 15th on their Top 500, and Jonathan Mayo of ranked him 19th on his Top 100 list."

88 and sunny... Oh you meant Philly

I am making my kid play shortstop.

I have already told him once he signs his big contract he can insist he leads off and can pop up on first pitches.

The anti-JRoll meme amongst Phillies fans is really old. You do realize we're talking about the 2nd best SS of his generation, a very likely HOFer, and a guy who will quite likely go down as having accomplished some things no SS ever has before him, right? Yeah, he sometimes hits some fvcking pop-ups, big deal. Learn to see the forest for the trees for fvck's sake.


April 1 - June 9: .244 BA (47/193)
Last 7 days: .455 BA (15/33)

Broadcast just said first pitch shortly after 8pm.

Looking at the live radar, I'm guessing it'll be closer to 8:30

Ben Revere - 2013
.274 .311 .310 .621

April 1 - June 9: .244 BA (47/193)
Last 7 days: .455 BA (15/33)
Posted by: curt | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 07:40 PM

It's funny how you can arbitrarily cut up the sample size to make the numbers say whatever you want, isn't it? Just come up with whatever story line you want and make the stats fit...

I don't have a problem with Revere's offense. He hits into a few double plays, and he has no power; but he gets on base and is a threat there.

I just wish he were better at reading routes and making decisions out in center. He has a sub-par arm, and great range, he just doesn't read balls well.

Very far down on my list of complaints about the Phillies.

Hope rain doesn't hurt cliff and his tilt tonight. Hopefully the Atmospheric pressure, and the front that has passed tonight doesn't change it. Cliff has been on a roll and Mother Nature might be the only thing that slows him down.

Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.

Nepp Franco hits 16

NEPP - yep, 60% of the time it works every time

So Revere had two awful weeks to start the season that dragged his overall numbers down, then used a hot 1-2 week stretch to start bringing it back up to his career norms?

Fascinating stuff. I mean, I don't think I've ever heard of that happening before.

Are you trying to imply that players go through ups and downs during a season statistically?

I simply dont buy that.

Game time. Summon the General.

"Just come up with whatever story line you want and make the stats fit..."

I've always felt that the Mini-Mart hate is undeserved. For instance, if you throw out the first 2 months of his career, when he was still learning the ropes, his career BA is .187. Er. Let me try again. If you throw out his whole rookie year, his career average is .169. Er . . . Ok, I've got it. If you throw out his sophomore slump, his career average is .193. Shoot, that doesn't work either, does it? Let's try this. If you look at his numbers over the last 365 days, he's hitting .161. Rats! That doesn't work either. Ok, let's throw out his his numbers as an in-game sub, for which he's poorly suited. Then his career average is .194. Damn! Still can't get it right. Here we go: how about we throw out all the ABs in which he's ahead in the count or even in the count. Then his career average is .120. Darn it! Ok, this is going to take a little work. Let me get back to you.

Iceman - what's fascinating is your almost pathological refusal to count the first two weeks of the season for Revere...almost every post about him is "since may 1st" or "since April 18th".

Like i said before, I'm coming around on Revere, bit choosing arbitrary points from which you can start to evaluate a player doesn't make any logical sense...the only objective way to judge Revere is by his full-season numbers, which are still subpar. 274/311/310 (71 OPS+) doesn't cut it. Hopefully those numbers continue to improve, but if that's roughly his season-ending line then he's been a disappointment.

Ben Revere is a crappy offensive player. He was before the season started and he still is. Nothing has changed yet.

The real issue with Mini Mart is that UC simply refuses to use him correctly. If he were to bat him leadoff, his career .375 AVG/.833 OPS in the top spot shows he has value.

Statistics dont lie.

I love watching Cliff Lee pitch. Glad this night was free for me (well, at least until game 6).

Fat: On the Phillies' fan sites, there's a different definition of "crappy offensive player".

In our current lineup, he's an above average offensive player. He's no Galvis, Kratz or DYak. Much less a Mini Mart.

Those players are offensive offensive players.

Most anomalous Mini-Mart split:

Career OPS in high-leverage situations (67 career PAs): .798.

Actual most anomalous Mini-Mart split:

Career 359 PA.


So has JRoll arguments jumping the shark jumped the shark yet?

(That said, Rollins has also been at or near the top of the team for P/PA for a few years, so the first-pitch pop-up meme is pretty silly)

And two of those players are offensive defensive players as well...

Fatalotti: I kid you not. The moment your 8:21 post showed up on my screen, my kitten made the foulest-smelling BM you have (n)ever smelled.

Fat: That's not anomalous. Lots of marginal utility players get 359 career PAs at AA. Oh wait . . .

Ben Revere has a .000 AVG/.000 OBP/.000 OPS since the start of June 18th.

Clearly slumping.

Zambrano has a 3 hitter going in Lehigh through 5 IP.

Phillibuster's kitten has a keen sense for metaphor.

Say what you will about TMac and Wheels... But the only thing worse than having to listen to Carpenter and Santangelo (being in the DC blackout area) is when the MASN crew cuts to Holliday and Knight "back in the studio."

BAP: She's well-versed in both Swift and Joyce.

'buster, thank your cat for me for driving home the point.

***She's well-versed in both Swift and Joyce.***

Jonathan or Taylor?

NEPP: She's unsure of which one William Blake would find more odious.

(opposing pitcher) on pace for a 72 pitch CGSO.

I perversely miss the Dom who was always good for a 6 or 8 pitch AB.

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

So they've "forced" Detwiler to throw 16 pitches through 2 innings...gotta love this production-based lineup...

23 S, 6 B for Lee so far.

***So they've "forced" Detwiler to throw 16 pitches through 2 innings...gotta love this production-based lineup...***

That's almost triple the bare minimum he might have thrown to a lesser team.

6 balls for Lee already? Man, he must be off...

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap.
Posted by: NEPP | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 08:40 PM

I don't have the advanced metrics in front of me, but the Phillies MUST lead the league in cap-tipping, right?

This game is moving briskly. At this pace we will get to see a lot of the the NBA Finals where the NBA is clearly trying to influence the Heat into winning that game.

All 6 were probably deliberate trying to get a guy to chase.

Frandsen vs LHP time

I don't have the advanced metrics in front of me, but the Phillies MUST lead the league in cap-tipping, right?

Posted by: Chris in VT | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 08:47 PM

They're on pace to shatter the MLB record in 2013. Their CT+ rating is also through the even when you adjust for eras, no team has ever tipped their caps at such a pace through mid-June.

I think I'd rather see Lee swing away than bunt him over here.

Revere's cold streak continues. Makes you wonder if he's ever going to get a hit again. To restate his issues, he's now got a .000 AVG/.000 OBP/.000 OPS since the start of June 18th.

That's why Lee would never cut it in this lineup - saw way too many pitches.

The Phillies don't look like they're scoring tonight, so that's probably the ball game.

Ugh...hate when Werth hits bombs against the Phils... Werth knew a strike was coming there

Wasn't a good pitch, to be sure.

I love that our offense is pathetic enough to bunt a guy over when there's a man on 2B, no outs.

How far we've fallen.

Mind you, that was our 3 hole hitter sacrificing there...not our #9 guy.

BABIP giveth and BABIP taketh away.

No problem with the sacrifice there because the goal should've been to tie the game there for the moment.

I know people will say- play for the big inning- but when things aren't going well just tally runs as you can.

***I know people will say- play for the big inning- but when things aren't going well just tally runs as you can.***

In that situation with this roster, I have no issue with it...I just find it sad that our roster is such that bunting with our 3 hole hitter to manufacture a run in the 4th inning is a defensible move.

That was the cleanest most fundamental baseball I've seen all year.

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