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Saturday, June 08, 2013


GBrettfan (last thread)- DYak is not only my least favorite player on the team, but he's the worst regular I can remember playing for this team since the turn of the century.

I was one of the defenders of the signing, too. I thought no way could he possibly be this bad. No way would they let him play if he was such an abomination in the field. I couldn't have been more wrong. He's just as bad (if not worse) than advertised.

I often find myself laughing at terrible lineups (ie. the Marlins), but this is just sad. Are Chooch, Utley, and Howard ever coming back?

I'm so tired of seeing D Young play instead of Revere. Why does Delmon get all this rope to hang himself with and Ben Revere, who actually can get better, gets none?

Ah, this is the kinda lineup I am used to. Pass the Crystal Pepsi.

Read what they wrote above. Delmon actually makes contact, and does so out of the infield. I don't see anythint changing for the time
being with him in RF. I'd rather see Revere over JMJ but that's a seperate issue. Also, is Adams going to be unavail for 5-10 days again before they DL him?

Love the Crystal Clear Pepsi reference. Well played sir, well played.

I'm glad Howard is sitting. I'm a little surprised that there's no word at all about how his hand/wrist feels after he got hit by the pitch last night. It has to be sore. I'm also curious how his knee is doing.

Don't know if aches and pains can explain away his weaker contributions to this offense. Every time he gets a hit I hope that it will be the start of a hot streak for him.

I'm not sure what kind of cleanup hitter D. Young will make...but I see no obvious cleanup hitter in the lineup.

I'm rooting for sharp defense tonight. Not everyone is a Gold Glove caliber player (no one on the Phillies right now, outside of maybe Galvis). But everyone can be smart and focused and play their position to the best of their ability. The team should go days without an error and whole games without a misplay (that doesn't get counted as an error)...right? Is that too much to ask? They're not doing themselves any favors with poor defense.

Jimmy already has 8 errors. That saddens me. I always love watching him play SS.

Crystal Pepsi has to be one of the more foul soda beverages of recent memory. Regardless of what you mixed it with you would always get the odd and fairly odious aftertaste of the Crystal Pepsi.

I would have loved to have seen the marketing test results of that pre-launch. Maybe it beat old-school Listerine, Rubbing Alcohol, and nameless Russian Vodka you drink to go blind but I can't imagine it beat any other cola/soda product. Maybe Diet Dr. Pepper or some old Birch Beer.

Wy did crystal Pepsi taste so bad? They add caramel color to regular Pepsi, so I thought crystal was just regular minus the caramel coloring.

I refuse to believe that Delmon Young is 27. Nope. Absolutely not.

why not d brown 3rd or 4th. wtf, cholly!?

tonight we're chewin' it old school.

The problem wit Miller Park, that Bernie Brewer guy, I think he might be a jew.

fir - You're right. No way he's 27. I'd guess 17 stones, tops.

I dont talk lineups much but not sure about Cholly choice. I guess he had to get Frandsden some playing time.

Duh. I said no obvious cleanup hitter without considering Dom. Guess I'm susceptible to the line of thinking that says don't mess with a good thing by giving him too much "pressure" in the cleanup spot.

But that seems silly. I'd like to see him bat cleanup.

What's wrong with birch beer?

that's funny GTB. when you said that dom didn't leap into my mind either. at 4th dom bats in the first inning, if anyone gets on. anyone read larussa's book where he spends a whole chapter explaining why the first inning is the most important inning of the game?

i mean GBF. sorry.

karros and his buddy have me longing for wheels and tmac already.

Revere was coming around and now he hasn't played in 3 days.

I would have played Revere in CF, put Mayberry at 1B and played Frandsen at 2B.

But I bow to Cholly's superior lineup skills.

Howard has really become a platoon player. Which is sad for someone with his contract.

Guy's a great leadoff hitter.

Maybe I missed the bus but what exactly makes Elmon Young a clean up hitter?

As much as i like Frandsen, I hate seeing him at 1B

Guy's no cleanup hitter.

Would think a man in baseball as long as Charlie has been would see this. Apparently RAJ doesn't understand it either, since i heard him many times refer to Elmon as a power right handed bat.

I would try to do some kind of beerleaguer reverse jinx, but this line-up is a reverse jinx.

Corn, are you calling him "Elmon" because you think he plays with no D? That's very funny.

I like denny's suggestion of putting Revere in CF, Mayberry at 1B and Frandsen at 2B.

Dmitri is still a better hitter

Holy crap!

Anybody who is on the ESPN misleading hitters list on the website? Much like my subscription to SI I let my Insider Membership run out.

Check the bat!

Another reason to not bat him clean up

Yes Gbrett, I seen it posted somewhere and I thought it was funny. So I call him Elmon.

If Kratz were any good, he'd try harder to catch up to Brown in the Phils HR race

Cesar is goin to work out just fine

Somehow I forgot to turn on the game. Missed Dom's home run - but ho hum, that's nothing new.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 1m
Domonic Brown vs. LHP .333/.365/.646. And that was before another homer off a lefty.

what kind of team is a cerveceros?

Hugh - I meant old Birch Beer. Kind that has been sitting in your basement for an unspecified time period but you just know it has been a long time from the dust on it.

Its amazing how poor officiating has been the past year. Not just in baseball but basketball also.

freddy gets that one. it's his ole special.

Just tuned in. And Delmon Young, he of the career .742 OPS and a slugging-heavy .754 OPS this year, gets to hit cleanup over Domonic Brown.

Man, those must be some great 7 year old scouting reports. I'm imagining a stick figure crushing a ball into New Jersey, while scrawled across the bottom "Delmn Yung is the bast ballplaer ever!"

what kind of team is a cerveceros?

Posted by: No habla Espanol

I think it's plural for cervix.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
Charlie Manuel expressed concern for Mike Adams, who downplayed his latest injury. "We need him."

Does Wally Joyner deserve some credit for these Dom Detinations?

Feels like a loss.

Actually, it feels like about ten or twelve of the other losses this year.

Maybe a "cerverceros" is related to the rhinoceros.

Why DO they have Spanish unis?

Hasn't Brown already said working with Joyner really changed his hitting?

He said that in ST, Corn. Just haven't heard anything since Dom's lift off. Curious to know what the Phillies think. Did Joyner really turn the kid around or not?

I think he did. He has a tighter swing if you noticed. Kinda like Utley with foot longer arms.

Ya know, making fun of "cerverceros" on a blog named "beerleaguer" is really kind of ironic.

pop up time

I call a Delmon Young triple play.

Props to Jimmy for the heads-up hustle into 2B!

Wow. I bet you could throw any pitch at all in the high and inside portion of the strike zone and whiff him all day long.

That was less exciting.

This inning is pathetic. 2nd and 3rd with no outs. ugh

There are not many teams where you can lead an inning off with two doubles ahead of the 4-5-6 hitters and not score a run.

The Phils are a pretty special bunch.

How crappy Is this? 2nd and 3rd an nothing to show. Demon has to do a better job

Shouldn't we be scoring more runs when the Brewers/Cerverceros are throwing a BP game?

How utterly pathetic.

Dom bomb. That's what they're called.

"Pathetic" is not the word. "Yakshit" is.

Yeah like short bus special? about "beyond expectation?"

Recipe for success: Get a pitcher in trouble with two guys in scoring position and no outs. Strike out on three pitches. Groundout on the next pitch. I gave up on Delmon Young about two months ago. Dom should have done more there.
And props to Mayberry for at least making the guy throw some pitches.

Going on contact with the infield in. The league-wide success rate on that situation has to be less than 30%. But yet, (stupidly managed) teams stilll do it.

Nice play, Jimmy! even though Braun beat it out.

Since I'm blacked out & watching on Gameday, I'm still trying to figure out how Frandsen was unable to score from 2nd on a double.

This is going to pieces pretty quickly.

Good god these announcers on Fox are terrible.

Is MLB waiting until after this series to suspend Braun? WTF?

Is Eric seeing Ryan? U swear he was his BFF. He's all over Braun he pisses perfection !

Jimmy probably hit a single, BAP. He kept running, though, and turned on the burners, when he saw that Braun wasn't paying attention to him and was casually tossing the ball to the IF.

I guess that was enough to keep Frandsen from trying for home.

BAP: not really a 2B. Rollins hustled to 2B when Braun lazily threw the ball to the cutoff man

@BAP: It wasn't really a double. Ball squeezed through between the 3B and SS, but Braun in the outfield lazily flipped it in and Jimmy took advantage to get to second.

bap- Rollins' hit was hardly a double. Braun threw it in and Rollins hustled into the second on the throw.

Frandsen had to hold up on it too because it was a slow hit that snuck through between 2nd and 3rd

So THIS I'd how the Phils are going to lose this one.

I really don't feel like losing 2 winnable games in a row. We've done that enough this season already.

*is, not "I'd"

Not scoring a run with 2nd and 3rd with no outs pissed off the baseball gods.

What the hell? I thought scoring with men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs wasn't allowed.

Amen, GBrett. This team is really infuriating.

I feel like KK forgot he's an ace this inning.

Mini Mart has a double and Home Run tonight and is batting .281, what is going on?

The Brewers are the 2nd worst team in the National League by record, but still leaps and bounds better than the Marlins. So what we've learned from these last 3 series is that, while we, too, are leaps and bounds better than the Marlins, we're not as good as the 2nd worst team in the National League.

Sounds like Rickie Weeks would be a perfect fit for the Phils.

Yeah, I see that Gameday has changed the official ruling to a single. At the time it happened, it showed up as a double.

The announcers, in a rare moment of lucidity, pointed out that it's either a double or a single and an error - but they're not going to score an error for Braun properly fielding the ball and then being lazy.

An ofer for DYoung tomorrow would be an excellent reason for him to not be around June 10th.
Cholly said he just needs ABs. Should have stayed in the minors longer.
Question? Why didn't he?
Answer. Because Rube is on an ego kick.

That's some BIG BOY pitching by KK.

How many ABs does he need? Already over 110.

Shame they didn't take this approach with Brown the past seasons or Ruf this season at least.

KK managed to limit the damage to 2 runs. Could have been 4 pretty easily. So maybe he did remember he's an ace now, after all.

KK is all growns up. I like it.

It's too bad the Phillies didn't keep Betancourt. 8 home runs and 30 RBIs: Rube could've had him hitting clean-up.

Braun came into this series with a .377 AVG against the Phils and an OPS under 1.100.

They have since gone up. He was at .380/.425/.693 (1.118 OPS) in 181 PAs. He has already 2-3 tonight and added his 31 RBI in 42 GS vs Phils.

It should be noted that Larry Jones has a .331/.441/.596 (1.036 OPS) split career vs Phils in 1026 PAs.

Even with the shaky Brewers' pen with Henderson out, I have zero confidence this lineup can rally and win this game.

This team disapoints me.

Extra Y Nix is nearing .200 when do we debate cutting him and not Delmon.

You know KRod is going to come in for the save in the 9th, have an easy inning, and dance around like a fool.

Phils couldn't go out and take a stab on signing him but they could on their 0fer cleanup hitter.

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