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Monday, June 17, 2013


Blaming the ump is a losing team's last resort.

Like Pogo --- the enemy is us.

Linked to Kyle Abbott? Ugh. At least through Memorial Day last year, there was at least some reason to be upbeat about this team, optimistic they might be a playoff contender, and they were playing over .500.

It's been almost one down beat after another this year with the only positives being Lee, Papelbon, and Brown's power surge.

Time is quickly running out. Unless Amaro can somehow pull a legit right-fielder out of a hat, this team doesn't have a prayer of snagging a playoff spot. They desperately need another solid bat in the lineup and better defense in right. Hell, it might already be too late.

"The bats were incredibly impatient on Sunday and it looked as if the Phillies had no plans on making Colorado starter Jhoulys Chacin work for his victory. The Rockies' lefty went 8 2/3 innings in an easy 86 pitches, and for just the second time this season, Chacin went a start without walking a batter."

I can't stand this team

I dislike how in sports my geography dictates who I root for rather than rational preference. I cannot (and for some reason would not) root for any team but the Phillies, and yet I disagree and am frustrated by every aspect and level of the organization.

Has Howard realized he isnt or cant hit the HR and has evolved to a singles hitter with the occasional gapper in deep field?

Free asche

Hate to give up what little prospects they have for a OF'er and will probably be a lost season anyways. Who will they trade to get this piece?

Are the rays allowed to call up Myers? I didn't think he was old enough. And did he log the quota of ABs needed?

Dear Charlie, Henderson and Joyner,

Are you all observing what we see?
What are you going to do to stop this?
How can a mediocre pitcher like Chacin can get a away from a $180M team with less than 90 pitches? How is this possible?
Time to consider penalizing lack of plate discipline and this unbearable impatience?

The only way I see Cole Hamels winning another game is if he is traded to a team in the NL East and can pitch to the Phillies line-up.

W-port season starts tonight. Good look at some lower level prospects.

At least Ben Revere always has a smile on his face in the dugout win or lose.

"How can a mediocre pitcher like Chacin can get a away from a $180M team with less than 90 pitches?"

There were only 2 position players making above $1M in the starting lineup yesterday, that's why.

I always thought the worst stat in the history of north american professional sports, the Save, at least had a rational calculation. I thought that a pitcher had to record at least the amount of outs plus any inherited runnners that the lead was when they entered the game.

i.e. if you start the ninth, you need 3 outs so a save is any deficit 3 runs or less. And you can get +3 run saves when entering the 8th and recording additional outs.

But I guess I gave that moronic stat too much credit, as Rex Brothers entered the game with a 3 run lead with only 1 man on and 1 out to record - and still earned a save.

The league should be ashamed that such a stat not only exists in the first place, but dictates the entire facet of relief pitching, all the way from how single innings are managed to what players get multiyear mulitmillion dollar contracts.

no disrespect to jerome holtzman, one of the most prestigious baseball historians to ever live - in 1960 it was a great idea and a giant step forward for a writer to force MLB into adopting a new official statistic. It took 9 years for MLB to recognize the Save as a statistic. It seems like it'll be no less than 90 years before its abolished.

Welp, seems like this series should be a Phils sweep just to get hopes back up on this dumb .500 rollercoaster season.

The elbow is not part of the strike zone? I never knew.

***Unless Amaro can somehow pull a legit right-fielder out of a hat, this team doesn't have a prayer of snagging a playoff spot.***

They have a legit RF...he just happens to play LF for them for some inexplicable reason.

All you need is love.

***But I guess I gave that moronic stat too much credit, as Rex Brothers entered the game with a 3 run lead with only 1 man on and 1 out to record - and still earned a save.***

If the guy in the on-deck circle can tie the game when the new pitcher takes the mound, its a Save situation.

Other variations:

3 innings of relief support to close out a game is a Save regardless of the size of the lead...I recall Clay Condrey getting one of those at some point in a blowout.

moron fake name poster: "Are the rays allowed to call up Myers? I didn't think he was old enough. And did he log the quota of ABs needed?"

Nice try at a joke genius, but Wil Myers is 22. The same age as Pettibone, Galvis, DOM, Worley, and Kendrick all were when they were called up.

Speaking of callups, not sure if this was mentioned but Jonathan Singleton is now in AAA and has a 1.053 OPS since coming off his suspension for marijuana.

That trade is going to hurt for a long time...especially with Howard looking completely shot as a player.

and i even missed the most obvious: Hamels.

NEPP: He just was called up to AAA. Singleton's numbers were put up in lower leagues, altho being 21 makes him age appropriate for them anyway.

Cosart's having some control problems, and Domingo has some contact problems - but they are still having good years despite them too.

Tommy Joseph and Seth Rosin got some work to do.

Pass the Pennsylvania dutchie on the left hand side.

Dom's last 7 games:

3-25, 1 RBI, .120/.207/.120/.327

BAbip is only .136 though. Bad luck? I dunno, I've seen mainly weak groundballs.

bap was right. Long has he foreseen this.

and r00b's got some splainin' to do.

speaking of Rosin, he had a ~25 K% the last two seasons when the Giants moved him to the bullpen. Phils converted to starter and now he's down to 17%, wonder how much his velocity has dipped since.

Results are actually still generally the same, so maybe he's adapting. I guess its a worthwhile experiment to get some value, but he's a fringe guy who they most likely should have developed as a reliever and pushed through to the majors - since ya know - we're kinda short in that dept.

***He just was called up to AAA. Singleton's numbers were put up in lower leagues, altho being 21 makes him age appropriate for them anyway.***

Yes, I know...that's why I posted that he was just promoted to AAA.

Also, those numbers are still pretty impressive for a 21 year old in AA...especially his plate discipline.

Free Hewitt!

Looking at stats of traded prospects is a bit like finding an ex on facebook and going through his/her photos.

I only noticed because I have him as a minor-league keeper in a FBB league I do.

cyclic: in this scenario you have 'friends' that were telling you to dump the chick, and still tell you it was the right move - so its your duty to remind those people how great her new implants look until they admit they were wrong.

My lefty of choice is "Philly" blunts. Dawggggg

"She's" winning the breakup in this case.

Free TheEntireMajorLeagueRosterExceptDomBrown

Hey, remember when Michael Young was a pleasant surprise despite not hitting for power?

cyclic: don't worry, we hired the GM who out smarted our own GM to be a special consultant going forward. Now we're unstoppable.

Cody Asche has had a very nice first half-season at AAA. Likely is heading towards a AAA all star spot at 3B.

Was just looking for something positive to say. That's about all I can come up with after this past week's action.

In the 6 games that MYoung batted leadoff, he hit .417/.440/.458/.898.

The team was 1-5 in those games.

See? OBP has NOTHING to do with Production™.

Any word on Asche's defense at 3B? He might be a decent tweener guy for 2014 until Maikel Franco is ready.

Of course, how could he be worse than M. Young. (yes, he definitely could be and I realize that fully).

I'm glad I missed this one. It sounds hugely frustrating.

In other words, par for the course.

Just the normal tip your cap.

Honest question...

Why doesn't Frandsen start (somewhere/anywhere) against most/all LHP?

cyclic: because Cholly doesn't like to mess with such stellar line up constructions. I don't know if you can tell, but he knows what he's doing. HE WON US A WFC. /sarcasm.

Let's be honest. It's over with this core. It's time to blow it up, and rebuild around Lee, Papelbon, and Hamels.

We're sweeping the Nats. Just you wait.

Rebuild around a soon to be 35 year old Ace and a massively overpaid Papelbon?

Doesnt seem like the smartest plan to be honest. I love Lee but lets be honest, most guys start to drop off rapidly from Ace level once they hit 35 (Doc's recent death comes to mind). This could very well be his last Ace like year so trading him for good pieces (not a salary dump but a rebuilding trade where they get a couple of good pieces) might be the smart move.

Granted, I dont trust Rube to make such a trade.

Jack: I tend to agree, but there is something to be said about trading Pabelbon. I think highly priced relievers make little to no sense on a team that isn't going to compete for the playoffs. He also probably has the most trade value of any of the players on the team (if we eat money, not sure how much would get it done for a package that is worth it). However, I don't really trust r00b to target the right guys anyway.

I was joking, obviously. I was quoting Amaro, who said he thought he wanted to build around those three.

It's absolutely ludicrous. You don't "rebuild" around a 35-year old and a closer.

They won't rebuild this year during the season.

The NL East sucks and is there for the taking.

"Why doesn't Frandsen start (somewhere/anywhere) against most/all LHP?"

He does.

The Phillies have faced 1 LH starter this month, and Frandsen started.

That's a smart plan considering they're only 8.5 games back and would likely need to win the division to get into the playoffs.

Real smart.

10th best record in the NL so far and no signs that they'll really improve.

Oops, sorry lore. Should have checked.

***You don't "rebuild" around a 35-year old and a closer.***

Sure you do...if you're a complete and utter moron like Rube.

He'll probably make a similar comment when he smartly extends Utley on a 3 year deal at some point this year...same with Chooch.

The last time the Phillies faced a LHP when Frandsen didn't start was May 17th (cingrani).

The whopping two times we've faced LH Starters since then (gorzelanny, morales), Frandsen has played 1B over Howard.

So Charlie is doing exactly what everyone says he should be.

That's the beauty of baseball. There's ebb and flow. When guys are mired in long slumps, there're often no "signs that they'll really improve". Then boom, hot streak. It happened with Dom this year. No one would have ever predicted his run.

Now I'm certainly not suggesting that because it CAN happen that it WILL happen. Just that it's possible. It's a long season.

Well that's good to know, lore. I'm glad.

I look forward to Amaro trading Maikel Franco for relief help at the deadline.

DOM biggest jump in OPS was from May 20th - June 8th. The Phillies went 10-9, including 6 games vs the Marlins.

lore-- exactly. When the hot streaks come next, hopefully 2, 3, or 4 coincide this time.

lorecore - Nice find.

Its not that they can't improve, Cyclic its that the upsides of the guys in question isn't really that high.

For example, is Rollins underperforming? If you look at his career, his numbers are pretty reasonable for his age/last few years production wise.

Howard hasn't been a good player in 2-3 years now so sure he could bounce back but what's his upside at this point? He might simply be a 100-105 OPS hitter now after years of leg issues and age catching up with him.

Mayberry is giving us about what we could possibly hope for out of RF and Dom is playing above expectation in LF. Revere could improve a bit in CF but he's basically been playing at that level for the last 6 weeks.

Utley coming back healthy would help...same with Chooch.

Even if they come back, this isn't a playoff team as currently constructed.

Delmon Young OPS+

2009: 92
2010: 124
2011: 90
2012: 89
2013: 86

Seems like he's pretty much performing as expected (for everyone on earth not named Ruben Amaro Jr). Yet he'll likely continue to get starts due to his "power" and "production"

lorecore: so if DOM hits 5 homeruns a week and we play .32% our games against the Marlins, we should finish slightly over .500! Sounds like a plan.

cyclic: wait what? DOM having one of best short term power surges in team history while the team still plays .500 ball (including 6 games vs a AAA team) somehow leads you to believe that other Phillie players will also have this streak at some point, and they'll somehow play better that time around then they did during DOM's?

I realize people missed I was making a joke. It's understandable considering I am a babbling idiot all of the time. Hell even I am surprised people on here listen to me. I'm surprised anyone ever listens to me.

Also, I jerk off to Phillies losses.

I was actually just about to post about that NEPP. DYak didn't start once during the Rockies series.

Mayberry got all three starts, with a 2B, HR, 2 BB, and 3 RBI. Have we seen Charlie give up?

I think they said before the series that D. Young wouldn't play the field in Coors due to his defensive deficiencies...I doubt we're done with that experiment yet.

I imagine tonight's lineup will be instructive though...if he's back in the lineup, we're probably looking at at least 6 more weeks of D. Young.

lore-- I never suggested anyone would get AS hot as Dom was.

And I understand it takes more than one player being hot to put together a successful run of good games/wins.

So I'm saying that the next time anyone gets hot, I hope it coincides with 2-4 others being hot so that the team can put together a better record than 10-9.

Even though I would also half (more than half) expect such a run to be immediately followed up by coinciding cold streaks as the team reverts back to .500 ish.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild the Phillies We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first Bionic GM...

I'm sure that 1113 is the real Jack.

Lore Delmon was penciled in and Mayberry started playing the Benny Hill Theme...


so a bigger OF = no Delmon?

Where do I sign the petition to move the walls back at CBP?

Did I read right that Chooch is making 2 more rehab starts this week? So he'd be back Friday against the Mets?

Just wanted to mention this again, as it might be the Post of the Year so far, from yesterday's game thread...

"Chacin really cared a lot today. Good work. He cared really well and hard. Good action on his care-ball.

Posted by: gobaystars! | Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 06:30 PM"

"So Charlie is doing exactly what everyone says he should be."

Blind squirrel. Acorn found.

So I hear Roob was negotiating with the Sox to take Cliff Lee. The Sox GM turns to his assistant and says "who is this Mini whatever they want us to take too?" And the flunky says "Not sure, but he is supposed to be Versatile™?"

Apparently Utley is progressing nicely as well, on track for a return by the weekend Mets series.


Looking for 5-1 over the next 6 games. Beat those damn Nats.

Insert "Yeah I could see the Phils losing 5-1 at least once over the next 6 games" joke.

"If the guy in the on-deck circle can tie the game when the new pitcher takes the mound, its a Save situation."

Never understood this part of the rule: why does the on-deck guy matter? Is he ever considered in any other rule?

And the thing I'll never forget regarding the 3-inning save: someone got a save in that Rangers 30-3 win a few years back. Tim Kurkjian's head nearly exploded as he reported that one.

Quick search for possible trade partners for Ruiz if he returns and plays well.

the following teams in the playoffs or at least within 5 games of the playoffs with total catcher OPS below league average(.708 OPS):

Reds (.607)
Tigers (.614)
Padres (.615)
Yankees (.649)
Orioles (.659)
DBacks (.664)
A's (.694)
Rays (696)

Not saying all are great matches, but at least fit the criteria. I think the Yankees make most sense, maybe the Rays.

"I imagine tonight's lineup will be instructive though...if he's back in the lineup, we're probably looking at at least 6 more weeks of D. Young."

The Groundhog's Day from hell.

Also, the Nats are 5.5 back, but their catchers have a .613 OPS, so add them to the list. With Ramos being hurt constantly, I can't imagine them not in the market for an upgrade over a pitiful Suzuki.

Can someone post what they want the post sell off lineup/rotation to look like for this year?

I wanna know who I'll be watching in August/Sept.


Hamels, Lannan, Zambrano, Pettibone, Cloyd


somehow Chacin was called a leftie twice in this post and no one noticed... for what it's worth, I'm not sure that being patient with him yesterday would have mattered, as nearly every pitch I saw him throw was in the zone... question is why they couldn't pound him.

R-- I had the same question myself.

cyclic: sub out myoung for frandsen, and add kendrick to your rotation.

Paps and Lee should get you a MLB ready player too, so add them in wherever. Maybe Utley too. The rest of the selloff will likely be more in the form of players either a year or two away.

MYoung is desirable?

And I thought Kendrick was one of their most valuable trade pieces?

What positions would you be targeting for MLB ready? (2B, C, 3B, RF/LF?)

And by MLB ready, do you mean like Schierholtz in the Pence trade?

I wouldn't target any position, I would get the best available.

I guess its possible one of the returns could include a bench type player, but I was speaking towards future starters, specifically in a Cliff Lee deal and hopefully a Papelbon one.

I think MYoung could be pawned off if you eat his salary for a kid in A/AA with some OK tools. 3B are scarce right now, even at his performance level.

So by "future starters" you mean they might not necessarily be MLB ready, but they would be ready enough to play for the rebuilding Phillies in 2013?

Should have called up Ruf for this series. He killed the Nats last year.

Yes, basically. i.e. the Papelbon/Garcia trade people have speculated over the last week. Garcia would start in the bigs if acquired.

There's no reason to root for this team. None.

I am now waiting, as I did through the nineties, for something to change.

Gotcha. Wow, yeah I'd do that trade too. Never looked him up before, but kid seems like a stud.

Sounds like that trade would never happen.

M. Young might get the Phils a fringe relief prospect at AA/AAA. He's got almost very little trade value.

Even Chooch I have to wonder how much he get realistically get the Phils at this point given he is a 2-month rental & his injuries/lack of hitting so far this year.

Maybe a C+ level starting pitching prospect at AA and a lesser prospect in rookie/low A?

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