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Friday, June 21, 2013


Another game where the team's best hitter gets less PA than half the lineup. Great.

I love some people think all the small things like lineup construction and roster management aren't worthy of criticizing/pointing out because they screw up on bigger issues too.

But its the neglected simple fixes of small things that happen game in, game out, over and over again that continue to pile up.

Stick a fork in us. We're done.

BAP, like Jack and a number of others here, has never criticized any part of the team this year except the offense and gets upset when others point out other flaws, but I see that even he now is grudgingly agreeing that Hamels has been less than ace-like this season.

I hate when the Phils loss.

Cholly swearing at Howard Eskin. Love it.

While lorecore, BAP, Jack and others get very upset when any facet of the team is criticized except the offense, I think it's reasonable to note that Cole Hamels has been decidedly un-acelike this season.

When you can't hold a 3-run lead against the Mets, you are just not very good.

Lagares. Quintanilla. Eric Young Jr. who was recently waived. I mean this team sucks. I've defended Hamels until I was blue in the face this season but there is no defense for losing to this lot. This is a minor league line up with David Wright backed up by other teams' cast aways. No excuses for this one.

People like clout would lead you to believe that the offense has let the team down, but hamels has been the bigger disappointment this year.

time for raj to get his

to get his head out of his took-us

Cry me a river, Hamels. Cry me a freakin' river.

For all the hatred of Howard so far this year, Hamels' poor performance has been a very big problem. When your best pitcher is 2-11, primarily because he hasn't pitched well (obviously, poor run support has been a factors as well), and you're four games below .500 and 8 back of the division leader, it doesn't take a genius to see that if the Phils had gotten ace performance out of their #1 pitcher (say 9-4 in the games he's pitched), they'd be in decent shape.

As bad as the offense has been, with expected performance from Hamels and half-way decent performance from Doc, and this team would be in solid contention.

So where's the hatred towards Hamels? Not that I think it would be merited - in baseball you have to expect that sometimes players will just not match expectations; but it is interesting that so much energy gets focused on irrelevancies like Mini-Mart or on hatred of Howard, and Cole gets a free pass, relatively speaking.

What's that about, anyway?

Phlipper: why and how does criticism become 'hatred'?

Fun things about tonight's game:
No T-Mac.
Watching the 2nd base ump reverse his safe call.

Most troubling things:
Watching Cole Hamels lose his composure after again pitching poorly.
Watching D Young fail at both batting and fielding. While the GM states there is no one to replace him with.

I pitched on some pretty crappy Angels teams and I never complained...and I only have one hand!

Can we trade Hamels to LV for RUF?

Hamels has reverted to 2009 form, pure and simple - I can't remember ever seeing a player undergo such an acute process of reverse maturation. I expect him any time now to make some kind of statement that he'll be glad when this season is over. Clearly the frustration has built and built, but then again he has four days between starts to slow things down, get his schit together and recognize what's going on. I guess you could say it's the contract which has created the added pressure, but wouldn't that have affected his performance over the last two months last year? Whatever it is, it's time someone got in his face about it, as he doesn't seem to be able to address the problem on his own.

"...Time someone got in his face about it,..."
That's why I like what Papplebon did.

Third of a season, these guys project the calm, it's okay attitude - we'll get 'em tomorrow laissez faire crap.

Management living off yesterday & dreams the veterans will find the elixir of youth to carry them next game.

Someone needs to light a fire under the starting 8 collective a$$

"Third of a season, these guys project the calm, it's okay attitude - we'll get 'em tomorrow laissez faire crap."

Translation: I can't just bring myself to say that they're old & they stink.

Papelbon could have timed his comments better. After blowing two saves in a three game series, he just came off as shifting the blame. Someone like Cliff Lee might have room to talk. Actually, he's the only damn one with room to talk.

Amaro's decision making was a major factor in the makeup of the team that we have been suffering with over the past year and a half. He should take the fall for it. Time for some new FO blood and thinking.


Ruben Amaro sucks....

Not sure what Asian language that is, but I'm pretty sure it either says "These guys stink" or "Earn up to $75 per hour working at home with Google."

Not advocating nor against it but i bet Rube is skeered to blow up the team. I could be totally wrong about this. Just for practical purposes just inserting names here. I would imagine ticket sales and TV viewing will plummet. If spectators had to watch a team with Asche, Ceasar, Galvis, Revere, Brown, Kratz/Rupp,KK, Petti etc. Instead of the core and their high priced star studded additions of years prior. I believe Rube will continue to fashion some team that he believes will contend for a bit longer with most of his current pieces. Then again i could be completely off base....

Montgomery's statement of support for RAJ was unconvincing. Just because personnel decisions are a team effort doesn't mean that RAJ is not accountable. What it does mean is that both he and the team that advises him should be canned. Montgomery's notion that being correct about personnel decisions 30% of the time is amusing. If that were the standard for GMs, then I guess a good GM would be one who makes bad decisions 70% of the time. The longer Dave Montgomery deludes himself about this team, the longer the Phils will continue their putrid performance. Montgomery's message is that there is no accountability for poor performance. That's the wrong message to send.

Charlie Manuel's press conference is a riot. I turned it on late so I missed all the stranded runners. Still wanted to puke. The Mets are AAA at 7 positions.

The 'Bone needs to come through today, both for the team and himself. A bad outing probably means a series sweep (might get no-hit by Harvey on Sunday), and the promotion of Zambrano to take his spot in the rotation.

We have our healthy lineup back, and the only guys under .300 OBP are Young/Ruiz.

I don't wish for injuries often, but please, baseball gods, break Young's leg. He has enough money to cover his family for a lifetime..

And Hamels sucks again. Hopefully he turns it around because watching Hamels give leads back to the other team over and over every game really sucks.

I like how BAP wants to only say the team scored 2 runs because the Mets made an error on the third one. Somehow I doubt that if the Phillies do that today he will allow us to discount that run. Maybe there is a new SABR stat that will factor runs scored but not earned due to the other team.

Hamels gets three runs against a bad team he needs to win that game. Simple as that. But I understand that if you have a singular hard on for the offense you won't see it that way.

"Someone like Cliff Lee might have room to talk. Actually, he's the only damn one with room to talk."

Well, or Mini Mart :)

I'm pretty sure everyone alive recognizes that both the offense and pitching sucks. That stats speak for themselves. But it's actually the appalling defense that usually provides the margin of defeat, and there is no stat for that.

It won't be blown up and not because RAJ doesn't recognize the need.. He needs to prop the once talented faces of the team until he can get that $$$ TV contract in place -- then blow up time will happen.

Til then the Phil's will just bl.. Er ..stink

The pitching stinks, the offense stinks, and the defense stinks. The team stinks.

But I guess if you have a hard on for pretending this team is still a contender, you won't see it that way.

GM states there is no one to replace him with.
If you are RFD,Ruf,Susdorf,Mitchell,etc. must make you say,Why am I here?
Way to go Rube. Does he even know what any player in the minors is doing?

Boy this team has no Fn clue about anything. This fan base is so much smarter then management. Is really holding on to a couple assets going to matter? M young chase delmon at least have to go. Maybe you get a pc for chase. Like the Beltran deal. Others doesn't matter. Bring up ruf and Cody. Platoon c and kev and third. Ruf in left and the bench you DFA nix. Bring up fields or J Mitch. Get a start on next year.

I haven't been around much the last week or so. I presume everyone has fully dissected the Dave Montgomery interview where he says Amaro batting .300 on personnel decisions is good with him?

"Third of a season, these guys project the calm, it's okay attitude - we'll get 'em tomorrow laissez faire crap."

I have a theory: when people do poorly at a given thing, they look poorly doing it.

got to trade hammels and franko for a hustle player like ekstein and rebuild this quote phranchise stop quote

Darin Ruf, YTD at LHV, after an awful start (he has no known chronic injury or attitude issues):
.266/.346 /.421; .767 OPS

John Mayberry Jr.; bona-fide major leaguer with a tremendous and patient attitude despite not playing in the face of a (soon to be named) inferior player:
.256/.310 /.442 .752 OPS; 103 OPS+ (above average player!!); 168 PAs in 63 games (this is also important).

Now, the sickening part.

Delmon Young; chronically injured and washed up at age 27; with an ankle so deteriorated he's practically useless in the field:
.225/.283/.399 .681 OPS; 84 (yes, that's correct, r00b's slugger has an OPS+ of 84). Here's the most sickening part: 152 PAs in 43 games!

Let that sink in. This fat, washed up stiff - with a "weight clause" in his contract -- has an OPS+ 19 points less than JMJ and has been awarded nearly the same PAs in 20 less games!

How can this be justified? We have an eager, able-bodied slugger in LHV who's home run total led the big leagues last year; bring him up and he'd play 110% each and every PA and each and every out.

And of course JMJ is just a rock-steady OF/1st baseman who also gives 110% - he's playing for a contract for goodness sake - and he's not recognized as a talent superior to D. Young.

Just for s8its and giggles, let's take a look at Jayson Werth this year:
.256/.312/.413 .725 OPS; 100 OPS+. The bedrock of the National's rebuilding effort through free agency - the guy who scored the $126mm contract - has a 2013 season very similar to Mayberry. Yet Mayberry is currently an afterthought on a team who's very essence is defined by their horrible offense.

Our GM is criminally negligent in his management of this small subset of players. If you wanted to optimize failure and prevent any chance of improvement, you'd play Delmon Young. Ostensibly, this transgression does nothing but salve Amaro's pathetic ego. How is this not a fireable offense? How? How? How?

This transgression lies like a steaming pile on top of his ongoing 2-year failure to construct a viable bullpen. But that's another post for another day.

The "bad old days" are back, folks. Small-market thinking and the embrace of mediocrity. I suppose nothing will change until CBP attendance goes way down. And stays there. For a period of years.

"I like how BAP wants to only say the team scored 2 runs because the Mets made an error on the third one."

I said they scored two earned runs. And did you see the error? It wasn't just your typical error. It was about the easiest play you'll ever see. My point was: it was not something the Phillies earned on merit. It was a gift.

But, alas, I do not want to get bogged down arguing over whether we should credit the offense for 2 runs or 3. It's not like the difference changes the argument. 3 runs, and none after the 2nd inning, is NOT ok.

"84" = "84 OPS+"

Wait. They had lots of baserunners after the second but did not manage to push any across? If I didn't know that any loss is the bullpen's fault, I'd be tempted to think that the offense was mailing it in?!?!?

But, of course, they WERE facing some of the best young arms in baseball...

"BAP, like Jack and a number of others here, has never criticized any part of the team this year except the offense."

The ironic part about this recurring post from clout (and what post from clout ISN'T recurring?) is that it's actually clout, himself, who refuses to criticize a particular area of the team. Whenever Jack and Lorecore and Fatalotti and I criticize the offense's performance, we invariably take care to add that we are not absolving the other areas of the team that stunk. Whereas clout has literally never, in the history of his Beerleaguer posting, acknowledged that the Phillies' offense might bear even part of the blame for a loss. Like, literally, never. Whenever we score 2 runs and lose, it's because we were facing one of the best young pitchers in baseball, or because the pitcher was on his game that day, or because it was a loss attributable to the bullpen, or because the starting pitcher failed to hold a lead, or because there was a defensive gaffe. But never a word about one of the worst offenses in baseball -- unless it's to criticize those who found fault with it.

Cut's 10:52 post was like a really good mystery novel. When he wrote that John Mayberry was sitting on the bench while a "(soon to be named) inferior player" was starting, I was tempted to skip ahead to the end of his post so I could find out who that inferior player was.

Can't wait for the calendar to turn so hopefully this team can begin to she'd deadweight and shift out of neutral. Cole hamels losing games to Doug heffernan. Inexcusable.

BAP: You never mentioned Cole Hamels in that long post. So I presume then that you're absolving him of all fault?


Adams to the DL and JC Ramirez promoted. Mini DFa'ed. I guess they just want a right hander and not anyone effective like Jiminez, Robles, or Friend.

I love how amaro is waiting for delmon to get hot. Check his career numbers dumbass. This is who he is.

b_a_p - What's particularly infuriating is that Mayberry is not a colossal improvement. However, when 6 to 8 inning chunks of games go by, and the offense is moribund against an endless stream of "some guy" pitchers, you'd think that management would seek any improvement possible.

Not this team.

Guys delmon is just trying to heat up. Give him time

Adams is hurt again? JC Ramirez called up?

It's really all falling down around Amaro. Can we just please end this charade already?

If Ramirez does well it will "prove" that Rube was correct to trade for him.

Amaro is so pumped that Ramirez can fill the Horst void to stroke his terrible ego of poor results.

When I read that Mini-Mart was DFA'd, my first thought was FINALLY. But then I realized he'll just clear waivers, be sent back to AAA, and will still be around to be called up yet again later in the year & into the foreseeable future.

J.C. Ramirez? The guy with the 6.53 ERA and 1.95 WHIP at AAA? Over Carlos Zambrano? RAJ has lost his marbles.

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