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Monday, June 24, 2013


***The rightfielders have the worst batting average and OBP in the National League.***

But Delmon Young is a great, young....

I'm going to go stare at a wall now.

Delmon just isn't hot yet. Give it time. I'm sure he will come across some magic pixie dust that will trump all his previous seasons of subpar play.

Yayyy - that's some good dooming and glooming. How's this for a statistic?

The Phillies are the number 1 team in the NL with a Rocky Balboa statue in their city.

The Phillies are in the top two in runs scored in each game they've played this year.

With 38 wins, the worst record they can possible achieve is 38-122.

Charlie, I have something more constructive for you to do. Pound the shiite out of Howard Eskin. You'll feel better and never have to pay for a beer in PHilly again.

Tonight will be a maddening game to watch - Stults is one of the junkiest junkballers around.

Picture Marlins offense vs Jamie Moyer.

Ugh - grammar, math... it's all wrong in that last post. Sorry, BL.

I'd love to see the ratings for this west coast trip. I'm guessing about 40 people will watch..30 of which from this blog.

Ryan Howard is 2-2 with 2 HR off of Stults, a LHP.

I tend not to watch the entire game for 10:05 starts so make that 29...

It really is a minor miracle that this team has even won 36 games. I keep thinking that is a mistake.

Tonight is a dead win.

Gyorko and Cabrera have been two of the best players for the Padres this year - who both are on the DL for the Phils series.

Outside a Carlos Quentin shoulder block, he should cruise tonight.

*Lee should cruise

Howard has also been an unexpectedly bright spot thus far this month. Unsustainable BABIP and all that, but that .357/.442/.643 is a mighty fine sight from someone in the lineup. Especially with how horrendously he was doing in April-to-mid-May.

They should bean Quentin and then tell him that Delmon Young told them to do it and maybe Quentin can knock Young out for the year.

There have been some hot moments from a few guys in the lineup this year. Michael Young to start the year, Chase early on, Dom during his unconscious phase, Revere of late, Howard now. They just never all get it going at the same time. And have a few hot guys does nothing for you if your other hitters can't get on base. But we all know OBP is worthless.

I am not even flying to SD, Charlie told me just to relax in Pittsburgh and they will be in touch.

This is not a make or break road trip. Neither is the following homestand. The Phils are already broken and it'll take Devine Intervention to fix them whether it be short-term or long-term.

Hopefully, the Padres will be able to Tip Their Caps™ to Clifford Lee, ace LHP.

Enjoy Howards numbers now because when that cort shot wears off..well.. :(

Pretty sure the cortisone shot wore off a while ago, considering he said he felt pain back in May.

Let the death march begin.

Joe D - That should be encouraging. The Phillies have been so bad offensively, and yet they are 36-40. If by some miracle, the offense starts bunching runs together, they can go on a run. I don't see it happening without a new RF/RH-bat. At this point cutting Delmon Young would be addition by subtraction. I can't take another day with him in the lineup.

Delmon Young takes me back to junior high school science where we learned that matter is anything that has weight and occupies space. No offense meant towards matter.

it'll take Devine Intervention to fix them whether it be short-term or long-term.

Neither Andy nor Joey are going to do much for this team.

Jake: "The Phillies have been so bad offensively, and yet they are 36-40. If by some miracle, the offense starts bunching runs together, they can go on a run"


The Phillies score 3.7 runs a game and allow 4.4 runs a game.

If the Phillies offense suddenly improved a half run a game (not easy to do), they'd still be allowing more than they score.

Since April 19, the Phillies are 31-29. Best record in the NL east in that timeframe.

That was a tweet from Ken Rosenthal.

Lore: I think Gyorko is eligible to come off the DL tomorrow. Not sure if that's a certainty,

Lore-- I think Gyorko is eligible to come off the DL tomorrow. Don't know if he will though

... so you're saying there's a chance.

lorecore - So by that logic, if they can average 4.5 runs per game, and keep their runs allowed at 4.4, they should win every game for the rest of the season.

Great news! Michael Martinez didn't get claimed on waivers and is an Iron Pig, waiting for his next opportunity.

A sharp and opportunistic GM would see the opportunity there is to take the NL East this year and make the necessary moves. Maybe the Nats or the Braves have one like that.

sorry bout the double post

Only six more hours of wall starin' left before game time.

jake: no, that is not how the logic works, or I would be saying the Phils should be 0-76 right now.

I was disagreeing with your statement that they can 'go on a run' by just improving 1 aspect of their game since all facets are poor.

The good thing about retirement is that I can stay up for 6 straight 10:10 games.
The bad is that all 6 are on CSN,which I can't afford.
Sunday's are always PHL17,but my schedule says TBA. Anyone have an update on the time?

conway - what do you have, basic cable?

limoguy - exactly.

lorecore - I apologize, I didn't mean they only need to improve one aspect, I actually think the bullpen is more to blame than the offense. My point was that the Phillies have won 36 games in spite of a bad offense [bad bullpen, & bad defense] which to me shows the team has some fight in it, and they can still go on a run with an improved offense [or bullpen, or defense, or preferably all 3].

Yeap, Mr. Amaro has the same ability to spot talent as the legendary horseman who thought he could use geldings for stud.

lore: Yup. $15. The next step up is probably $70. by now. McCain is trying to pass a bill that would force cable to offer ala-carte channels. That would help me, but cable would loose billions. Hope the Phils get their new deal before the cable market tanks.


if you think the Phils are lucky to even win 36 games with their past performance over the first 76 games, then what makes you think they'll continue getting that lucky going forward?

They need to improve their offense/pitching/defense just to maintain their 474 W% - let alone find a way to win at a ~58 W% to actually get them into contention.

Nothing John McCain has ever done has saved anyone money. I believe that ala carte pricing will be yet another McCain program that saves nobody anything.

In fact, he's of an age now where most men are looking at retirement . . . or playing for the Phillies.

Conway Twitty: MLB.TV with a proxy to bypass local blackouts if you're in the Philly area. $110/year and you get every MLB game.

conway: no desire for

I actually enjoy listening on radio, even when I can watch on TV. Spending money on this season would have my blood pressure thru the roof. That bill will never pass, too much big money involved.

lorecore - I don't think they were "lucky" to win 36 games, I think they were scrappy, and gritty, and resilient in many of those wins, and screwed by guys they were told to rely on (Bastardo, Adams, etc) in many of the losses. Most of the losses they were simply outmatched, which is why I'm not suggesting they can win without a few additions. They have a lot of talent, a lot of team experience playing in a pennant race, and historically they start clicking in the 2nd half. There is reason to be optimistic about the Phillies chances, especially in this terrible division, but the bullpen and RF position needs help, and quick.

Nik - What's your method of bypassing the blackout? I've gotten it to work using Ultrasurf but its unreliable and it often reloads automatically and blacks out again.

Conway - has pretty decent streams as well. Just be sure to use an adblocker or you'll get bombarded.

Free Mini Mart!

I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you, that no one scooped such a versatile™ player off waivers!

Miguel Cabrera is already starting to some impressive career numbers. The 30-year old should reach 2,000 hits by the end of the season.

... starting to put up some ...

Some nights Charlie and me share a bottle of my granny's best Cornpone in the dugout.

There's a note today that the juggerNats are desperately calling around to everyone looking for pitching. Nolasco is mentioned.

I wonder if it will take a Nolasco panic-trade, because the FO badly miscalculated how good their pitching would be this year with the $13 million addition of Haren, to break Jack and others of their Rizzo hero-worship.

He's also apparently shopping Espinosa in trade talks. Someone might want to explain to Rizzo the concept of buy low/sell high.

"He's also apparently shopping Espinosa in trade talks"

I was reading too quickly, and thought you said "Espresso".

Phillies should sign Espresso and see if it helps Chooch.

We lead the Majors in quality starts (50).

We also lead the Majors in % of inherited runners that score, and have the worst ERA in the NL.

My advice to you: either turn off the games during the 7th inning stretch, or have a bottle of something alcoholic close at hand.

Free Mumia!

I think I heard the other day the Phils have the worst ERA in the 8th inning in the NL. So much for Adams giving them a boost.

for sure, the phils should have an expresso maker in the dugout.

Cholly could beat me on his best day. I'm the king people!!!

Have no phear, phans.

Halladay will be back and will save the day!

rack, where's Kool Earl and his sage advice when we need it, no?

Opps, should say "rock".

Howard Eskin is a scummy little troll.

I thought Jack was secretly a Braves fan. He's a Nats fan, too? Man, I need to get a flowchart going with all this important information.

For all of the complaining about the offense, it is the pitching (especially the bullpen) that has been the crappiest part of the team this year so far.

With Adams and Stutes out, it is even in worse shape. You have to go back to '07 when Myers was out early in the year and whoever had a warm arm was closing games to find a crappier Phils' bullpen.

SLO, no, it's not that Jack is a Braves fan, but some here have accused him of sychophantic behavior towards Mike Rizzo, the Nats GM.

I'm not sure who thought the Haren signing was a good deal. That guy has been a disaster and it was completely predictable. In fact, Rizzo would have been better off just bringing Lannan back from AAA and saving more than 10 million in the bargain. And that isn't to say that Lannan is any good because he really isn't.

I look at Haren and Wigginton as really dumb signings. Haren was signed by a guy who massively overpaid for Werth and got lucky enough to be in position to draft two generational players in consecutive years. The Wigginton signing was some sort of mini-stroke by a GM and organization that makes everyone in baseball look pretty much like amateurs in comparison.

Hard to figure either signing. And yet, neither was quite as bad as Delmon Young or Chad Durbin. Go figure.

I looked after Myers got hurt and it was 'El Pulpo' who was their closer in June. Even that bullpen still had Madsen to set up and Geary who was pitching pretty well.

Wigginton does have an impressive .176/.263/.216 (.479 OPS) line in 57 PAs

I swear this wall done moved.

"For all of the complaining about the offense, it is the pitching (especially the bullpen) that has been the crappiest part of the team this year so far."

Oy. Not this again. More scintillation arguments whether it is the offense or the pitching that is most to blame.

Has anyone considered that maybe they are more or less equally responsible? Their league ranking in runs scored and runs allowed was exactly the same last I checked (a couple of days ago).

Seriously, why do folks find arguments about who is most to blame or who they hate the most to be so fascinating?

rube needs to appeal to zambrano thusly: do you want to labor hard to be the worst sp we have, or do you want to be the hero who steps in and stops the bleeding in the 8th? speeking in spanish, ofc.

For all of the complaining about the offense, it is the pitching (especially the bullpen) that has been the crappiest part of the team this year so far.

With Adams and Stutes out, it is even in worse shape. You have to go back to '07 when Myers was out early in the year and whoever had a warm arm was closing games to find a crappier Phils' bullpen.

Phlipper - R/G is 12th but in most offensive categories the Phils are actually middle of the pack.

Average - 7th
OBP - 11th
SLG - 8th
OPS - 9th
HR/G - 7th

It isn't an offense that takes enough BBs but overall it has been been average in most categories.

MG, what's their BA with RISP and OB?

You forgot to mention that the last time the Phils went even this deep into a season without scoring 10 runs in a game was 1972. And that team (apart from Carlton) stank.

MG - Phillies are 27-8 when they score 4 runs, but there has been 15 games with 3 runs scored (7-8 record), and the bullpen has blown several of them, so its hard to say if the bullpen or offense is a bigger weakness.

awh - Surprising it is 7th in the NL with RISP at .250 and their OBP is 7th at .327.

Pitching to me is where the Phils have invested the lion's share of their resources (especially in their starting rotation) and where they have really been let down.

This may not have been a playoff team with their inconsistent offense but if it should be a playoff contender and above .500

What's that? Ah -- Playoffs?!? Don't talk about -- playoffs?!? You kidding me? Playoffs?!? I just hope we can win a game!

De Fratus
JC Ramirez


Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 32m
Rank these offseason moves in order of effectiveness: 1. Adams, 2. M. Young, 3. Lannan, 4. Durbin, 5. D. Young, 6. Revere.

MG-- That lineup looks good for more than 3.68 runs/G.

Unfortunately, pitching-wise they'd give up twice that.

I couldn't care less if I'm a troll or not. I'm the king! Don't see no sign for trolls not allowed. Most people on here are trolls. So do I care? Nope nor should I.

1. Mike Young
2. Revere
6. 4 tied

I will say that the Josh Fields signing has really helped Lehigh Valley though. Playoff fever in Allentown!

Will Cholly actually start Mayberry tonight against a LHP? Its been about a month since he's started against a LHP (and the Phils have only seen a few in that time span). That would be nice since, you know, he actually hits LHP when he gets a chance to get more then 3 or 4 AB's a month against them.

Dad, shut up.

Unfortunately DYoung is due for another HR to buy himself some more playing time.

I really hate rooting against a Phillie, but in his case, I have no choice. I actually get a little upset when he hits a HR. 'Cause it just means 40+ more PA where I have to put up with an OPS in the .400-.500s.

Frandsen 3
Mayberry 8

ummm. ok.


Rollins SS
Utley 2B
M Young 3B
Brown LF
Frandsen 1B
D Young RF
Mayberry CF
Ruiz C
Lee P

I look forward to DYoung coming up small in RBI opportunities, only to have Mayberry lead off the next inning with a 2B or 3B and be stranded.

Ah, what am I saying, Lee actually has a good chance to drive him in.

I bet the comments in tonight's game thread won't even reach a second page.

Is Revere sitting because of the LHP or because of his botched play yesterday?

At some point in Delmon Young's career, he'll figure out how to strike out on the first pitch.

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