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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Our only hope to win..Kendrick 8ip ER 2, Pap's save and three solo HR's.

Dodgers pitcher is leading off?

ok good luck with that

MG: "How was JC Ramirez 'been awesome' after a handful of outings where he didn't even pitch 1 IP in most of them?"

Huh? He's had 3 outings. He pitched 2 innings in the first, a full inning in the 2nd, and .2 in the third. So he has pitched 1 inning or more in 2 of his 3 outings.

Oh, and in those 3.2 innings, he has struck out 4 & hasn't allowed a single base runner. Of course, I'm under no illusions that J.C. Ramirez is going to be good going forward. But if his start doesn't qualify as "looking awesome," then awesomeness doesn't exist. It's literally impossible to do any better.

Of course, I wrote the above post with full knowledge that the words "I'm under no illusions that J.C. Ramirez is going to be good going forward," will not be enough to prevent awh or clout from posting that BAP is prepared to declare J.C. Ramirez a superstar after 3.2 innings.

Thank god the trade market is going to heat up. Time for some changes and re energize this team and organization.

He's had 3 outings but I get what you are saying. If you want to start the 'JC Ramirez fan club' though BAP you certainly wouldn't have much competition and would be a clear leader on that bandwagon.

Ramirez should be given a long tryout if for no other reason than the fact that nobody else in the bullpen is worth a damn.

Maybe he'll be one of those guys that magically turns it on for MLB competition. Who knows. At this point, he's the most qualified to pitch the 8th inning due to the fact that he hasn't repeatedly sh*t the bed when given the opportunity to succeed.

I think people are going to be sorely disappointed if they expect Amaro to make a bunch of trades this year at the deadline.

Last year the trades were motivated first and foremost by fiscal concerns. Amaro admitted as much. It's why they moved Pence.

This year they don't have to worry about staying under the luxury tax threshold although I do wonder if they some concerns about the attendance failoff and that they might try to pare a little salary (e.g., M. Young $2M the final 2 months of the year).

MG - Clearly, BAP isn't the head of the JC Ramirez fan club. But your recollection of what JC had done was clearly faulty, and I guess pointing that out makes one a fan club leader?

In fact, it's truly impossible to do any better than retiring every hitter you've faced. So, here's a better question. Why do you hate JC Ramirez and his family and friends?

It's 3 appearances. Who cares. If JC Ramirez puts up good numbers over the next 2 months, I might begin to care a bit.

Okay, so it's clear you hate him. Did he pee in your cornflakes?

MG - I never thought you were this dense. Rube pulls a turd out of AAA and said turd retires every batter he's faced over three appearances, one of them two innings, and in some high leverage situations.

Nobody thinks this kid is going to be even a good reliever going forward. But when good fortune presents you a functioning horse, you ride it.

The Dodgers just DFA'ed Matt Guerrier. As waiver-wire fodder goes, he'd be a very nice pickup for the Phils.

Don't see how he's an improvement over anything we have. I vote for a claim on Frency to see if he can turn it around.

MG just likes to be able to complain about the bullpen.

aksmith - What is there to be dense about? He appeared in 3 games. You are acting like he has had a good run of 3-4 weeks where he ha put up solid numbers over 10-12 G.

Guerrier has an ERA approaching 5 this year. Giving up almost 10 hits per 9. His WHIP is in Bastardo territory, and righties have over an .800 OPS against him despite him being a RHP.

If they acquired him, he'd immediately become the second best arm in the bullpen.

Guerrier has been terrible for 2 years. I guess you could take a rider on him but he is one of the few guys who would represent an upgrade.

Dodgers are favored again today even with Fife on the mound? Don't like KK enough in this matchup to wager on the Phils at just +105.

Who comes out of the bullpen if Fife falters? Opie?

Watching highlights and looking at the numbers Chase Utley has put up in the last week gets me thoroughly aroused.

Has anybody actually watched Ramirez in said appearances? Small sample size but he sure looked ok to me.

Fife, eat a bag of dicks!

Kendrick, I must break you.

Iceman -

From previous thread:

"What I took Phlipper to mean by his comment- and correct me if I'm wrong- is that if this bullpen was even league average, you could probably tack 4 to 5 wins (already! Only halfway through the season!) into the win column for the team. Which would put the divisional deficit (in the worst division in baseball, granted) around 3.5-4.5 games. I'd consider that 'in the mix' with the fifteen or so games they have left against the Braves."


And they'd be in striking distance of St. Louis/Cinci for the 2nd wild card. With four of five more wins (a reasonable expectation if they had decent bullpen performance rather than the worst bullpen performance in the entire league), they'd be ahead of Washington, San Francisco, Colorado, San Diego, and LA.

aksmith is the king of making sweeping statements based on tiny sample sizes.

It's a 162-game season, something only a few posters here recognize.

MG: The Phillies bullpen has been the direct cause of more than 20 losses this season, but not all of those losses have been charged to the bullpen. An example is: SP leaves trailing by 1 run. Pen gives up 3 runs, Phils rally for 2 and lose by 1. The loss goes to the SP, but the cause of it was the bullpen.

Allergic to hitting with RISP the last two nights.

Howard had a big crouch there.

Was that a hit and run or a straight steal?

Either way, offensively, Ben Revere has shaped up to be exactly who we thought he would be: a guy with a merely nice average, limited on base abilities and zero power. And his stolen base prowess has not been on display this year, at all.

Fat wins the The Last Phillie Fan Standing Award. Congrats, I guess.

The contempt some fans have for their own team's players is really quite fascinating.

Revere's on pace for 40 steals, probably more if Manuel hadn't benched him for games at a time.

But yeah. Guy can't steal bases, and despite his average (.333/.373/.758) over the past two months, he can't get on base either. Fata's right on, as per usual.

chooch drums fife.

Iceman, you're right. I should weight 2 months of success over ~1350 PA of being a 79 wRC+ hitter with a .321 OBP.

And his 74% success rate this year on the bases just screams prolific base stealer.

The contempt some fans have for their own team's players is really quite fascinating.

curt: Most posters who came here the past few years were frontrunners. It was guaranteed they'd disappear when the team went bust.

M. Young just has no range even though that was a tough play.

I posted Rollins' base stealing% at Revere's age a few nights ago. It is lower than Revere's career% to this point.

I'd have loved to have had BL around when Rollins was a rookie to have people explain to me that despite the fact that he's young and steals a lot of bases, he's not actually a good base stealer. This is top-shelf analysis you can't get anywhere else.

Wow, awful umpiring there.

Blown call. He came off the bag and JRoll tagged him out.

How the hell did Scott miss that? He was right there looking at the bag. Ugh.

Wow. That couldn't have been any more of a blown call. The umpire was staring right at it!

Plate umpiring hasn't been much better. Tons of called strikes well below the knees.

Not sure how the ump missed that. Maybe he's another one that needs glasses.

BS call is the only way the Dodgers score that run.

As LA said, "Thank you, Dale Scott."

Missed call = run. Predictably.

So far this is the kind of game that makes me feel like there's a hole at the center of my being. There's been a lot of games like that this year.

And it costs them a run, of course. Thanks Dale Scott, for being a failure at your job.

And again! WTF?

Apparently a runner is no longer required to maintain contact with the bag in order to be safe when a tag is applied.

That was a close play but it would be nice to see a replay.

Another out at second base. LA 'This is just a terrible crew. No way around it. Sorry.'

He isn't being overly dramatic.

The Phillies should try it. Think it would work for them, if Ben Revere's foot came off the bag?

What is going on with the 2B ump? Is he high?

That was a lot less obvious, but he was out, of course.

I'd love to be able to get away with being as terrible at my job as Dale Scott without getting fired.

Do los Phillies really need this much help from the umps to lose?

The ump gave him time *after the fact* - Hanley was tagged out, then retroactively granted time. I've never seen anything like this. Paging Tim Donaghy....

Dale Scott reminds me of a little kid who makes up the rules for tag as he goes along.

It is pretty funny to see Puig getting the star treatment already. Allowed to kick balls into the stands. Can steal bases without staying on the bag. I thought that kind of crap only happened in the NBA.

WTF does "retroactively granted time" even mean? That is absolute BS.

Maybe I should mail my old eyeglasses to Dale Scott.

This is an absolute joke.

And another run thanks to Dale Scott.

If I'm on first, I'm stealing here.

If you had to work with CB Bucknor every night, your work would suffer too.

This IS a terrible umpiring crew. All of them are below average (and Bucknor is just as bad as he's always been).

Franco with another 3 hits, 3 ribbies and a dinger today for Reading. Ho-hum.

Sale Scott is winning this game 2-0 right now

Oh brother.

That's one way to avoid a blown call at second.

Maybe Scott could call Kemp out jogging to second on the balk, just to even things out.

Ugh...*Dale, obviously.

So far, we have to tip our caps to, uhhh, whatever the fvck his name is.

Oh, yeah, Barney Fife.

Sale Scott might be a better name, as in for sale to the highest bidder.

Everything sucks.

Have to win today to preserve our .500 record, so that we can be perfectly mediocre.

And another run attributable to Dale Scott, since had he gotten the first call right, there would have been 3 outs for a while now.

So a loss today gives the Phils a 13-15 June after a 14-14 June

2 blown calls and a couple of balls (ball that M. Young got to but couldn't get a throw on and the ball that dropped in front of D. Young) that were hit that a good defender might have made into an out to get out of that inning.

At least Utley was smart enough to throw to first, not second, for the final out.

14-14 May

Nice call pitching to the 8-hole hitter there Dubee. That'll be it for me today. Missed too much sleep on these losers this week to piss away another day watching this.

Why would you pitch to a Hairston with the pitcher on deck?

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes you get this umpiring crew.

The Dodgers got 5 outs that inning.

And Bake's right, it's not as though the Phillies need help to lose.

Okay, some Dodgers fans are trying to say that Rollins' glove pushed Puig off the bag. That's bull droppings, Puig's momentum carried him past the bag. The replays show that he never came to a stop. I want Dale Scott to answer for this.

KK has to be dismayed. He made one semi-bad pitch that inning to Kemp but otherwise he wasn't missing his spots that badly.

Just got jobbed by Scott and his defenders couldn't make a play to get him out of the inning.

Hairston had a .626 OPS going into today's game. You go after him and hope to have the pitcher lead off the next inning. Unlike anything Dale Scott has done today, it was the right call.

Iceman, I thought the same thing and included the scorekeeper giving him the single on the ball M Young botched. I understand the star treatment in that case though, bc inflated stats just give the media even more ammo to praise him.

@ColTom: Yes, but he is a Hairston.

The important thing is not the blow calls on the overslides; its that the Dodgers are running at will against Ruiz today and this weekend.


curt: Most posters who came here the past few years were frontrunners. It was guaranteed they'd disappear when the team went bust.
Posted by: clout | Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 05:12 PM

Or reading you and Iceman just annoyed them.

curt - Good point although Chooch had a 30% rate of throwing out runners this year coming into today which is right around league average (29%).

Yimmy Rollin push me off bag. I safe.

Franco 3-5 w/ a homer


No range.

Delmon Young doing what probably only Delmon Young can do.

I mean, Puig had a really off balance swing, stumbled out of the box, and still make it to third on a lazy fly ball.

Really makes you appreciate Delmon Young.

Gameday: "Yasiel Puig triples (1) on a pop up to second baseman Chase Utley." Lol

Phils defense: 25th of 30 teams in UZR/150

Phils: 2nd-most steals allowed in NL (55 SB, 17 CS)
Dodgers: 3rd-fewest steals allowed in NL (26 SB, 25 CS)

Really wish the Phils would shell out for the Puigs/Cespedes/Darvishes of the baseball world...not saying they are cheap, but that's one way to acquire a young franchise player that doesn't cost anything but cash.

I'm still mad at Dale Scott, but I'm getting annoyed at our defense, too. A triple on that?

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