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Saturday, June 29, 2013


jrfinger posted many of the same stats that Jordan Hall had posted under the previous header. That's just annoying the reader.

limoguy - I was about to go back and check. Reading that was like having deja vu all over again.

And by "all over again", I mean in the same way MG means the phrase "going ahead forward".

Watching that game last night was like watching similar games in the late '80s. You know it's over but, you keep watching because your team so rarely plays the bully anymore.

On a slightly masochistic note, I'm a little disappointed in not getting to see Kershaw this series.

To BAP's point from the last thread, I've always been annoyed by posters who root against the success of particular Phils because they think said short-term success undermines the greater good. Delmon Young has changed that.

Good matchup tonight that I don't have a good feel one way or the other even though both bets represent even value tonight with the Dodgers as slight favorites. If I had to I would venture a modest wager on Lee at +105.

I'm assuming the Dodgers play HADOUKEN after every Ryu K.

"no matter how justified it might be to criticize a particular Phillies move, someone's going to show up to defend it, and no matter how justified it is to praise a move made by the Braves or Nationals, someone's going to show up to call you a closet Braves/Nats fan if you say it's a good move."

BAP that is absolute BS about how I see things but it furthers your narrative so go for it.

Also, the ones who always defend Phillies moves by saying, "Phillis ROOL....." are just as dopey as those who come in here day after day and continually say dopey critical things. Dopey works both ways and I don't discriminate in how I dole out that adjective.

I don't think I've ever seen this stat before, but pretty crazy:

2012 was the first time in franchise history that they failed to qualify more than 1 player (Rollins)for the batting title (3.1 PA per team game).

The previous lowest number of Phillies to qualify for a batting title in a season was 1994 - when only Nails and Mariano Duncan qualified. 1961 was the last non-strike year where only 2 phillies (Johnny Callison, Tony Gonzalez) qualified.

Hypothetically speaking: let's say the Phillies somehow go on an amazing 2nd half run, sneak into the playoffs, then get hot at the right time & make it all the way to the World Series against the Yankees. In Game 7, in CB Park, the Phillies enter the bottom of the 9th trailing by 1. They proceed to load the bases with 2 outs in the 9th. Up steps Delmon Young. Do I root for the Phillies to win the World Series? Or do I root for Delmon Young to fail so that maybe RAJ will waive him in the off-season & I'll never have to see this fat, anti-semitic POS in a Phillies uniform again? Tough call.

Yeah If it ain't broke don't break it.

From the last thread TTI~ Didn't see your 'til now: DPat: I loved Victorino as much as the next guy. He was a goofball but he was our goofball. But worse than any move Amaro made would've been giving deals out based off nostalgia versus moving forward where he could and getting a decent cheap player."

I agree with you. Again, it's great if Revere gets better, but if he doesn't, is he THAT decent? It would be absolutely great if he can be the answer in the leadoff spot, but right now I'm not sure.

I think the best part about BAP's demeanor is not that he manages to maintain his rainy day personality at all times, but that he still maintains that he's completely objective, and it is actually those who argue with him that have it wrong.

cut_fastball's hero worship of his posts say more than TTI or I ever could.

Francoeur DFA'd by KC.

Marmol and Francouer both DFA'D. At least Francouer can play RF. Any interest BL crowd?

DPat- you asked the other day what prospects I would target and I never got back to you. Now that the Tigers have apparently made Nick Castellanos available, he is the guy I would target above anyone else. He's a 3B prospect that is also learning RF. Phils could put him either place and he's almost MLB-ready. Big bat and patience at the plate. Started hitting AAA pitching as soon as he got there. Murphy mentioned offering a package of Utley and Papelbon for him and I think that would be a great return.

The Tigers also have Garcia, an OF that has played in the MLB this year and last who has great potential. If Castellanos isn't actually made available, Garcia would be a great consolation prize that the team could start right away.

I agree with the philosophy of getting the best available talent regardless of position for the most part, but I believe if the team wants to transition to being competitive in the next two years, finding a 3B or C of the future at the deadline is a must. The Rangers, DBacks and Tigers could all fill those needs. The Yankees could too, with regards to catching, but apparently they don't want pitching.

I've said before I go back and forth on Lee everyday. And today I feel like they could get away with not trading him and still build a nice nucleus of talent around trades of Utley, Pap, Rollins and apparently MYoung (who Boston 'wants badly'). But if you got an offer from a team that included three top 100 guys, with one guy in the top 25-30 range, it would be tough to say no to that.

Why would you want Francoeur?

Tommy Joseph 1-1 tonight. Avg in CLW up to .069. Hopefully nobody wants Francouer.

In 1937, Delmer Young had a -2.7 WAR season for the Phillies.

"Now that the Tigers have apparently made Nick Castellanos available"

Where did you hear this?

Cody Asche has been playing good as of late too... if any of the infielders get traded I wouldn't mind seeing Galvis and Asche being in Philly.

Iceman: if franco is ready by 2015, do we really need to find a 3B of the future by the deadline?

Frencys stats are the same as Nix. Hmm.

Tone from the NY Penn league is that Dylan Cozens looks very good. Very positive reviews in all aspects of his game.

Certainly high on the list of 'intriguing' prospects in the system regardless of how far away he is.

Nah i bet they just call up Mini again....Or probably Galvis.

Francouer...and has a great reputation around baseball as a good clubhouse guy...We have those already we need Production..

lorecore: Stark said it the other day in an update.

bullit: He was learning the outfield this season. If Franco is ready in 2015 they could always move Castellanos to the outfield. Worked for the Brewers with Braun.

And no I'm not saying Castellanos is the next Braun. But if the Phillies could eventually have a guy that gives you Braun's numbers for 10 million a year- that would be awesome.

Im pretty sure I have been on the Franco bandwagon as long(longer) than anyone who posts here, and I have no desire whatsoever to consider not trading for a 3B prospect because of his possible place on the MLB team.

I think the only possible scenario I would not target the best prospect available is if it was a player with a high percentage of his value coming on defense at a position where I was already had a long term guaranteed plus defender in the majors already.

And that's the smallest window of the thousands of possible scenarios teams usually are dealing with.

Castellanos is a potential 5 tool player.. if we could swing that.. it would be a great pickup..

I'd kill for Castallanos but not til we are actually out of it. This isn't sell time yet.

Cozens is basically what Larry Greene was supposed to be -- except he's much more athletic. I can definitely see him as a breakout prospect in the next year or two. He just needs to learn to hit for average. The rest is all there.

It is hard.. because I am also a Franco and Cody Asche fan.. I think they could both have a future on the Phils.

thanks, TTI. i didn't realize franco was playing OF.

i agree, lorecore. take the best available regardless of position.

bullit: He's playing 3rd. I think lorecore meant that he would just target the best player available, period, because even the best prospects often fail &, if they both succeed, you can always move Castellanos to the OF. Actually, I KNOW that's what lorecore meant because I was recently informed that we're the same person.

iceman: wow, thanks i missed that about Tigers, great news.

bullit: castellanos plays the OF now, not Franco.

if we win tonight without howie, then i think it would be a good time to get the surgery. he could be back not terribly long after the AS break.

Never mind. You were talking to TTI, not lorecore.

bap: well said my fellow schizophrenic personality.

If Franco and Castellanos both became all star caliber 3B, then that'll be the best "problem" this team has had in a long time.

lol. sorry, guys. i'm old.

How can the Phils not have interest in Marmol when they have two guys with just as little of control in Diekman & Aumont and 2 non-MLB caliber relievers on the roster in Savery and JC Ramirez.

Send down Diekman or Aumont and roll the dice with Marmol.

Last week Howard's knee acted up when they faced a LHP, now they are using the excuse of 'clearing his head' since its two LHP in a row.

He'll be back to face Fife tomorrow, but what new excuse will they come up with for Tuesday when they face LHP Jeff Locke? We surely know it won't be the truth - that he's become a platoon player - but I'm pretty sure they'll find something since they know they can't let him face LH starters any more.

Asche is a poor man's Dobbs. At best, he has a career like Cody Ransom as a career journeyman who manages to hit enough to keep getting called up from AAA clubs due to the inevitable injuries a team has during the season.

Speaking of Ransom, he has 8 HRs this year in just 97 PAs with the Cubs. He had his share of terrible ABs but he did have surprising pop and could drill one if he got a fastball ahead in the count or you left a breaking pitch hanging in the zone.

Namechangingposter: "If any of the infielders get traded I wouldn't mind seeing Galvis and Asche being in Philly."

What was it about Galvis' performance this season that impressed you so much?

Asche's numbers at Reading (.279/.338/.450 with 8 HRs in 77 G) aren't all that impressive especially considering defensively he looks like he has struggled again at 3B.

MG: Asche has 76 Ks in 298 ABs and he doesn't walk much. That doesn't bother a soul here, but it's worth noting.

clout - Good point and I don't see how he has shown much at all this year at Reading to be considered a possible fill-in next year at 3B let alone a starter.

He does several things 'okay' with the ability to hit for average as his best skill but there isn't a clear area where he stands out and is probably a bit below average defensively at 3B.

Galvis was a bust here while he was up. Still has poor plate disclipine and chases too many pitches out of the zone but oddly his defense really turned south this year.

Wonder if it is because he had to play 3B semi-regularly and it was a position he had never played before professionally at all and the Phils in all of the genius decided it was a good time not to play him that much there in the spring. Also added the OF to his list of positions even though he had no professional experiecne there either.

Asking a SS to play 2B without much/any experience like Galvis did last year. Another thing entirely to ask him to starting playing 3B and OF which I bet did have an impact on Galvis and his defense this year.

Just yet another minor example of how this team is poorly run from the FO and has a manager who doesn't utilize and deploy the pieces he does have optimially.

BAP Have you seen Cozens play? I'm guessing you haven't, (not trying to pick an internet fight) but I'm curious since he is one of the very young guys we should apparently be semi-excited about. He certainly seems to have the build and athleticism based on what I've read and seen online.

MG: Excellent points on both Asche and Galvis.

With enough experience Galvis could master 3B and OF, but the real problem is his bat. There's nothing in his track record that suggests he'll ever hit at the MLB level.

ryu scratched for tonight's game.

Ryan Howard has been benched for 9 games this season.

In those 9 games, Phillies 1B have a .843 OPS.

lorecore- I didn't believe it either until someone here (forget who) linked to it.

If they're willing to deal a five-tool prospect for a closer, it's lunacy. But Ilitch is clearly desperate for a title, and I guess they think they're loaded enough that any prospect is expendable.

I've never rooted harder for a player to fail than Bruce Rondon over the next 20 games.

nash: source?

pb: I haven't seen any of these guys play, including Cozens. I'm just making some inferences from his early numbers & from what I've read about him.

1. Atlanta already is "rolling the dice" with Marmol.

2. Asche is at Lehigh. And likely to be a AAA all-star.

did you see the list of our june batting averages? whoo hoo. our battlecry: "ahead forward"

I meant to type Lehigh but if Asche is an AS there especially the starter it says a lot more about how weak the 3B in the league are than Asche's numbers so far.

Braves already picked up Marmol? Ugh. No room for him in this loaded and deep bullpen.

I tried to be a bit even keeled with Amaro at the start of the year but as the season has worn on my frustration with this roster management & wishy-washy comments have annoyed me more and more. I don't think he has a coherent strategy or plan except the Taoist philosophy of 'Sh!t happens!'

The Phils inflicted the worst home loss on the Dodgers since they were in Brooklyn last night.

Given that I really dislike the Dodgers (only hate the Mets worse in the NL), it is always nice to see the Phils dump on the Dodgers in recent year whether it was in the '08 and '09 playoffs or last night when Dodgers Stadium was completely empty by the bottom of the 8th.

hah damn I miss Chase Utley so much.


The Man

pblunts: Cozens is a tools guy and his best tool is power. He's just 19 so it's hard to judge what we have in such a small sample size, but I love his K/BB rate so far. He's got good speed and a good arm.

I happen to agree with BAP (a rarity) that this guy is a breakout candidate in the next year or two. That said, odds of him making it to MLB are far less than 50-50.

I'm not ready to quit on Larry Greene. He was as raw as raw can be and much more raw than Cozens. He's struggling in the pitching-oriented Sally League but a lot of guys do.

Ryu vs RHB: .230/.283/.321 in 301 PA
Ryu vs LHB: .286/.356/.396 in 101 PA

And the hot streak is over.

Can't wait to trade Utley for a couple B prospects.

obviously SSS, but nice to see utley rebound vs LHP so far this year - at his best he was crushing them even more than RHP, but last few years it disappeared.

Wasn't Ball 3 actually a strike?

Lee may need more than 1 run of support tonight. We'll see if he settles in.

Crushed a grooved fastball.

not much Tilt so far.

So, yeah...he'll need at least 4 runs.

@clout thanks. Agreed on Greene. I'm 30 mins from Lakewood and have seen him play. Young and raw for sure and just way too early to write him off. Don't think he's even 20 yet.

Anybody else in the system you really like outside of the ones most talked about? Excited about what I've read about Pujols.

About as good as a changeup to hit for a HR as you can possibly get. Right down the heart of the plate that didn't move at all really that was belt-high.

439 ft. estimated.

Saw this coming a mile away after last night...Lee was a suckers bet tonight.

NEPP - How was Lee a sucker's bet tonight? I just didn't know how this lineup would do vs Ryu and easy thought it could be one of those games where they only score 2-3 runs.

It just felt like a game where the team would come up small to include Lee. Giving up a 3 spot in the 1st doesnt exactly inspire confidence.

Nice to see Revere drive a ball to the gap. I want Revere to go here and try for 3rd.

Revere and XBH in back to back games. Only the 5th times he's ever done it - the longest stretch being 3 games.

CB Bucknor is already testing LA's patience. I cant blame him. Already inconsistent.

3-2 changeup had Chooch looking real ugly.

Since Revere sat on May 2nd, he has hit .321 and has an OPS of .719

Pblunts: I was an early supporter of Franco, who's now the flavor of the month. I like Quinn and Biddle and am pleasantly surprised by Pettibone. I like DeFratus and would love to see more of Cesar Hernandez. I also like Kelly Dugan and Tommy Joseph.

Not a single prospect projects as a star, but there are 5 or 6 who can make it and provide some value at the MLB level or serve as trade chips.

Ryu made some nice pitches that inning. I can see how his changeup gives hitters fits too. Good movement and tough to pick up his release point.

Ruiz needs to move out of the 8 hole soon to get better pitches to hit. This chooch isn't close to the pre suspension chooch. Hopefully moving him up in the lineup will help.

Outside corner on RHB looks like the go-to right now. Ump giving a wide corner there while being rather tight elsewhere.

@clout thanks. Agreed on Pettibone. Saw him pitch once ladt year in Allentown and although it was just one game, I was not impressed. Not much movement on his pitches with average velocity. I was not in favor of the call up and have waited for the bottom to fall out, but I think outside of the Colorado start he's held his own. Also seems his velocity is up a tick this year. If he ends up being our 5th starter for a bunch of years with this type of production, we should be happy.

@docjoe: I wish I believed it was the 8-hole that was responsible for Chooch's anemic hitting.

Chase!!!! Again!!!! I love him.

Going to miss you, Chase.

I'm really going to miss Chase if they trade him.

haaaa. eat it Bucknor. Ryu tried to jam him up again after getting a friendly call, and Utley turned on it.

All I'm thinking about while Chase is doing this is how he's driving his trade value up.

If he can hit one of his hot streaks and bumps his numbers up, at a premium position, teams should come calling.

Utley's current OPS of .886 is 2nd in the majors for all 2B...I think teams will be calling Rube if/when he's available for trades.

nepp: where do you see his updated OPS

Its tough to remember how good Utley still is as a 2B because we see him as a shell of the guy who was probably the 2nd best position player in the majors in his prime (behind Pujols) we see him as just one of the best 2B in the game and think "Man, he's slipping offensively".

@lorecore: Go to the classic MLB Gameday view and click on Utley's name on the box updates the OPS and other stats after every PA.

Far better stats and usefulness than the "new" view...very happy they still offer it as an option on

Another multi-hit game for non-MLB player Ben Revere.

Revere batting .344 for the month of June.

Have to love him hitting in the 7 hole, too. A double wasted in the second inning and now his speed is negated behind the Yak this time around.

It's almost as if hitting him 7th is a stupid idea.

Revere is batting .329 in his last 174 PA (May 7th to Pres)

utley could hit another 15 HR before the deadline, and you still aren't going to get Addison Russell from Oakland, their #1 guy.

But Sonny Gray could creep into the picture. Their best pitching prospect is having a great year, but Oakland is pretty flush with young arms, maybe they can part with.

Revere will lead the team in hitting by year's end.

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