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Monday, June 24, 2013


Really wondering when Dominic Brown will get a day off. It is not like he is producing right now. Also, losing Adams really sucks. He may have Struggled but really give us hope in some quality that we will be without.

Howard's knee "extra sore" after BP.

Cholly is under the weather tonight.

I'd look for Rube to place him on the 15 day DL after the game and recall Michael Martinez to become player/manager for the next two weeks.

Franco with 3 more knocks tonight at AA.

My secret source just twiddled me that there will be scouts in the stands tonite from the San Diego Zoo. They are looking for a stud for their dwindling Yak herd.

Posted by: Conway Twitty | Monday, June 24, 2013 at 09:25 PM

Post of the day/week

Dom won't get a day off. Charlie will just have him try to hit thru the slump.

Dude needs 2 games off.

As long as HHU are healthy, we got this season in the bag

Whoa, do my eyes deceive me? Frandsen ahead of No D !

...And the "great" D Young is back in right.

*I just keep recalling the sunday radio broadcast with Jim Jackson saying Delmon seemed upbeat despite not hitting & DY saying may was the 1st chance he'd had to play. (So he's been playing catch-up a couple months behind everyone else.)

I have a fear that's what upper mgt has used as an excuse/delusion to keep trotting him out there.


    ...Maybe this means some of the problems with the pitching actually are mental and they're pressing, knowing they have little margin for error?
    Like I said, maybe I'm dumb and someone could explain it.

    Posted by: Cyclic | Monday, June 24, 2013 at 08:29 PM

Don't go there, Cyclic -- some time ago, I stated that the team was "pressing" behind Hamels and cruising behind Kendrick. Further, I surmised that maybe, just maybe, the club was more at ease when Kendrick was on the hill -- no chance of retribution at the first foible by this r00b-engineered "goof squad". Kendrick is cool; Hamels is tighter than the proverbial bow string. Man, it got ugly.

Regardless, If KK fails, he keeps his chin up. If Hamels fails, many times he just appears to "throw a snit". Whatever that means (I heard my wife say it, and it sounds good in this context).

Whatever. Geezus, does this team suck.

Matt Gelb ‏@magelb 4m
Phillies have a week to decide on Big Z. His arrival sounds unlikely.

"This last start wasn't as good as the one prior," Amaro said. "He's been inconsistent. We'll see."

Can he get big-league hitters out?

"He can, at times. Right now, I don't know if he can do it consistently."

For all his flaws I'm pretty sure Revere doesn't swing at that 2-0 pitch leading off the game. Nor M.Young. Or M.Martinez.

As usual, an inspiring first inning for the Phillies "offense"

"He can, at times. Right now, I don't know if he can do it consistently."
...So he'll fit right in with Ruin's big league roster.

But the big ? is can he Dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

And as I look it up and feel like an idiot, their first inning OPS is actually higher than any other inning at .797.

Sure doesn't feel like it.

Oh my God. This guy is going to throw a 90-pitch complete game against this lineup.

Mayberry goes yard tonight

Wow - everyone's fav right fielder gets a hit.

Anytime we can read cut_fastball's "Care factor" theory is hilarious.

Love to see him swipe that bag there (despite being out)

I think Big Z would neutralize his inconsistent pitching with his bat. He could probably bat clean up in this lineup.

Surprised they are going after Chooch with a base open.

One of the ingredients to the oldschool winning was stealing bases - not waiting for next batter to move them


Wow, how the eff was Mayberry still almost out at home??

Made them pay, atta'boy Chooch.

Good baserunning, clutch two out hitting? Are my eyes deceiving me?

Fist bump - has that replaced a pat on posterior?

Not that I was a fan of a$$ pat - but am definitely not a fist bump fan

*just an aside

TTI/Iceman/Phlipper/whomever rocks their thinly-veiled trolldom.

Nice. Someday, i'll muster my inner GTown and steamroll the trolls on this site.

Come to think of it Ice, apologies - you're bigger than a phony handle.

Lee won't need many tonight.

Everyone with two legs who reaches base should be stealing off Stults. Make the junkballer pay.

Jimmy gets a second chance to lead off and try again for Petco.

Cyclic: "So in games when they are given 0-2 runs of support, Phillies' pitchers have an ERA of 5.29.

In games when they get 3-5 runs, the ERA is 3.54. And when the offense scores 6+, they have an ERA of 3.47."

And then later Cyclic said he hopes that normalizes - but that's not a good idea at all, we want the same to continue.

This explains while the Phillies are outperforming their pythag so much. Most of the time when their offense sucks, their pitching sucks - and that's a good thing.

This ensures that they get their poor pitching performances out of the way when they were likely to lose anyway, and then save their good pitching when they actually have leads.

The above holds true if you assume that a team is going to average X runs in the long run, which means that a game when they score below average would indicate that they will score above average in the future to offset.

Lee at -110 was a no brainer for me. He's been awfully good, this Padres lineup is weak, and playing in a low-scoring park with Lee on the mound is tailor made for this team.

mg: hope lee goes 9 IP for your sake.

puig has 7 already, g'damn.

I realize Rollins has been the face of the team for years and a great D SS. That said once he set the Phils record for lead off HR's it's like his first AB is more often than not a pop up of fly out.

As an aside I had a chuckle the other when someone said he was a HOF shoe in, A I don't think so.

Another ingredient of oldschool wins - defense supporting the pitcher Double plays

*If Ruben can't find replacement for hitting - find a few gloves

JRoll has had a great career as a Phils' player. He isn't a HOF though nor deserves serious consideration at this point either. Just hasn't been quite the same caliber player since the leg injuries.

Philies 1 Padres? Final

From the previous thread:

"Whereas before because of the stuff that he had going on..., he couldn't get it up on a consistent basis"

Too easy.

If Jimmy plays relatively uninjured until 38-39, he'll be in the conversation. I don't think he'll get in, put I think he'll get enough to stay on the ballot for a few years.

Man I hope we see the Dom who couldn't miss a strike a little more often then one month every 3 years.

Lee does make it easy defensively and generally helps himself.

    TTI/Iceman/Phlipper/whomever rocks their thinly-veiled trolldom.

    Nice. Someday, i'll muster my inner GTown and steamroll the trolls on this site.

    Come to think of it Ice, apologies - you're bigger than a phony handle.

    Posted by: cut_fastball | Monday, June 24, 2013 at 10:38 PM

JW -- We've aready lost GTown and likely b_a_p. Please. Get us a locked-down board. It's time.

per bill james hof monitor, Rollins is a 103, where a likely HoF'er is a 100. I think it's a bit outdated, so Rollins' numbers are probably below 100 if closer compared to this era's scoring environment, but still a sign that his overall career is going to be in the conversation.

Dom could be a strictly springtime player who just happened to be injured in previous seasons. I say he is back to being a mess. He may be close to his predicted season HR total.

I'm lookin for my SAP button. No more Senior T Bag!

As crazy good as Lee has been this year, you can make the case that several other NL starters including Harvey, Kershaw, and Wainwright have been just as good. Doesn't even include Miller and Corbin either. Tons of NL starters having really great years and the NL All-Star roster is going to leave off a very deserving starter or two at this point.

As an aside for aesthetic purposes, I wonder about the crowd; fans in the lower level packed on top of each other; whilst the outfield seats are barren.

Are stadium sellers squeezing people in for visual effect, or maybe only the rich with disposable $ show up on monday en masse?

I need to go adjust my satellite dish...BRB.

Brown who had great plate coverage and was clobbering fastballs 3 weeks ago has disappeared and morphed back into the version of Brown who has too long a swing and struggles against anything low and/or away.

sigh... 3-0 green light to our #8 hitter.

I know he got a hit out of it, but that was a terrible pitch for Chooch to swing at 3-1.

Seriously, John Mayberry should never be off the line up

The one time you can make a strong case for Lee bunting to get rid of the DP.

Good job JRoll.

Cliff Lee really wanted to get a hit there. He knows he can't rely on the other guys to get this run in.

jimmy hustle almost keeps inning alive.

ha nevermind, it was chooch

Phils got the leadoff double in and put up another run. No gripes about that inning.

Surprised they even got the one.

MG what are you watching?

Anyone else listening on radio? Sounds like they are playing inside a tin dome.

now dom should do the HR derby. maybe he can find a swing.

Lee is painting the low corners, good luck Padres.


nm, I thought MG was saying they scored 2 in that inning

Man, the sound is clean on audio. Must be the weather.

MG- the NL is just stacked with starters this year. Hadn't realized it until I watched an MLB network segment on who should start the ASG for the NL and all five guys they discussed had great cases.

They could put Lee, Wainwright, Harvey, Corbin, Kershaw and Miller in there and give them 4-6 outs each. It would be a tall order to scratch out any runs against that lineup of pitchers (though I selfishly want Kendrick to get chosen, and I feel he's earned it).

Petco is one of my favorite parks even though I have only been there once.

Just wouldn't go in June because of 'June gloom' in Southern CA and the marine layer that comes in at night and often hangs around well into the day too.

Full Tilt Padres! Full Tilt.

Lee has looked a bit different since fielding that grounder and taking a lot of time before throwing to the next batter. Worth keeping an eye on.

Watching Ruiz - reminds me how much I love seeing a catcher sit back with one leg extended out waiting for throw.
(No worries - I got this $hit)

Ben is so GREAT.The team would nowhere without him! I love him![I need new kneepads!]

damn, i thought frandsen would tee off on this guy.

Hoping Lee can get them through 7 IP tonight, mix & match with Bastardo & De Fratus in the 8th, and Papelbon in the 9th.

franny seems to be swinging for the fences.

John Mayberry: better CF than Ben Revere (/Beerleaguer).

Ugh. D. Young has no range and Mayberry just isn't a good CF.

Revere closes on that no problem, although credit to Mayberry for getting there, just didn't squeeze it.

Iceman - Who said that? Mayberry is a below average CF at best.

Uncle Dubee and I played catch today. Then, he bought me a water ice and let me ride the merry-go-round.

I'd better get Charlie to get RFD out of there, and put Revere in for better D.

Mix and match in the 8th with this bullpen usually means the first guy lets the runners on, and the second guy lets all of them score.

LA making a good point that Lee has been leaning on his changeup to get outs tonight vs RH and not his curve.

Looking at the replay, the OF was severely shifted the opposite way with the pitcher up so the RF should have basically jogged under that ball. FU Elmn

Ben would have dropped it after the catch!✡

I missed the birth of 'Elmn.' I like that a lot. Who came up with it?

LA - 'Filthy' Indeed LA.

did Utley call those curves? Odd that he came in pre-AB and all of a sudden he's dropping a couple uncle charlies

Joining the game late. I love Cliff Lee. And Chase Utley.

Is Revere sitting for a particular reason? Because his arm is weak?

Cliff Lee is just a joy to watch.

I hope he stays a Phillie forever.

I don't care if he could get us "prospects".

I hope if/when he wins a WS, it's with the Phils.

The brutal Phillie defense surfaces with regularity every few innings. Sometimes it leads to runs, other times just a bunch of extra pitches.

That was some real pitching by Lee in that inning after the leadoff double. He's an artist on the mound.

What the hell good is Revere and his ability to close if he can't keep the f*cking ball in his glove?

Scrolling through the thread - What's this about maybe losing BAP?

Headley could grab a dog and a beer, eat them, go to the can, and still have time to get the Yak.

Just JMJ, doin his thing

The GCL started this week, with their top int'l signings Jose Pujols and Deivi Grullon on the team. Grullon is a defensive catcher, so he won't be as fun to watch to keep tabs on his box score - but Pujols is supposed to be a big time power hitter (albeit with tons of holes in swing).

Stay hot, Choooooch

i wonder if Lee purposely sucks at bunting so they let him swing away more often.

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