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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Gonzalez ranks fourth among all of baseball in most pitches per plate appearance (4.11) and is tied for fifth with the most walks (39).

So hitters have the most success against Gio if they are patient? Feels like a loss.

Forget this $hit I got a game 7 to win fools.

The fact that Mayberry isn't starting in right field against a LHP again is seriously criminal. Here are the numbers against LHP:

JMJ -.293/.326/.537 in 43 PA
_elm_n - .192/.290/.346 in 31 PA

Not to mention JMJ's defensive advantage...It's seriously mind blowing.

Non PED-taking Gio is beatable. Still, feels like a loss.

It always kind of seems like Charlie and Rube aren't on the same page. In fact beginning at the start of last season and continuing right up to today (what I call the dark period),they seem to be at loggerheads. That's why I can't believe Charlie is so complicit in this whole Delmongate situation. Rube is obviously trying to re-create Gillick's signing of Jayson Werth. News flash Rube, It aint happening. But Charlie keeps playing along. I don't get that. I would think Charlie would bench Young just to stick it to Rube. This season is going straight into the toilet and Charlie will surely walk the plank at the end of the season. Practically the only thing that could save him would be for him to manage his way out of this mess (Yeah I know). Elevate RFD ahead of Demon and actually dust the cobwebs off of Nix. I know he's sucked but, let's face it, Charlie never gave the platoon thing even the most meager of chances. I would think Charlie would tell Rube to go fornicate himself and just bury Rube's vanity project in the interest of actually, you know, winning games.

donc - I think the problem is that this year Charlie is managing for his job, and who decides if he keeps it? The guy who gave him DYoung. He needs to play him until Ruben Amaro's ego concedes that he is not worthy of a starting job, or until the Phillies look to be on pace for a playoff berth and Manuel has more credibility.

Ruben Amaro's ego concedes
You mean like it has with MIni Mart?
Rube DOES NOT make mistakes,don't believe me,just ask him.

Fvck Delmon Young and fvck Ruben Amaro Jr

Jake: I know what you're saying, but at this point, surprising results will be the only thing to save Charlie's job. Rube will can Charlie , technically not re-sign him, in a heartbeat if things end as it looks they will.

donc - I agree, Charlie needs a playoff berth at the very least, to get re-signed.

Nepp, don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel.

God, the openings of these telecasts are dreadful. Between Wheels rug and Tbag going bra-less, my gag reflex has been activated with a vengence.

groupofletters - Mayberry is batting .182 (2/11) against Gio lifetime, while NoD is batting .267 (4/15). That may have had something to do with it.

Great d and 9 pitches to retire the side 123. Love it

without the black hole that is the elm, this lineup is above average.


just like we drew it up in the off season...

Man, these 2 guys are hot lately.


Reppin' the P...pop-up that is.

This guy is tough on lefthanders. Got to give him that.

2 pretty good ABs end in Ks. Damn

4 pitch at bat for NoD, is that a career high?

Our old friend Roy Oswalt will pitch for the Rockies tomorrow in Washington. I wonder how that will work out.

And Gio is striking everyone out.

Yak sucks. This cannot be said too many times.

gobay - it should go pretty well considering its the gnats

Great play by Kendrick.

coupla good scoops by Howard... Only a matter of time until he goes yard tonight... Book it

he was out of the box when he bunted it.

Hey RAJ Valverde gave up 4 runs in 1 inning today. ERA now close to 6. Get on the phone and send Pap there for big time prospects. Makes sense now!

RIP James Gandolfini

We'll need a closer in the playoffs, doc. Have you seen this bullpen?

Werth wants to eat his own face!

Yeah quick, trade Papelbon before the Phillies start contending, so we have more to complain about. Winning makes me look stupid after I declared this team dead in April.

Is it one person doing all the fake name posts?

I didn't understand that move.

running with Howard on a 3-2 count vs a lhp is the stupidest play possible.

Rollins' once-prodigious base-stealing ability has declined precipitously this year.

If Jimmy keeps getting thrown out, it's gonna hurt his trade value.

Bad move, plus Rollins is way too slow, remember?

JP should have pinch run for J-Stroll.

Phils sporting the leather tonight - that play should be known as a "rollins" for the rest of time.

Ha, look at Frandsen keeping up with the glove work.

The Utley article on the right seems to indicate Revere will be getting moved down in the order when Utley returns.

also, any word on how Reading went today?

Rollins is having a down year when it comes to steals. Some of it is certainly age. Some of it is probably hitting 3rd so much. He isn't running as often and he isn't protected by contact hitters.

_elm_n is useless

Delmon is the worst.
I won't type it the "new way" because it is so annoying to read.

Nats just matched the Phils infield defense that inning, although Desmond had like 5 more steps he could have made before throwing offbalance to get Elmn at first.

carving up this terrible lineup

Utley 0-1 with a HBP

NoD seems like a fitting nickname for Yak. If Elmn doesn't sound right, just go with Elmo.

sac bunting with our leadoff hitter and the pitcher running on base, with a two run lead!

are you freaking kidding me?

Small ball?

Think quick: is there any way to make GIDP into a trade-able commodity???

I can't believe I called running with Howard on a full count vs a lhp the stupidest play, when clearly I should have known they would top it.

thanks jake

Is there any way a trade for the Phils might involve someone like this Gonzalez guy? He's pretty good.

Utley HBP? He's ready.

Damn, Tony Soprano died?!? (Gandolfini)

BTUN: We get it. Telling a joke to make a point can be clever, but the cleverness dissipates by the 8,000th telling.

Kyle, get this clown.

The boo-ing of Werth is stupid


Werth, the guy who could never, ever get a hit with RISP in a Phillies uniform...Ridiculous.

James Gandolfini was the Mo Rivera of TV. Nobody was ever any better at their job than that guy. Most underrated role: Bear. Champion weightlifter and bodybuilder in Get Shorty. My favorite overlooked comedy of all time.

He was awesome in True Romance.

Werth has done some work this season but when you look at his BRef page he really is a pedestrian player.

Well done, KK.

Great outing by KK so far.

He was awesome in In the Loop

Looking at this Nats roster and comparing it to the 07 Phillies and the Nats really don't look poised for the sort of run that the Phillies put together.
The Nats have Zimmerman who at 28 looks very close to being finished as a viable option at 3rd. He can still hit but his days at the hot corner are numbered. Werth isn't going to get any more durable at 34. The all world pitching prospect turned out to be made of glass. And the OF phenom can't play fundamental baseball or stay healthy. I don't see a run of 5 division titles in their future.

"BTUN: We get it. Telling a joke to make a point can be clever, but the cleverness dissipates by the 8,000th telling."

Actually BAP it dissipates by the 3rd telling. Please take note Production trademark people.

I'm a bit sick & tired of watching Werth get big hits against the Phillies. Maybe the booing should stop.

welp, there goes my Howard HR call

As the creator of said meme (production tm), I would like to note that I haven't used it in weeks.

Maybe Dom needs a night off.

Also, am I crazy to think that we got the better OF from Minnesota? Span isn't doing anything and is 5 years older than Revere.

Here comes the Delmon Young HR to guarantee 6 more weeks of playing time.

Howard and Dom, 6 Ks

Ruben says it may be time to 'cut bait' with Delmon Young, so he's due for another HR.


Is Gozalez eviscerating or emasculating Dom and Piece? Can't figure out which is the better description. Come to think of it a public evisceration would be emasculating.

The Production tm thing isn't really a joke. That's really all that's important to this FO and management when it comes to player evaluation. That's the sad part.

Utley 0-2 just grounded into FC with 2 on


Good for you NEPP. It was funny at first but if you keep beating a dead horse you may end up a Phillies color man with a bad rug. Every once in a while, somebody makes a crack about a third baseman not being tall enough and a little piece of me dies.

Kendrick still out there just shows how little confidence Manuel has in Adams.


Great game Kendrick.

Can't say I agree with this move by UC. KK has been dominantng them and his pitch count is low.

This is an odd time to take out a guy who's mostly cruising. But, when you realize how automatic Tony Bastard is against lefties, it's a no-brainer.

He's also been dominating them...stupid typo.

Whose ready for tony bastard to blow it!!!!!

Delmon young has to be released. I am a rational guy on muscle relaxers and I managed to get pissed off at this inning.

Taking Kyle out because....

There is zero chance in hell that UC ever would have pulled Hamels, Lee or Doc (back when he was a pitcher) in such a situation.

Why the F do you take Kendrick out of that game? What a moron.

inscrutable. Manuel is outsmarting himself.

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